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Liz to Aoi Tori
Liz to Aoi Tori
Jan 17, 8:22 AM
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Bakemono no Ko
Bakemono no Ko
Oct 24, 2018 2:15 PM
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Aug 6, 2018 7:22 AM
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Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction
Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction
Feb 19, 1:39 PM
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Feb 18, 1:40 PM
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Umibe no Onnanoko
Umibe no Onnanoko
Oct 24, 2018 6:21 AM
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Krunchyman Feb 13, 8:30 AM
Well-written review on Mu-Kai. Like you alluded to, the brief nature of the work hampered the prospect of fleshing out any of the interesting themes it brought to the fore. Making it seem rather aimless.
jacobwagner Jan 6, 8:57 AM
Where is your profile picture from?
Raizel Dec 28, 2018 4:05 AM
Love your profile picture:D
Minar-kyun Dec 25, 2018 1:59 AM
🎄🎁 Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

iwatooshi Nov 20, 2018 9:36 PM
Yeah, that short is great! I actually had never thought about the fast/slow zombie trope before reading it. And it was a pretty comical short too, Ito makes some of my favorite horror comedy (which I'm not even that big on).

Yes, I so see what you mean. I feel like he's always being honest, even about things I wouldn't expect mangaka to say (like him saying that stories and plot are a bit of a pretext for him to draw, which sounded like a half-joke but wouldn't surprise me if it was entirely true), but it still feels like he's keeping to himself. Kinda fits his style of writing too. I remember him saying that about Punpun as well; I wonder what would've been my own reaction going into Punpun without knowing the "truth", per se, and hoping to get a cutesy story.

That's the one! I knew there was a third author, but didn't remember who. I've only read Witches by Igarashi (and really liked it), but it was really interesting to have these specific three authors together. They're all very unique. I got interested in Ping Pong more or less after the anime ended, because nearly everyone who watched seemed to have enjoyed it. Now I'm sure I'll like it and for whatever reason, the stories I'm 90% sure I'll enjoy are the ones I put off the most, haha.

Same, and it's rather rare to find, I think. I've read/watched a couple of stories in which the conflict is said to have world-wide consequences/effects, but most of the story still focuses entirely in Japan, which is fair, I guess, since the characters reside there. That about Hanazawa is interesting, though; seems like a good middle ground so that the story doesn't feel too restrict.

I'm actually astonished here because I've actually watched some episodes of Planetes before getting into Vinland Saga and had no idea both were Yukimura's work! Or at least I completely forgot. He really is something else, then. It's been at least two years since I've tried Planetes, and watched about 6 episodes, and I didn't get into it either, which was disappointing because so many people who have finish it seem to have enjoyed immensely,and also because I liked the world of it (I'm sorta searching for one story set in space that will make go "wow"). I might give the manga a try as well, as a more conscious effort, because it's peculiar to think of it as being by the same author of Vinland.
iwatooshi Nov 18, 2018 9:25 PM
For sure, I think it's the only way you can make movies and shows about zombies today if you really want them to be taken "seriously"; zombies themselves are just not scary enough (at least to me! But in big numbers I can see why people would be afraid of them) to focus on them, so focusing on how people react to them is often the best way to make a good story. That's still not the popular route in manga yet, maybe. Either that or I just happen to read more one-shots featuring zombies than full stories, so most authors don't bother developing the characters anyway.

It's a great ep! Any time I see a Inio Asano interview in general I'll stop to read it, even if there are still a few series and one-shots from him that I haven't read. The way he talks about manga in them is quite interesting. You have probably read it, but I think he has a published conversation with Ping Pong's author? Which is another manga that I keep putting off for no particular reason, haha. I'll give the Hanazawa ep a watch before reading I Am a Hero, since there aren't spoilers in it. And oh, I love horror manga. I always feel kinda phony saying that, because there are a few classics in the genre that I have yet to read, but I find it overall so much fun to read.

Yes, that's one of my favorite things about Urasawa! Especially when you consider that he does write stories placed in Japan (I believe Yawara and Happy! are all set there), but doesn't allow it to become a "comfort zone". And that the stories span across countries really add to their dimension, if it makes sense... like, seeing what happens only in one place in 20th Century Boys wouldn't give the same sense of scale.

I tend to gravitate towards works that are set elsewhere, because when they're well-done you can feel the research and effort that goes into it, like you said. And it's just really interesting to see a country and characters from that country through the lens of another (Baccano does this wonderfully; Black Lagoon does it nicely too, though it's not as apparent because it's a tad over-the-top).

I actually never read any of Yukimura's other works, shame on me, totally went over my head. I'll take a look! All the work he did truly shows in Vinland; and it helps that he crafted a very interesting story to boot.
MAYOISM Nov 16, 2018 7:02 AM
i haven't seen a lot of korean movies focusing on crimes
some of the ones i know are oldboy, i saw the devil, the man from nowhere, new world, and the wailing
i've seen mother before and loved it!
oh i don't know there is a tv series of it
and its directed by him? thats unexpected so i guess director park chan-wook is a fan of the novel then
i grew up with asian films so naturally im fond of them and know a lot about them (i used to live in shanghai,china and then moved to taiwan when i was in middleschool)
what hong kong movies are you into? martial art films? police/detective films?
and there is one movie (either its japanese or korean but i forgot) i've watched when i was young and its about a mother killing her abusive husband with the help of her daughter? (if i remember correctly) and a math teacher who happens to be their nieghbor notices it and decides to cover it up
another chemistry teacher from his school who is extremely intelligent manages to know this and begins to gather information to unveil the truth behind the death of the husband
have you seen this movie before?

iwatooshi Nov 14, 2018 6:10 PM
Good to know! Talking Urasawa is one of my favorite things! Just to let you know beforehand, English isn't my native language, so if anything I say sounds a tad artificial, if there are a lot of mistakes or if I just plain repeat words too much that's why, I apologize.

Going solely by that, I can see why people were dissatisfied, I suppose; most zombie stories I've seen in manga/anime don't actually delve into character psyche that much, and what with I Am Hero having a flashy title, I can sorta see where they thought the narrative would go. It's sad when people miss the mark withing a good story. Now I'm actually quite intrigued, I'll give it a try.

Also yes, I've watched a couple of episodes of Manben! You caught me there, in fact, because what actually got me interested in picking up I Am a Hero was learning that there was a Kengo Hanazawa episode. The Asano Inio episode is also pretty great; my favorite is Junji Ito's, if only because my two favorite authors meeting in a cat cafe to discuss horror manga just goes beyond everything I could expect.

Yeah, the resemblances between Billy Bat and 20th Century Boys actually caught me off-guard when I first read it, and that reaction was kinda enhanced by the fact that I had read Monster first, and then 20th Century, and those two have far bigger differences in terms of story and scale. On an unrelated note, I'm actually trying to stop reading a lot of ongoing manga, not just because it's a tad tiring and like you said, it's often an endless tease, but I honestly think it warps my perception of the story's pacing, if it makes sense; at least with some manga, anyway.

Anyways, back to BB and 20th, I agree, one thing that I can't complain is that it wasn't gripping, it was really exciting. I also just really like Billy himself; I know some people don't like all-powerful, all-knowing characters, but I think he was done very well (it helped that even as a god-like presence, he was still pretty limited and all action truly came from Kevin and cia.). I see what you mean about Kevin and Kanna too; I think Urasawa also makes a smart move by not completely erasing Kevin and Kenji out of the narrative in favor of Kevin Goodman and Kanna. You feel their presence through and through, which I think it's good, because while I do like Goodman and Kanna was characters, they feel a lot more like "Legacy characters" than actual protagonists at times. Like you said, the strong supporting cast does wonders. I did like Billy Bat's ending, or at least more in the vein that I thought the very last chapter ended on a very good note. The ending as in the "last part of the final arc" is indeed a bit clumsy.

Oh, I sooo hope you enjoy Monster! Out of all Urasawa's works that I've read, to me is the most polished. I hope to able to buy the physical copies in the future too, they're a bit expensive here.

I really like Vinland Saga! I got into it because I'd just finished Berserk and was craving something similar (and at least in the surface, they are) but more historical. I wish there were more historical manga around. Anyway, it's a great manga, and it really explores violence, war and peace. Thorfinn is a roller-coaster of a character in terms of morality (not that he's inconsistent, but you see him going through a lot of development), so if you're into that in a protagonist, I think you'll have a good time. I must admit though, it's not one I re-read often, and it's been about two years since I've read the first arcs, but I recall enjoying the ride, and I still follow the new chapters whenever they're out.

I'll make sure to follow you as well! I've been meaning to get into Japanese (and Korean) cinema for a while, particularly now that I have a lot of free time, so I'll check out your list when I need something to watch.
iwatooshi Nov 13, 2018 9:24 PM
Hi, thank you for accepting my friend request! Hope it's okay to message you like this. Your favorites' lists are really nice, we share a few favorites. I'd been meaning to read I Am a Hero for a while but a couple of comments about the ending scared me off (it wouldn't have, usually, but coupled with 200+ chapters, the potential of an underwhelming ending was a little discouraging). You think it'd be worth giving it a try anyways?

Also this might be a bit weird to ask out of nowhere but how did you think of Billy Bat compared to 20th Century Boys? I finished it recently and it's still so fresh in my mind. I was unsure of the pacing and of where it was going at times, but I really liked the complete product as whole. I also just really like manga that has mangaka as prominent characters or manga itself as major plot point, so I'm kinda biased, haha.
MAYOISM Nov 12, 2018 2:13 PM
i'm into psychological thrillers, fantasy and detective movies
especially the ones involve crimes
but im not particularly sticking to these genres i do watch other movies as well
my favorite is probably mary and max
its an indie film about friendship between an young austrilian girl who struggles with socialization and understanding the world and an old jewish american who is constantly having health issues and ought to overcome his emotional turmoils at times as well
as for asian cinema, my favorites are the handmaiden, the taste of tea, and sweet bean
how did you get into asian movies?

MAYOISM Nov 9, 2018 11:18 PM
i found your profile through your comment in the forum
since you are into japan and korean movies
what are some of your favorites?
do you watch k/j dramas as well?
what is your favorite genre of movie?
sorry for being wordy im just too curious
because i love movies as well haha
tonyfony Oct 14, 2018 12:28 PM
Way too over praised as well
bacii Oct 11, 2018 6:31 PM
Hello! I am in love with your profile and bio pics!! Could you please tell me from which anime/manga are they from?? <3
tonyfony Aug 31, 2018 6:04 PM
Whats your opinion on clannad. Because i didn't also enjoyed either
OoferGoofer Aug 25, 2018 1:05 PM
Thank you for accepting my FR, nice to meet you!