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Synonyms: Psychopath
Japanese: サイコパス
English: Psycho-Pass
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Type: TV
Episodes: 22
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 12, 2012 to Mar 22, 2013
Premiered: Fall 2012
Broadcast: Fridays at 00:45 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Production I.G
Source: Original
Genres: ActionAction, MysteryMystery, Sci-FiSci-Fi, SuspenseSuspense
Themes: Adult CastAdult Cast, DetectiveDetective, PsychologicalPsychological
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.341 (scored by 773156773,156 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2182
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #62
Members: 1,604,351
Favorites: 38,443

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The series have the same showcase of "Law versus Crime", the only difference is the themes. In terms of characters Death Note revolves around two Genius students with different personality and the anti-hero holding a handy-dandy Reaper Notebook while Psycho-Pass revolves between Cops using Advance Techno weapon that has full duplex psychological inspection that switches the gear from a Neurological paralyze r to Anti-matter shooting bullet and Masterminds that have odd different assassination fetish. 
report Recommended by Azraniel
Psycho-Pass is, perhaps, the closest thing to GitS:SAC that we will ever see. This isn't to accuse PP of mindless copycatting, though; although both shows deal with similar settings and subject matter, as well as have similar direction and audiovisual feel, Psycho-Pass clearly holds its own and even improves upon GitS in terms of pacing and visual flair at times. It may not be up to one's taste, but it's definitely worth checking out, and its handling of the subject matter surely deserves credit either way. Important to say, much like its spiritual predecessor, PP also respects the viewer's intelligence to a remarkable degree, offering mostly  read more 
report Recommended by moozooh
future utopian/dystopian setting where the question is whether the sacrifices made to personal freedom are really worth the peaceful lifestyle, plus the main character must decide how to deal with the cracks in the system 
report Recommended by MangaPancakes
CYBER punk world ruled by advanced technology (the population's over-reliance on tech tools borders on unhealthy). Humans playing gods in a vain attempt to superfically suppress social malaises, ala Orwell's 1984. Dystopian narratives with elements borrowed heavily from loads of thought-provoking literature and philosophy. Protagonists' increasing sense of self-awareness causes psychological alienation from blissfully unaware masses, leading them to be caught in truly tense, nail-biting Catch-22 situations and often tosses them between following their ingrained values and (eventually) questioning the system. Antagonists are hard to hate anti-heroes who, unlike the former, have clear albeit destructive purposes in sight. They are often resolutely unwavering in the  read more 
report Recommended by thismarlasinger
Both Monster and Psycho-Pass are psychological mystery thrillers were the main male protagonist is after a ghost murder. No one believes in the existence of mastermind serial killer until late. The lead killers both kill as a third party using others to do their dirty work for excitement excitement. Furthermore they see nothing wrong in their ways are are in essence pure heart-ed but evil in soul. You can judge them by their presence.  
report Recommended by Air-Dragon
Identical tech, worlds, themes Also similar antagonists who “break the system” being undetectable to their way of finding criminals Crime Coefficient = Intent to Kill Enforcers = Mizuhanome Pilots Dominators = Wakumusubi List goes on. They are near identical shows!  
report Recommended by Kosshi
Watching Death Parade strongly reminded me of Psycho-Pass, and looking back on it, it's no surprise: the morals and general message of these two anime are extremely similar. They both raise the question of what exactly good and evil are, and where to draw the distinction between them. The main characters of both anime question the central authority that dictates these decisions; however, the actions they decide to take are actually very different, making the two anime quite complementary. So basically, Death Parade and Psycho-Pass are both psychological thrillers with amazing art that make you contemplate what the f*** just happened -- and they're both  read more 
report Recommended by laputia
The art and genre between these two anime are really similar. The story line is slightly relative due to it's about solving crimes and preventing major incidents. 
report Recommended by Aleron
Both are in future where science has developed in a realistic way (meaning it's possible it could happen when looking now) and in a way that has changed the society. Both concentrate a lot on the psycholocical aspects of those changes. 
report Recommended by Bozzzz
Both take place in future. The same idea, that people with 'anomalies' work for organization against people having the same kind of 'anomalies'. The same mood. Both main characters are something like garbage.  
report Recommended by Sony_Plastation
Both Protagonists are kinda labeled as the anti-heroes and both have a dark past which both have antagonists that can be compared to with Vicious and Makishima. Set in a futuristic world with a Noir atmosphere, its a must see! 
report Recommended by IchiroEX
Both are about criminals, masterminds, and brutal mind games. Have a very similar feeling on how action develops, how things are hidden, and how rotten is society. Great story and action scenes; in both don't fully understand what's going on, until the story allows you to. Plus, B's art, soundtrack and character development are all great (episode 3 has one of the nicest battle scenes I have seen).  
report Recommended by Aure-chan
Two men who undertand each other more than anyone else but have completely opposite goals. 
report Recommended by PerlaNemesis
both have a cyberpunk-like atmosphere with cops/executioners abusing power being a large focus. The difference is that Psycho-Pass is less dystopian and is from the cop's perspective whereas Akudama Drive is all from the "bad guys" perspective.  
report Recommended by monitheronin
Both animes have similar dark and tense atmosphere and OSTs. They differ by psycho being a suspense cop/detective, and Toyko Ghoul being a more of the horror genre.  
report Recommended by reluctantbeeswax
Both anime tell a story about a futuristic world in which everything is "perfect". But it's too perfect, and in both series you'll find out the secrets that the organizations keep from the ordinary people. 
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
1. These two anime's are set in the future. 2. There is something wrong in the government. 3. A lot of action. 4. Awesome characters in both. 5. Dark themed.  
report Recommended by Sky-Guitar
Both of these series have a very similar vibe. Both series follow a group of detectives solving crimes generally involving murder. Character interactions and personalities are also very similar. 
report Recommended by Dement
-Both detective series -Main character has a villain they wish to take down -Both teams have well rounded characters Although these two series are not super similar, I find I recommend Bungou for Psycho-pass lovers because it provides some of the same thrills of detective work that Pyscho-pass brings. There are very few detective shows in anime that I enjoy, however I enjoyed both of these because of the thrill they provide. 
report Recommended by Kuroo-numa
I'm surprised this hasn't been recommended yet. Both are alluring and dark, taking the average person into a world of chaos, crime and justice. Both appeal to a mature audience and dabble with a bit of the supernatural. Psycho Pass is set in a far futuristic version of Tokyo while Durarara is present day. Amazing seiyuu Kana Hanazawa and Miyuki Sawashiro play female leads in both. Psycho Pass' main focus is crime and police while Durarara is gang violence and the not so ordinary lives of three teenagers.  
report Recommended by ItsmeAshtray
Only Himitsu springs to mind when thinking of other sci-fi 'investigation team' series involving the usage of futuristic scanning technology that reveals the truths people try to hide from others. In Psycho-Pass technology exists that can display a number for each person, revealing if people are "latent criminals" or not. In essence, it's technology that allows for the punishment of thought crime. In Himitsu the last memories of those murdered can be viewed in order to catch the criminals responsible. It's very similar to how in Minority Report the pieces of visions would be put together in an attempt to solve crimes... only after the crime  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
The male main protagonists and antagonists think similarly in both of these series. The antagonists supply others with the means to commit crimes. The protagonists deal with cases that are fabricated by the antagonists. Both antagonists have white hair, are highly intelligent, and usually only supply the means to commit crimes rather than handle things themselves. 
report Recommended by TaintedSeraph
What happens when the world falls apart? Both works look at the degradation of society, one going into a post apocalyptic time period and the other a society where everyone's life is controlled by the government. While seemingly dissimilar, there are overlapping features such as similarities in the art styles, but some thematic elements, not to mention Akira is considered one of the works which is influential on the next generation of Anime and Manga creators. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Cyberpunk Edgerunners disappointed me in many ways, despite being very well animated. I didn't care much for the plot, music, and pacing of the show. I am always excited to see new content in the cyberpunk genre, but this was not my thing. If I ask myself what my favorite anime in the cyberpunk genre is, the answer is season 1 of Psycho-Pass. I have a lot of love for classic films like Akira and Ghost in the Shell, but Psycho-Pass is a near perfect psychological thriller that sets the bar for futuristic dystopian stories and anime villains. Psycho-Pass has an incredible soundtrack, story, and above  read more 
report Recommended by swathmeinhoney
Psycho-Pass and Plastic Memories shares several similarities. Both stories consists of characters that are forced to deal with a certain problem densely woven into their everyday normal lives in a near-futuristic society, which is as common as breathing air. Both anime have teams of usually two, which consists of a higher-ranking person who oversees the other who handles the dirty work. In each anime, the higher-ranking person are also armed with a highly destructive technologically advanced gun that shoots a projectile beam of light, capable of incapacitating or obliterating their partner--but mainly used for only dangerous threats. Both stories deal with smaller problems in their  read more 
report Recommended by Estoy_Gordo
Guess, what the film: a good cop, which does not accept the existing public system of control, is investigating a series of immoral and outrageous crimes. His opponent is silver haired, smart, malicious and loves books. If the heroes are men, so this is a Psycho-Pass, if it's women, so you watch Harmony. 
report Recommended by Supika
Both anime are dark/realistc style, with good characters and some mistery. one is about time machine and the other about the mafia above the security system. 
report Recommended by mahoutsunay
Both explore the darkness of human nature and if there is anything redeemable in humanity. Psychological thriller? Check! Evil Genius? Check! Character designs are very similar, especially the anti-hero/villain (one of the manga spin-offs shares an artist). If you like to see both lawful and chaotic evil at work, you definitely want to check it out! 
report Recommended by AzureDivinity
Both written by Gen Urobuchi and are similar in the sense that they provoke the viewer to question things about our society through the deconstruction of themes and genre. 
report Recommended by sheep4lyf
The futuristic plot and the fact that main chars works in pairs to solve a mystery being one of them a "cursed" people made me think about Psycho-Pass. Both have a villain that, in my opinion, is great, and they both feature a dark plot. 
report Recommended by trillo69
Both have elements of mystery, crime, suspense and psychology. The overall feeling of both series is rather dark. While PsychoPass takes the fururistic approach, Subety ga F ni Naru has a more realistic setting while focusing on the darker sides of human nature.  
report Recommended by amoralisch
Both series are dark and contains a serious mood involving a world of cruelty. There are science fiction themes present in both series. With that also includes various plot twists, surprises, and some gruesome scenes. There is violence involved in both series so be a bit aware of that if you decide to give these two titles a shot. Both series has drama, action, and some psychological factors. There are also thriller like endings that are build from some of the plot settings.  
report Recommended by Stark700
- Both has an unjust justice system that almost does not give a damn about victims and casualties.. - Both does not shy from showing you death mercilessly - Both anime shows some MC that defy the current laws and standard of society. 
report Recommended by Carex
Same detective vibes. With a stoic protagonist who has to deal ethical problems and a main villain that you'll love to hate. 
report Recommended by fedezero55
Similar concept/scenario of criminals working for government 
report Recommended by kruev
The Ouryou Rikako arc with school girls being dismembered and their body parts being used for "art" immediatly made me think of Mouryou no Hako. While the context is different, both of them have mystery, gore and profanity, Psycho-Pass being more action oriented, Mouryou no Hako more on the psychological side.  
report Recommended by skaldir
The same dystopian plot , where people whom were considered as nobodies in a higher society were made to do such dirty work of taking out the trash is part of their job description and being expendable is part of it.  
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
- Action thriller with a cast of members of a special task force - Society at large is lied to in some way - An antagonist who is set out to sabotage the peace and quiet of everyday life - Lycoris Recoil is brighter in animation and its set up, while Psycho-Pass is darker and have heavier subjects 
report Recommended by cornonacob
Both are mystery/detective anime with a morally upright and caring main character surrounded by amoral side characters. Psycho Pass has more of a plot and storyline while Danganronpa is more episodic. Both have plenty of murders and violent scenes. Out of the two I would say Psycho Pass has more depth and is more interesting but if your looking for something to quench that mystery and mayhem craving danganronpa is a good choice.  
report Recommended by bluespirit
The theme of delivering justice to criminals is a theme present in both series. Righteousness are judged in both series although by a different method. The main male protagonist in both series are also quite independent and has a lot of skills in what they do. Both series offers plenty of action and drama. P-P contains more violence and a more serious theme while Code:Breaker has more a shounen style theme. Both series' organizations however has the theme of eradicating criminals/corrupt people in both of their worlds. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both have action, crime, and are protecting the public from something. Both series take place in different timeframes. 
report Recommended by shaadow82
Both shows take place in an AI-dependent world. They have different stories and plot but they are somehow similar in showing how too much reliance in AI have consequences and can be detrimental to society. 
report Recommended by anjerika18
Both are crime shows that deal with a level of artistry. However Ranpo Kidan stars a cast of minors whereas Psycho pass's main characters are adults.  
report Recommended by ChibiChubbz
In a futuristic setting, both Psychic Pass and Loups=Garous carries a theme involving a society being controlled by a higher power/system. The characters from both series strives to solve mysteries and murders with their own lives at risk. At many instances, there's a sense of isolationism as well as antagonism by their society itself. There is also science fiction themes packed with some action. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Futuristic advanced devices clean art style Older hero/heroes 
report Recommended by THSWESSEL
Both have technological advancement with dark theme and character with twisted belief or rather unorthodox way of thinking. both have lots of questions about the existence of anything in this world. 
report Recommended by kashimkurz
Both are from Production I.G and have the similar futuristic police thriller theme to it. In Psycho-Pass the police's special team that are comprised of Enforcers who are latent criminals who are specialized to hunt down other latent criminals. In Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 2nd Gig this special unit works for the organization called Public Security Section 9; a division that exist under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The unit is a group who specializes in fighting technology-related crimes like cyberterrorism. Both have a cyberpunk setting.  
report Recommended by Silentcid
Ever get the feeling a character might fit just fine into the canon material of another series? Psycho-Pass and A.D. Police are like that, and yet the similarities between the two shoes end up being - unique. Crossover fodder perhaps only in the mind of a fanfic writer, that feel and enjoyable similarity are something even a fanfic writer won't miss. Plus, Psycho-Pass is likely influenced by A.D. Police. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Dark atmosphere of the world, complex characters, corrupt governments and people who want to be free and live in a world of justice.  
report Recommended by Kong38
Dark world full of violence, gore, inhumane actions, horror. Both anime makes you question what's good and bad, right or wrong. Police forces try to stop criminals/ajin, because they're threat to society.  
report Recommended by Hutai
While Psycho-Pass revolves more around chasing a criminal and Rainbow is more about the life and friendship of seven prisoners, both series center around laws and have criminals as their main theme, and explores both themes pretty nicely. 
report Recommended by PrincessZero
Both are detective type animes that involve murders but have a weird twist to them.  
report Recommended by bluespirit
Dark dystopian futures ruled by fear of the "other", Psycho-Pass likely found inspiration in the AD Police series, what with the next generation of animators having grown up on the previous series. What AD Police brought to the table, Psycho-Pass gives a nice twist to. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are about a group of people trying to bring about reform, one with vigilantes and the other with cops. MC is kind of a newbie at first but becomes accustomed to their new life and tries their best to be an actual asset to the team. Both are pretty gory, bloody, violent and have epic fight scenes. At first it seems they are just fighting random criminals but it starts to piece together the more you watch. 
report Recommended by AllHailSuhail
Portraying technologically engaging and advanced words of a futuristic Japan in a diversely monitored society at the price of alienating true human interactions and limiting freedom of will. Solely relying on cyborgs/robots and a system of semi-automated AI network where philosophical questions of morality arise to the viewer. These are few but noteworthy points to mention. Nevertheless both series will have something unique yet familiar to offer for each and everyone who likes worldbuilding along these lines. 
report Recommended by HibiChika
Similar sci-fi feel with a lot of gore and nice looking guns. 
report Recommended by Rekyz
The characters in both anime are illustrated by Amano Akira Hibari and Kogami are similar to each other, with hair, looks, and some common personalities Tsuna and Akane are both somewhat alike in some strange point. Maybe by looks?I'm not sure though. But it still gives me a feeling that they're both alike. Makishima is like the love child of the KHR shipping, Mukuro and Byakuran, or similar to both of those characters.  
report Recommended by anthiho258
Similarity - Involve with murder cases and find criminal(s) Difference - Psycho-pass is an lot more serious Which one is better? Well, it gives a difference feeling, so can't choose 
report Recommended by reren
The cast of P5 and Psycho Pass enforces their ideology through certain systems (Personas/Metaverse in P5 & Sibyl System in Psycho Pass) to purifying society through scum cleansing. The MCs and the female law enforcers in both shows have similar roles and relationship that makes both shows no different and holds the key to the story. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
What would you do if you knew about accidents and crimes before they actually happen? This is the main question in both of these series. There is drama, action and lots of philosophical questions to think about! The characters uncover the workings of the system and find answers for themselves. Past, present and future collide to show us a Utopia... or Distopia. What will be your answer? 
report Recommended by Lopika
Anime that have dark themes and deal with killing others in a very distant, cold, calculated way though both main characters have to deal with it emotionally it themselves. Both characters face dark and twisted opponents who show the darker side of human nature, especially when the normal social restraints are removed either from the lack of civilization or a broken criminal justice system. The animes are both violent and graphic. 
report Recommended by yngtadpole
Psycho-Pass and BokuDake are dark shows involving crimes. The tone is dark in BokuDake, but slightly lighter in Psycho-Pass. Both shows feature the MC attempting to stop someone. 
report Recommended by -Hyper-
Both are detective stories. Both are dark. They are both relatively slow-paced (Sakurako san being more so). Both have eccentric leads, both have a lead that walks the line between falling into the abyss. Both have a great relationship/bond between main leads.  
report Recommended by thebittenone
Do you like sci-fi? Yes. Include that with puzzling mystery? Yes. And a progressive-defined plot? Yes. Top it up with some big baddies? Yes. (Psycho-Pass) Then look no further as these two shows (Good ones too.) are just the ones you have been searching for.  
report Recommended by xForgettable
Characters, the atmosphere, the dark city, restrained style of character's outfit, elements of sience fiction and people stucked in sin - all of it is very simular. 
report Recommended by Semyrra
They both deal with the government restricting society in a way. In Psycho-Pass, it happens because of the Sybil System, and in Library Wars, through excessive censorship. I can't guarantee that if you like one, you'll like the other one too, though. They're both very different in terms of execution. Library Wars is a lot more light-hearted and adds a bit of romance. Psycho Pass is a lot more heavy and serious. Freedom is also less restricted in Library Wars, where they only restrict media, whereas in Psycho Pass, the Sybil System controls everything. But if you're looking for something that deals with human rights and free  read more 
report Recommended by xpaula
both have crime solving elements that play an important role in the series both are highly rated and critically acclaimed  
report Recommended by MrTacopants
Both take place in a futuristic world where humanity depends on technology. Fractale is more childish/romance while PP is more action/mystery.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
In both anime, the two detectives who don't get along with each other. The reason they can't get along is because they want to solve things with different solution methods. 
report Recommended by Ewolver
Both are noitaminA original series produced by Production I.G. that explore changing world ideals, analyze the meaning of the human conscience, and explore how people with the potential to do good and/or harm to society act out when given the power to do so. Both are action-packed series that question the lines between 'good' and 'evil' and what it means to abuse a power given to you. Psycho-pass is a more science-fictional series with a utopian setting, whereas Eden of the East is set in modern day Japan, but both share similar themes and focus heavily on the decisions made by their characters, and how  read more 
report Recommended by yurishiro
Both are about how the machines manipulate the human world. It has very good graphics and it makes you think. 
report Recommended by Limonene
Both are about police forces in a futuristic setting, utilizing the things they are protecting against to perform that protection. In Heat guy J's case, it's an android, and in Psycho-Pass's case, it's people with a high criminality rating. Both police forces also hope to prevent crime before it happens, but never really manage it. 
report Recommended by noirgrimoir
The opposite side of an Inspector but not in a cynical way.. Both aspires crimes into the city.. There are many rules to follow, this more force into drama than dark aspects and cruel side of the laws Jean = Shinya.. also smokes literally  
report Recommended by HikiNEET021
similar themes and genre 
report Recommended by Pillo231
The Big O was memorable for its narrative depth and exploration of human values and morals, and while it did break away from this with its occasional robot smash up moments, this was what made the show as good as it was. Psycho pass takes the narrative elements that The Big O occasionally dables in and refines, focuses, and directs it more clearly and gives a lot of insight and thought into the complex issues of free will, human nature, and the value of law and freedom. If you enjoyed how the Big O would take a moment to make you think, you'll love how Pyscho  read more 
report Recommended by nikiyasha
Both provide a sampler plate of entry-level philosophy across a series of short stories tied into a bigger journey. While Girls' Last Tour is CGDCT and Psycho-Pass is more intensive, both primarily take place in vast cityscapes that are bleak in their own ways, and both have at least one cute girl in the main cast. 
report Recommended by TK8878
The stories of both shows are set in a dystopian sci-fi setting with a cast that deals with everyday villains in an episodic fashion. Akane and Vash have a common trait-they vow not to kill their enemies while Makishima and Legato makes them see the reality of their suffering. Akane-Vash Makishima-Legato 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both revolve around an eastern society whose flawed system creates more harm than good and are to be brought down for the better. Ginoza and Ishida especially Kogami and Kaien have similar designs. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Now here me out before you go, "wtf! these two are nothing alike!" Well, you're not entirely wrong, but there are a lot of similarities between the two. If you're looking for a deep story line, you're in for a treat. Similarities: They both have awesome pacing (I am not counting the second season of Psycho Pass here). There is no clear "antagonist" in both series. You might be able to argue on who the antagonist is, but really, it's far more abstract than that. They question how society is run and why things are the way things are. Both, unfortunately, front loads the setting. Very character driven. Differences: One is a  read more 
report Recommended by somedayasunbae
If you like the terrifying and juxtapose atmosphere from psycho-pass, you should definitely like this Jojo part,Great animation,eargasm from stands and dominator and the 2nd half where the fun begins,hide and seek murder mystery with kira and makishima 
report Recommended by Hatreddd
Deadman Wonderland OVA reminds me a lot of the final arc of Psycho-Pass.. The two main leads, Senji Kiyomasa and Kougami Shinya are strong talented police officers.. They came all the way to the antagonists' base (Ugachi Keigo in Deadman Wonderland and Makishima Shougo in Psycho-Pass) to fight them after the big crime cases they had done before.. 
report Recommended by renzospark
Both take place in a cyberpunk setting where a certain technology with a conspiracy dominates the entire society revolves around crime, vigilantism, and terrorism. Revolver and Makishima's goal are identical since they want to preserve humanity by destroying the technological aspect that is corroding their life while Makishima's seiyuu shares a lot in common with AI as they too later lead their own rebellion against the mc. Yusaku and Kogami are stoic individuals with a tragic past with the resolve to hunt those responsible for their tragedy as anti heroes. Yusaku's friendship with Aoi and Takeru resembles that of Akane and Ginoza per comparison.  
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
If you like the dark and terrifying athmosphere and great worldbuilding in psycho-pass,you may like neon genesis evangelion,in the 2nd half,the fun begins 
report Recommended by Hatreddd
Both made by Production I.G., both have mostly cyberpunk elements, but the most interesting thing is ending of GitS SSS, where Motoko says 'maybe a new society that we have never even dreamed of is already being born', and about 70 years later in Psycho Pass, we have new society determined and controlled by 'perfect' Sybil System. I see very interesting connection here, and i am pretty sure that Psycho Pass creators were inspired by GitS Stand Alone Complex universe. 
report Recommended by Edelweissidifk
Both works take place in a futuristic world, and the main characters fight against the system seeking freedom, and also in both have lonely villains who have been victims of an unfair law. 
report Recommended by AndersonRonin
A much better mystery with crime and police elements instead of from a civilian prospective. 
report Recommended by YoshikuniTaiki
Both have a lot of dark scenery used. Very action heavy. Have supernatural elements. They're thrillers in a way. There is a massive sensation to continue watching to see what happens next. 
report Recommended by OnxEyedKxng
Both series begin with a bang; containing gory violence and content that could be a bit disturbing at first. Psycho-Pass contain characters called Enforcers, who face similar restrictions like the prisoners in Deadman Wonderland. If an Enforcer acts out of line, he/she can be executed immediately, and Enforcers are not allowed to walk freely, having to be accompanied by a commanding officer always. Both series contain mysteries that are unveiled as the series progresses, although Psycho-Pass does a much better job of wrapping things up by the end of the season. Overall, the same aspects that may have appealed to you in Deadman Wonderland are  read more 
report Recommended by Still-a-Casual
Both have the same action sci-fi and police genre, but while the other was more of a darker theme the other one was more like a semi comedy theme, but when it come to the characters attire , you might say that one has their characters dress in a very sissy attire while the other had their characters dress simpler.  
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
Both anime deals with detective agencies. Both anime has male and female protagonist working together. 
report Recommended by Tictac72
Although at first glance 91 Days and Psycho-Pass might appear fairly different, they are quite similar in many ways. Both anime deal with more serious themes such as revenge, death, etc. Both anime tackle questions of what justice and criminality are in their respective worlds. Both anime involve a protagonist with violent tendencies who is accompanied by a more pacifistic character. 
report Recommended by VioLynnT
While seemingly different in many ways, both anime delves deep into different topics. For Kino no Tabi, it is human culture and traditions. For Psycho-Pass, it is human psychology (specifically what drives someone to kill). The anime are different in pacing and Psycho-Pass has an overarching plot line that connects the episodes. Do note that Psycho-Pass is much more violent than Kino no Tabi. 
report Recommended by snottyhamsterbut
They have the similar vibes like Cyberpunk, set in the future and fun to watch 
report Recommended by PoisonPawn6102
Opposing teams, interesting characters on both side of the spectrum. Serious and dark tones. Odd but great. Both have conflicted Characters <being vague on purpose but both are great> 
report Recommended by SilencedGrimm
Both series feature incredibly colorful casts of characters stuck in a near-dystopian regime wherein the events that take place as a result of that regime's motives and goals make audience members question their philosophy. Just like Nazarick, the Sybil-controlled version of Japan is isolationist and considers itself superior to all other sovereignties. Momonga and the Sybil System both seek to rule the world with an iron fist, and claim that they themselves are the pinnacle of perfection and the arbiter of objective justice. The people not in on the regime's secrets assume that both of them are non-human in some way and worship them as gods  read more 
report Recommended by SAT0rii
both are very coolest world and Characters riddle story of devil and psycho pass riddle story of devil world just like utopia psycho pass world real dystopian rsod Characters is Ataru pp Characters is Shougo 
report Recommended by charlie21
Both shows are superb mystery thrillers involving a full adult cast and some breath-taking action. Psycho Pass is way more sci-fi oriented than Hero Mask (which is set in a more recognisable present timeline, as oppossed to the more dystopian near future of P-P), however, both series are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. If you enjoyed one I'm sure you'll like the other. 
report Recommended by donhumberto
Smart dialogues, full of citations, dark and cyberpunk atmosphere, good action 
report Recommended by futuremedninja_
NARRATIVE: It might look like a stretch, but some plot points are similar 1. -Special forces- to hunt down -threats hiding amongst public- (Latent criminals/Cursed Spirits) 2. MC being in full control of their minds (clear hue/prevent Sukuna taking charge) 3. MC refusing to kill a human, under any circumstances 4. MC and their friends getting responsibility of -big risky tasks- from the start ANIMATION: the fighting scenes are awesome CHARACTERS: Memorable badass characters (Kyogami/Satoru) *PP has a complete overall story arc, but JJK is the start and the foundation for future seasons 
report Recommended by hz6el
It involves condemned individuals who were given 2 choices work for a gov't organization to deal with their own kind that does bad things or be condemn in the realm of hell.  
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
Both have the same machine vs people conflict Both take place in the future Both have a similar twist around episode 10 Both have a main character learning more about the world  
report Recommended by thesmore
Psycho-Pass is a more thrilling version of Hakozume. 
report Recommended by --Ryu--
Cops with a sub unit of "murderers" 
report Recommended by MinaHaku
Futurstic and very interesting story line for people who love twisted plots. 
report Recommended by ZeeeroTwo
Drama and suspense are always high different topic but if your a drama fanatic i highly recommend. 
report Recommended by Yiziie
Similarity - Both main female character know who they are, it is like they don't get distract from other's word or action easily. Difference - Maid-sama is romance and school life - Psycho-pass is action and thriller Which one is better? love both of them but maid-sama should be read than watch 
report Recommended by reren
Both involve futuristic investigators who look into some mysteries. There is a big-brother level system which allows investigators to look into the brain state of people on a mass level. Nevertheless, there are mysteries which are beyond the capabilities of the investigating organizations. Loyalties are tested as individuals take things into their own hands. What are they going to uncover? 
report Recommended by Khashishi
Both take place in the far future and are about a single "flourishing" society apart from the rest of the world which has presumably fallen to ruin for reasons that aren't made clear early on and the protagonists seek to break the mold and unravel the secrets of their society. 
report Recommended by JanikrelFiend
dark brooding edgy and focus on a female protagonist 
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Both feature fighting against an even dangerous power, charismatic light colored hair pretty boys that have a strong sense of confidence and aloofness to them. As well as it being set in modern Japan as well too and also a cute mascot to add as well. 
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Both are neo noir cyberpunk stories that are heavily action packed and full of mystery and both share a dark broody visual atmosphere.  
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Both are based on popular neo noir cyberpunk franchises and both share a complex complicated stories of many twists and turns with a detective mc. 
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Both have the same gritty atmosphere and excellent world-building. 
report Recommended by BestGeorgeForman
Both anime depends on sneak and stealth,with both ideology to survive,albeit promised neverland centered with a plot armor,and a mind game to escape 
report Recommended by Hatreddd
Both anime story center around a group whose members consist of peoples who are rejected by society but in the end they were forced to protect and serve the public as a punishment for their status. In Psycho-pass there are called "latent criminal" In Cross ange there are called "norma" That type peoples, in fact, not dangerous. But for some conditions, rules, and laws cause them isolated from society. Another similarity, both anime MC consist of a group created from "rejected peoples" as I already mentioned earlier. Arzenal Team (Cross Ange) & Unit One of Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division (Psycho-pass) 
report Recommended by SSSS_Shunaria
Both have a mastermind that would trick normal people into killing others and on the other side a 'justice' team that tries to solve the cause of killing. Psycho-Pass is more sci-fi while D.Gray-man is more into fantasy type. Psycho-Pass is a bit more cruel in methods and visuals. 
report Recommended by Alessa-Zero
A more experienced individual (with whom the central protagonist shares the exactly same personality uptake) is supervising a pupil and is mainly supporting from behind the shadows to straight out a government's dictatorial/aristocratic nature. Also by the same producer. 
report Recommended by AliProject
Roughly, I felt that they had the same kind of demented and cruel air to them. In Psycho Pass there are routine brain scans of the human mental states and so the government kept them in check then the "police" handled it from there, even in offhand ways, where as in Jigoku Shoujo it explored the mental state of the criminals and the modern and somewhat spiritual way of dealing with them. Both shows had female leads.  
report Recommended by PinkHeart19
Both series resembles each other in some characteristics like female detective protagonist with a strong sense of justice and will to change the society they live. They area also simmilar about the underground city feeling overall. "Bem" is more sobrenatural oriented while Psycho-Pass trails technology/cyberpunk path. 
report Recommended by Nakim
Even with just watching the first episode of joker game I can tell there are similarities between the two. They are both psychological and have a mysteriousness to them. The art is also somewhat similar.  
report Recommended by bluespirit
Very similar in style, mood and setting. I find that Psycho pass has more in common with this than ghost in the shell. Psycho-pass focuses more on story while mardock focuses more on style. 
report Recommended by omegashadows
Even though Psycho-Pass is much darker and better; and Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-Chan!! is much less serious and contains ecchi; there is something similar between these two anime. Both anime are based on measuring some kind of coefficient in humans; a crime coefficient in Psycho-Pass and a depression coefficient in Juuden-chan. In both anime the characters work for an agency/company that handles humans with a bad coefficient; the major difference in this, is that in Psycho-Pass most humans with high crime-coefficient are killed, while in Juuden-chan they are (temporarily) saved. However what makes them more similar are the main characters, Plug and Akane. Both characters have a job  read more 
report Recommended by Khalan
Both anime feature a young woman struggling with her morality in a society that is being watched and controlled by a larger system (the church/God in Maria, the Sibyl System in PP). 
report Recommended by RiverSorcerer
Police after criminals in both have main character girl and said character gay , helping him his life and partner.  
report Recommended by SasoriUzumaki
The characters have the same thing just like in psycho-pass. Akane new to the police job. Haru is new of the investigator role. Both have solving mysterious crimes. 
report Recommended by LegendGoldDark
In both shows main characters solve problems and look for clues to solve mystery cases. Hyouka is funny and kinda romantic, Psycho-pass is more about solving murder cases. Both got one quiet cool character (Oreki in one, Shinya in the other) who is great in getting all the clues together and always solve the case. 
report Recommended by Misiakk
Similar Psychological,thriller Genre, with a mature underlying story. 
report Recommended by georgejakes
both anime includes, -characters serving like dogs under the military -only serves to gain own goals completed. -military isn't like the way they are suppose to be like  
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Both are great science fiction anime taking place in a futuristic setting, and involve solving crimes, murders and mysteries. UN-GO has a supernatural element and is more focused in finding "the truth" rather than caring about justice, while Psycho-Pass is pure cyberpunk, and more about the moralistic repercussions of judging people based on criminal potential rather than criminal action. 
report Recommended by noirgrimoir
Action-packed sci-fi that takes place in a futuristic, self-sufficient city with highly advanced technology, a city that at first glance appears to be an ideal place for people. In Raildex, Academy City is a city full of schools, the haven of the Science Side and the only place where people can develop psychic powers; and in Psycho-Pass, the whole of Japan is a haven for people who want to pursue their happiness with the aid of the Sibyl System. But underneath that wondrous looking exterior is a place with tangible darkness, controversial secrets, and a number of unpleasant truths that would shake the very core  read more 
report Recommended by Numi
What is the best route for humans going forward? What seems like a Utopian society at first isn’t, and the more the main character delves into the society and gets into the underbelly the more they discover this, albeit one of the stories takes place on Earth and the other is a space opera. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Human society has developed to the point where they rely almost entirely on highly advanced technology to keep the peace, in a way that is not as close to ideal as the people initially believe it to be. Psycho-Pass shows the flaws and controversy of a society ruled by the Sibyl System, where people's souls can be read and those deemed to be "latent criminals" become second-class citizens. Toward the Terra shows the long and violent struggle between the Mu, humans who develop psychic powers, and the normal humans who see them as a race to be eradicated upon detection, in a future society  read more 
report Recommended by Numi
Paprika and Psycho-Pass share many characteristics that appeal to a mature audience. Both anime are crime thrillers that explores an aspect of the human psyche (criminal latency and dreaming) using technology. Paprika and Psycho-Pass are able to incorporate many different genres and themes into their narrative without losing focus. Viewers are also kept engaged through exposition scenes that less skilled directors and writers would struggle to present. If you've always been aware of this title, but never committed yourself to watch it, then this is your moment.  
report Recommended by lancelot200
The Patlabor franchise is often overshadowed by a more famous subsequent franchise involving Mamoru Oshii - Ghost in the Shell. A real shame considering that Patlabor: The Movie (and its movie sequels) is one of the few anime that so successfully explore the impact of technology on society in a police procedural. Psycho-Pass builds on this legacy with its franchise. Patlabor: The Movie and Psycho-Pass have very adult and sophisticated stories, which viewers will love. As a dystopian anime, Psycho-Pass is a far darker anime than Patlabor: The Movie, which features a contemporary Japan with more advanced technology. Note that the Patlabor TV series has  read more 
report Recommended by lancelot200
Psycho Pass is definitely a lot more mature and twisted then Dennou Coil, but the worlds are both very similar. The use of holographic displays in everyday use and virtual companions. Psycho Pass is more law enforcement mysteries, where as Dennou Coil is unraveling the truth behind their reality eyeglasses. 
report Recommended by CoffeeBean
The setting of near future seems to be similar in both anime. The animation is somewhat similar too. However the length and theme are different in the two anime. 
report Recommended by Lopika
They are superficially the same story set in different worlds. Psycho-Pass is set in a futuristic dystopia, whereas Berserk is set in a fantastic world of sword-fighting and magic.  
report Recommended by tk_a
Think dark but with no jokes and an appeal to your sense of justice and detective action. Black Lagoon on the other hand is dark but with comedy and military action. 
report Recommended by yngtadpole
Grossly dark but entertaining story's with murderers that are beyond understanding; In Kara no Kyoukai 3 Fujino Asagami and in Psycho Pass Rikako Ouryou among other people. Both got action and mystery.  
report Recommended by ParadoxCharlie
Both Trickster and Psycho-Pass are anime worth seeing for anyone who enjoys questions of morality or likes crime dramas or anime set in a realistic society of the future. In many ways they are very similar, but there are some significant differences too, enough to pleasantly enjoy watching both without feeling like one is a rehash of the other. Similarities between Psycho-Pass and Trickster: * Both anime feature the basic "good guys versus bad guys" premise. * Both anime blur the lines of morality by calling into question whether the good guys are truly good and the bad guys truly bad. * The "bad guys" in both anime  read more 
report Recommended by kyoudai
Both have miyuki sawashiro as a blondie, takahiro sakurai as a white haired opponent, awesome ops. Both anime have urban settings and neon colors. Each touches upon the source of human morality, one from science and the other the spirit. (Noragami has significantly more gag scenes though.)  
report Recommended by toutseul
Similarities: -Theme of 'man-hunt' seeking revenge - a manipulative 'antagonist' - confusion on who really is the antagonist in which there is a clash between moral and logic - Cool detective work - characters varied from avoiding, accepting and fixing the past - And, unfortunately, the ending is what really connects these two animes together... 
report Recommended by crystalux_blu
Despite the sharp aesthetic and tonal contrast between Psycho Pass and Gatchaman: Crowds, they make for excellent thematic complements. The former, with it's seedy earth tone color palette and pessimistic outlook, explores how artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms could enable and perpetuate right wing authoritarianism. Meanwhile, the latter and it's sequel use garish primary and secondary colors, as well as the boundless optimism of it's lead character to explore how social media can help build a co-operative, direct democracy, aka left wing libertarianism (as well as showing the potential problems that might come with both working toward that system and living in it). Thus, while  read more 
report Recommended by Trevsky
- group of people who kill people deemed unfit to live - people are being judged and are said to be a certain color - psychological (when is it ok to kill a person?) 
report Recommended by helloisabelle
Both anime questions philosophical things. "What is justice?" and "What is the most important thing to yourself? Is it your idealism or...."  
report Recommended by CecaniahCorabele
Railgun, like Psycho Pass, has a strong female lead and each episode is jam-packed with action. Though, Psycho Pass has more dark themes and dark nature in comparison to Railgun.  
report Recommended by gayanime
Although these two series take place in very different worlds, they are both shows packed with emotional, powerful storylines and plenty of action (though Claymore is more bloody). The concepts behind the stories are also different, but both are attention-grabbing, intense, and entertaining. If you enjoyed the quality of the story in one, you should enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
There are many parallels between these two stories in a philosophical sense. They also both take place in a relatively distant future and in a more technologically integrated society. 
report Recommended by tsm_noctis
I know they are completely nothing alike in your eyes but, they both have too much dialogue which would be considered rather important. They both have future settings; the other is dark while the other is light with humor.  
report Recommended by binsu
The similarities between those two animes are the characters, or at least the old man that is trying to keep up with his younger colleagues and ends up being one of your favorite characters. Both animes have dark themes, are directed towards an older audience and touch on corruption in a system that was thought to be to live ideally. 
report Recommended by lona_catee
If you want an anime like Psycho-Pass which feature a lot of blood and gore packed with an intense mystery and drama then Baccano is for you. Like Psycho-Pass you will meet different criminals with psychopath minds and different ways of producing torture, ones will do it to obtain information and others because they simply enjoy it. Hence, if you want to meet new criminal minds and how the "good" guys deal with such threat, give a try to Baccano. 
report Recommended by Duo02
They are both set in idealistic future settings where people are punished for things(Being a latent criminal in Psycho-Pass and being indecent in Shimoneta) 
report Recommended by Austinedwards1
Very similar in the series are the philosophical topics of Artificial Intelligence and free will. In both series super human intelligence plays a major role. They cover the topics of: -AI alignment issues -Problems/Dangers of AIs in general -How much humans should follow the AIs lead versus following their own intuition 
report Recommended by plasma38
Both are set in a utopian, perfect, utilitarian society controlled by a supercomputer. The viewer and characters question the usefulness of the system and society as a whole. 
report Recommended by plasma38
Both series have a foreboding, dark vibe to them. Though placed in very different worlds, the theme shared between them is a disturbing mystery shrouded from common knowledge. Elfen Lied is more bloody, but both provide action and intensity with an enticing story. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both aren't for the light-hearted and fairly deep plots. Very sci-fi centered themes. Psycho-Pass has a future and adult based setting whereas Mirai Nikki is more of a present, fictional and (slight) high school setting. Psycho-Pass is, however, superior. 
report Recommended by Sokud0
Both stories have a guy protagonist and a girl protagonist, who are very skilled in there field Both male MC's have a troubled past that influence the way they act throughout the series. Also they are very well trained with handguns and hand to hand combat Both stories take place in the future, the two also share great art work and opening/ending themes These series have action, sci-fi, supernatural, police, elements 
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
Similarity : - Working as a Team - Both team is actually part of big company with heavy influence to goverment (Sibyl & JNC -Japanese National Railways-) Different : Psycho-pass is much more dark & a lot of dead (or gore) Rail Wars is much more fanservice (and boobs if you want) 
report Recommended by SSSS_Shunaria
Both deal with how people "think"—how they see the world from their perspective. Both are about the characters following somoenelse's "system". In Psycho-Pass, the characters follow the Sibyl system while in Zetsuen no Tempest, they think that they're in some kind of play and have to follow the script written by someone. Both are about bringing justice to the person they love. Both are beautifully written and show that we should live on our own accord. Both show the "evil" within themselves. 
report Recommended by ainjeraficorn22
Psycho-Pass and Jormungand are a great choice for those of you who like to see a bit of bloog and gore, mixed with the thrill of military involvement. There's plenty of gun action and the storyline is always kept up to pace. Settings are well-designed, in my opinion. It's uniquely set up and fits very well with the plot. The art is beautifully done, both with great OPs. It's got a fantastic mix of regular and grosteque styles.  
report Recommended by taintedwithred
Smart, courageous, idealistic female protagonists strive to shed their inexperience and naiveté without succumbing to cynicism or despair. Both heroines find themselves working for systems that are cruel, corrupt, and arguably necessary. Both face a choice: protect the system and accept responsibility for perpetrating its injustices; destroy the system and accept responsibility for the bloodshed that will follow its collapse; or tread a perilous and uncertain path of reforming the system from within. Both shows also feature brooding male co-stars with whom the heroine has romantic subtext and manipulative villains who hide their cruelty behind smiles. 
report Recommended by q_3
-Both stories revolve a team of specialists who deal with baddies -Both follow the development of a rookie girl in the team -Both follow the same plot direction as far as characters go -Both have pretty good action scenes -Both have characters you get attached to -Both have a really dark atmosphere 
report Recommended by Mercsin
-Psychological thrillers that thoroughly explore the psychs of all main characters -Both explore issues about whether it is better to leave the world broken as it is, or to reforge it anew, at the cost of lives. -The antagonist of each anime is similar in both personality, appearance, and motive 
report Recommended by FatiguedMonkey
Both have dark settings with police officers as protagonists and great action scenes. 
report Recommended by Jetmann114
Both are about a police force and solving crimes Both have high-tech tools they use to solve crimes Both have a major villan/evil group they try to stop I think any fan of Psycho Pass will also like Active Raid 
report Recommended by Minearm
-seriously cool futuristic setting -badass characters that do what they want (and can clearly handle themselves) -both have nice art -hooked from first ep' -cute main girl leads, (tsunemori and ene) 
report Recommended by Bheaze
Both have a main character who is tying to defeat someone out of revenge. 
report Recommended by Thatoneanimefan
Both anime explore the idea of collectivism for the common good and it's effects on individualism. 
report Recommended by slomodeux