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Hekshi Jan 6, 5:23 AM
yup shes oblivious as usual lol nah but shes thinking of him as a rival now so it’s kinda an improvement i guess lol

yuppp the side characters romance is what im looking forward to see in this season too! :>
Hekshi Jan 1, 10:27 PM
haha im guilty of that i forgot my brother’s birthday few days ago even tho i remember it’s on this and this date lol

thank youuuu thats the best new year wish ive received so far lmao i wish the same for u too <3<3<3

oh btw i quick-rewatched chihayafuru recently and i see what u meant lol the romance is sooo not gonna happen lol
i still feel bad for taichi so i hope he at least gets a decent ending even if he doesnt end up with chihaya
also i think im starting to like arata more after the rewatch lol not with chihaya tho she can end up with karuta thats more likely to happen lol
Hekshi Dec 30, 2019 11:50 PM
Happy birthday! 💕
Hekshi Nov 21, 2019 11:53 AM
i am watching it!! i wasnt gonna watch ep7 tonight but after reading ur comment i just couldnt wait lol
ahhh taichi ;-;;; 頑張れ!;-;
Hekshi Nov 19, 2019 4:44 AM
totally fine i dont really mind at all (it takes me a while to reply too anyway 😅) good luck with your exams! 頑張ってね!

“The grammar is insane though XD There are so many forms and conjugations and all. And we haven"t even learned past tense yet :'D . But I kinda' like the sound of the language so I'll keep learning.”
yea i was told the grammar is so hard thats why i got interested tbh lol oh wow! and yeah i like that too about german!

“I think practice material and even native speakers are easier to find and more numerous than in case of learning Japanese.”
ohhhh thats good!! thanks yeah im gonna try it for a while and see how far i can go :D
Hekshi Nov 14, 2019 3:30 AM
“I was thinking a weird tsundere Taichi after writing it :D “

oh yeah def a tsundere lol

“Too bad he didn't get much screen time :(“

I know, right? Like paying attention to ore/boku/watashi when a character talks and who is way too improper in their speech :D
im so lucky to watch kimi no na wa after starting learning jp otherwise i wouldnt have appreciated those details especially that “watashi? watakushi? boku? ore?” joke lol
that naruto kubi pun lollllll

“It is impressive to get to a higher level in Japanese all by yourself! よく がんばった ね”

“The grammar is quite learnable compared to some languages (like German for example with all the conjugation) “

ohh u learned german too? which one do u think is harder in ur opinion? i wanna learn german someday but idk how hard that language really is

“one of my English teachers said learning languages is similar to taking on different glasses to look at the world, so you can not learn a language without learning the culture too.”
this is sooo true!! and yeah i agree slice of life anime is good. youtube too! its the closest one can get to watch how native speakers speak without having to visit the country
Hekshi Nov 12, 2019 6:28 AM
“Since you like my recommendations, I think you should try Kono Oto Tomare too. The male lead is somewhat similar to Taichi (somewhat different too, but meh)”
kudou? yeah hes different but somehow more like the aggressive version of taichi loll i remember liking his friend, the one w a black hair i forgot his name lmao

“(The misconseption of the main lead being a thug and looking like a bad guy with a scary face is ridiculous though, he's looking like the most perfect human being from any good shoujo manga XD )”
ikr???? lollll like, what r u talking abt he looks perfectly normal shoujo manga dude lol
i actually watched a lil bit of s1. didnt finish tho bc i got busy and i remember not being fond of the main female lead that much. but i might switch to the manga instead since someone told me its better and the anime adaptation left too much to be desired

“when I started university, I attended the Japanese language courses of the Japanese major students”
ohhh ur uni got a japanese course thats nice! i bet that class was super fun :DDD

“Now I enjoy the thrill of seeing the episodes come out.”
でしょう!! i also try to watch things as soon as it comes out even without subtitle its sooo fun when u realize that u actually understood half of it :’D
and yeah me too! i started to notice the difference in speeches only after i started learning jp. like for example tooru from furuba is always talking using ます/です i found that adorable
and yes i also notice when the subs r off and i dont focus that much on reading it anymore i just try to listen and pick up new vocabs as much as possible 
im self taught (our uni didnt have jp language course unfortunately otherwise id probably have attended one if im not dying from my actual major courses in that semester lol) i just started it as a hobby i didnt know id actually go that far lol its hard and totally different from my mother tongue but its fun to notice and understand the subtle nuance in the language while im watching jp stuff now :D cant read manga without translation tho since im still struggling with reading and i need more practice otherwise id spend hours reading just one chapter lol (i try to do that sometimes tho when i get the chance to its fun way to practice anyway)

“It still amazes me how much we have in common with such a different taste in anime and how great respect works toward these differences.”
IKR!!!!! i really enjoyed our conversation it was so fun talking to u これからもよろしくね!:DD
Hekshi Nov 12, 2019 3:16 AM
“My recommendation is rewatching the 1st season for the main plot and feel of the setting and jumping right to the 3 movies/extra episode things”
yeah im probably gonna do that if things got too confusing for me lol

“the friendship aspect was more interesting for me than the (never happening) subtle romantic aspect.”
“never happening” ouchh lmaooooo

“I was studying Japanese in a language school and decided to order the whole manga set from the US in Japanese because that was the only way I could find it XD (I still didn't get to reading it, but it's still on my bucket list)”
オーマイゴッド u learned japanese! are u still learning or did u stop?
it feels totally different reading manga in jp u should sooo read it someday :DDD

“(If you are a huge enough fan you can accidentally spoiler everything for yourself, so while I was looking for the character of my zodiac I somehow got deep enough to just spoil everything else too XD)”
exactly why im avoiding googling anything abt furuba even tho i was hella curious abt my zodiac character lol i had to stop myself bc i so dont wanna accidentally spoil whos she gonna end up with lol

“Now you made me curious: Who are you rooting for in Furuba?”
Kyou all the way ofc! lol i usually dont really like tsunderes but kyou is too adorable so he’s an exception lol i dont hate yuki (i dont necessarily like him either. i like his brother tho hes the best lolllll) but if one of them is gonna end up with tooru i prefer kyou tbh

okay how did u know i actually kept watching ore monogatari for a while just to get more Suna lol ur recommendation is on point that character was just. the best bro ever!

no i havent watched vampire knight yet. it was recommended a lot to me but tbh i try to avoid romance anime with love triangles (furuba is an exception lmao) so i havent watched that one yet. when it comes to romantic animes i prefer the romantic comedies over the too serious full of drama ones. stuff like ouran high school or gekkan shoujo 

“(take the 300 most liked character types, make 5 sports teams from them, take them all to nationals. Make friends and rivals across teams. Pick 3 totally uncompatible characters and make them the main stars).”
lmaoooooo altho sakuragi and rukawa r incompatible yet they were put in the same team tgt lolll but its more hilarious that way lol

“I don't really like starting anime with 26+ episodes (I have a tough start with 12+ episodes too lately)”
r u me? i find it really hard to watch long animes lately hence why i prefer watching seasonal anime weekly over marathoning a finished one w 12 eps. slam dunk is an exception id rewatch that anime thousand times and id never be bored lol

Hekshi Nov 10, 2019 9:04 AM
Oh my god Angel Densetsu is just a truly hidden comedy gem!

Ikr!!! Its just so well made and hilarious such a shame its just an ova and not a full adaptation...
Oh thank you for the recommendation ive checked the tags and it seems hilarious im so gonna read it someday
And thanks also for reminding me i was planning on reading the manga for angel densetsu for more than a year now but i uhh got busy (and distracted w watching more anime) as usual lol

just noticed youre watching Slam Dunk omg!!! Have fun :DDDD
Hekshi Nov 10, 2019 8:54 AM
"The main characters' philosophies and capabilities are a bit forced for my taste."

Hmmm it might feel a little forced, especially having a mc thats always saving the day (god i hate that trope so much lol). I didn’t really consider this work as a complicated mystery anime but more like a slice of life one and i enjoyed it. I also wanna add that i liked chitanda so i might be biased a little lol

"Later on he is asked a question, wether he likes the actual books, or just likes to look like someone clever and philosophical, because reading such books makes him feel better than others."

Oh arent there a lot of annoying pretentious ppl like those lol i could never understand this mentality smh

"1. Is it really a complex anime, or just overly complicated to seem more complex. "

I avoid the latter like the plague

"2. Do I really understand the true meaning and philosophy, can I read between the lines or do I just enjoy the atmosphere but have no clue what the anime is trying to say. Hyouka somehow seems to be overly complicated rather than complex from what I can tell from the first few episodes."

Hmmm it might look like its overly complicated (at least the first arc/first few eps) but u can totally ignore all that and just enjoy the slice of life aspect of it :D (and the extremely subtle romance too lol)

"After a few "i wasted so much time id rather spend watching something else" moments, as you described, I started growing more impatient and started dropping anime I didn't click with after a maximum of 3 episodes. Feels so much better to only watch what I am really interested in."

Dude same!! If im not interested and enjoying what im watching im not gonna waste my time forcing myself to finish it. Never lol

"It is interesting how our dropping habits are so similar. At one point I felt like dropping anime is an insult for that anime and deleted titles from my list that I did not like. Of course I forgot them and started watching something I wanted to drop before :D That's when I strarted dropping everything, even if I couldn't even finish the first episode. To not pick it up again, as an unfamiliar title."

Lollll ikr???? Oh thats why i never delete anything from my list lmaooo i tend to forget easily too and god i dont wanna accidentally waste my time REwatching something ive dropped bc i didnt like it lolll
I never think of dropping as insult at all. Its just u know, different strokes for different folks. Also just as i mentioned, i dont necessarily drop stuff bc its bad. Most of time im just busy or not in the mood atm so dropping for me is basically like an on-hold list but for lower priority stuff lol

"I see you loke Ping Pong the animation and I've heared so much good of it, but I can't get used to the style. How did you watch it?"

Ah yeah the art style sighsss a lotttt of ppl were turned off bc of that art style but trust me just ignore it and u will get used to it. Hmmm idk abt useful tips bc for me i really didnt care at all abt the art style i was so hooked from the very first ep bc of this anime's characters. God this anime is just FULL of interesting characters! Its so well written too and quite relatable. Also the character development is just so satisfying to watch. This anime is just.. The directing the writing the music everything was perfect!
Dude ure making a mistake i never shut up when im talking abt ppta lmaooo
But trust me just ignore the art style for a while and enjoy watching it. If you still cant do that thats fine u can drop it. This anime is about enjoying what ure doing anyway and forcing urself to finish it would be ironic lol

"Just noticed the tags in your anime list. Saw you "had to watch Chihayafuru again" I somehow forgot the whole plot of Spycho Pass before watching the 2nd season and had to rewatch the first season. I had the looming feeling I've seen that before, but I could not tell beforehand what was going to happen. It was a weird feeling. Back in the day before completing so many animes I could pick one up where I left off months before. Not anymore though. I guess my brain started cathegorising and feelings stay longer than the actual plot :D"

Oh god i totally feel u ive completely given up on my brain lolllll i was fine when i was a kid but now i keep forgetting everything even if its been only one year lol r.i.p
But its true i do remember what i felt abt certain animes even if i forgot what the main plot was abt! Thats why i care more abt enjoying something im watching than having to finish what i started :>

As for psycho pass, i had the exact same experience while watching s2 lol I didnt rewatch s1 tho i just kept going and somehow it worked lol this time i think i have to rewatch the two seasons bc when i checked the first ep of s3 i didnt even notice there were characters from s2 i completely forgot abt their existence lmao idk if i have the time and the patience for a rewatch session tho… i mean s1 was interesting but s2 isnt really worth a rewatch. Guess for now I'll just keep watching and just treat everyone as new characters lol if i felt confused by the plot i will stop and rewatch. 

Im watching chihayafuru now and even tho i forgot abt pretty much everything im still having fun while watching s3. I do lowkey wanna rewatch it bc i was #teamTaichi back then and now i wanna see if my taste has changed or not lol

"And this tag is plain gold: okay but WHERE TF IS KAI?????? щ(ಠДಠщ) :'D"

I was frustrated the whole time by the lack of kai lmao satou was hella badass as usual tho so i still enjoyed it lol

"And Suwa from Orange DID deserve better. He is either "option B" with a looming burden on his romantic relationship or no option at all! (Well he's kinda my type so he definitely deserves waaay better imho)"

YES THANK YOU!!! Im still bitter abt what happened to him. Suwa sweetie im so sorry :'(

Speaking of which, im curious about who ure cheering for in Chihayafuru and Fruits basket (if u already read the manga then u can ignore my question i wanna avoid spoilers lol)
Hekshi Nov 7, 2019 7:28 AM
oh yes the way u described sangatsu is on point. i mean sure h&c had that sort of atmosphere too occasionally but in sangatsu its too heavy especially at the beginning so yeah i completely understand. it does get better and lighter tho in case u wanna pick it up again someday :D

omg im exactly the opposite i watched and finished netjuu yet i dropped wotakoi lolll
speaking of romantic animes, why dont u watch Hyouka? it’s more of a slice of life actually. and little bit of mystery but it has some romance albeit reallyyyyy subtle one lol idk if ure gonna like it or not but thought u might wanna give it a try

that is exactly how i watch/rate/drop stuff! it’s all about whether i feel like watching it atm or nah. even if i dropped something, for me that doesnt necessarily mean im never gonna watch it again, it’s just that im currently not in the mood and i’ll probably pick it up again later

"because I was waiting for something to finnaly happen. I just couldn't take the realisation that nothing will.” godddd i hate when that happens lol i feel like i wasted so much time id rather spend watching something else. luckily tho ive been getting really impatient recently so its been a while lol

thank you for answering me i had fun reading it! :)
Hekshi Nov 6, 2019 4:03 AM
oh wow youre actually right lmao im glad our taste is similar when it comes to dropped anime bc i tend to drop a lot lol
can i ask tho, why did u drop sangatsu no lion? seeing that youve also liked and rated hachimitsu to clover 10/10 yet u dropped 3gatsu im lowkey kinda curious abt the reason tbh lol
oh and np thanks for accepting it yoroshiku fellow dropper~
Ariffdesu Jan 8, 2018 7:18 AM
un, I agree the point yu said in Tsurezure Children.

so yes Tsuki ga Kirei it is indeed a sweet romance series and one the pure romance i seen yet.
I don't quite remember how a the pacing stories how the two main character got together maybe like episode 3 or 4..its been long time (its been 7 month ago since it I last saw). But you should finish it! its is a good romance anime! ^^
Ariffdesu Jan 6, 2018 7:12 AM
un, im glad too! ~ (^_^)
so tsurezure children was it fun to watch?
the romance in the show is so sweet and innocent kinda like Tsuki ga Kirei.
Ariffdesu Jan 5, 2018 10:56 AM
nn..interesting recommendation.