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CasualViewer2001 May 17, 3:41 AM
CasualViewer2001 May 13, 1:07 AM
Was reading your NGE review. Are you trying to say that Shinji doesn't develop throughout the show?
Amruth_Vs May 12, 1:52 PM
lmao your review on your lie in april was hilarious
AndoCommando May 8, 2:29 AM
I agree that Johan never intended to frame Tenma as the killer; Tenma being suspected was a result of Johan leaving no trace of himself on the crime scene, leaving Tenma to be the only one present there. And with Lunge being the one in the charge of the investigation, Tenma running from the police was the best move for him to not get charged while the killer is still out there. Ultimately Tenma did not want to turn to the police after his failed attempts (remember he even had Nina with him at one point when this happened) or anyone else because he was the only one he knew of that knows of Johan's almost supernatural-like abilities and desire to be the last one standing at the end of the world, and that only he could stop him before Johan could go through with his goal.

Maybe my memory's hazy on this part (haven't seen in two years) but when Lunge was talking to Tenma's former classmate back at their University, Lunge was already obsessed with his own belief that Tenma is the one behind the murders, potentially with some sort of mental disorder. He likely was saying that Tenma would not be convicted so that Dr. Gillen would cooperate with him; in other words, Lunge's word would not have been very trustworthy. After all, would you trust a face like this?

AndoCommando May 6, 11:59 PM
Interesting. I would have said him trying to explain what had happened to the police was the best he could do to prove his innocence, and once again, members of the police force were under Johan and as such could not be trusted to help Tenma. And in general, Tenma's a neurosurgeon on the run, not a detective like Richard who was able to observe the situation similar to what we as viewers see.
AndoCommando May 6, 8:18 AM
I thought it was understandable as to why Tenma would want to hunt down and ultimately stop Johan. I mean, the detective didn't believe that Johan even existed, and parts of the police were corrupted.
xShinigami3125 May 1, 1:56 PM
Well you could just have accepted it but do whatever you want
xShinigami3125 May 1, 12:24 PM
Some advice on writing reviews if you want people to take ur opinions seriously maybe don't include random insults it makes you look ridiculous.
Arimias Apr 30, 11:15 AM
At least Johan and Monster are in your favorites, yeah. Glad to meet another Johan fan, arguably the best villain in anime.
Arimias Apr 30, 8:31 AM
Holy shit man, you and I have the lowest affinity rate I've ever seen on MAL. I ain't even mad either, that's fucking awesome.

pluvia33 Apr 30, 7:51 AM
So Death Note is your favorite anime? Interesting. But no, I'm not lying when I say I think Death Note is boring and has shit characters. This is 100% how I feel about the series. I wrote a blog post nearly 9 years ago explaining my confusion over the mass popularity of the series and its two lead characters. And I don't really understand how calling Death Note stupid is better than calling it boring. I definitely wouldn't consider Death Note to be stupid, but I was extremely bored while watching it. Again, this is mainly from the perspective of rewatchability as I read the manga before watching the anime. The series has absolutely nothing going for it beyond the initial unraveling of the story, in my opinion. Most mystery/intrigue stories should at least be interesting to experience the second time as you have a new perspective for it after knowing how things play out (like the little Easter-eggs that you can pick out after knowing the twist to the Sixth Sense). But Death Note had none of that and the characters do nothing to hold up the series otherwise (again, in my opinion). The easiest anime for me to compare Death Note to which is one of my favorites is Higuarshi. A large part of that series is watching the story play out, but I've enjoyed re-watching it just as much because there are different layers to the story and the characters are actually fun to watch.

Anyway, I won't go on and on about it. We may just be of differing opinions and that's okay. :)
RapidShadow Apr 29, 9:33 AM
No a good anime doesn't need charismatic characters there are many shows without them that have a high level of quality a good example would be the main from tatami galaxy he is pretty much a wimp but he's still very likeable in his own way since we can relate to him I can understand why you felt bored but look at it this way anyone in Shinji's situation would do the same thing Evangelion is a show dedicated to showing darkest depths of the human mind that's why I don't think you really understand the show try watching a cruel weebs thesis from YouTube they are two videos that explain Evangelion.
LIQfilms Apr 27, 9:07 AM
bby, your Eva review was so good that I came.
RapidShadow Apr 27, 8:20 AM
Seriously man you are telling that Evangelions characters are bad just because they aren't cool? a character isn't necessarily bad because they aren't cool, yes it is weird and yes it is psychological but that doesn't mean its bad in fact it is one of the most creative stories I've seen which was very influential heck Code Geass might not even have existed without it don't classify something to be bad just because of thatl as a matter of fact those characters are more relatable than any character from death note. Seriously just remove that review I can tell so many things against that I don't wanna waste my time saying and its making you look bad.
cptlee39 Apr 27, 7:55 AM
Dude, your Evangelion review is hilarious! I wholeheartedly disagree with it, but it was fun to read your rant.