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Hekshi Jan 20, 11:19 PM
oh thats great then! personally it makes uncomfortable but im glad it didnt bother u that much ^^; lmao yeah sarasa was so naive and knew nothing about how serious the competitive world is lol usually these kinda characters annoy me but she was adorable in a way

“I don't like love triangles either, because do you even like either of them if you can be so unsure who you really love? “
exactlyyyyy thats waht im saying!!! thats why i try to avoid love triangles as much as possible its such a turn off lol i prefer when the main couple focus on their own feelings for the other rather than introducing a third wheel to confuse one of them and make them hesitant about their own feelings. even the whole rival thingy is unnecessary i’d rather the main couple make a move without these forced external circumstances :/ oh i havent watched or read Hunger Games yet but true i didnt like the love triangle in Twilight either (only watched the movie tho so idk abt the book ^^;)
honestly Fruits Basket is probably the only exception (and later we know it’s not really a love triangle either thank god lol) hahaha yeahh i remember u told me u bought them thats why ure learning japanese (hopefully you get to read them in jp one day<3) i reallyyyy hope so! my friend is a huge fan of noragami too so i hope it gets fully animated so she can enjoy watching the ending one day :3

hahaha wayyy too ideal lmao wish it was true ;u;

lmaooo i fully agree with u on the whole loud がんばって characters with unrealistic goals i normally cant stand them either lol hinata is the only exception bc he just simply wants to play and is putting the effort into getting better which is why i started to respect him the more i keep watching :3
“I saw how much activities like simply walking a few blocks each day or jogging or doing some yoga helped my mental health, I feel I can never go back to my fully inactive self”
saaaaaame!!!! i cant even fathom going back to my inactive lifestye now that i actually tried and realized the difference in both my mental and physical health! tbh im probably the only person on earth who dont get inspired to get into a new sport when watching a sports anime lol but they do inspire me to improve on other personal goals so thats also fine i guess (u make me wanna rewatch Run with the Wind soo much ahhh i miss the anime ;u;)

koroshi ai, i feel u its such a disappointment i was also hoping it’d be one of the interesting anime of this season but i was annoyed throughout the whole first ep smh
“like why bother asking for favors if you don't want to give what he wants in return? Or why not act against him if you are not OK with the things he's doing?”
exactly!!! the girl clearly finds him annoying and doesnt want his company (understandable lol) YET she asks for favors??? girl come on :/ and the guy is unbelievably annoying. i usually hate yandere characters so seeing them in ‘romance’ anime is a huge turn off

lmaoo yeah im not even interested in the sports tbh im just watching Tribe Nine for the characters (waiting for the last main one to show up) and the music is fire too but i dont think im gonna stick with it till the end tbh lol unless its suddenly got better lol

ohhh yeah it can be exhausting to watch something in a langugage ure not familiar with especially if you relay mostly on the audio(i personally dont so maybe thats why im fine with it lol) i’m glad u liked the concept and no worries maybe later they’ll sub the japanese dub and it’ll be easier for u to consume (especially since its mystery so its better to focus ur energy on the plot rather than the language haha)

oooh absolutely this season is literally fire😍🔥🔥🔥🔥 ahhh lucky youuu im avoiding all snk related memes bc i havent read the manga and i dont wanna accidentally come across a spoiler :’) speaking of hype, i see a lot of ppl hyping up this season of Kimetsu no Yaiba too :o
Hekshi Jan 14, 10:16 PM
woahh you finished it! and gave it 9/10 too!!! 😍 i honestly didn’t know you’d like it i’m glad u brought up the russian ballerina story hahaha yeah i was surprised by how realistic the issues were despite it apparent lighthearted atmosphere (i was gonna warn u about how dark some of the topics were but u already finished it so hahah) awww i didnt finish it till the end (cause i got busy last summer) but it’s so cute to see the super calm and -apparently- stoic Ai chan getting nervous at the audition result ;3; yeah thats so relatable loll
“how they were interested in talent but thought that too much talent and not enough hard work would make a theatre fail”
thats a really important point i’m glad to see it was brought up in kageki shoujo as well

oh so it’s not a love triangle but more like the main couple and a third wheel lol hmm okay. yeah i won’t probably read the manga either but hoping by some miracle it gets fully adapted like Fruits Basket or something in the future lol

hahahhaha righttt i didn’t consider the possibility of getting distracted and fangirling over them instead of actually getting work done lmaooo yeah i love ppl like Hughes as character but def not as potential coworkers loll i haven’t watched K-On but from ur description of Mio i agree i wouldnt want her to be my supervisor (i had a perfectionist one like this before and i barely survived under her loll) but she’d make the perfect kouhai or subordinate :3 oh now that u mentioned Shirobako i’d totally love to be coworker with literally all of the cast theyre all hardworkers and take their job seriously + they’re fun to chat with after work and such <3 hmm i’m okay with organized geniuses as long as theyre not my boss lol i prefer punctual coworkers who are also fun to chat with when we don’t have any work to do so someone like Kuroo would be fun i guess (his conversations with yaku are always entertaining for me lol)
if i were to have an assistant or someone who works under me i want a super hard working and competent one so someone like Nanami or Kita-san from haikyuu would be ideal <3
as for my boss i prefer an easygoing one who isnt too strict or perfectionist and def someone who doesn’t micromanage their subordinates lol but at the same time a highly competent one bc otherwise it’d be annoying as heck to their work for them lol so Sendou from slam dunk (the only okay-ish one from my list loll)

ohh no wonder ure so knowledgable about these things!! :o yeah definitely having these ppl around who do sports/dance competitively does give u some insight on how hard the professional world is. ikr!! those ppl are really inspiring! i started taking care of my health and trying to jog/exercise as much as possible bc watching ppl like them motivates me to get my life together as well lol

“I just don't like to work with people who don't take (or look like not taking) their work seriously. I might be a Nanami at work ^^" Ooops”
me neither i prefer working with a Nanami over a Gojou anytime tbh lolll he might be the strongest but i so dont wanna be in megumi’s shoes, getting sent to get a the most powerful cursed object ALONE and having to fight sukuna bc my sensei is off somewhere hell no loll

“I don't think we can hope for much of a character development though ^^”” oh nah im not gonna expect that from this anime haha just hoping for a well written and interesting story lol
“but it always bothered me in PP that people could end up inprisoned for crimes they never commited”
me too! or getting punished for something that you /might probably/ do just bc the system predicted it. i found that ridiculous as well. cause as u said there’s still the 2% chance that the crime won’t be committed.
“In Tokyo 24-ku I assumed the police was monitoring these to be crimes and sent people there so they did not avoid the crime but could react faster and sooner.”
ooh you’re right they definitely reacted faster during that accident in the first ep. hmm i guess that’s one positive and practical way to use the system indeed. yeah true in that sense the system is better as a prediction tool to help deal with the predicted situation more efficiently. and as u said its def better than catching ‘potential’ criminals and punish them before they even commit the crime. yeah the two series are similar yet different at the same time and the questions it raise are definitely interesting to think about so i’m excited to watch more :3

Koroshi Ai, SAME!!! the dude annoyed me so much the whole time i was watching. normally i’d drop from the first episode but i still wanna know more abt the characters so i’m gonna try and be patient for few more episodes lol
Tribe Nine was def not ur typical baseball anime lolllll and im not even a fan of normal baseball anime but the characters are fun and the ost is fire so i’m gonna keep watching it for now loll

also i see you started Link Click :D did u watch the japanese or the chinese dub? and what did u think of the 1st ep? i wanna rewatch it again but w jp dub this time lol
Hekshi Jan 13, 3:38 AM
oh damn i didnt know the manga’s still ongoing that sucks :( well im glad u told me i hope by the time i start watching it the writer concludes it lol even tho idk the characters yet but in case i start it later, i wanna know which couple ure rooting for? :> yeah that’s exactly what ive been told, no lack of communication no unnecessary drama whatsoever which i really appreciate!

frrrr lmaooo literally ALL of my favs are not ppl i wanna work with lollll your fav list is much better tho i’d totally love to work with kuroo or nanami 😂💘 if u were to choose someone you wanna work under, and someone to work work with, and someone who works under you, which characters would u choose and why lol (ofc not necessarily from your fav character list)

“One time instead of studying I got lost on YouTube” if this isn’t the most relatable thing ive ever read lollll
“They sacrifice a lot to be there and an injury or a bad day at a competition can ruin every effort they put into the sport”
much respect to these athletes honestly cause i personally could never handle the stress or this rigid and restricting as heck lifelstyle, which also could easily ruin my efforts any moment :( childbirth is tough as it is so i imagine it’s hundred times harder for those girls :( you know, ur story about this russian ballerina reminded me of Kageki shoujo which is about girls who wanna become theatre actresses and their struggle with practice and stuff. ofc it’s not on the same level as these professional athletes probably but the topics that have been discussed were kinda similar. yeah and ping pong mentioned that even kazama, one of the most competent players out there, was eventually kicked off the olympic team which shows u how crazy and difficult the world of professionals is. btw i noticed you tend to mention athletes a lot during our discussions, are u interested in them? cause you’re quite knowledgable about them :o could it be that you are (or were) one? :o

lmao it’s the opposite for me i actually feel more intimidated by efficient and competent introverts cause as u said, those overconfidents who tend to be loud will act silly sometimes lol but i imagine i’d be more intimidated to work with or under someone like nanami cuz i’d feel he’d judge me if i screw up or something loll but if it’s gojou for example then i wouldnt even take him srsly lol

yesssss i would totally watch a movie or even a short ova about the trio <3<3<3

thanks for the warning abt Sabikui Bisco btw i managed to avoid watching this one while i was having breakfast earlier today loll i liked the first episode it’s the most interesting one for me so far! both plot and characters sound interesting and the soundtrack is fire! can’t wait to watch more (hope i can handle the gore lol)
Slow Loop (totally slipped under my radar so i checked it out thanks to u ^^) and Akebi chan both have pretty art style and super cute characters but its too peaceful for my current mood haha
i didnt expect to like Sono Bisque Doll when i started the first ep but it’s surprisingly so fun and the characters are nice (i like the main girl for now :3 even the dude is adorable haha) love seeing total opposites interacting together in anime so im excited to watch more :3

lmaooo same i barely finished the first episode of Futsal loll havent checked Sasaki to Miyano but if the characters are frustrating then i dont think im gonna like it either lol Baraou no Souretsu, i watched ep1 and this whole Shakespearean thing is not my cup of tea either lol
yeah im excited for Chainsaw Man i wanna see why everyone is hyping up the series lol i hope they announce the release date soon.
i checked Orient bc i heard it’s by the same writer for Magi but as u said its an average shounen so i’m not picking it up for now. but the characters were fun so maybe later if it ends up getting interesting.

“the story is something like AnoHana placed into the world os Psycho Pass but this unlikely combination makes it interesting and unique” you nailed the description cause that’s exactly what i thought while i was watching the 1st ep lolll it really gave me PP vibes but the characters were more generic in comparison. but i hope they nail the writing cuz apparently this one is also an original like PP. yeah i thought so too, like whats the point in being able to predict the crime if you’re not gonna try to prevent it? it’s like the priority of that system is to catch the criminals redhanded instead of trying to stop them. but as you said the difference is interesting, and im gonna try not to compare the 2 together so that i won’t get disappointed with this one lol i’ll keep watching for now and see :)

sure will do :3 altho there are only few ones left that i haven’t checked out yet (Tribe Nine, Koroshi Ai and Ryman's Club) but yeah this season surprisingly isn’t as bad as i thought it would be lol i got Bisque Doll & Sabikui Bisco for now so i’m excited lol
Hekshi Jan 11, 11:24 PM
ohh my friend lovesss Akagami no Shirayuki Hime and told me its one of the best romance anime out there. glad that ure enjoying it im def gonna check it out when im the mood for some good romance anime :3

lmaooo you guess right i used to like The Mentalist’s mc back then thats why i decided to rewatch it lol but with my recent rewatch i kept thinking damn he’s so めんどくさい to work with loll i was feeling bad for his boss whenever she had to take the blame for his irresponsible actions lol he is entertaining to watch and exactly the type of characters i like but /only/ on screen lol i dont wanna work with someone like him irl at all lolll

ikrrr i remember liking the ending of Saraiya Goyou so much :’) ahh if i didnt have a new seasonal anime to check i wouldve immediately started rewatching it at this moment lol speaking of which, what’s ur first impression on this winter season? any promising shows so far? i’m about to start checking the new eps but im honestly not excited at all lol

“I think some amount of fun is necessary if you want to be successful, but aiming for the top almost inevitably makes you loose the fun aspect of the field (either in sports or making your hobby your career)”
hmmm ure right i guess it’s difficult to keep enjoying what u do the more successful u get. yeah without the ability to have fun it sounds really tough and arduous :(

oooh i didnt consider it from an athlete point of view when i thought of that :o u got a point actually it is difficult in that case indeed 🤔 especially for olympic players and how short and limited their time is. hmm yeah coming up with an alternative option might be valid. they might even drop the whole competitive side and just become a couch or something similar.

hahah interesting cuz overconfident but also competent ppl irl tend to inspire me so seeing them in anime too is fun for me 😆 i cant stand overconfident arrogants or those who just good at talking but get nothing done when u need them to 🙄

aww rivals irl :3 and u both drove the other to perform better thats an incredible and healthy rivalry right there :D you worded it really beautifully! life really can be like that. and accepting that u wont be on the top when it comes to ur passion can be freeing as well and allows u to enjoy it better this time without the pressure of becoming the best

yess kazama’s burden slowly being lifted and getting to enjoy ping pong for the first time was really beautiful. yeah peco’s injury got me anxious the whole time i totally thought this would be his last time playing and he’ll be forced to retire before he gets to achieve his dream but im glad that didnt happen ><

oh now that u mentioned it ure right! from the couch’s pov, his school already secured 1st and 2nd place so he can now enjoy the match lol Sakuma is the most human character between these monsters and the one i respect the most <3 i was so happy when he defeated peco during his slacking period he really needed that slap in the face lol knowing ur limits and accepting them can be really hard but sakuma was really admirable. he even pulled peco back on his feet and told him to get his shit together and stop wasting his talent. that moment between them was really beautiful cuz both gave up on the sports but peco was unsatisfied the whole time while sakuma was finally content when he did cause he did everything he could do. Obaba is such a wonderful and lovely character the type u want to hang around with irl as well hahah yeah i would even watch a spin off about the trio if there was one :')

“It was not really a moment or an idea, but a lack of screwing up. There was no fault, no important questions to answer, nothing I did not understand or never felt a character not being true to themselves.”
for reallll!! i gave it 10 bc of the amount of enjoyment i had while i was watching it. but even objectively speaking, there wasnt a single scene where i thought oh they screwed up here. everything was on point and it was satisfying from the beginning till the end. its such a rare thing to see with series
Superchips Jan 11, 7:00 PM
I was hoping you would come up with this request! :D
I'd love to come up with a list of the animes I find worth watching based on what I have seen out of all your lists... maybe even classify them based on mood.
Since my mind kinda works the same way, I don't think It would be hard... but be patient with me, I have to find some time to do so... :S
After that, I invite you to go 1 by 1 for a really brief description that would let you know If you really want to watch the series.
I think It would be really entertaining to do so, but for sure let me know If I'm putting too much though over it and you would like something simplified. ;)
Hekshi Jan 10, 8:59 AM
exactly!! plus discovering hidden gems feels suuuper good :D oh yeah i totally get it i tend to prefer watching overly hyped and praised shows later but this is mostly bc i put it off to wait for the ‘right mood’ to enjoy them lol i do get disappointed sometimes when i start an overhyped show immediately bc my expectations usually get unnecessarily high so i guess waiting for when the hype is down might be a better approach indeed 🤔 ayy i hope u wont come across any snk spoilers so that u can enjoy it when u give it another try in the future :>

ahh the nostalgia :’) i remember watching those too on tv! have u watched NCIS, Law & Order (this one apparently is still on going lol) or The Mentalist? we had those on tv back then as well :’) i even rewatched the mentalist back in 2020 during lockdown lol i might rewatch the rest eventually too lol ooooh so that agent basically repeated the same mistakes? yikes nah thats def a not a good agent at all :/ i hope s3 and the rest have different and better characters :/

“Rewatching something before the sequesl is actually a great idea imho. Thinking to remember the main plot and getting confused by little details is so annoying haha”
tell me about it haha i always end up forgetting what happened in the prequel bc of my crappy memory lmao but rewatching is fun sometimes to remember and notice the details ive previously missed on my first watch so i dont mind :>
im glad u enjoyed this year’s secret santa recs :D OOOOH Saraiya Goyou!!! it’s been ages since i watched it and i remember liking it soooo much thanks for reminding me of it!!! im def gonna rewatch it some day this year!! :D yeah thanks for the warning abt Mugen no juunin i needed it haha yeah heike can be daunting to watch if ure not in the right mood ^^;

“Kazama was the most surprising story for me, I knew talent was not enough, but seeing the ginormous effort and practice he was doing to be the best and seeing him lighten up and the relief of being defeated really made me think how interestingly talent can be a curse of sorts”
ikr??? never crossed my mind that someone who put that amount of effort and is blessed with talent could feel suffocated doing something he’s not into in particular. damn these heavy responsibly and expectations :( remember our previous discussion abt hard work and talent and luck? what do you think about the ability of having fun and enjoying what you’re doing? do you think that’s also necessary? cause i guess that what kazama lacked while he was playing ping pong. but it’s all good, as tsukimoto told him, winning isn’t really everything. even when kazama is out of the national team he’s not that mad about it. in fact he feels more free now that the burden is gone.

i liked the time skip at the end and seeing how everyone ended up gave me the closure that i wanted. yeah i liked that smile didn’t continue to play the sport competitively despite having tasted victory, as u said im glad it didn’t change his views and simply playing for fun was enough for him. and also liked that sakuma is married and happy with his job and family. the beauty of this anime lies on how each and every single character got a unique motive and reason to play the same sport. and it was well written in a way it makes u really interested in some, if not all of them eventually <3

“I wonder if IRL skipping a few years can be backed out with talent and a little more effort than before though”
probably yeah. it might take a little bit longer to make up for the time that’s been wasted but i personally believe it’s never too late to start over as long as one is willing and serious about it :)

as for peco, it’s simply for the same things u said abt him lol while i understand why u see him as a happy-go-lucky but for me he’s someone who’s actually serious about ping pong which hes been playing passionately ever since he was young and has the innate talent for it. but that exact talent is what made him delusional enough to think no one can defeat him (those around him that is lol) thus why he ended up slacking and eventually losing.
but i liked how despite being overly dramatic at the beginning and choosing to run away from losing by not playing, he eventually came to the realization that he is still passionate about the sport and this time he’s gonna actually put in the effort to become the best. i loved that about him.
i rarely come across characters that already talented but deciding to quit due to a mere loss but then starting over and putting the effort into the sport. seeing that in peco was so refreshing to me. despite his flaws, hes such a fun character to watch and is quite serious about his passion. in general i like those who can enjoy doing what they do. and peco’s attitude towards the sport was contagious and affecting those around him (even Smile who at the beginning just wanted to passively watch instead of actually play the sports)

speaking of which, i like how these two have always had supported and helped the other even if it was in an indirect way. usually it’s one person having some influence on the other but with these two it’s both of them. actually all of the characters had a positive affect on the other that helped them grow which is peak trope for me. not just smile and peco but even others like sakuma or kazama. even the random spectator tanned dude who realized eventually that he still love the sports so much

btw was there a scene/moment that was absolutely your fav? one of my fav moments was smile waiting for peco to bounce back, and having so much fun playing ping pong together to the point it made him feel truly alive and not robotic (like everyone else usually would describe him) even the soundtrack during that scene (the whole anime actually) was incredible <3

this is also such a small moment but i remember one of my fav quotes was when the members asked the couch right before Peco and Smile’s match who to cheer for and he told them “both. cheer whenever either scores” it’s simple but really opened my eyes that yes it’s really all about the actual play not just the player <3 was there any quote that u liked btw? oh and i cant believe i havent to ask this, whos your fav character??? i’m guessing kazama or tsukimoto? c:

i had a feeling you’d like this anime enough to give it 8-9 but i’m actually pleasantly surprised you gave it 10/10 :’D what was the moment that made you think this anime is 10 worthy?
Superchips Jan 8, 6:51 PM
Happy new year Lopika!
Really glad you liked the recommendations... was really scared to know if I nailed it. Feels great knowing you enjoyed them! :D
Please, always reach out whenever you need another recommendation. There is always availability for that!!
Many cheers and great series on your way too! ;)

Hekshi Jan 4, 7:39 AM

suuuper cute!! kazama really missed out on the best thing that could happen to him if only he just glancedddd hahaha

yeahh i hope bojji’s misunderstanding gets solved quickly :’) daida lmaoo cant wait for the second cour!!

im the same as well i wanna see if there’s any difference between the anime adaptation and the manga lol and go treasure hunting for these small panels that havent got adapted too :3 plus i liked the anime so much so i’m sure i wont mind starting the manga from the beginning :3

oohh i totally get what u mean when it comes to super overhyped shows. thats why i try to start things before it gets overhyped bc otherwise i’d feel too lazy to check it out lolll with snk tho im glad it’s overhyped to the point most of my friends (who arent that into anime to begin with) are watching it, but at the same time the spoilers are everywhere so tryingn to avoid them is so stressful lol hmm yeah i can see why would u think it’s like that i mean too bad ure not into the story anymore but it’s totally understandable. thanks for telling me tho i was really curious abt it for a while haha

ohh too bad it got worse with its 2nd season :( damn even the characters changed i didnt know that :o i remember liking it when i was watching it on tv when i was a kid but i dont remember watching all the seasons i was more like watching random tv series episodes on tv whenever i got time and i remember 24 was on of these series. back then they used to have couple of crime and action series and i was into that so i watched whatever was on lol

i feel youuu the emptiness between each new season is too much lol
“And I could just start something from my plan to watch list, but nah, I am waiting for something new ^^" ”
mooood hahahahha i always say im gonna check my ptw during these times but in reality i never do it lmao in fact i just started REwatching snk to prepare for the final season instead lmao

woah damn just googled Mugen no juunin and it does look gory as heck... ah the philosophical questions are really intriguing but i hope i get to watch it when i become better at handling gory stuff ^^;

oh yeah i didnt finish Uramichi oniisan earlier this summer either (wasnt in the mood for its kind of comedy back then) but i guess it's the perfect show to watch along w a gory and serious series like mugen indeed :D

yaayyyy!!! and you finished it too!!! aND GAVE IT 10/10!!!!!! o(≧◇≦)o im so happy u got hooked!!hahahha odd taxi got an unusual character design indeed im glad it made handling ppta's art easier for u tho lmaooo
It is well written with so many interesting topics about talent vs effort that both u and me love so much :D I'm curious about ur thoughts on the series now that you've finished it so feel free to share it when u have time (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Hekshi Dec 30, 2021 9:09 PM
Lopikaaa Happy birthday :DDD 💕💕💕💕
Hekshi Dec 29, 2021 5:38 AM
just watched ep11 it was soooo cute especially that last scene ahh i wish kazama saw the picture!! (≧∀≦) the scene when he got beaten up by futaba was hilarious lolll thanks to that he got to rest on sakurais lap tho lol
Hekshi Dec 28, 2021 1:55 AM
thank youuu lopika i hope you have a wonderful holiday season as well <3<3<3 ooh thanks imma check ep11 out soon then :D

im glad we finally got an ep abt miranjo but that wasnt enough at all im still confused lol yeah i think so too daida got the potential for a wonderful upcoming character development and i cant wait for that to happen!! felt sooo bad when bojji was hesitant to go back to his kingdom and misunderstood that his assassination attempt was planned by hiling that broke my heart ;___; yeah i cant wait for the 2nd cour!

and blue period manga, will def do :D did u start reading it? are gonna read from the very beginning or ure gonna continue from where the anime left off?
yeah exactly thats what i love the most abt this series all the characters are so real (strengths and flaws and all) and that what makes them interesting to watch

thats exactly my case with my most 9s as well. that little spark is really important for me. some anime objectively might not deserve a 10 but i give it anyway bc it was full of that spark and i enjoyed it fully so yeah haha

ohh lemme know what u think when u start mob psycho im gonna rewatch it too when before s3 starts :D and yeah mood is really important to fully enjoy watching something so i understand haha ayyyy ping pong :DDD hahahah please dont be its totally okay u dont have to watch it just bc i recommended it i know it might not be everyones cup of tea so i understand 🙈 but do let me know what u think whenever u start it :3

i can totally see why one wouldnt be into golden kamui lmao but why snk? is it the gore or the plot is not ur cup of tea? (im just asking to get to know ur taste better thats all haha)

24? wait the 2001 one?? なつかしい😍😍 i remember watching it on tv when i was a kid lol damn i just googled and its 8 seasons lol which season ure on now? sure have fun :3

same idc that much abt jjk's plot but i love the characters this is why im excited for the movie as well :>
Hekshi Dec 20, 2021 11:37 PM
kr!! i think he truly cares for his family too! yeah i think bosse is trying to help all of them without getting anyone killed (altho now miranjo is trying to kill hiling for some reason we don’t know yet) but i think he cares about everyone thats why i don’t hate him. IKRRR i thought Hiling would be one of these evil stepmother but she’s sooo wholesome in awkward and lovable way :3
me too im excited to see OP bojji in action! <3 i need to hurry and catch up already 🙈 ahhh the siblings ruling together in peace would be idealll i really hope for that too <3

same i miss my weekly dose of Blue period already :((( yeah that ending was a nice closure indeed. ikrrr the wait for monthly chapters is really tough >< but i might read s1 chapters for now when i get time i wanna see if there’s any differences between the anime & the manga or not. s2 with yatora as a uni student would be really interesting i really hope we get an announcement for it soon <3
me too im glad he’s okay now i hope he gets to learn how to deal with stress better tho i was worried when his health got worsened right before the 2nd exam :(

“I also liked (in a painful way) how Kuwana didn't pass the 2nd exam”
me too!!! i was honestly surprised (altho i shouldnt bc it’s been hinted throughout the whole series lol) that she didn’t make it but i still like it it felt so realistic too. speaking of prodigy, i liked the contrast between yatora and yotasuke i’ve always loved how different these two are and in the final ep it was even more apparent. seeing how calm yotasuke is and how sure he was abt getting accepted compared to the anxious (totally relatable lol) yatora was so interesting to watch. i wish we got more of yotasuke he’s one of the characters im interested in.
hahaha yeah yatora being in denial the whole time was so funny and adorable it made me even more happy for him :’)

ohhh ur standard for giving 10s is kinda similar to mine it’s interesting! me too it was so close to 10 for me but it didn’t have that IT moment that would give me the chills and stick to my memories. this show would usually be an easy 9 for me but the animation and the production overall felt kinda lacking for me, especially for an anime about art i was expecting the directing to be better than this. not saying that it’s bad but i wish theyd done a better adaptation that is more touching and visually stunning. ohh sameee!! Run with the wind is a strong 9 for me too for the same reason u mentioned abt 10s gotta have an unforgettable moment/s.
i think so too, i would probably like it more especially since we’re still half way through the story and there’s more to come and def more topics to be discussed
awww thank /youuu/ same here i wouldn’t have enjoyed it the same if it wasn’t for our weekly discussions it made me think about so many topics and enjoy the anime even more <3 i hope we find another upcoming anime to enjoy discussing next year as well :D

“It was such a controversial watch I think I'll be able to talk about it even if you only watch it by the end of next year lol”
hahahahaha thats great im getting and more intrigued i can’t wait to watch it i really hope they do release it here for real im super excited to discuss it with u afterwards :D

“Hataraku Maou Sama (finally)”
i was really surprised when they announced the sequel its been ages :ooo im excited for it as well!
ahh i hope i get to binge watch s1 of Fumetsu before s2 starts :’) im suuuuuper hyped for vinland saga s2 as well i cant wait to see how the story would progress now that one of my fav characters wont be here anymore ;-; Slam Dunk movie announcement is a dream came true istg🔥
just googled Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari & Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari & Deaimon and they look like my cup of tea im excited :oo
Love All Play, i hope its one of those fun sports anime
Gunjou no Fanfare is a sports anime too im excited bc i love the composer haha
Cherry and Virgin seems fun lol
Nijuuseiki Denki Mokuroku looks really pretty!!

the ones i’m looking forward to beside the ones i mentioned above are, Mob Psycho s3!!! (the announcement made my whole year istg ;3;)
super super excited to get the final season of SnK too!
also Golden Kamuy s4!! i need to rewatch the prequels tho bc i forgot what happened lol
there’s also an upcoming sequel for a chinese anime ive been into earlier this year called Shiquang Dailiren/Link Click, i highly recommend it btw if youre into well written supernatural full of cliffhangers (it wont be a problem if ure binging it tho lol) there’s an upcoming JP dub this winter if u prefer to listen to jp instead. idk if theyre gonna release s2 in 2022 but i hope so :’)
been hearing so much praise about Chainsaw Man and Spy x Family so i’m excited for these two as well
im not up to date with anime movies but i heard Makoto Shinkai is working on a new movie so im excited for that (even tho im not a big fan of his work in general but its always pretty to watch). there’s also the upcoming Jujutsu kaisen movie im suuuper excited for i hope they release it here so that i dont have to wait for half a year to watch it :’)

girlll i love talking about these things so send me more wall of texts whenever u feel like it :D <3 and ofc take ur time as well i know everyone gets busier during this time of the year ^^
Hekshi Dec 11, 2021 2:34 AM
same!! this show keeps on exceeding my expectations its unbelievable!! yeah bosse’s motives are still unknown but as u said he def likes his family which is why im so confused… but i will keep watching lol
Hiling is amazing!!! im still confused as to why they (or more like miranjo) wanna kill her cuz i dont find her threatening at all :/ or maybe it’s her healing powers? idk
yeah i feel sorry for daida :( teared up a little bit when he slowly understood what his brother been feeling now that he’s confined in this place where he cant see or hear anything :’(

ohh ur theory abt bojji’s power is interesting! and abt his dad, now that ive watched ep9 i think bosse is actually trying to buy time for now until bojji becomes powerful enough to help hiling, daida and everyone else 🤔 but im still confused abt his relationship with miranjo, like why he’d go along with her plans like that 🤔 fr!!! this anime is truly a rollercoaster! the writing is so interesting and intriguing i can never jump to conclusion with this anime and im always proven wrong the more i keep watching i love ittt lol

ikrrr :DDD we went from having similar dislikes to discussing deeper topics abt anime we’re both enjoying atm its really fascinating 😂💘 me too <3 one of the reasons im enjoying blue period so much atm is bc i get to discuss it with u <3<3<3 yeah the winter season doesnt look promising at all lmaooo but i really hope we have more fun anime to discuss next year too :D💕 the boring upcoming season aside, is there any anime or movie that you’re looking forward to in 2022??

blue period, me too!!! i was worried sick about yatora and thought he might have some kind of serious illness but nope its just stress lmao i still want that boy to take care of his health from now on ;-; yeah especially when yotasuke told him “now is the time to push yourself” ahhh cant wait for the final episode!! i was srsly thinking of reading the manga but i realized it’s a monthly release T___T i hope they announce season 2 tho ;-;

ooh ive been excited to watch Belle but now im super intrigued :ooo
i will read your thoughts on it once i watch it!! (it’ll probably take me a month or two if u dont mind a suuuuper late reply ^^” cuz i heard a rumor that they might release it here in the cinema late January so im gonna wait :>)
Hekshi Dec 8, 2021 9:36 PM
even the poster looks like a miyazaki movie cant wait to watch it one day <3

yeah it’s pretty fast paced and full of information so i totally get why it might not be a binging material haha hope u enjoy the rest as well <3

“And concentrating on all traits of a category inevitably makes you less invested in finding out answers about yourself and more invested in "what can you tolerate in order to fit in". Finding out who you really are and what you want to do with your life is hard on its own, and it's even more difficult when your focus is on the people viewing you and not yourself.”
e x a c t l y!!!

yeah his situation with his grandma was really tough :( especially since shes the only one who truly supports him and he doesnt wanna disappoint her by choosing something thats different from the one she liked and taught to him :(

yeah thats why yatora thought he’s just a cross-dresser and wasn’t surprised when he heard he liked a girl in middle school (i was surprised tho lol) didn’t notice ryuuji painting a headshot tho thats interesting indeed :o

your approach toward vague planning is the best honestly :D getting the general idea of what u wanna do but also enough room to make decisions on spot, realistic and practical i like it! yeah i have the same approach as well when it comes to meeting friends, i just know when we’re meeting exactly and how long our main plan is gonna take (vague estimation tho lol) but the rest of the day is us suggesting things as we go lol if its a movie for example we decide when & what to watch exactly, then the meal afterwards depends on whichever new place we wanna try. yep exactly having no plans at all might lead to wasting time but rigid plans will lead to inevitable disappointment

me nether. i know artist usually draw nudes but self nudes was new to me and its interesting indeed :o i bet it is, especially if ure is an artist who’s used to drawing others but now u have to draw urself that would be really odd at the beginning but interesting experience as well. yeah it was a nice surprising assignment that allowed both of them to truly examine themselves and accept it for what it is. when i was watching ep11 just now i was thinking wow yatora is super lucky to do that right before his second exam loll ahh one ep left tho ;-; im gonna miss this anime so much :’)

the dolphin was super adorable it looked exactly like kazama lmaooo yeah when he used that shoujo manga line i literally face palmed in embarrassment why hes so cute hahaha
Hekshi Dec 1, 2021 11:02 PM
oh i havent watched Mary to Majo no Hana yet im adding it to my list :o im suuuper excited for Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime idk if its gonna be good or not but the song in the trailer had me hyped i hope we get to see it soon <3

ooo noticed u started the first ep already so whats ur initial thoughts on it? u think it’s gonna be ur cup of tea or nah? :>

speaking of bojji :3

girl you know im always up for discussions especially blue period <3
yeah i loved how they finally talked things out and got it sorted kinda (especially ryuuji)
im actually surprised hes bothered by what ppl thinks abt him (i shouldnt be tho but this whole time i was looking at him through yatoras pov so lol) he felt more real to me. liked when yatora pointed out how forced his speech has been lately (btw did u notice how ryuuji started using あたし in the latest 2 episodes even tho he previously used to use おれ?) and how hes trying too hard to fit in a category instead of being his real self
also i never thought someone like ryuuji who appears to be doing whatever he pleases would choose something as serious as a future path just to please his grandma. he's not as ppl pleaser as yatora used to but he is to some degree towards his grandma :')

and its only been briefly mentioned in this episode, but i liked the scene when yatora said hes the type who prefers preparing in advance before taking an action and how he's impressed by ppl like ryuuji who can do things without taking much time. as someone whos bad at both🙈lmao, ive always admired those who can thoroughly prepare for things & those who can improvise and wing it. altho i know in reality things rarely go according to plan so being able to think on ur feet is more practical (which one do u lean more towards btw?)

I'd love to read ur thoughts abt the episode as well (and dont worry abt sharing it before i get to watch the episode. I always read the comments once i finish catching up with the week’s eps + u can use the spoiler tag if u wanna :3)

ooh thank youuu i guess i dropped it an ep earlier lmao im gonna watch it soon!! :3

Edit: just watched it :3 when he got embarrassed by what he said that was super cute lmao thank u for telling me abt it otherwise i woudve missed out on their adorable aquarium date <3