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Aquarion Evol
Aquarion Evol
Feb 6, 4:01 PM
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Flying Witch
Dec 11, 2016 12:52 PM
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Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
Mar 27, 12:23 PM
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Kenja no Mago
Kenja no Mago
Dec 10, 2016 9:43 AM
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Nov 20, 2016 12:43 PM
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Loomire 5 hours ago
Nice Reviews Man. Keep up the good work.
Sakkeru Yesterday, 9:10 AM
Nice review for Top wo Nerae!, but do you really find that Gunbuster had no sexual aim? I'm a fan of the series and your reviews, but I don't see any reason to believe that the tits and ass in this show were primarily meant to be realistic. Without going into details, it's pretty clear that all the girls have pretty idealized bodies and overly sexualized uniforms.
Thedumbhead Apr 23, 12:29 AM
Thanks for your reviews, they are really helpful.
AmagiriAyato2110 Apr 22, 6:58 PM
Hello, sorry for the unauthorized friend request, i never read your description before just now.
However, i really like how you rate the anime u watch, it feels good to see someone that doesn't have shit taste out there, your'e my inspiration :3.
Psijic Apr 22, 7:38 AM
I have to correct me, by the way. I said I generally prefer anime over manga. Well, guess I thought that because I haven't read one in, like, six, seven months. Shame on me. :)
xJapaneseCorgix Apr 21, 5:31 PM
Dude your reviews are super informative. It's super helpful when I'm looking up new anime to watch.
Psijic Apr 19, 2:34 PM
I see. Well, then I'll think about seeing it today. It's on TV in three hours. Lynch is ... well, I never know if I like his movies. I absolutely loved Mulholland Drive, I reaally enjoyed The Straight Story, I liked Blue Velvet, I thought the Elephant Man was ... nice, ..... I had to turn off Inland Empire after like 80 minutes. So me+Lynch = ?, if you know what I mean. That's why I'm always ... hesitating. (Don't count Lost Highway though, I'm totally looking forward to that one, ugh!). But, yeh, I wanna watch it nontheless! :) Sci fi is my world, so maybe ...

Yeah, I know what you're talking about. I mean, I obviously haven't read that many manga yet but I still feel you. If not because of all the hyped western anime movies à la Ghost in the Shell or Death Note, then because I'm a book guy. I enjoy Manga too, but, you know, sometimes this, sometimes that. The hypes per se aren't my actual problems. I heard of Game of Thrones 2012 only because of the series (and read all of the books in the same year), same goes with The Dark Tower (the hype will most definitely come, I was just a bit early, I guess). Now, both of them are, like, my superfavorites. I just think it's a little annoying how they hype something which is only a bit above average (or faar worse than the completely ignored original). And sequels. EVERY single fucking sequel. Of course, you get used to it, lol. I "suffer" from your problem only from time to time.

I actually prefer anime over manga though ... OFTEN, not every time. Drama or not-that-much-action-'n-theatralic-stuff like Monster or Orange (, ...) are sth different. It always varies, of course, this way or another. I learn from "big" things relatively often through hypes, think that's not a problem. MY problem is that there's seldom something really exciting to learn about, lol (or that the really deep, original stuff is completely ignored). Erased was super-cool, sure, but the only thing after that which was really interesting for me was Kimi no Na wa., Orange and Koe no Katachi. Orange's anime's average, sadly, but I enjoyed the manga (... there you have it! :D). The other two are movies. :( But maybe the good stuff just slips away from me, lol.

By the way. Know that one? xD The band's .... well, awesome.

I see. Well, I don't know him yet as well, soo ... :D But I'm positive he's absolutely worthy of getting a chance.

Thanks, interesting! I'm not really a podcast guy (or "hear" guy), I'm more of a reader (in a forum in that case), but I'll definitely give it a shot! I built up a blog once as well, but I had to quit due to shitty tendons before it got to start, sadly. Podcasts would have been an option, but, well, I'm also not really much of a talker, more of a writer. Damn. :b Buuuut precisely because of that reason I often write too much in chats or stuff. Way too much. So I'll just stop right there. Sorry for the long text, lol! BUT again, thanks, I'll check it out!
Psijic Apr 18, 1:11 PM
Sorry for the late answer. Sometimes you just don't get to do something, ugh!

You love his work on Dune? Interesting. I heard that studio 'n stuff destroyed his work into a meaningless something without any suspense or ... whatever ... at all. I'll watch it sooner or later, but that's, well, some news.

Nice, nice. It's very similar with me. And what's hyped on MAL is most, or rather like all the time overhyped, sadly. Even Kimi no Na wa, which I consider aaabsolutely great myself, surely doesn't "deserve" fugging #1 in the top list, above masterpieces à la Fullmetal or Monster. Or Steins;Gate, considering the story. Not to mention the hype for Shingeki no Ky... weeeeell, okay. Sorry. Enough of that. I agree, that's all I wanted to say.

... and have you ever watched something made by Jodorowsky? Montana Sacra is said to be one of the ... uniquest ... movies out there. Which is stupid to say, but damn. "Surrealistic overload", even for Lynch fanboys. Jodorowsky didn't sleep for one (or two, not sure) week as a preparation, not to mention the drugs. That guy seems ... yeh! :D I'm going to watch the movie next month or so and I'm reaaaally looking forward to it (while being a little bit afraid).
Antotaku Apr 17, 9:10 AM
Nice reviews :)
AmagiriAyato2110 Apr 14, 8:10 PM
Hello, i really like your reviews they make lots of sense good job :)
CVArk Apr 11, 4:17 PM
Hey, I don't care if you respond to this or not, just wanted to say I have read and considered your reviews basically since I joined MAL, and to this day I continue to give them weight when on the fence about watching something. You really have an eye for quality, and a solid writer's voice to boot.

Given how vastly your anime list outstrips mine, I was surprised to see you haven't watched Kimi No Na Wa yet. Have you just not gotten around to it yet, or simply don't care to see it? I'm not saying you have to see it or anything, but I would've been interested to hear your thoughts, having just finished it myself.

Anyway, that's all I've got. Have a good one.
DarthBob Apr 9, 1:16 AM
I just read up your review of Steins;Gate.
Firstly, great review - it covered up most of the shortcomings quite well, which is something that most people either miss or misunderstand.
Secondly, I was just wondering if you've read up Steins;Gate 0, which has been out for a while now (the visual novel, of course). At least in my opinion, it covers up a lot of the 'plot holes' in the first title, while offering some actual development to a good deal of the characters, without overly affecting the plot (the sentence came out a little wonky, but I'm not entirely sure how else to put it). Well, at the same time, it also brings about it's own small list of plot holes, but those are minor in comparison to the ones it rectified.

On a side note, I particularly enjoyed your review of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
AlexTokuchi Apr 2, 6:39 AM
Ahh Sorry Didn't see the profile about The friend request before. Understood.

Umm.. My Friend got a Question for Star Driver if you don't mind...

I know I have completed it but I don't remember every thing so... here is the question

"How's the romance senpai, do they kiss and do they end up as a couple?"

Please Help
Psijic Apr 1, 5:54 AM
Hey there. I recently finished NGE and my "cineast colleagues" are trying to kill me verbally because I rated it with 5 and called it boring. Heh. Your review sums is up perfectly. P e r f e c t l y. Seriously, hands down! I was very happy to see a *not that euphoric* review on top of the anime site. Actually, I always check if you wrote a review when I'm unsure about watching an anime or just curious about your opinion. Again - hands down. :)

But my actual question: Do you watch real life stuff (... well, you know) too? Considering the dude and Mad Max, I just need to ask. Do you like David Lynch, for example?
CheekyPenguin Mar 28, 10:48 AM
Just wanna drop by and tell you that I've enjoyed reading your reviews since the day I joined this site. I work in the journalism industry (was actually a former assistant contributor for CNN Indonesia) and I've only seen few people in my career that could actually match your writing prowess. Yep, you're honestly that good.

One thing I love about your writing style is how you don't separate your reviews into different criteria like story, characters, sound, etc. I think that technique is more of a crutch than anything; rather than make your reviews look organized, it actually makes them appear amateurish, sluggish, and fragmented. Free-flow writing style like yours is definitely the way to go. Sad to see, however, that the majority of reviewers in MAL prefer the traditional format.

I took the liberty of amassing everything I learned from reading your pieces to write my very first MAL review ever on Interviews With Monster Girls. Suffice to say, it's currently the top review for the anime.

Last but not least, you were the one who convinced me to get into Aria. It's still my all-time favorite anime series until today.

Keep up the good work and I hope you'll write again in the future!