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Poseur Oct 9, 11:20 PM
I have my own original amazing taste. I don't copy elitist people evangalion tatse
ElGranM Oct 8, 6:16 PM
tu si que ere un buen Mesias. GRANDE
Sakai-Yuji Oct 4, 11:55 AM
Great reviews. Hopefully do some more at some point.
Ryuseishun Sep 30, 10:03 PM
Something I’d like to have answered: Is there any particularly good reason as to why I should try to watch Aria The Animation? Like I heard all the good stuff about it, but I’m not sure what to expect. Any tips or helpful info I can use?
EurekaLuke Sep 29, 12:55 AM
Have you kind of just lost interest in writing anymore reviews here? Cuz you're the #1 with the most helpfuls BY FAR and you haven't posted any review since 2015.

Either way you're still practically Jesus of MAL from how I see it.
Pentagonion Sep 28, 6:10 PM
Haha, no need to thank me. In fact, you are one of the few who have figured out the meaning behind my username so quickly.

Its been a long time since I finished the 2003 series, although I did indeed feel that there was something missing in the homunculi in Brotherhood, but, sincerely, I might re-watch the original adaptation sometime in the future. I think that the fact that I grew up with the original adaptation made a "nostalgia factor" that didn't make me realize how depressing the story goes, now that you make me think about it. I'll re-watch it taking into account some of the things that you said(Especially obsession, a concept I hadn't realized until your review and the explanation you gave me) and if any other question arises, I'll ask you.

Anyways, thank you again for explaining, have a nice day/afternoon/night!
Shirokuza Sep 28, 4:40 AM
Yo archaeon why you not write review again?

Too much your review all os great i like it i hope you will write review again i very liked your review especially Angel Beats review
Pentagonion Sep 24, 4:51 PM
Hello Archaeon, I have recently finished FMA:B and read your reviews of both the 2003 adaptation and Brotherhood. At first, I was hesitant to ask you because both of your reviews are quite old, but as there's still discussion about your review of Eva, I've decided to ask you about this. It's nothing important, just a small request: In your review of the original adaptation you mentioned that the ending is able to highlight the difference between both shows and the mentality of their characters, however, it was a topic that you didn't develop, and I'm quite interested in more clarification on what was your reasoning behind that idea.

Thanks in advance :)
M4DMAX Sep 23, 12:29 PM
BTW I forgot to reply to an earlier point you made:

"Think about it like this. If you were in charge at the end of the world, would you be happy to deal with other people's bullshit and happily cater to their emotional needs in the vague hope that they might do something to save everyone (oh look, it's the horribly cliched fantasy trope of The Chosen One!), or would you simply find a different way (there always is a different way, but most people don't even bother looking), to get them to do what you want (blackmail, brainwashing, hope for the ressurection of his mother - surprising how everyone glossed over the fact that with Shinj'si Oedipal complex he would absolutely be onboard for Gendou's plan because of the chance to bring back mummy dearest)."

If this one person was the most obvious answer and we would need to find other solutions (like it is in the show, because his genetics would give him the highest synch ratio) Then I want to ask you; Who in hell wouldn't at least *try* to get him to do it, he is the most obvious choice after all and it's not like *trying* to cheer someone up is that extreme of a task and it is certainly less effort compared to drugging him, it's just talking after all. In EoE for example Misato got Shinji to pilot the Eva through the promise of sex, that is pretty damn dark if you ask me, but it is also a small effort, a manipulation.
M4DMAX Sep 23, 12:05 PM
All this passive aggression is making me really tired, let's just conclude that we have different opinions and that there are arguments for both of them. This discussion has run dry a long time ago, however I'll still give some thoughts on some points:

"As for the antagonist, why on earth do you assume that this has to be a) human, or b) bad or evil?"

a) Because I though that y o u r understanding of that rule was limited to humans, as there is no other possible reason why you would have picked Gendou over the Angels when talking about antagonists.

"As for Gunbuster, the antagonists are the space monsters. I shouldn't really need to explain since you're already watching, but I can if you need me to."

Ahh, and you're gonna tell me that these space monsters are better characterized than the Angels?
Because that's basically your point from the last message: "without a well-characterised and fully-formed antagonist you can't have a good protagonist."

"As for the so-called "biased thinking" and your belief that certain rules of storytelling, narrative structure, medical thought, etc, etc, etc, shouldn't apply to NGE, and your rather arrogant belief that I wasn't paying attention - okie dokie."

You're just bending my words to make them look idiotic, I of course refereed to the rule you mentioned, which I covered above.

And I am very sure that everyone will relate to different topics and therefore develop a bias in that direction, which is basically the cause why people have different tastes in general: They are biased in different directions.

"You do realise that EOE was Anno sticking a huge middle finger up to the people who criticised the ending of the original series - which is why he included the scene of Shinji masturbating over Asuka's comatose body. It's also the case that certain people will prefer the original ending while more narrow-minded types will prefer EOE (also proven). End of Evangelion is an afterthought that's meant to appease the angry otaku in Japan, and nothing more than that. I hesitate to even treat it as canon."

That is what everyone said who never tried to interpret it, if you really payed attention then you'd know that both endings are canon and take place at the same time. I explicitly stated that I liked the original ending as well btw.
It is just a fact that EoE has way more fuel for interpretations and thoughts.
If you want to further imply that I am stupid, do so, I won't go as low as say state my IQ or some shit.

"See? I was paying attention."

You didn't actually prove that

"You absolutely can objectively justify that NGE is merely average, the problem is that you, like so many others, simply don't want to. This is what happens when people project themselves on to the characters - they stop thinking and start reacting because any criticism of the characters or story is viewed as an attack on them personally."

Shouldn't you have a pretty good idea of how bad average anime is?
BTW I am not actually THAT personally attached to NGE, I just found your review very obscure. If you want to insult an anime I actually do have a personal attachment to, then go on and tell me how shit Urusei Yatsura is, but mind you I'm willing to accept that that is a flawed series.

"As for the good things the show did, so what? Just because it advanced the cause of anime doesn't mean anything, That's just you trying to justify your argument using aspects that are completely unrelated to the characters, story, etc."

And you seem to just ignore every argument you don't have contra for; you ignored what I wrote about Gendou for example.
Or what I said about Gunbuster (even though that really wasn't relevant).

"For example. Transformers: The Last Knight made a killing at the box office and advanced the cause of summer Hollywood blockbusters that are filled with special effects and not much else. It wasn't a good story but many of the film-making techniques, equipment and tricks have been used in other films since. Does that mean that Transformers: The Last Knight should be praised as the pinnacle of story-telling?"

Thats a different story, we are actually fans of Anime, so we should be thankful when something like Kimi no na Wa is a great success.

"Macbeth may not be great, but it IS powerful."

My favorite book is possibly "No Longer Human" but "Shoolgirl" is also a close contender, however those books impacted me more, because they were more in line with my taste.

In all honesty: I am willing to accept that you don't like NGE and that there are objectively good justifications for that, so lets please just settle on the fact that we have different tastes and that both are justifiable, I don't think you are stupid and I think you would be OK with saying the same about me.

Hell just today I even argued against AOT being the deepest anime ever, meaning; I am really really exhausted.
M4DMAX Sep 23, 4:13 AM
If anyone is in the position to create an accurate and appropriate portrayal of depression, then, I'd argue that it is someone who actually suffers from it. Depression doesn't need to have a certain cause, for example Kurt Cobain or Benjamin from Linkiln Park, also had no apparent single reason to get depressed, that is the reason why depression is so dangerous; it can just appear with no apparent reason.
And I think NGE actually gives us a decent idea why certain people would suffer from depression.

"without a well-characterised and fully-formed antagonist you can't have a good protagonist"
I personally consider that construct to be absolute bs.
For example; has Mushishi an antagonist? I haven't watched it, but I'll assume not.
Kare Knao doesn't have an antagonist either, does that make Yukino a bad character? No!
Neither does Gunbuster have one (at least not at the point where I am right now)
I see absolutely no way how that rule should apply to NGE and I wouldn't even say that Gendou can even be called an antagonist, technically, he is on Shinjis side, he also doesn't try to hurt him, he explained in EOE that he was unhappy with his inability to fill the father role for Shinji and in the show his will to be a father to Shinji is shown through him trying to get closer to him by visiting Shinjis mothers grave with him.
You just need to pay attention to catch onto these things, you don't need to look it up anywhere, which I meant with "biased thinking" earlier.

You can't actually objectively justify NGE being merely average (or even below that considering your average score), you can -however- explain why you -personally- did not like the show, but then you shouldn't try to make it look objectively bad.

The bare minimum of the reason why you shouldn't call it average is its influence, you can't argue about all the good things the show did for the medium. It's the same -for example- with Shakespear; Macbeth for example in of itself isn't THAT great when we read it today, but it was a big part of raising todays standards in story telling.

BTW The way Gunbuster portrayed time-dilation was factually incorrect, though I need to give the show credit for even including such an aspect.
SaeLiuS Sep 15, 7:09 PM
Hi, I have read some of your reviews and I am interested in having people with anime expertise in my contacts, so... What kind of meaningful conversation should we have?
M4DMAX Sep 14, 6:10 AM
About age:
Don't get me wrong, I was assuming that you only watched NGE rather recently, because I thought that people who watched it around it's airing would like the show out of nostalgia alone. I can very well understand your view and how my seemingly ignorance of your massive experience must irritate you (at least a bit).

On that note I want to say that I highly admire the approach of having an average score that is the same as the world average, I try to go in that direction as well.

I got into anime around 12 years ago through Pokemon, however I wasn't a 'real' fan back then.

But I wouldn't say that plays any role in a discussion like this, because our arguments can be good or bad despite our status as veteran or beginner. I think you noticed as well, that this is basically a pointless discussion, as both of our opinions boil down to; be willing to like something or not be willing to like something.

There must have been an aspect early on that directed you to the path of "I don't [want] to like this show", this mindset makes you overly sensitive for everything a show does bad and ignorant to it's strengths. I won't judge anyone for -maybe even subconsciously- thinking/acting like that, everyone does that.

I personally realized that I tend to be willing to dislike Shinkai movies, because I -at some point- thought that his movies aren't as good as everyone says, after that I disliked his works waay more than would be objectively appropriate.

In the case of NGE I was on the opposite site of prejudgment to you, therefore I got obsessed to interpreting it and turned a blind eye to even the most obvious breakpoints.

Back to NGE (specifically the point of characters, because I think that is the most defendable):

Your arguments are all pretty strong, the only thing I want to point out is, that Asuka actually has pretty similar problems to Shinji, but in contrast to him, she developed an inferiority complex, which makes her act the way she does. As her performance drops below Shinji her picture of herself - that she so desperately wants maintain - starts to shatter; her self worth completely swings around and she is forced to face reality.

A subtle aspect I want to point out -because I highly appreciate it- is the relation between Asuka and Shinji;
Asuka is obviously in love with Kaji, but she is well aware that her chances with him are nonexistent, therefore she turns to Shinji who -she noticed- could potentially fill that role as well, Shinji though has so little self-worth that he just can't imagine that Asuka might actually be interested in him, therefore he completely fails in understanding her hints leaving Asuka highly disappointed: (NGE: Kiss scene/ EoE: "you won't even hold me")

This is the moment after the kiss scene, you can see Asukas disappointment in the depiction of her face.

All of that is implemented very subtly but also very unequivocally, as there is no better explanation for Asukas "do you want to kiss me?".
Also; Shinji and Asukas Love-hate relationship makes sense because they constantly remind each other of what they dislike about themselves, but also are the only ones who can understand the other.
I think this is an aspect that deserves appreciation, even if the show fails in many other aspects.

I know, that is only a minor detail, but that is exactly the point:
This is a prime example of something, that people who are biased for the show would notice while people who are biased against it wouldn't notice it.
M4DMAX Sep 13, 1:21 AM
Btw: English is not my mother-language, so please excuse potential mistakes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)
M4DMAX Sep 13, 1:14 AM
About the bias:
I think whether you are willing to like it or not depends on age, if you are older than 30 Misato will most likely be the most relatable character to you, where when you are about 20 or younger Shinji will actually be more relatable. Therefore the experience will heavily differ.
I think that could very well be the reason why the show didn't catch you as much; with time teenage behavior gets more annoying than relatable.

About the realism:
The appearance of the Angels was kept a secret, so it would make sense that *some* characters wouldn't need to endure an extreme level of stress. It's implied throughout the show that synchronization ratio with the Eva is in some relation to the pilots mental health so it *could* actually be impossible for them to pilot them under drug influence, however it isn't said anywhere so I'll accept that as a plot-hole. But you should also consider that the portrayal of immense psychic pressure and the character development would all be not existent If they would have just turned Shinji into an obedient slave.

I don't think that realism is necessarily boring, actually I tend to praise Koe no Katachi for it's realism.
But to be honest I previously just misunderstood your demand for realism to include fantasy settings.

About the characters/realism:
You wrote that Shinji was acting unrealistically: I wrote above a reason why you might perceive his behavior as unrealistic, but if you think about it Shinji is a teenage boy, who is abandoned by his parents and now is forced to risk his life for the sake of humanity: It must be an immense pressure to know that the entire humanities sake depends upon you and now imagine that from his perspective; an already fragile minded boy, who lived his life lonely and needs to deal with a teenagers mood swings. I don't think his development or behavior is unrealistic.

It's not that different for Asuka.

Gendou wanted to meet his dead wife again through the human instrumentality (every human becoming one immortal being), for which he would need to force the third impact. To start the third impact he'd need to combine a descender or clone of the angel Adam and one of the angel Lilith.

I'll take a look at Gunbuster.