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Inorichi May 27, 3:14 AM
Wtf, dude you gave Steins;Gate 0 a 1? I know you said that you liked the original ending, but it feels like you're judging the fact that a side story was released instead of actually judging the contents and enjoy-ability of the anime.

To sum up your first paragraph, you think that unless someone reaches a certain level of anime watching, their taste is undeveloped, and after reaching this level, they develop a critical taste and a change of opinion. If I'm wrong, you can clear it up a bit for me in your next response.

Now in response, I'm going to tell you that what you said does not apply to anyone. I don't think you understand this, but people can understand what they think is shit, and what they think is good whether they watched 1 anime, or 100 anime. Some people who have watched a thousand anime enjoy SAO, some hate SAO, someone who has only watched SAO may think its shit or they may think its good. It doesn't matter how many anime they watched to know if they liked this or liked that. Sure they may find an anime more enjoyable as they watch more anime, but that doesn't mean that SAO becomes worse than that anime, it means that anime is better than SAO in their opinion.

Your second paragraph was even harder to understand. I really couldn't relate to Shinji at all, maybe that's just me. Also why are Fate and Gurren "less flawed". Greatest magical war of all times to obtain any wish that can be granted, nobody notices until a giant squid appears in Fate/Zero, then the government launches 2 jets. Like what happened to the government during this war. And Gurren, well realistically speaking an objects mass increases exponentially with its size and really heavy robots don't move like that, even though I haven't entirely watched the anime. I'm not saying these anime are shit, nor am I saying they're good. I just find it very weird that you think that entertainment can be considered "flawed" universally. "being a less flawed show that Fate and Gurren are better".
freecaio May 21, 6:36 AM
reasons for why you gave Steins;Gate 0 a 1?
Inorichi May 14, 5:39 AM
Just because someone has watched a lot of anime doesn't mean their opinion is good. Armin has a very good description for subjective terms like good or bad. Just because an opinion is good to you, does that mean its good to everyone? Anime is entertainment, some people watch it for charismatic characters like Char Aznable or Lelouch Lamperouge. It's their taste and personal preference so how is it good or bad?

I said this in my last post, my problem isnt with Llenn, its with the story. It's a mess and it's obviously to milk money with a slice of life using the name SAO. Guess who's last 3 novels didn't sell? Keeichi. Guess what happened after SAO:A was released, instant top 20 for last years sales, and last months sales. SAO:A is selling better than all works after Kino's Journey COMBINED.

Imo Fate and Evangelion both have their flawed main characters which you can't relate to. Shiro is just so selfless it makes no sense and Shinji kinda changes after he meets the piano player, forget his name, but idk if he goes gay or what, can't really remember Evangelion that well. My only problem with Llenn is that she's overpowered with no REASON to be overpowered. Her reason to "play" the game is because her character is short. Not because she wants to win or be good or anything. So WHY IS SHE GOOD? No reason. Many players of CS:GO strive to be pro's. They practice hundreds of hours every month. In the history of professional shooting games I don't think a single player able made it onto a pro team without practicing and dedicated at least several hundred hours, yet Llenn did it in a few minutes. At least Reki Kawahara new the basics of an MMORPG, Keiichi literally knows nothing about team based FPS or RPG's.

GGO is an RPG, but for some reason Keiichi turns it into a FPS battle royale. Why? It would make sense if Llenn built up a team and won that Battle Royale, but nope, she just goes in with a team of two, beats real-life military or militia, and players that have been practicing for ages. It would make a little bit more sense if it was BoB, 1v1s. But a 6v2? Really? 1 bullet can instantly kill you, this isn't Sword Art Online where you hit each either with sharp sticks, you can shoot people from thousands of meters away, where professionals make a living off of. But Llenn just hops on and carries her team of two and wins the Battle Royale. It just logically makes no sense.

If you could quote the episode and timestamp where the Salamander said he was stronger than a normal Spriggan, because I've probably seen SAO more times than I have fingers and toes but that never popped up. What was said is that it was overkill to bring 12 people to hunt a party of 2, but it made sense because Kirito took out the Lancer Captains squad.

Anyone can argue that the second arc had a good or bad build up. Good and bad are both subjective terms. I keep telling this to you, but it can be good to you and bad to someone else or vice versa. Also it's Kayaba not Hayama lmao. I defined both subjective and plothole to you but you keep misusing the word plothole. How is it a plothole? You also keep using the words good and bad, but they're only good or bad to you.

Point being, Llenn is just retardedly overpowered and she played for like 1 week. Doesn't matter if her ridiculous height fear compels her to play, that's not a reason to be good. She can play all she wants, unless you WANT to get good at the game, you don't get good at any pro level game. She doesn't want to get good, she just plays to be a short loli. Why doesn't she hunt monsters or actually train? After 1 tutorial she becomes a game-famous nicknamed PK'r? I'd pay a dollar per bullet if anyone could become a pro at CS:GO after 1 tutorial.

Keiichi is trying to write a story on a concept he isn't familiar with and is just using the name SAO for money since he's last novels flopped. That's what really annoys me. The only thing you actually can't argue is that SAO sells, whether it be figures, books, blu rays, etc. Was Kino's Journey successful? Yes, but that was 2 decades ago. And he definitely didn't make anything remotely as popular since then except this book which is piggy backing SAO's success.
Inorichi May 13, 8:50 PM
What I'm trying to say is, you can't have a "better" opinion, that's the equivalent of telling someone your thought is better than theirs, it's completely subjective and can't be determined as true or false.

The definition of a plothole is when a point in the story defies the logic it has established. Using an incantation that most people can infer Yui told Kirito to use illusion magic with Spriggans are good at wouldn't necessarily break any form of logic in the story. We don't know if that's a basic illusion or a really advanced one, not to mention his stats are all broken. Sure it's sudden but does it actually break any logic set in stone for Alfheim or the series? Kirito's dual wield ability, also suddenly just appeared in his skill slots one day.

If you play any sort of games like RPGs or in this case CS:GO which is probably the FPS with the most professionals, you would know that this is absolute impossible, not to mention ridiculous that she was able to win a six mans team tournament in a team of two. What short rise to power? She literally took down several people the first time we saw any sort of combat, and she didn't even get hit once.

She has absolutely no motivation or reason to become strong at that. Kirito has a reason, to escape the game, save asuna, etc. Sinon is to overcome her fear of guns. Llenn could just enjoy being her short self in a cafe or hunting monsters. I don't think you understand how ridiculous it is, for a new player to join without any knowledge of GGO, and a few days later is better than several professionals making thousands of dollars per month.

Evangelion, Fate, characters like Shinji or Shiro really don't sit well with me, but that's mostly because of my personal bias so I'll avoid that topic, however, what character interactions does Llenn have? If we were talking Assassination Classroom or SAO it would make sense. A wide cast of recurring characters that bring out a new personality or show depth to the MC, or a wide cast of once every 10 episode characters that still establish a character trope in the MC. I couldn't care if she was well executed or not, my problem is more with the story itself than the characters, in fact Llenn probably sits higher than M at this point since they threw his character out the window.

The story is going nowhere, SAO at least moved towards a goal we could see at the end, conquering Aincrad, Naruto - becoming Hokage, One Piece - One Piece, Dragon ball - collecting the dragon balls. We don't even know wtf is going on, the "build up" is one episode or less, "Hey join this team tournament" next episode "plays in team tournament" next episode "wins" like I can't tell if this is filler or what, but what exactly is going on. What's supposed to happen at the end? Wait it's probably going to be never-ending, after 13 episodes we see nothing different from what happened in episode 3, still over-powered, running around GGO, maybe got over her fear of heights because she slaughtered thousands of people in a virtual game?

I just can't see how killing people as a short person, suddenly helps you get over your fear of being tall or this series will end with any sort of conclusion. Llenn will probably be the exact same Pking God in episode 13, just like she was in episode 2 or maybe 1. I don't even remember to be honest, but to me this seems like nothing more than using the SAO name to milk money cause this is probably doing better than every book Keiichi Sigsawa wrote after Kino's Journey combined.
Inorichi May 13, 2:15 AM
Overrated is a subjective term. "The opinions of people who have watched a lot of anime are better than people who haven't and thats undebatle." So if we were to take the entire staff of an anime studio and put them into the same room as no life otakus, the opinions of an otaku would be "better" than the creator(s) of the anime? No to mention better is completely subjective as well and if its an opinion, it really can't be better or worse, can it?

I do believe that MAL scores, or more specifically online ratings of an anime are accurate to a certain extent due to the level of security MAL has and the amount of times it's been hacked as well as bot spamming to reduce or boost scores of certain anime.

A single character weakness doesn't define the depth and quality of a character. What do we know about Llenn other than the fact she has a phobia of her height? Close to nothing. Why is she so ridiculously op? Because of random char gen? 2 years of grinding + a gamer nerd vs height-a-phobia girl that's never played a VR game before, I don't see how having a fear of height has any relation to becoming a tournament champion in a game with professionals.

A plothole regards any situation or element in the story that contradicts an established setting or logic in the story, the only plausible scenario of a "plothole" in SAO would be the scene where Kirito overrides his own death, which becomes a reoccurring theme in the story, which means the scenario is up for debate. GGO:A well apart from the fact that Llenn is ridiculously over-powered in a game where "its not easy to get good at because there are pros", somehow she has a magical talking gun, and M's personality breakdown which is the complete reverse of anyone with the knowledge and skill he has.

__________________Plotholes between SAO and SAO:A__________________________
"there is no sign that Kirito in the anime has any sort of motivation for playing games, does he use it for escapism or entertainment or both?" - Its established in episode 15 that Kirito has a love for computers and games, again in episode 18, and he claims he will move on from a player to a creator in s2 episode 1.

"we didn't see anything really establishing that, we didn't even see a rise to power until he became op after the first floor boss" - timestamps are always given in the anime, as well as character lines that let's the viewer infer that the players have been grinding, etc. Sure the struggle or rise to power isn't apparent, but Klein asks if Kirito has been out grinding late in ep 3, Argo tells Kirito he's been grinding recklessly in ep 4, etc. - Llenn doesn't have this, any reason or build up or rise to power.

"also there are so many inconsistencies in the anime as compared to Alternative which is a lot more well paced with good build ups" - this is a subjective opinion so... - I don't see how joining a game because you have a height-phobia in other games building up to a legendary PK'r within 1 episode is well paced or any sort of good build-up. It's pretty much the exact same as SAO, except it has even less dialogue and room to infer, no timestamps or character lines to give us a clue if 10 minutes has passed or 2 years.

"A great example of this is when Kirito gained the power to create illusions and created a giant minotaur out of it so I thought ok he got a new power but is that power really used or explained? No it isn't and there are so many examples of this like the beta tester and when they literally decided to fuck the one thing that made the first arc good with a terrible buid up." - You gave one example, and it was explained at the beginning of episode 19 that Spriggans are good at illusion magic and during the battle where he transforms, in episode 19, its explained that only his reach and form are changed. - Now comparing this to a talking P90 with emotions or feelings that basically ends up being, "Not letting Llenn get killed" which actually isn't explained at all, this is a true plothole.
Also, I don't understand what you mean by like the beta-tester, if you're asking why he pronounced himself a beater, it was to redirect the mob-hate from the end of the first floor boss battle from beta-testers to himself, otherwise the beta-testers would all be targeted, he instead directed the hate towards himself as a Beater.

If I were to use overrated to define anything, it would be the fact that GGO:A is overrated simply because it isn't written by Reki Kawahara. That's literally the biggest, boldest sentence in every other review. SAO has very few if any plotholes, sure the writing and script is "basic", but any actual contradictions to the story? No, not really, now just because Kino's Journey was "good" somehow the writing and script is "good" in this anime where actual plotholes which contradict the basic elements and logic of the story are present.

Llenn's depth is a height phobia which isn't even taken seriously by the director & studio, over-dramatic heart BPM in ridiculous scenario's? It's quite obvious that they're going for a comedy scene, let's say we do take the phobia seriously, other than being shy in real life she isn't really all that traumatized by it like Sinon is with her actual phobia of guns. Ignoring the plot of SAO:A if it has one, the character "development" in Llenn is summed up to fear of her own height, enjoying a particular singer, and zero to one hundred Legendary Pk'r status.

The logic when you claimed that Llenn's a good protagonist because she has a clearly defined weakness, does this mean that every character without a clearly defined weakness is a bad character? Lets take a look at some characters, Lelouch Lamperouge, does not have a clearly defined weakness, neither does Yagami Light, or Okabe Rintaro, wait, every single character that's popular has a weakness that just isn't clearly defined, it's slowly revealed as the anime progress's which leads to struggles and build-ups in both the plot and story.

I ended up writing way too much but I'm too lazy to erase it, so here is pretty much my final response, since my original question was answered.
Inorichi May 11, 6:54 PM
Regarding quality, personally I preferred Koe no Katachi to Kimi no na wa, but it was largely overshadowed by the popularity of Knnw. However, just because the story or plot, character development, world building was "better" to someone, doesn't mean it applies to everyone. It was my bad to say popularity and ratings are the only way to determine quality, but there isn't any objective means to determine whether an anime is good or bad, other than hard numbers like sales, views, popularity, rating, etc. Ultimately anime is entertainment, wouldn't the anime that entertained the most people be "the best"?

My issue with Llenn is her absurd skill, was Kirito overpowered? Sure, but even if it wasn't shown there was a 2 year difference between the 1st Floor and 74th floor. Llenn is completely annihilating players in GGO, a game where professionals make a living from, and wins a tournament because she doesn't like her real life height? There is no plot or story, halfway through the anime, its still pretty much a slice of life from random moments.

Llenn ended up in GGO completely randomly because of char gen, Sinon has a clear, specific motivation for joining GGO, to get over her fear for guns. Llenn somehow is out there player killing everybody after a short tutorial, and the next thing that happens is she's winning tournaments with just a p90, no handgun, or knife, she has to get one from M. If they were trying to get the point across she saw a rise to power after several months in the game, they didn't do a good job if she didn't know how to handle a knife before the tournament started. Sinon sees a rise to power after she gets the rare Hecate II, however, Llenn on the other hand is defeating trained soldiers & ridiculously strong elementary school girls with her magical talking gun...

Moving onto Kirito, as you watch the first season it becomes pretty clear that he's a gamer, he's been playing rpgs and messing with computer parts since he was a kid, his goals and motivations to become a engineer or nervegear creator, etc becomes apparent while his "seriousness" or "op mode", etc in games sees a decline, as said in the Mother Rosario arc. Sure its not a huge drop, like how everything is boring to Saitama, but Kirito isn't necessarily one-shotting everything. He had a pixel of HP left after the 74th floor boss, he pretty much dies against Heathcliff, and he is stuck on the ground impaled in the stomache during Fairy Dance. He also lost to Yuuki.
As a hardcore gamer who has been stuck grinding in a game for 2 years+ he probably is on his own level, at least we can come to that conclusion from the facts given from the anime. Llenn on the otherhand has been doing who knows what for however long, and we're supposed to accept the fact she went from a noob that didn't know how to use a knife, to a tournament winning champion in the course of just one tournament.

Personally, I have a difficult time watching older anime, especially since the art style and quality of art is so different than what I'm used to, which is mostly why I haven't seen Legend of the galactic heroes and other anime that I've been putting off.
Inorichi May 9, 6:10 AM
This is why I made a thread questioning how SAO Alternative got an anime over Progressive.

The story is literally written floor by floor because Kawahara saw how popular SAO was and gave it a proper explanation and story. A lot more about Diavels backstory of a Beta-Tester is revealed, and Kirito's decision to publicly out himself as a Beater is explored. People often group together SAO with the generic isekai because of how the story composition was changed from a 1 novel arc + side stories, but it hit the right notes and Alicization & Progressive reflect the popularity and writing style a lot better. Season 2's light novels were already complete by the time Season 1 was airing, but afterwards you can see how drastic the change is.

Kirito is still pretty strong or lucky, but definitely not on a scale of being unreasonably OP, in Progressive. I like SAO but I can't say I like SAO:A as much, sure it'll probably get a 7 from me in the end, but, the talking P90 scene, damn I just had to face palm at that scene.
Inorichi May 9, 5:58 AM
Kirito has a backstory of loving RPG's and inheriting a love for computers, and expresses his goal to become a game creator. It's somewhat believable that his reaction speed could be the fastest out of 9,000 players + 1k beta-testers that were "noobs". Assuming how a lot of people who got a copy of SAO were business men like Asuna's brother and Nishida a corporate security manager, grinding for 2 years is a reasonable explanation to a godly level of op. Kirito isn't a relate-able, but people like to believe they can relate to him, because we all played games, and all wanted to be that guy, like Kirito.

Comparing the original GGO where Sinon used GGO as a gun to escape hoplophobia, Llenn just has a height complex and decided to play GGO because it was the one game her avatar was generated short. Not to mention her phobia of her height was played off instead of being shown as anything serious. Comparing Sinon's reactions to guns, vs Llenn having increased heartbeat that goes ridiculously high + the ridiculous scenes being shown, the studio clearly didn't try to say "her height is a serious problem she needs escape from" its just something she tried out cause she saw it in the news.

What you don't understand about SAO is that it was originally written as a single novel for a contest. It was never meant to be a series. Floor 1-Game Clear was all in Volume 1. What A-1 did was deconstruct 5 novels and create a linear, explosively popular series. Kawahara never expected it to become that big and neither did A-1, which is why Kawahara went back and created SAO Progressive, which actually is a series of novels that goes through Aincrad, floor by floor. Great is subjective and the only thing that can objectively determine a show's "quality" or "greatness" is it's sales and popularity, demographics from ratings, not a subjective viewpoint on elements like plot, story, char dev, etc.

Having a girl playing a game by coincidence but being strong enough of a level to beat out a JSDF or armed organization, and a squad of hardcore elementary school gamers stronger than the JSDF, is just really weird. The story lacks a proper plot like "Clear the Death Game", and escapism is not a good excuse to winning a squads tournament in GGO where pro's make a living off of. A newbie in a team of 2, wins out against teams of 6, and her reason for being incredibly strong is escaping her height.
Inorichi May 8, 2:46 AM
Nice profile pic, I liked that webtoon.

In your review, you mentioned "taking all the ideas Reki Kawahara had and giving them to a more capable writer.". A clear goal like "Clear the death game" "Save Asuna" "Catch Deathgun" isn't present, the plot is unclear after 5 episodes (almost half the series, 1/3 - 1/2), the plot armor on Llenn is thicc, like all of Kirito's harem used as a meat shield couldn't do that.

Llenn isn't even playing because she enjoys guns, yet she beats out a JSDF or privately armed ogranization with real life training, an elementary school girl BETTER than the JSDF, and wins a team battle royale as a team of two because of? It's just Kirito as a loli girl in GGO, with no clear plot or goal?

I'm not trying to start anything, I'm just confused af, why this series is getting so much credit compared to Reki Kawahara who at least has basic story telling elements down if not anything else. Kino's Journey was alright, but a single work doesn't reflect the entirety of an author. I'm genuinely interested in the opinions of people writing the review for Alternative.
_Ophelia Apr 30, 11:53 AM
You have a point about the still shots.
But in comparison to Jojo, Shokugeki's artwork is incredibly lackluster in the anime so even if they are aiming for that,
they are failing at it quite miserably.
Not to mention that Stardust Crusaders has some extremely gorgeous animation sequences, which is something that hasn't ever been present in Shokugeki. Though the animation was probably at its best in season 1.

Yeah, I guess i was just curious how you felt about it since for me, personally, my enjoyment of Shokugeki has gone down quite a lot with each season. Just because of how badly the production of it is handled, it detracts a lot from the actual things happening in the show.
Thanks for explaining your position.
_Ophelia Apr 30, 11:34 AM
Moments implies spread throughout the show not literally the entire show.
There's a difference between some doll like moments and a powerpoint presentation.
ParsaFakhar Apr 29, 8:34 AM
You are absolutely right, there are shit tones of good ideas in Eva that inspired known shows like: code geass and darling in franxx and...
but unlike code geass, the hero is disgusting, a good anime is possible with charismatic characters but there are literally none in Eva.
it's not the WORST anime ever, I didn't give it a 1 but to me it was extremely boring
Ankithadam Apr 26, 2:07 AM
I see...kk
Ankithadam Apr 26, 12:09 AM
It seems you have rated steins;gate 0 a 1 rating haha....I know your feeling, its because of okabe's stupid characterization right?

Even I felt the same, I hope it gets better...The main problem is we have got used to the dubbed voices which makes listening to subbed voices weird.
Lecroz Apr 25, 10:44 AM
It's just that I wanted someone from Mumbai to be my friend here and also I found your anime and manga lists pretty interesting. So if I want I can ask your opinion on it since I am kinda a newbie here. I hope you wouldn't mind.