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Nagi no Asu kara
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InuYasha (TV)
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Meguro-san wa Hajimete ja Nai
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Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi
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Mushoku Kyousei Shuuyoujo
Mushoku Kyousei Shuuyoujo
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Black1997Reaper Aug 10, 5:03 AM
Thank you for accepting my request !
27_Seconds Aug 3, 1:52 PM
I actually watched Baccano dubbed since I always heard people say that it makes better sense with the setting than watching it with subs. Mainly since the characters in the show are American, plus the voice actors gave the characters old school NYC accents. Watching it subbed would actually feel pretty weird to me the same way how watching Cowboy Bebop subbed would feel weird. I think with Ghost Stories, the series was already unpopular in Japan, so I guess they made the dub funny to help appeal to a Western audience. It's trickier when translations are inaccurate for popular shows such as One Piece, but for a show like Ghost Stories, it's not like it had a huge fanbase to begin with.

Although, did you ever hear about that controversy for the dub of Prison School, where the dub included a line about GamerGate? I watched it subbed, so I wasn't aware of it until more recently. Seems sort of weird to put something so topical into a dub, it probably will make it sound dated now.

That's fair, like I said, I'm pretty much the same way when it comes to ratings. Its' crazy because I'll browse through different users' profiles and some of them will have these huge walls of text explaining each number rating. Idk, it just seems too much effort for a random anime website, lol.

I get what you mean, at least with the manga, you can finish the entire story without having to wait for a second season. I thought of checking out the Dorohedoro manga, but I just haven't been in the right mood to read manga. I already took a long enough break from manga and have to get back to series I was reading, so adding another one now would just be too much for me.

You're watching one of the recent Lupin anime too? I just started the 2015 season and it seems very fun. I haven't watched the older seasons of Lupin, but I heard you can sort of jump into the series since it's mainly episodic.
27_Seconds Jul 30, 8:06 AM
You know, I wonder how the dub for Ginatama would handle the references to Japanese history and politics. I feel like a lot of modern dubs try to their best to be faithful to the source material and don't always try to "westernize" their scripts for English-speaking audiences. Like I remember how in the subbed version of FLCL, Naoto's dad talks about a discontinued soda that was only available in Japan, while in the dub, they have him talk about Crystal Pepsi since Western audiences would be more familiar with it. I kinda feel like if FLCL came out now, they wouldn't have tried to switch the brand and just kept it how it was in the original script.

I see, so do you have a specific "rating system" that you use while rating series on here? I know some people have a set criteria that explains each number score they give different shows. Personally, I think that's a bit too much work, but I guess it just depends on the viewer.

You could start the Dorohedoro anime and then move onto the manga. Might be a fun way to get more interested in reading the manga. Sometimes, I find watching an anime adaptation will inspire me to check out a certain manga series.
Twilight_rose Jul 23, 9:09 PM
No problem, 😊❤
I always need recommendations anyways, so more friends means more opinions and recommendations.
8JOKER8 Jul 23, 1:23 AM
Thank you for accepting mine as well ^^
27_Seconds Jul 16, 6:26 AM
So, what makes you feel that Ginatama might be an acquired taste for some people? From what I've heard about the series, it seems to have a lot of references to different anime and such. I would assume that it might have some cultural jokes or references that may go over certain viewers' heads?

For sure, I hope I didn't sound like I was bashing Trigger in my previous posts. I think you might enjoy SSS.Gridman if you want a short, fun watch. I can see you giving it maybe a 6/10 or 7/10 at most. Although, with Darling in the Franxx, I can see you giving it a 5/10 or even a bit lower, lol. Then again, you're a bit more critical with your scores than I am, so who knows? Lol.

As someone who hasn't even touched the Dorohedoro manga, I love the anime series. It has this dirty, punk-rock aesthetic that I think is very cool, plus it has very fun characters and awesome action sequences. It's also very funny, I laughed my ass off during some episodes. I was also pretty skeptical of the CG animation when I first started the series, but honestly, the art and animation is very well-done. Hell, sometimes it doesn't even look it's CG. Also, I know you mentioned that you enjoy both subs and dubs, so I will say that the dub is great. Sure, it may sound a bit cheesy at some points, but it's solid overall. I think you would enjoy this series a lot if you gave it a shot.
Yat0-Kun Jul 14, 4:39 PM
27_Seconds Jul 9, 1:26 PM
I actually never watched Ginatama, but I know it has a huge following. I just know that it's very long, which sort of kills my motivation to check it out. Do you recommend it?

I enjoyed SSS.Gridman a lot more than I expected to. It sort of had the over-the-top style of TTGL, but with similar tone, directing, and themes to Evangelion. It's not as amazing as those two shows, but it's a solid, fun watch if you're into mecha anime. The story is very weird and is (apparently) in the same universe to a live-action Gridman series that aired in Japan back in the 90s. Darling in the Franxx was honestly, pretty generic in my opinion. I kept seeing people say it was very similar to TTGL and Evangelion, but it's really just a typical silly shounen mecha series with silly melodrama. It seemed great in the first episode, but became worse for me as each episode went on. It's not an awful series, but it definitely is Trigger's weaker product. I don't recommend unless you have nothing else to watch.
27_Seconds Jul 7, 6:35 AM
You remember the script changes in the Duel Masters' dub too? Lmao, I remember one of the characters randomly saying another character looked like Batman in one episode, lol. So weird looking back, it felt similar to what those abridged series on YouTube were like. It's probably similar to what they did with the dub for Ghost Stories. Wait, Ginatama doesn't have a dub? I thought I read somewhere that it was dubbed at one point.

Kill la Kill was probably the closet that Trigger got to capturing the original Gainax spirit. There was also SSS.Gridman, which I really liked, but it still didn't really give me Gainax vibes to me. Then there was Darling in the Franxx, which I thought was just sort of average.
MeSsI_AKA_FERNO Jul 3, 5:24 AM
Thank you for accepting mine as well :D
27_Seconds Jun 30, 10:26 AM
Well, you stuck with Yu-Gi-Oh for much longer than I did. Like I mentioned, I lost interest in the series once GX aired on Cartoon Network in the mid-2000s. I was really into the card game as a kid, but I was never good at it. At least I had a better understanding of how to play it compared to Pokemon cards. To this day, I have no idea how the Pokemon card game is supposed to work, lol. Ever play Duel Masters? That was another series that tried to follow the popularity of Yu-Gi-Oh, but nobody cared for it. I actually knew one kid who actually played it, but it just never caught on. I did use to like the anime when it aired on Cartoon Network though.

For sure. You really can't go wrong with classic Gainax, they were such a top tier studio back in the day. I know Studio Trigger is sort of Gainax's successor, but they haven't made a series that has reached the same levels of classic Gainax, for me at least. Kill la Kill was a great show, but I definitely prefer something like Gurren Lagaan.
Hisoka_Morow99 Jun 25, 8:08 AM
Nice to meet you
27_Seconds Jun 23, 5:50 AM
Nice, I used to watch DBZ with my brother a lot growing up. I remember really enjoying the Majin Buu arc. Used to be really into the Budokai games on PS2 as well. While I still never seen ALL of DBZ, I always felt the games did a decent job at covering all the main arcs. To me, Budokai was the original DBZ Kai, lol.

Exactly, that's why I've been hesitant to watch any anime I grew up with subbed. It sucks for series like Yu-Gi-Oh, since the dub was censored and I would love to watch the series without certain things removed. However, I'm so used to the English voice actors that watching it subbed feels off. At one point, I thought of going back to watch Digimon Tamers, since I heard it gets pretty dark for a Digimon series. I remember it as a kid, but never finished it. However, I know that the dub was censored.
I never watched Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's, I stopped at GX since I was beginning to outgrow the series by that point.

Re: Cutey Honey is a pretty fun time. It was done by Gainax in the early 2000s and has a very similar style as FLCL. I wasn't blown away by the story or it's characters, but the visuals and action were well-done. If you dig Gainax, you'll probably like this series. I was going to watch the recent adaptation of Cutey Honey, but it has a pretty low rating here on MAL.
Flaming_wolf Jun 21, 5:01 PM
no problem, i like seeing other people's lists. they inspire me to watch more
geovannyboss Jun 21, 12:22 AM
thanks for recommendin'.. I'll read it soon.