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Both anime tell a story about a futuristic world in which everything is "perfect". But it's too perfect, and in both series you'll find out the secrets that the organizations keep from the ordinary people.
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Both animes are setted in a futuristic world where devices conduct the inhabitants life style. The main characters are also similar, Shion and Akane being raised in a privileged environment, both being gifted students, having a bright future ahead of them. However, their destiny change when they meet someoone who isn't part of the system, an outcast. Both animes focus on social issues in a world controlled by technology. If you enjoyed Psycho-Pass, you might as well enjoy No. 6.
report Recommended by Rhiannon-Senpai
Same feel of a near-future setting that is close to controlled society.
report Recommended by reluctantbeeswax
Both anime have settings in the future. There is also some type of 'utopia' that in surrounding/influencing them that must be brought down. Though Psycho-Pass has a darker story, the similarities are obvious. They have amazing characters that go against the 'utopia' and the way they do it leads to a spectacular plot.
report Recommended by serenakuran
Both in societies that seem perfect but underneath have a darker side to them. Both will encourage the viewer to question what ends can be justified, although No.6 probably not as much as psycho-pass.
report Recommended by wolffanghameha
Set in dystopian environments and placed under questionable government control, the characters in both series must answer moral questions as they try to justify their actions and survive in worlds that stifle any sort of questioning at all. While Psycho-Pass is the darker of the two—not too surprising, as it was written by Gen Urobuchi—No.6 holds its own in terms of uncomfortable content. Neither series is suitable for the weak-hearted. A notable similarity between the two is the inclusion of literary references. Characters from both series quote multiple classic works; the mentions are, thankfully, relevant.
report Recommended by mechato
Both shows involve a system set in place to monitor citezins in the future. This system watched each person almost constantly and is supposedly making the world a better and more peaceful place. The main character in both shows finds out that isn't quite true and what they were told about their society all their lives is wrong. Both shows involve groups that wish to make the system obsolete and get revenge for what the system did to them as well.
report Recommended by FedeBankai
Both series are set in the near future where their current society is or is becoming corrupt. Both also use similar technology, however, Psycho-pass is more focused on the crime and police factor, No.6 is more focused on their dystopia setting.
report Recommended by SleepyPeppermint
Both anime deal with similar themes of a controlled society seemingly for the good of the people, but in actuality only to the advantage of criminals
report Recommended by DigiCat
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