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Where will you go if all your dreams have been fulfilled? That is the question that both series deal with. They don't have a serious plot, just the daily life of a man who is trying to live his life. There are battles and funny moments sometimes. Recommend to people who are looking for some funny anime to watch to add some spice to their life.
report Recommended by Hanaki_Neko
Although not exactly the same, the main characters of both stories share personality traits. Gintoki and Saitama are not overly concerned over their public image and are willing to blemish their reputations to accomplish a goal. They both also display nonchalance in extreme situations and are also the strongest fighters in their respective universes. Unlike Saitama though, Gintoki has displayed cowardice and laziness in certain situations and will avoid trouble if possible. The settings in each anime are also similar in that they contain futuristic and fantastic elements, such as the presence of aliens and the usage of advanced technologies. Each anime also approaches comedy   read more
report Recommended by NoctAeterna
The mix between the Comedy and the action If you liked gintama you're probably gonna have fun watching One punch man too
report Recommended by D7MOtaku
Gintoki and Saitama have a common ideal, They fight for their own reasons and not to appease others. They are too lazy... Gintoki is lazy by birth whereas Saitama gets lazy as he lacks a serious opponent time after time. They are funny and when they get serious they'll bring devastation upon their enemies. While Gintoki (Shiroyasha) is a lazy samurai living by his own rules, Saitama is just a guy that serves as a hero for a hobby.
report Recommended by suryatejavala
(Oo I actually wanted to be first to this one; I tried a while back...) But wow, this really is all about comedy, world building, and reasonable characters. The fact of the matter is we have two MC who are heroes down to their very souls but don't acknowledge it with their exterior mannerisms. The irony behind their characters and the world around them are similar and wonderfully uncanny than what we usually see. Gintama is very much amidst the top of the anime industry, and OPM will soon join it.
report Recommended by Sekaiou
While their storylines are rather different, they both offer a humourous take on the shounen genre. Both main characters are hilarious and interesting. There are unique and alien-like villians (and just... characters in general) in each and both feature shounen-like battles (opm more than gintama). If you liked the humour in one of them, you'll probably like the other!
report Recommended by tearbender
Do you want a deconstruction of typical shonen clichés? Do you want a OP main character who just don't care about his enemies' complaints or objectives? Do you want to laugh in every scene? These series are for you!
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
By far later episodes of One Punch Man really gave me a strong Gintama vibe. Why? * They both are about the misadventures of it's heroes (Gintama with a samurai, OPM with a tokusatsu hero) * REALLY similar parodic humor, including high levels of randomness. * In plot, both would start out without a particular story arc whatsoever until this kind of stuff would later come, while Gintama tries to be more episodic with it's own arcs. * Both also have good fight scenes. There are some dissimilarities, like OPM having less females and a highly overpowered MC, and Gintama touching a lot of references to other series and being   read more
report Recommended by parallelle_slip
Parody genre - ☑ MC who are funny & badass when they need to be - ☑
report Recommended by ultravigo
-Great gag humor, Gintama has more parody oriented though. -both are comedy shows with action as supporting genre
report Recommended by Salokannel2
Both of these animes are hugely funny comedies with fantasy aspects. I love both of them equally and they both have the same hero. I highly recommend both of them! :)
report Recommended by PlatinuMad
Yep that's right Gintama and one punch man are somewhat similar to each other Both of them are { EPIC } comedy and fighting shows Mind the brackets Epic means Epic both have characters funny and strong but in one punch man i should say super super strong and if you are thinking about comedy then think not all you have to see them especially the face of one punch man character and now about gintama it has broken 4th wall within 4th wall i mean literally it has. Thats why it is also rated the highest anime above all anime and all   read more
report Recommended by Isaokondo
A comedy anime with absurd humor and parodies of shonen anime tropes. It also has over-the-top action scenes and a strong cast of characters.
report Recommended by FAKECROSS97
They both are very comedic on the ways a ‘hero’ is presented. They are also both very humourus and like to poke fun at the modern superhero stereotype. They are also both parodies. Which again reinforces there similarities.
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Both have a good balance of hilarious comedy and great fights, and both have a laid back protagonist who occasionally gives the side characters wise & sage-like advice
report Recommended by sushipenn23
Both are some of my favorites and both have jokes and parody when appropriate we also have epic fights
report Recommended by Andreih1
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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