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Aslt Jul 10, 2:04 PM
"well I hate Neon Genesis Evangelion personally BC IT WAS FUCKING BORING
but DITF is the improved version of that absolute crap, the hero is not pathetic like shinji so I'm fine with this anime!"

I guess that you didn't listen to Michael Jordan's advice :'^(
zerop Jul 10, 9:21 AM
HA-HA, you heard it here first, folks, u should always bet your brain, or otherwise
you have NONE!!!!
zerop Jul 10, 6:57 AM
"well I hate Neon Genesis Evangelion personally BC IT WAS FUCKING BORING but DITF is the improved version of that absolute crap, the hero is not pathetic like shinji so I'm fine with this anime!"
i bet my leg this guy has less than 80 iq
Aslt Jul 5, 6:47 AM
Lindle Jul 4, 1:05 PM
CodeBlazeFate Jul 4, 12:31 PM realize that they had been building up to the finale of Berserk 1997 quite heavily with the behelet and Zodd don't you? Yea, happy endings are cool and all but honestly, it would have never fit Berserk, especially since that would have made everything about Guts' and Griffith's downfall entirely meaningless. I wish they had kept going instead of ending it right there, as the manga continues from where the anime left off, but hey, maybe one day we can see an adaptation cover those things well.

Glad you at least liked the majority of the series tho. It is absolutely fantastic.
Animeforevry1 Jun 25, 5:20 AM

Regardless of whether they will be introducing Doctor Kanou properly in Tokyo Ghoul Re's anime adaptation. There was no reason to remove it from Root A at all. When making Root A they obviously had no respect for the source material or the author. It is well known Studio Pierrot where given brand new scripts for Season 2 that would account for the missed details from Season 1 and still adapt the content for Season 2 properly. Instead they threw them out, probably because it was not focused on action because stereotypical shounen is more marketable than psychological.

Studio Pierrot saw a cash cow in Tokyo Ghoul and went off track even though the source material was there... That just screams lazy. They made Root A to go off track so they could pump out seasons continuously like a typical shounen show. Which is fine... If the new content was good. But Root A is not good! Its riddled with inconsistencies and backwards logic, what makes is worse is that they didn't completely stray away and instead did a hybrid of anime original and source material which as a result watered down both into a lacklustre mess.

Regardless of what you think of Tokyo Ghoul Re, manga or anime. Cutting Kanou out just complicates the adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul Re further if they bring him in now and explain what they should have before now. Before hand they where obviously keeping Kanou out, but as shown with the adaption of Tokyo Ghoul Re, they are now strictly following the manga (mostly). This has now left anime only fans in the dark and super confused about what the hell is going on. Im almost certain that when Kanou makes his appearance in Tokyo Ghoul Re's anime, they will not retread the content they didnt adapt in Root A and people will continue to be confused.

Now dont accuse me of lying here. I get what your saying but it does not make sense. Aogiri are targeting Anteiku because they keep the peace between the Ghouls and Humans of the 20th Ward. Aogiri as an organisation want to prove that Ghoul's are the superior species and in doing so slaughter the humans of CCG who oppress them. They want to defeat the only human organisation that can possibly stop Ghouls from taking over. Anteiku goes against this philosophy. They want to co-exist with humans and allow Ghouls to have a normal life as a human would.
Even if Touka and Anteiku where to close up shop, do you really think they would have agreed to slaughtering humans by the dozens to come out on top? Kaneki has ZERO reason to join Aogiri besides Studio Pierrot needs more bland action scenes against red-shirts to fill out the time and make the show look more bad-ass and marketable to the masses. Kaneki joining Aogiri still makes no sense. He wants to join the terrorist organisation to get stronger and protect his friends, even though that very organisation has threatened to eliminate Anteiku and have no problem slaughtering humans who get in the way. I cannot fathom why you would join Aogiri in this situation. Not to mention, remember Kaneki's best friend Hide? The one that at this point in time Kaneki wants to protect the most? How in the living hell does joining Aogiri benefit him protecting a human?

Having him join Aogiri was stupid. Having him set up his own organisation that protects ghouls and humans but also attacks Aogiri and CCG makes more sense for his motivations at this point in the series.

PS Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 12 'Jason' and Quote

"Aogiri wont hesitate to slaughter anyone who gets in our way. Obviously its mostly humans but ghouls are not exempt either. That includes your adopted family of coffee drinkers, what do they call that cafe of theirs? Anteiku right? Yeah, thats the one. Aogiri's got their eye on them. They are targeted for ELIMINATION". End Quote. I was not lying...

EDIT: Christ, is this comment system not going to include my paragraph breaks? Oh god... (And now it has... hmm weird)
Animeforevry1 Jun 21, 8:51 AM
Reading that horrid Tokyo Ghoul Root A review of yours... I think I just got some form of Neurological cancer.

Even if you like Tokyo Ghoul Root A its not worth more than a 6/10 7/10 at a stretch.

The boring naked moustache fag as you claim is actually someone of significance yet the anime glosses over him.

Them cutting the plot from the manga screwed up the plot so bad that your precious Root A is no longer canon, not that it ever really was to begin with.
So cutting Doctor Kanou was unimportant? When he was the one that is transplanting Ghoul organs into humans? The one who made Kaneki the way he is? The one who has Rize captive and still alive? The one who would go on to (SPOILERS) perform the same transplant from Kaneki onto Seido Takizawa and Kotoro Amon? The one that would assist greatly in the final arc of Tokyo Ghoul Re, the Dragon Arc?
Cutting his introduction was good was it? Get outta here...

Kaneki's motivations DO NOT MAKE SENSE! Your justification is ok, until you remember that in Season 1 Jason said Aogiri had Anteiku and everyone who worked there targeted for elimination! Joining Aogiri is NOT the correct choice. Aogiri want to destory the CCG and affirm that Ghouls are the superior species, this could involve Kaneki's best friend. A HUMAN getting killed. Your justification hold ZERO MERIT!

If you actually consider Root A good, and you can back up your arguments proper with more text space than a review will allow, feel free to discuss with me through PM. I would be very welcome to hearing what makes Root A full of symbolism and not lacking in plot holes. Unless your a troll. In which case... stay the hell away...
CasualViewer2001 May 17, 3:41 AM
CasualViewer2001 May 13, 1:07 AM
Was reading your NGE review. Are you trying to say that Shinji doesn't develop throughout the show?
Amruth_Vs May 12, 1:52 PM
lmao your review on your lie in april was hilarious
AndoCommando May 8, 2:29 AM
I agree that Johan never intended to frame Tenma as the killer; Tenma being suspected was a result of Johan leaving no trace of himself on the crime scene, leaving Tenma to be the only one present there. And with Lunge being the one in the charge of the investigation, Tenma running from the police was the best move for him to not get charged while the killer is still out there. Ultimately Tenma did not want to turn to the police after his failed attempts (remember he even had Nina with him at one point when this happened) or anyone else because he was the only one he knew of that knows of Johan's almost supernatural-like abilities and desire to be the last one standing at the end of the world, and that only he could stop him before Johan could go through with his goal.

Maybe my memory's hazy on this part (haven't seen in two years) but when Lunge was talking to Tenma's former classmate back at their University, Lunge was already obsessed with his own belief that Tenma is the one behind the murders, potentially with some sort of mental disorder. He likely was saying that Tenma would not be convicted so that Dr. Gillen would cooperate with him; in other words, Lunge's word would not have been very trustworthy. After all, would you trust a face like this?

AndoCommando May 6, 11:59 PM
Interesting. I would have said him trying to explain what had happened to the police was the best he could do to prove his innocence, and once again, members of the police force were under Johan and as such could not be trusted to help Tenma. And in general, Tenma's a neurosurgeon on the run, not a detective like Richard who was able to observe the situation similar to what we as viewers see.
AndoCommando May 6, 8:18 AM
I thought it was understandable as to why Tenma would want to hunt down and ultimately stop Johan. I mean, the detective didn't believe that Johan even existed, and parts of the police were corrupted.
xShinigami3125 May 1, 1:56 PM
Well you could just have accepted it but do whatever you want