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Kami no Tou 2nd Season
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Koukyuu no Karasu
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Hataraku Maou-sama!!
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Girl in the Birdcage
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Klefki_of_Awsome Aug 6, 5:36 PM
Is Clops Dusclops here? Because yeah, that one is pretty defensive with eviolite and a very good setter on any teams imo~!>:D> I don't really play competitive much, I just like making niche gimicky sets like that one that may or may not work depending on what you face, lol~^^'>3

Yeah, dark/ghost and dark/poison are also pretty great, ngl~!>:P>

Hmm, maybe so, but for now I still rely on official info and anything that AustinJones or Adrive releases or other YouTubers on speculations, but not leak anymore. I'm very satisfied with what we got so far and yeah, it was nice seeing some of the leaked stuff confirmed, but I feel anything released after this last trailer are just people hopping on a bandwagon and feeding us fake news. Don't get me wrong, not saying they necessarily are, but I also don't see the point of leaking things anymore when we already know much more things about the game now. For now, I'm waiting for more official news and waiting to the best of my ability for November to arrive soon, lol~=v='>3
SweetKiichigo Aug 2, 6:59 PM
The hard part atm for me is finding good artifacts but also making a good team especially for SB. Like rn my only 2 decently built characters are Klee and Yelan where Yelan is used as a sub DPS/Support. I use her ultimate then switch to Klee for massive pyro/hydro damage. While Klee might be on the slow side damage wise she still does good damage. My third option is Heizou, so far gotta build him up. That leaves the 4th slot open, was thinking of Yae Miko since she's level 80 and her passive burst is so helpful when I need extra damage.

Yanfei's also my other go to pyro character, just need to rebuild her first. But tbh isn't Yanfei used mainly as DPS?

Zach-chan Jul 23, 10:10 PM

SweetKiichigo Jul 22, 7:50 AM
Panda-Sama :)
How are you?
This past month has been crazy with Genshin for me. My main team for now is KLEE, Yelan, Keging and Diona. I use Yelan as my support DPS and Klee as my DPS. She hits hard when using Yelan's ultimate for Hydro/Pyro damage. And Keging is there for that extra chip damage. Not as strong as Klee or Yelan tho. Yelan for me averages like 3k to 8k damage but can crit for 30k damage.
Varelya Jul 20, 11:36 AM
Zach-chan Jul 16, 10:58 AM

Klefki_of_Awsome Jul 12, 7:20 PM
Hmm, yeah if you use it on your opponent, but who said that was what you had to do? Just think how powerful it could be combined with a pokémon with an ability like toxic boost, poison heal, or guts, ehehe~!>:D> Ofc still in a TR setting here btw~=v=3

I am personally very glad that my Scizor in BD is my strongest mon rn, since its very versatile and easy to send out when I need a strong pokémon on the team. Speaking of BD though, nearly finished the pokédex in it, I still need about a quarter of all pokémons. including legendaries which I've gotten none of so far except main ones and some of the event ones and lake trio, but I should be able to complete it (with the exception of ones like Celebi, Mew, and Deoxys) by the end of this year, perhaps, or even before gen 9 comes out~!>;P>
And true, as an offensive and defensive typing, fairy/steel or steel/fairy is really good, but speaking purely defensively, the bug/steel and water/ground typings are slightly better imo, especially with things that can tank their own weaknesses like Quagsire and Gastrodon with Water Absorb and Storm Drain respectively~!>:P>

I used to check leaks but most things A-Drive releases on YouTube smells fishy with a capital F so I haven't checked them in a while, just waiting for things to be released officially by now, but I wished we could get more news for sure~=v='>3
Zach-chan Jul 2, 12:06 PM

Klefki_of_Awsome Jun 28, 1:33 PM
Yeah, it's useful to criple foes down, but sadly Cacturne can only be used in BDSP in gen 8 so there aren't many uses for it this time around..^^'>3
Toxi Thread would work really well on a speed control team mixed with a trick room user but as Ariados doesn't have much else going for it other then it's wide movepool, at least on a competitive level, it's hard to find a way to use it. Even if you have a Smeargle with it, Smeargle is a glass canon/setter and usually will not be given a move like that when it could instead run more useful support moves like Spore, Stealth Rock, Strength Drain, etc. ..

Now that you put it that way, that is true! But imo best typing remains either bug/steel or water/ground with the current official types and stuff. Both only have one major weakness and strong offensive capacities. I can safely say that defensive Swampert is a nightmare in battle, both as one who uses one (shiny mega in Alpha Sapphire) and has faced one before (in competitive battles in gen 6 back in my haydays). That said, Klefki and Mawile are both very powerful pokémons too, though nothing compared to Magearna and other steel/fairies out there lol~^^>3

Wouldn't THAT be the most broken thing ever though, LOL~?x'D>
Zach-chan Jun 25, 8:01 PM

Kempiniukas_Esu Jun 24, 6:49 AM
You're welcome (โ—•ωโ—•โœฟ)

frenzi Jun 22, 11:54 PM
Oda is very hardworking to keep up with the manga for years and make it even better. Ah yes, the battle against Baroque Works was very tough for the Straw Hats. Luffy almost died multiple times against Crocodile. I think alot of stuff in One Piece has deux ex machina where the straw hats get saved out of nowhere. I also reached the latest arc in the anime after starting this early 2022. It was quite a long time, but it was well worth it. They say it would take around 5-7 years for the series to end. Honestly, I think that's still a long time. I'm not sure whether people will forget about the series. Besides it's popularity, it's also been part of people's lives as they grew up as it's been airing for over two decades. It turned out more like a journey than something we've just enjoyed watching/reading. I find Naruto to be the most similar to One Piece. However, I don't hear people often talking about it ever since Boruto.

Ah time flies fast. I didn't realize this season is already coming to an end. I'm mainly interested in the sequels such as Classroom of the Elite, Maou-sama, and Overlord. I'm not sure about the rest of the line-up. I'll probably wait and see what people are talking about next season.
Imani-San Jun 21, 10:05 AM
Lee_Armors Jun 19, 11:07 AM
Thanks so much bro!
Lee_Armors Jun 19, 10:50 AM
Happy Birthday