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Oga is like Gintoki. Main characters, pretty aloof and sometimes naive but surprisingly strong. Furuichi is like Shinpachi. Pretty weak and screams a lot, often frustrated with the main character and points out to obvious when the main character is oblivious. Total spazzes. Hilde is like Kagura in the sense of being the only girl in the group. Kagura is more crazy, but both girls are pretty strong and sometimes also aloof. Beel and Sadaharu are pretty strong as well, and are more like the mascosts even though Beel is a baby. Lots of fights, action, and crazy humor in both series.
report Recommended by Kaymyu
Both are wacky comedies based in a world with unreal features. The lead characters are kind of similar.
report Recommended by sabgian
Both animes are action/comedies where the main character is very strong, and have abilities far from the normal. Although beelzebub may have more action, the comedy in both is similar
report Recommended by waz-za
Same Comedy and atmosphere... both have many similar things to character design both have a lazy and easy going and strong man as the main character.both have a simple and straight character to support the story in comedy section and a girl with monstrous power. as for the story both have their main story hidden in their amusing side stories and the comedy part is just not for the beginning but most of the chapters and a lot more things in common ...
report Recommended by amirhoss
well the humor is EXACTLY like gintama (well not exactly, gintama is still waaaayyy~ funnier, but its still has the same way of saying a joke or something) the main character Oga resembles gintoki in on how he seems like a lazy bum, whos really strong, and has that "funniness". then his friend Fuiriuchi resembles shinpachi alot, like how he points how the problems of the main character, hes basically the "comic relief character". and the whole story is just like gintama episode 51-52 (when gintoki is accused of having a baby when its someone elses, but he was left in charge so the chid   read more
report Recommended by tinyr101
If you liked Gintama's senseless violence and lack of a major plot than you should watch Beelzebub. Beelzebub has more of a plot than Gintama which is based on various 3 to 6 episode long archs, which in no way relate to each other. However all the comedic aspects of the shows are similar. One of the main characters who cant actually do anything is just there to point out whats obviously wrong with the situation. A stupid main character who can be very EPIC when he has his moments.
report Recommended by JordanDN
The storyline of both are essentially aloof, in that, they do not appear to have a solid storyline meaning that they have been enabled to "Free" themselves from the anime-"universe" -as it were- and refer to their own anime in a third perspective, which is an outrageous concept that can provoke only the purest of laughs. Also with simple understanding of the characters to their surroundings, Gintama and Beelzebub are simply hilarious. Beelzebub and Gintama also involves deep character development as well as hear-warming stories that mostly, always end with an amusing punch-line. Both include explosive action sequences and suspense.
report Recommended by yalek
Though the setting is completely different, the main characters are similar and both shows are funny and have arcs with full-on action, becoming a nice blend.
report Recommended by crocomire
Both are action gag comedy with lazy, stupid MC. Both take one classical genre (samurai/demons) and make it completly random.
report Recommended by abystoma2
If you liked Gintama, you will like Beelzebub its a much more condensed/Faster version of Gintama in certain ways( comedy and Fight scenes). In Gintama the some of the stories are parodies based on Japanese life, which is difficult for Non-natives to understand. Beelzebub has more of a sitcom setting, which anybody can understand.
report Recommended by Tsuki_215
Oga and Gintoki are kind of similar. The jokes and comedic elements are also a bit similar. *Gintoki's voice actor is in both anime* Other then that I really don't know why Beelzebub is similar to Gintama...
report Recommended by PandoraFreak101
Both of these shows are amazing. They have that special something that make you laugh hard when it's time to laugh, and get you into the story and the fights when it's time for some serious plot. Moreover the tone shifts between the humour and seriousness is something that is done really well. Furthermore, both the main characters of these respective shows are very funny guys, yet very strong. They are what one would call a 'badass main character'. The other set of characters are all very enjoyable. There is also great room for romance pairings for the fans to enjoy. Both shows have nice and   read more
report Recommended by OtakuBeast98
Both of these Animes have a similar feel to them Both have an immense amount of hilarious comedy along with a strong, lovable attachment to the characters. The jokes and situations that go on in both shows are extremely similar and equally funny. Both animes have cast members that you will absolutely fall in love with immediately. If you want to just go for a full on comedy anime with some epic action scenes but nothing too serious, I recommend these 2.
report Recommended by Revanants
Comedy+Action= two of the funniest anime I've ever watched. Gintama is a hilarious comedy that's still surprisingly deep. If you're looking for something similar, I'd try Beelzebub. It's a great laugh while still having plenty of action, just like Gintama. Both have heroes who find are kinda lazy and find themselves in situations they didn't expect or want, but in the end there's no one you'd rather have at your side. You'll laugh, cry and fall in love with these animes
report Recommended by FuturisticNinja
I don't know why, but both MCs give me the same feeling, both anime are funny, if you liked one, you'll definately enjoy the other
report Recommended by karvounina
Both have a high episode count Both have a strong male main character Both have badass female characters Both have a character that uses a wooden sword Both contain VERY similar humor Both MC's have similar personalities Both have characters that are out of the ordinary
report Recommended by Osakabehime
-Almost all of the characters are similar to the point where they may or may not be reskinned -Both are mainly comedy but also have their serious moments -Both have some sort of other race involved with humans
report Recommended by thelectricow
obviously they are both Shonen anime and they are both great although gintama is probably a bit better and Gintama is a lot more popular but Beelzebub is also great they and both have quite similar comedy and references. Beelzebub is about a high schooler who finds a baby inside of a person and as it turns out it is the son of satan and now he has to take care of him. But not everything is so bad as now he has extreme strength and fighting capabilities and he literally just beats up everyone in the school, while also trying to find someone else to   read more
report Recommended by Weeboi108