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Kanashiki Debu Neko-chan
Kanashiki Debu Neko-chan
11 hours ago
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Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story
Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story
11 hours ago
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5-tsu no Yubi no Niwa
5-tsu no Yubi no Niwa
11 hours ago
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Boku to
Boku to
Yesterday, 9:23 AM
Completed 8/8 · Scored 8
Crayon Shin-chan
Crayon Shin-chan
Yesterday, 4:46 AM
Reading 95/1126 · Scored 8
Niku wo Hagu: Tooda Oto Tanpenshuu
Niku wo Hagu: Tooda Oto Tanpenshuu
Yesterday, 2:51 AM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 9

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iliaoi Jun 25, 8:33 AM
Hi, thank you for the fr and sorry for the delayed message. We have quite some shared anime and manga (even though I haven't read too much manga yet) in the lists!
Mercury-Lamp Jun 24, 1:02 PM
Huh, I didn't know that, about MAL lacking administrators, I can understand the situation better now. Ah yeah, I'm aware that even prominent manga authors have works that are missing but still, compared to the more obscure ones, they are better off. I saw that MAL had opened applications for new administrators a while back, hope they get some really good ones! AniList is better on the manga part, yeah, I've found profiles for authors and entries for titles on there through Google but I've never actually used the website so I can't comment on it. Thank you so much for listing these titles, I really appreciate it! Some of them were deceiving by the descriptions but seems they're safe. And interesting too, I look forward to reading them. :)
Mercury-Lamp Jun 24, 8:29 AM
Yeah, I've heard that MAL does a pretty sloppy job with adding obscure and/or alternative manga authors and their works, but it is one of the biggest social networking websites for anime and manga fans, of course it'll cater to fans with popular taste first and foremost. Well, what do you do, we can only wait. That's true, the Italian and the French, or whoever speaks the languages, have it better when it comes to comics, their markets are wider and much more varied. My knowledge of French amounts for next to nothing and I've yet to touch Italian, so I can't benefit from those translations at the moment. Ah yeah, I'm aware of most of those magazines, though I hadn't heard of Comic Cue and I don't know much about pocopoco and Torch, will definitely properly look them up, thanks for the info! That's what I thought too, to read the ero-guro authors' works selectively but I don't know which of their works don't contain those elements. Skimming through reviews is one way, I guess.
Mercury-Lamp Jun 23, 5:07 PM
Ah, so you’re a fan, that’s great! I’ve only recently discovered Garo and gotten into gekiga but I’m excited to read more. Well, not the ero-guro stuff, I don’t like horror nor disturbing and intense images. Yes, I’m aware of Murasaki Yamada and her work finally coming out, it’s my most anticipated manga of this year. I know that her works have a feminist focus and that she even wrote essays on the subject, which is something that really appeals to me. Such a shame that MAL hasn’t even added her to its database… I even tried adding her and Talk to My Back myself, though others have probably done it before, who knows when it will be approved. I’m also excited about Ryan Holmberg’s translation of Tadao Tsuge’s Fune ni Sumu, sounds really interesting! Hinako Sugiura is also someone I’m really interested in, Hyaku Monogatari is the only thing of hers I’ve been able to find in English though, will give it a read soon. The Sarusuberi film, it contained short vignettes of Oei’s life and it was alright, but I only thought of it as average because it didn’t work within the film format. It’s too episodic, it would’ve been better as a TV series. But well, it’s by an obscure manga artist and based on an alternative manga, so I can see why they went the film route. I liked Oei’s character though and it was a visual treat! I haven’t heard of that manga adaptation of The Tale of Genji, I’ll look it up, thanks for telling me. :)
Mercury-Lamp Jun 23, 1:12 PM
Thank you, I'm always interested in watching and reading things that are different and think outside the box! Thanks about the picture too, I thought it was so colourful and had to have it on my profile. It's by Kuniko Tsurita, I don't know if you've read her. She was an alternative manga author whose work is pretty obscure, so I haven't read anything by her yet because almost nothing, not even fan translations, existed in English until two years ago, but I really liked the picture. I hadn't throught of the leading character being a dwarf, that's definitely a possibility! It really reminds me of the Pied Piper with the children following, maybe the story it accompanies is darker than the bright colours let on, ha ha. Yes, my profile picture is by Yoshitaka Amano, some illustrations he did based on the Tale of Genji, you can find more of them here.
Mercury-Lamp Jun 23, 11:28 AM
Thank you for the friend request, very nice favourites you have there!
GVG Jun 23, 12:05 AM
I have a question, I've seen you've been reading Daisuke Igarashi's designs, did you happen to find a scan of it in english?
starshinesMonet Jun 9, 8:43 PM
Hello! Happy you enjoyed the review. What are some of your favourite artsy or short animes?
Rei_III Jun 6, 5:36 AM
What about checking ConRevo now?
Rei_III May 20, 3:32 AM
Received the box. It says "complete series" but contains only 26eps. Are the 51 eps listed on MAL includind two separately produced stories?
(Too bad, the box was in decent shape given the age...)
glamblaster May 17, 3:50 PM
Trying to find more than half-started or piecemeal translations of older works is definitely a trial. The only full translation of Orpheus no Mado I could find was in Italian, and basically all of the Italian I know comes from cookbooks, so...

And Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets is one of my top 20 films! Brilliant director, though I didn't know he also wrote the Ashita no Joe theme. :) That's pretty neat.
glamblaster May 17, 1:17 PM
Your tastes are rad, too, J.A. Seazer is a brilliant composer. ♪ And ooh, my French isn't phenomenal (it's taken me about 10 months to finish reading Les Aventures de Télémaque ; o;) but it's better than my Japanese, so I'll have to look into those. Thank you!
Rei_III May 17, 1:04 PM
"Sub Eng"
But, I have to repeat what the commentators said when it first aired last year: "too bad, there's no subtitle".

GUess I should "enjoy" the last occasion I have to lose money on something and buy that ugly digipack by Déclic (with sub and dub). I always postponed because I had some hopes the original two simple boxes (sub only) would emerge xD
(Done. I'll have to swallow it fast though, with the exam resits coming in a month and me interrupting life again after. xD)
Rei_III Apr 28, 2:56 AM
But I doubt it will be translated or available worldwide, right?
Rei_III Apr 25, 4:22 AM
Just poppping up to wish you a good time with a certain Gonzo show. (I wish I had bought it when it finally got a DVD box here...)