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One Piece
One Piece
Oct 24, 2023 6:25 PM
Watching 1080/? · Scored -
FLCL: Grunge
FLCL: Grunge
Oct 24, 2023 6:21 PM
Watching 1/3 · Scored -
Tomodachi Game
Tomodachi Game
Oct 22, 2023 9:54 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
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One Piece
One Piece
Oct 25, 2023 1:10 PM
Reading 1096/? · Scored -
Succubus nanka ni Makenai Isekai Seikatsu
Succubus nanka ni Makenai Isekai Seikatsu
Oct 18, 2023 11:38 AM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 3
Tenrai-sama to Ningen no Heso: Hirako Waka Shoki Sakuhinshuu
Tenrai-sama to Ningen no Heso: Hirako Waka Shoki Sakuhinshuu
Oct 15, 2023 5:31 PM
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cobradragon4373 Mar 29, 6:20 PM
Just wanted to let you know your reviews are fire. Inspiring me to want to type out a long ass review of the anime i'm watching rn
CasualKarma Oct 21, 2023 4:02 PM
O.o taking drugs while watching anime sounds like a unique experience i keep thinking I'll rewatch an old favorite of mine (most likely eva) while under the influence but my fear doing something incredibly dumb keeps popping in my head. Did you do it because you wanted to experience something or was it just because anime was getting to be an obsessive yet boring hobby for you?
CasualKarma Oct 16, 2023 5:31 PM
No problem hope you enjoyed your birthday!
Also 1000 completed anime?? Congrats on achieving that milestone. I could never😫
blickrella Oct 15, 2023 2:29 PM
im responding late too lmfao anime got boring for me
uzi is definitely rage rap and trap and w how pink tape was we can consider him as rock too. pedantic is a new word for me so im gonna assume its some way to say tiring and ill agree rap is a depressing genre now nothing is exciting anymore
ZechAnimanga Oct 13, 2023 10:08 PM
It's not the lack of action that I'm concerned about, but rather too much action.
I like the slow and realistic pacing that the directing is going so far. I hope they keep this up.

Oh for sure it will. Frieren is one of those shows you can possibly introduce your friends to if they only watch popcorn entertainment anime.
ZechAnimanga Oct 13, 2023 10:01 PM
Glad you're enjoying it!
It'll have more action later on but I think you'll like it since it's Madhouse. I wonder how they'll balance the slice of life and action aspects.
ZechAnimanga Oct 13, 2023 9:32 PM
Sousou no Frieren · Watching 5/28 ・ Scored -
Thoughts on Frieren? I'm personally enjoying this adaptation more than the anime.
CasualKarma Sep 13, 2023 1:16 PM
A few days late but happy late birthday goofy goober!! 🎉🎉
Kishbokai Sep 13, 2023 11:22 AM
AHHHHHHHH I thought I wished you a happy birthday or it was actually later in the month.
Either way, happy late birthday!
DsMasterBR Sep 9, 2023 5:36 PM
Happy birthday Goober!!
blickrella Aug 31, 2023 11:51 AM
rapping wise: my favorites are drake, carti and ice spice. i mainly like ice for aesthetics tho i dont care about drill music 😭😭 another female for rap would be somebody like nicki

singing wise: i like ariana grande and rihanna. so i would say my main genres are somewhere in between (pop/r&b/rap). i can love every genre if it sounds good enough. i wouldnt necessarily consider myself a rage rap fan. also is uzi considered rage rap? i rlly enjoyed their new album
Kishbokai Aug 30, 2023 1:21 PM
I'm sorry it's not something you're able to do. I do hope you'll be able to do it someday. Japan is awesome, a place I desperately want to visit again as soon as I can. Especially for the food, as, I miss that heavenly taste already haha.
Indeed, but I don't want to end up feeling like I'm bragging about my trip to you. But if you want to hear some stories, I'll be glad to tell my tales from those two countries.

Haha, no worries, I'm not used to people being this strong in asking about me. But currently, after many days of feeling anxious, alone and PTSD over a "romance of sorts" I told you a bit about, I think I'm doing okay. Or as okay as I can be at the moment. Going to college does make me feel less lonely, but I still struggle to make new friends instead of relying on people I've already met before I entered college. Being an adult is still very strange to me, with how hard it is to find a job and feel like a child but attending a bigger school, I don't think I'll be feeling like an adult anytime soon. I also failed to keep a balance between work, fun, and passion where I feel burnout a lot in every area. My anxiety and depression haven't been helping much, leading me to think I should get back on my meds, but I am doing well enough to seek better experiences. It's only a matter of putting myself out there and letting myself take smaller steps, I suppose.

But, how have you been? I too am curious about that haha.

Now that I think about it, The Flaming Lips does seem like the type of band you might listen to under psychedelics lol. Kind of like how some songs of The Beatles or Led Zeppelin might seem better on psychedelics (Not that I would know, despite being offered weed a few times). Feel Yourself Disintegrate is pretty amazing. I suppose I have another from them to listen to haha. I tried the clarinet, but I could never get the handle on it. Is learning percussion hard? And what's the difference between an alto and a regular saxophone, if there is one? I can understand that about trauma. Hard to sort it out when time continues to move forward while continuing to make yourself a better person. I would like to hope that it is picking up in a positive way for you.

Wow, I couldn't imagine being friends with people from elementary school. I only kept in contact with two friends from even before elementary school. The rest, I have no idea where they are nowadays. Do you often hang out with your friends? I would say it did, for quite a while. Though, it's technically the second time it has. The first one was virtual and not in person, but that ruined being able to tell people about the idea of sex to others. This one just ruined trusting someone to be able to do that. Maybe even love itself, but I'm not entirely sure yet. All I really know now is that flashbacks of the experience muddle a lot for me, but it has lessened a lot nowadays. We only had sex once, and I would like to say that wasn't the high times, but it felt like a magical moment when all the other good times came together to form it. It's just that, afterwards, everything started to fall apart. So, it might have been an empty relationship. It's all so warped in my head now.

How was learning Journalism? Ah, then the Spanish music makes sense. How was Mexico and Canada? I did go to Canada for a few hours (Because getting back to America after my trip meant going there to stay for a bit), and I am very sad I could not find bagged milk in time.
Part 7 feels like a part I would love more if I was older. It felt like Araki was trying to figure out what made Jojo, Jojo, but it was still a ton of work. I simply wish the ending was more of a heroic one than a sombre one, but the latter fits with the themes more. It's my third favourite part now, with Part 5 being my second and Part 4 being my favourite. Can't wait to read Part 8 though. What did you think of Johnny and Gyro?

blickrella Aug 29, 2023 8:41 PM
i listen to all genres actually. as far as rap i really dont know but carti is one of my favorites
blickrella Aug 29, 2023 8:06 PM
nice to see another carti fan 😭😭
blickrella Aug 29, 2023 7:35 PM
adding for kaguya and shinobu
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