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The art and genre between these two anime are really similar. The story line is slightly relative due to it's about solving crimes and preventing major incidents.
report Recommended by Aleron
Taking on a detective-like story, Psycho Pass and Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Tokyo) explores the concept of crime and terrorism. The main protagonists from both series often gets into conflicts that puts their mortal lives in danger. The antagonists from both series also treats certain situations as games where losing will have disastrous consequences. Building on a story with thriller antics, I recommend both series to anyone interested in crime fiction.
report Recommended by Stark700
Terrorism, Police, Right & Wrong, Secrets that can make Humankind go crazy. Also artwork and design look pretty similar, both have deep plots and history
report Recommended by rafi160
Both shows involve cat-and-mouse game between the police and terrorists. The "terrorists" also lean on the side of being anti-heroes, since they have somewhat justified reason of doing what they do.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
They both have an eerie, mysterious feel; in the end, the protagonists end up discovering dark secrets about programs/systems that people in their respective societies have been ignorant about. Both shows are crime-based and really thrilling to watch, and raise really interesting points that are worth thinking about afterwards!
report Recommended by sea-salt
Both have mysterious plot and drives you crazy to complete the series...
report Recommended by karen2
I am suggesting this because I literally just finished watching Psycho-Pass the same day I started and finished it along with Zankyou no Terror (literally just now). And I just feel that there is a sort of quality both shows have with animation as well as plot. Both are making the viewer think about who is the real evil and what is actually the right thing in that time and setting. Both have an element of science and both have left me feeling mostly bitter in a bittersweet way. I have very much enjoyed both so, yeah.
report Recommended by Bejerwin
Based off first 3 episodes. Both deal with: - issues of terrorism - the discrepancies of right and wrong - antagonists that are more like antiheroes - game of cat-and-mouse between detective and criminals - detective and criminals with above par intellect - characters closed off from society or wronged by the state Overall atmosphere is similar, as is the artwork and character design. The setting is also similar despite the time and technological differences.
report Recommended by CheyShi
Deep plots with likeable characters. Both don't follow any typical anime formula either; they both do their own thing and have a tinge of dark to them. Highly recommend
report Recommended by QuarterRican
Both of these anime deal with a kind of psychological warefare, however there are a few differences. Psycho Pass focuses more on the nature of people, while Zankyou no Terror is more of something like a game of terrorism (Literally). Also, Zankyou no Terror focuses more on the Anti-Heroes rather than the classic protagonist in Psycho Pass.
report Recommended by BlizzardOfFlames
Both are animes about crimes and investigations.
report Recommended by MythSphinx
Do you wanna watch breathtaking suspense shows? If so, just watch them. Both have very intelligent and flawless characters, script, setting. Every people is acting beyond good and evil. Kougami = Shibazaki, Makishima = Nine and Twelve. Their character developments are well-made. Especially Makishima. Style also very similar. Policemen crack down crime. It's not straightforward in both shows. ZnT emphasizes this point. OP/ED visuals and songs are perfect. You'll definitely attracted their wonderfulness. Of course, you'll love other elements. What's right and what's wrong. Limited human only knows. So you're seeing now, seeing futures. Decision is one of powerful concept.
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Both contain a psychological warfare between character Both focus on the good and the bad each with a unique perspective
report Recommended by Kim_jong_il
The universe, the atmosphere that emerges and the scenario are for me points that I found again both at Psycho Pass and Zankyou no Terror. I greatly appreciated these two animes and besides recommending them separately, I think they also have a lot in common.
report Recommended by Kieppi
Both shows involve the psychological and physical chase between cops and villains/terrorists. Both villains also have deeper motives than the regular "screw the world xd"
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Also based on a very good story. More 200iq Badass who are both crimminal. Very psychological anime same as here and also very good created characters. I think if you liked this psycho pass will be something for you aswell.
report Recommended by loasd21