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Both Protagonists are kinda labeled as the anti-heroes and both have a dark past which both have antagonists that can be compared to with Vicious and Makishima. Set in a futuristic world with a Noir atmosphere, its a must see!
report Recommended by IchiroEX
Both anime share a near future setting where technology has an important role in society. Kougami is a character similar to Spike in the way they think and both have an archnemesis which wants to play with their mind and twist it. Cowboy Bebop has a unique style, while Psycho-Pass tries to put the viewer to reason about society. Psycho-Pass will surely not disappoint Cowboy Bebop fans.
report Recommended by kratos_aurion
Psycho-Pass has that dark futuristic adult story telling just like Cowboy Bebop minus the Jazz.
report Recommended by Nito-San
Both series are set in the future and center around police work, cowboy bebop specifically bounty hunting. Kougami and Spike are very similar in personality as well as Makishima and Vicious.
report Recommended by Yeulogy
How do I put this... Cowboy Bebop is like the tv series Firefly but grittier and cooler. Psycho-Pass has a Cowboy Bebop feel but it's like a mix o Bebop, Bladerunner and the Minority Report with a tad of Equilibrium thrown in there. Both are Sci-Fi, both have the "cool" factor, and both are filled with great animation, music and characters. If you love either of these then I really can't imagine not loving the other. Both are amazing action Sci-Fi series!
report Recommended by explicit707
story is not related..hands down but i found the main characters similar spike spiegel = shinya Kougami both have a dark past the arch nemesis of both the characters are similar in some ways to the protagonist in either of the series all in all its a must watch!! psycho pass has a great story
report Recommended by fullmetalpower
-Both series take place in the near future -Both series have a main male protagonist who uses guns and has a badass attitude (Spike being the layed-back, energetic kind while Shinya is the more calm, collected kind) -Both series have great action scenes
report Recommended by ironcladgranite
»Dark tone »Action-oriented »Cast of very likable characters »Strong male lead with reckless behavior and great skill »Strong antagonist role with twisted ties to the male lead »Plot revolves around the main characters hunting down and chasing criminals »Futuristic setting »Great English dub
report Recommended by Ex_SOLDIER
Both Spike and Kogami remind me of one another - dark past - enemy they're bent on getting revenge on for hurting someone they cared for The supporting characters are also interesting bc like cowboy bebop, each supporting character has their own stories that are told Also set in the future, with action/crime elements embedded in both
report Recommended by xoro
If you liked Psycho-Pass's characters, you will likely like Cowboy Bebop's characters. Spike Spiegel and Shinya Kougami have an almost exact personality match, except Spike is a little more... humorous. Vicious and Shōgo Makishima are also very similar in terms of intelligence and looks. Shōgo is definitely more cunning. Jet Black and Nobuchika Ginoza are also very similar. They have a similar backstory, overall demeanor and even looks. Both Spike and Shinya are main protagonists and both Shogo and Vicious are main antagonists. Spike and Jet's companionship is similar to Shinya and Nobuchika's companionship. There's not really too many similarities beyond that other than the   read more
report Recommended by stephenscaggs
Though Psycho-Pass takes many cues from Ghost in the Shell and has a concept of ruling the system with the status quo identical to that of Death Note as opposed by the antagonist, it too with the rivalry of Kogami vs Makishima related to Spike vs Vicious. After being affected by a certain tragedy, Kogami and Spike pursue their career with a crew dealing with various villains in an episodic fashion leading to their confrontation from the past as Makishima and Vicious rolls in. Akane like Faye are the main female leads who have yet to experience a harsh fact of reality of their life and   read more
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
You get a very similar thrill watching Psycho Pass as you do with Cowboy Bebop. It also has to be said that watching the battle between one of the main protagonists and the antagonist feels like deja vu.
report Recommended by theillusionary
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