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I'm just a girl watching anime, updating her list here. Thanks for visiting my profile and lists!

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Sh1ro_ Yesterday, 9:12 AM
Haha this episode of Buddy Daddies was so funny! I could feel the pain of the two guys, bet it's tough to properly care for a child. Not to mention sewing her name on everything O.O The way they bought expensive stuff just to appear rich and all was hilarious, but good thing they got Miri some normal clothes too lol.
Sh1ro_ Jan 23, 9:54 AM
>>Buddy Daddies
Oh wow, I didn't expect Miri's mom to be such a... what's the proper term, uh, piece of shit? xD I get that she didn't want a kid, but still. Being like that is not okay. Also, the episode ended on a positive note! It was cute to see all three of them sleeping together haha.

>>I've never really thought of that, but I have an online nick I use (Lopika, obviously) and my first cat is male and my female cat has a human name
Haha I guess giving a gender neutral name to your pet helps xD Although I called my cat Shiro kinda randomly but I ended up always calling him like that lol.
>>Well the name lopika was one I came up with for an online pet, so it is similar in a way lol
Online pet? Like those games where you had to take care of an animal or some mythological creature?

>>Vinland Saga
>>Please do let me know if you find a good one <3
Here's the one I watched, I picked it because it's short:

>>I got impatient both weeks and ended up watching Winland Saga on the go, I just couldn't wait for the evening when I get home, which tells a lot about my excitement lol
Oh, can you focus watching while you're not at home? I don't think I could :o I kinda like to have no one to disturb me haha.
>>But I felt it suited the character. He seems to look at slaves as laborers and not property. I like his mindset. I wonder if he knows about the bullying or if he cares/would care if he knew.
I guess that makes sense too, he seems kind. I suppose he doesn't know? Now I'm really curious if he would care and the next episode is already out! I'll share my thoughts on it later :D
>>I really liked S1, but I am also looking forward to this different pace <3 I really don't mind the change.
Same, S1 was solid but now I'm looking forward to what this second season will offer <3

>>I'm really glad the anime actually turned out better than the first few episodes
Yeah, I like that we get to understand the characters better too. I feel bad when their dreams end and they have to leave Blue Lock, but that makes the difference between those with talent and "average joes", as they like to call themselves. Still not sure what I'll think of it by the end though, but at least I enjoy what I'm watching haha.
Sh1ro_ Jan 22, 4:00 AM
>>It is so nicely made visually and I am not really familiar with either the spoken style or the legends that came up, my senses are just in full alert mode lol It's so nice that it's coming out on weekends
Yes, I feel the same way! Depending on how they make the story, it might be a hidden gem of the season. I only watch it during weekend nights, so I can focus better. I will be back to share some thoughts after I watch the second episode.

>>My favorite part is the voice acting and how the characters are brought to life <3
Yeah, the voice acting is so fitting! They've done a great job so far with this remake.

>>Buddy Daddies is doing the parenting thing right! It's the perfect combination just as I like it! Spy x Family and the Yakuza thingie were good too, but this one hits the spot :)
Yeah, it's so much fun! I have yet to see episode 3, but I like the story so far. It's kinda similar to SxF or the Yakuza one but, at the same time, it also has its own charm and originality :D The kid is very hard to take care of though, I totally understand the gamer guy! Wouldn't want to deal with that either haha.

>>I also dropped the Ice Guy series. It was lacking something for me
To be fair, I was also thinking of dropping because it really feels like it's lacking something, idk why. But the recent episode was a bit more enjoyable so I'm gonna stick around a little longer. It also helps that the main girl is using her cat's name as a username xD I thought I was the only one who does that lol

>>What are your thoughts on Vinland Saga? I am so eager to find out if Askeladd is still alive. Ok, I really should have rewatched S1 before the new season came out ^^"
Same here, I think I'm going to watch a recap of the first season on youtube before the next episode is out. Would help a lot haha.
Vinland Saga is my favourite so far and it's only just started lol. The son of their master is interesting, acts like a brat but from what I see he only wants approval, from his father and everyone else. I have a feeling he might do something important later on. I was surprised the father works at the farm too though, who would've expected he works alongside slaves :o
>>Anyways.... what do you think Throfinn went through to end up as a slave and do you think his spirit is broken or do you think he has some goal?
Hmm, I think he's lost all motivation because his sole purpose in life was to kill Askeladd and now that he might not be alive anymore completely messed him up. Einar might help him get through this phase though and I'm so looking forward to it! He didn't really want to be bullied by those men but it was a bit funny how he totally forgot about everything when he saw that woman haha. People already said that we shouldn't expect the same brutality and action the first season had, as this one will be more emotional and philosophical (yay!)

>>BTW how is Blue Lock going?
I'm at the beginning of a fairly interesting arc, there are no longer any teams and they have to compete against each other in a team of 3 members. A friend here told me there's a short manga where we learn more about Nagi (the white hair lazy genius guy) and I'm curious to learn more about him! Still not sure what I'll think of Blue Lock by the end lol. But so far, I enjoy how ridiculously crazy it is xD
Luminisce Jan 21, 6:54 PM
Haha yeah, I learned it from another friend here! It is often really useful xD
Luminisce Jan 16, 3:29 PM
You are? Which are some of those series that most would consider "not so great?"

Exactly. At first, it felt like Hei wasn't too fond or pretty much indifferent to Yin since she barely showed any emotions, but as he got to know her a bit more, he legit went soft for her, and just as you said, their dynamics are so interesting and cute >.< Yes, the older guy Huang and the cat Mao were pretty understanding of Hei later on, which was very wholesome to see. To answer your question, well aside from Hei and Yin obviously haha, my other favorites would be Mao, November 11, July, and the detective Gai. I don't know, I just found their characters interesting :D Also, I loved and hated how much July got attached to November 11 :'( And I'm still not over Mao's death, though thankfully it was said that he'd be reincarnated into someone/something else in his next life.

Ooh so Yuu Yuu Hakusho aired on TV in your case? :o That's cool, I don't think it did over here, but I may be wrong. Haven't watched this one yet since it has lots of episodes, but I'm intrigued by it. Plus, I liked HxH (2011) so much, so someday I'll start watching it (and hopefully like it too cause if I don't, I'll feel like I wasted too much time, lol). Are you fond of Yuu Yuu Hakusho or not that much?

Haha, omg we have a similar case with Naruto :o As for Shippuden, it was thanks to it that I had made a Crunchyroll account back then xD What do you like most about Naruto? And I don't mean him specifically but the series, haha. Did you ever use Crunchyroll?

Lol, now I can see how that can be true. My older sis really took me down to a rabbit hole with the anime world xD
The one I'm talking about is 8 years older than me, but my other sis (6 years older than me) is the complete opposite.
She's never been into anime and prefers like dramas and Netflix shows. As for my eldest, she does like anime and was the one who introduced me to it, but she doesn't watch much anymore since a while because uhm- lots of work and married life I guess, haha.

Very true, getting a good glimpse of what your friends' tastes are feels nice <3

HAHA, that's such a mooood.That's the problem with series or manga you end up loving a bit too much. It's basically pulling an all-nighter disregarding the fact that you should be doing something else instead or worse, waking up early ;-;

Hmm you're right. I have come across several people who have One Outs on their favs, but it isn't as common. Random question, but is there any specific popular or "mainstream" anime that most people love, but you just couldn't get into it or even hate it at that? xD

Daddy Daddies? HAHAHAHA, I can totally see how you'd read that first instead of Buddy Daddies xDD Its premise and trailer lowkey reminds me a bit of Spy x Family in a way. I've already started classes, so my watches with anime will start getting slower now probably, but looks like a fun seasonal. Are you still enjoying it so far? :D Also, How's Vinland Saga s2 so far? Haven't started it yet, so no spoilers (but do tell me some brief thoughts about it!) >.<
Sh1ro_ Jan 15, 8:48 AM
>>I wonder if something big is going to happen in the next episode. Feels like we are nearing a climax
Yep, something really important might happen. I suppose we'll soon see how Fushi will deal with his ability to bring back dead people?
>>I also wonder if the ones he creates can age or get sick or change in any way.
Ohh what if they also become immortal? That would be a bit conflicting, though. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't like it if the show ended with all of them becoming immortals :o
>>And I don't only mean talking, I mean it's obvious he hasn't been brpought up in a community of people :D
Haha, he does his best though!

>>I may drop Spy Classroom though, the pacing is really off and nothing is either shown or told....
Ah too bad they're rushing it like that. But thanks to you, now I know which shows to avoid this season xD

>>I mean, MAPPA never really did any memorably horrible series, so I wasn't afraid of them not delivering :D
True, I'm just always getting nervous when they change studios, kinda like Golden Kamuy S4 changed studios and I got anxious again lol.
Weasel Jan 15, 7:17 AM
Dont mention it. How did you celebrate it? :p I checked it yesterday, there seems to be quite a lot of isekai anime around, i feel like this is isekai season again? :D As for that well thats a bit of a looong ass story, idk if you want to hear that? :P What about you though? I hope everything has been well for you.

I just looked at our past com to com, you still use Reddit?
Sh1ro_ Jan 14, 12:41 PM
Yes, Hikari no Ou has potential! The story is quite unique too, we definitely don't see anime like this one often. It kind of reminds me of Heike Monogatari or Inu Ou's vibes, though all of them are different. Can't wait to see more because, right now, I can't predict anything haha.

Ah I'm enjoying Trigun Stampede so much too! I feel like this is going to be one of my favs in this season :D I loove the characters' designs <3
ukambe Jan 12, 5:37 AM
Sorry, but idk how to use the website that much, neither quote or answer. Thanks for those recommendations, loved Cowboy and I'll watch the others 2. Thanks for your time!
Sh1ro_ Jan 11, 9:53 AM
>>I'm also interested in WHEN Wolfood will join the series. Since everything seems to be mixed up a bit I am really hoping for an earlier appearance and more screen time than in the original.
Yeah that would be great!! Maybe he will appear in the second episode? :D

>>And I actually have a family friend who learned to play the piano inspired by this guy and is now also playing anime songs
Woah that's cool :o It's amazing what some people can do if they feel inspired by someone or something. The funeral song from Naruto is very emotional, I'm sure it was beautiful! I've subscribed to him, will listen to his piano covers from now on :D

>>What are ypur thpughts on how Fumetsu progresses?
I kinda have a problem with the pacing so far, like there's not enough progress. It doesn't bother me that much, but I started noticing it lately. That being said, I'm really curious how Fushi will react when he realises he can actually bring back the dead. He might despair a little (or more), but I hope he learns and accepts that all lives end eventually, because he might lose his mind if he tries to revive everyone.
It's so ironic how he's the oldest yet the most immature though ^^;

>>The start of the very beginning of ep1 was pretty strong though. I may come back to it later
I will let you know if it's worth it, if you want! Now there's one more show I'm curious about, Hikari no Ou. Hope it's as good as it seems to be.

>>I am also interested in the landlord since he seemed like a nice guy, he wasn't mean or agressive towards a slave which tells a lot about him
Yes, he seems like a nice person. Kinda reminds me of how kind Thorfinn's father was towards slaves too. It will be interesting to watch.
>>For real I only noticed now that the new season is out how much I loved S1 and how much I was looking forward to this <3 And it delivers the same quality so far.
Yeah, I'm happy it's still very good! I was a bit skeptical at first because they changed studios but luckly, there was no need to worry :D
Sh1ro_ Jan 10, 8:49 AM
I actually enjoyed the first episode of Mononogatari, it was a bit predictable and I don't like the MC cause he's kinda annoying but I'm probably gonna stick with it until the end. (I'm a big fan of anything supernatural so I might be biased though lol).

As for Vinland Saga, the first episode was amazing! Don't know who this Einar guy is, but he had such a harsh past. It seems like him and Thorfinn will be the main characters this season, looking forward to see how they develop. The music is great! I love both the op and the ed, but I may be prefering the ending just a bit more haha. So emotional.
Can't wait for more episodes! I missed this show so much ;-;
Sh1ro_ Jan 9, 8:09 AM
>>Just not for making the group chat, I have no idea how that works ^^" But do send an invite or whatever when it's ready :D
Yeah, I'm not good at that either xD But most likely I will ask Tompa or someone who knows how. And yes, hope Hekshi has Discord too!

>>I thought both Buddy Daddies and the new Trigun will be more symplistic based on the PVs, but they look way cooler in the series.
Good thing I didn't watch the PVs for neither of them xD

>>from all the cute series this season (being Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, Koori Zokusei Danshi and Spy Classroom) I'd definitely choose Mou Ippon. It is so similar to K-on in feels and art style and the characters are so fun!
Haha I've had my share of CGDCT with Bocchi the Rock from last season so I don't think I will check out more like this for a while. But I hope you enjoy it until the end :D

>>I will miss Milly a bit though. Especially her sweet moments with Wolfwood
Yeah, me too. I'm kind of excited to see Wolfwood in the new art style though, he looked cool in the original too and I know I'm gonna love him here too :D

>>I wonder why it never bothered me in Beastars O.o Maybe I'm only put off by the facial expressions and the weird displays of emotion.
Hmm, and maybe because in Beastars there were no humans? I don't know if it matters, but maybe it's also because you didn't know the characters? Who knows :o

>>He makes the piano versions himself, has many full versions of anime songs on his channel. They are amazing. Especially Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul.
I just listened to it too, omg it is truly beautiful <3 He's insanely talented! And looking through the comments, it seems like he inspired so many people to play the piano. I wish I could too :')

>>And Vinland Saga and a few others I am interested in didn't start airing yet.... I am so happy for these really strong and interesting seasons, but I am also sad I don't have all the time for anime XD
Haha I feel you! It's so frustrating when there are good shows but not enough time ^^; Plus, like you said, we still have a few from the last season too!
I'm glad I have only seen the first season of Bungou Stray Dogs, as the 4th season seems promising and I would've had even more shows to watch lol.
ukambe Jan 9, 3:42 AM
Happy new year! You recommended me the Spider Isekai, but I had watched before and didn't like it, but thanks anyways!
Coranie Jan 9, 12:39 AM
Thanks for the secret santa gift rec

Sorry for my messy list LOL Have a bad habit of adding more and more and moarrr into my PTW :x
Thank you for the effort to rec something that's not in my PTW yet LOL

I quite enjoyed Slow Start. Surprised by myself when I finished the whole thing in a week.
Usually I take it really slow when it comes to CGDCT. More into ikemen *cough* hehe

Well then... Happy New Year and wish you to have a wonderful year ahead! :)
Sh1ro_ Jan 8, 9:47 AM
>>Hmmm I guess I'm just slowly becoming a Boomer avoiding new technlogoy lol I like to type on the keyboard more.
Oh I have my Boomer traits too, like not using social media xD But it's just that I type way faster on mobile lol.

>>Now I just have to remember to log in from time to time ^^"
Haha same here! I'm not very active there, but I do log in once a day/every two or three days, it depends. And I've told Tompa about the group chat and he liked the idea! I'll also let Lumi know and we'll see who's gonna make it :D

>>I just remembered today how I used to listen to the OST a lot. Like just listening to the instrumental for shit happens scenes on my phone while going to school and so XD
Aww that's nice, I can totally see myself listening to the OST even after the show ends too! It's truly memorable <3 Openings and endings that instantly make me like them are quite hard to find, like I knew I'd love them after the first listen haha.
>>Tokuchi is just so cool and smug and doesn't care about being cool :D I'm a total fangirl >.<
Yes and that's why I like him, not caring about being cool makes you look even more cool imo <3 xD

>> I usually guess pretty accurately based on the poster of the series. Not this time lol
Yeah, same here. I recently started to watch the PV too, so I can figure out the "vibe" of the show. Helps a lot too.

>>So if you liked their dynamics/characters, you'll probably like this one too, just more :D
Oh I somehow didn't watch that (idk why I unconsciously avoid shoujo xD) but I might watch the one from this season. I like cutesy shows that aren't that cute xD

>>But I have really high expectations and am expecting something topping even S1.
According to people, they might cover the farmland arc this season which they said it was a masterpiece. I'm so excited!

>>The whole thing has an extra cyberpunk/modern feel that does good to the original material
Ahh I really enjoyed the first episode, probably because I'm a big fan of cyberpunk settings but I like this modern version of Trigun! There were some things that annoyed me a bit in the original anime, so I wonder if they'll present the story in a very different way. For example, Milly got removed and I was surprised to see Meryl with a new character, her senpai lol. Depending on how they do it, I could end up enjoying this a lot haha. I don't mind the CG, Beastars was done in the same way and I kinda think it fits the vibe of the show, idk. Can't wait to see more :D

>>>>Also I just can't stop listening to this masterpiece, so I am sharing it with you
Oh thank you for sharing! This is so lovely and nostalgic <3 Can't believe how many songs are there, it must've been hard learning them all :o

>>Remember talking about Spy Kyoushitsu? It's actually pretty fun to watch. There are great comedic scenes and the girls are actually cute.
I had a feeling it will be similar to Lycoris Recoil from last season and some people actually compared it to Assassination Classroom so it might be an interesting one to watch ­čĄö I need to choose carefully from now on, cause there will be other 3 shows I'll be watching and I don't want to have too many at once O.O