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Black Clover
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1 Pound no Fukuin
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Mada, Ikiteru
Mada, Ikiteru
May 20, 8:05 AM
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TAXIDRIVER1976 Yesterday, 4:35 PM
나랑 취향안맞네 걍 나가뒤져라 애미보빨후장련아 ㅋㅋ
PheseantNetsuke Aug 12, 2:52 PM
you exist
Nktheepic Aug 2, 9:36 AM
Hello Archaeon!

I'm not sure if you have done this before, but I am wondering, if you ever come back to reviewing anime, if you could review Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased). It is a really controversial series and I am just curious as to how you would rate it.

That being said, you don't at all have to make reviews if you do not want to. Thanks for all of your previous reviews and I hope you have an excellent day!

Best wishes,

nurfee Jul 31, 3:01 PM
I like, that you don't like NGE
I don't like, that you like NHK

lol. bye

Ankithadam Jul 31, 11:08 AM
Haha that's cool!!! All that reviewing and all are just temporary impulses, which fade with time, reviewing is a headache and it takes away lot of time lol...

Anyways thank you for replying dude :)
REKT Jul 30, 6:43 PM
Daaaaad staaaahhhpppp hurting me :(((
I am your dad frum the future in the next 3 days you will see my future son meeting you when you take your next dump I will be popping out from your anus :(((
I'm so drink I dunno what I'm typing on my suny Erikson
Amounew Jul 30, 6:52 AM
I totally agree with you on your definition of masterpiece. Even if we do not have the same tastes, I can say that it is a real pleasure to discuss with you.
REKT Jul 29, 7:05 PM
yo dad why the fuck are you on MAL? im comign to your room now you better explained yo seldf
Ankithadam Jul 27, 11:35 PM
Bro why have you stopped writing reviews????
Arimias Jul 26, 1:11 PM
That's understandable. Even though it's pretty outdated, and Mushishi not being an underrated anime anymore, he gets his points across clearly. However I'd still enjoy hearing your own personal thoughts about it, as Mushishi in itself has been a phenomenal piece of art to go back on.
A_Haiku_Unloose Jul 22, 1:47 AM
First, I would appreciate it if you would link me to a source that states exactly which drugs were used for brainwashing, I would like to do a little research into them so I could form my opinion on them. From the ones I've found - a combination of painkillers, steroids and amphetamines were used - and I know that none of these drugs will create an "obedient slave", if you will.
Assuming that this was possible, wouldn't it be too big of a stake to give something as important as Unit 01 to a drugged person? Who knows what the consequences would be.

I agree that he would have to follow orders, but the reason why he couldn't be told to get lost and never go back is because, in the end, he was the only person that Unit 01 responded to and accepted, so they had no choice, even the dummy plug was rejected later on.

He came to the NERV because he hoped that his father wanted to patch things up with him, and he wouldn't act violent towards Gendou because he was afraid of him. He *is* only 14, Gendou is his father and in charge of a huge military organization.

I wouldn't say that Shinji has mental health issues. He has issues in his relationships with other people, and many doubts about himself and his place in the world, and he has outbursts of rage - none of this makes him a mentally ill person. He's just an adolescent with a rough past in rough times.

Concerning suicide - there are roughly 3 stages: 1.Having "black thoughts" - "I want to end my life" 2.Making a plan-"I will end my life by hanging myself" 3a. Attempting it, but failing (whether it is lack of courage to do it, plan fails, someone intervenes) 3b. Actually doing it.
Not all people who start having suicidal thoughts end up doing it, not all people who plan their own death end up doing it, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a risk. And in time, if a person wouldn't receive proper help, who knows what would happen. Although Shinji definitely wasn't suicidal.

I think it is not only a genetic issue, it is more of a "mind and soul issue". Rei also has the genetic material from Yui, and unit 01 rejected her, so the solution you suggested wouldn't be plausible.

Thank you for your response, really enjoying discussing this with you!
A_Haiku_Unloose Jul 21, 5:25 AM
Hello, Archaeon. I presume that you are tired of being questioned about Neon Genesis Evangelion after all these years, but I would appreciate it greatly if you would give me your feedback on my thoughts on the show. I read your review a couple of times over the past few months, and I've come to the idea to write to you. I only took the some of your main points that I disagree with and commented on them, this is in no way supposed to be a step-by-step critique of your review - I believe that would serve no purpose.

Let me start by saying that I don't think that NGE is a perfect show in any way. It is pretty unorganized, the plot can be a mess at times, it was rushed at some crucial parts, and painfully slow at other times (there are some really unimportant and uninspiring Angel battles over the course of first 13 episode). The mystery itself is good, but nothing outstanding, there are many better in anime.

What makes NGE a masterpiece for me are exactly the things that you found bad in the show - the inner demons and struggles of the characters - mainly Shinji.
And even, on that field, it is not perfect, I completely agree with you that a lot of characters (like Asuka and Misato) should have gain much more screen time and better resolution of their struggles in the end. Like in many other aspects of the show, NGE here, as well, just scraps some of the ideas it had for them and heads on. It definitely would have benefited from 3-4 more episodes.

I know you wrote your review 11 years ago, so it is kind of ridiculous to now go step by step and call you out on the things you wrote, but I have to comment on your suggestion that Gendou should have drugged Shinji into submission. I guess you meant some F diagnosis drugs, but none of them would serve their purpose the way you probably imagine they would, it is bit of an absurd point to make, although this is not very important, just a side note.

I understand some of your points on Shinji, and it is clear to me that the other logical point of view is to find him and his behavior obnoxious, but for me, he is my favorite character in all of the anime I have watched (although I did watch a lot less than you). Let me elaborate:

You said that Shinji doesn't feel like an object of pity, but as an attention seeker, and I think you are right, but I am not sure if that is necessarily a bad thing, I do believe that his behavior was a cry for attention because he was shunned his entire life, he wanted people to notice him and tell him comforting things. His behavior isn't mature, or commendable, but it is completely understandable.

I find Shinji the epitome of human race - what we look like when the lights go out. Shinji's struggles and doubts I found very relatable, and the last two episodes were the peak of the show - without them it wouldn't have been even close to being a masterpiece. For me, it is enough to watch 5 minutes of episode 25 to regain my composure at the times when I lose it - the simple fact that we are not alone, that other people go through same doubts and fears as we do, is very comforting, and Anno managed to present it in a very powerful way, which is why I find the show worthy of being called a masterpiece, even though it has a whole diapason of gaping flaws.

I'm really interested what you think of my point of view on the show, although I do understand if you don't find the time to reply, I know that it is not your job or your duty to reply to billions and billions of Neon Genesis Evangelion posts on your profile.

Best regards,
A Haiku Unloose

Amounew Jul 19, 3:09 PM
What is a masterpiece for you ?
Amounew Jul 19, 8:44 AM
Well, that's fine then. It's because I was really surprised by your NGE review. I used to read good reviews from you but I really felt that you did not understand the anime, I'm wrong?
Arimias Jul 17, 5:33 PM
Ever thought of doing a review for Mushishi?