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Both are similar in the way that they are both samurai anime with some anachronisms and silly humor with the protagonist being very strong. Even the main girl character of both series eats a lot.
report Recommended by SatokoChan
Both comedic, but with serious moments. Both main characters appear apathetic, but in reality feel things very strongly and have a strong sense of duty. Both main characters are strong samurai with a chaotic style that throws opponents off and are unable to express themselves normally, but seem to do so adequately through their actions. Etc. Gintama is a bit more lighthearted and has a lot more pointless comedy, but that is to be expected since it is so much longer.
report Recommended by indi135
Same samurai living concept. Humor in both (more prevalent in Gintama). Both have hungry characters and quite of an episodic storyline. Fights are badass and people chill out when bored. Differences Samurai Champloo isn't sci-fi. Gintama is more longer and doesn't focus more on it's soundtrack values.
report Recommended by parallelle_slip
If you're a fan of insane action, then look no further! Sorry, that was pretty cliche. But really, the action scenes for both animes are intense. Gintoki and Mugen are both unruly samurais wielding katanas that have only seen blood, albeit for survival reasons. You'll feel the warmth of blood on your hands and the sweat on your brows from all exciting fights. There's a dash of comedy and amazing music flowing from your speakers.
report Recommended by Vusili
1. One episode = one story 2. Goes through various themes (because of 1.) 3. Samurai 4. Powerful characters eventhough they can be in great danger 5. Some serious stuff sometimes Main differences Samurai Champloo / Gintama : - number of episodes - main story developing slowly, ending fast (3 or 4 episodes) / no real main story - more for grown-up / can be watched by everyone - Samurai / Samurai
report Recommended by Amstramgram
They both are old school anime that have the main protagonist welding a sword with a boy and girl side character and have chilled laid back personalities which makes for good comedy
report Recommended by NahnatRibrit
An exciting relationship between the characters, all taking place during the Edo period, and with epic samurai fights. That's what theses animes have in common. In their own way they both share Sci-fi, Samourai Champloo with hip/hop and Gintama with aliens invading. Even though the story of Gintama is much longer and divided in a lot of parts, it is very enjoyable to watch and moments of fun awaits you.
report Recommended by vartrox59
hot protagonists
report Recommended by zoforr
Samurai Champloo resembles Gintama in being a more action oriented version. Like Gintama, the main trio meet by chance and wander together, with each member having a different aim.
report Recommended by Yellowbot
si te quedaste con ganas de una segunda temporada de samurai champloo la cual sabes que nunca va a salir, mirate gintama, al igual que samurai champloo tiene personajes con el mismo carisma, tramas episodiales, samurais y mas largo
report Recommended by napkt
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