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Days: 410.2
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Kuuchuu Gunkan Atlantis
Kuuchuu Gunkan Atlantis
Sep 13, 8:03 AM
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Digimon Adventure:
Digimon Adventure:
Sep 13, 2:53 AM
Watching 13/? · Scored 5
Junkers Come Here Pilot Film
Junkers Come Here Pilot Film
Sep 6, 5:30 AM
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Days: 125.7
Mean Score: 6.39
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Kenshirou ni Yoroshiku
Kenshirou ni Yoroshiku
Aug 16, 11:13 AM
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F. Compo
F. Compo
Aug 14, 5:10 PM
Reading 6/102 · Scored -
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam Side Story
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam Side Story
Aug 1, 3:08 PM
Completed 4/4 · Scored 5


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allBrawNnoBrains Sep 14, 6:23 PM
How did I find your profile, mon ami? I'm not too sure, but you have a cool profile with a shit ton of Gundam stuff (which I just love). And, like me, you love Evangelion! You're one batard magnifique (did I say that right? I may be Canadian but my french isn't great)!
FMmatron Aug 29, 2:30 AM
Apparently for me neither xD
Rei_III Aug 14, 10:46 AM
FMmatron Aug 14, 2:12 AM
I don't mind the jokes and I'm perfectly fine that mine is seemingly endless( but we all know the end is near and we fear it)

Unicorn is waiting since December in my folder xD
FMmatron Aug 14, 12:43 AM

One Piece is one of the 5 pillars in my life :D
FMmatron Aug 13, 9:59 PM
At least the rating is more than fair, as expected.

Oh man, that's lame ._. Is there nothing I could do to change your mind regarding One Piece?
St0rmblade Aug 13, 8:31 AM
Can't not share this after watching Megazone23:
Nice tribute to Kumi Miyasato
St0rmblade Aug 11, 11:34 PM
Since the author mentioned that this piece is from the original Zeta draft, I'm not surprised it didn't make to the end, because it sounds...strange, to say the least. The character in question didn't end up having enough screentime anyway.
The twitter replies for that translation try to link Tomino to some political movements:
He's mentioned in the text only twice though, so I'm not sure it's that relevant.
CodeBlazeFate Aug 1, 5:58 AM
Basically, for years now, people with an average lower than a 5.00 (or sometimes even around it) get pestered by people ignorantly, and often hatefully asking "why u watch anime when u hate it, why waste time with the medium" whether it be out of genuine confusion or some twisted sense of trying to gatekeep "dem darn elitists". Those of us with a 5.something - 6 still have averages far lower than the typical MAL user's average according to MALgraph but we don't seriously get such a question tossed at us much. People saying that now in the comments are just trolling or wondering wtf that whole deal is about. I only have one comment as of late that has any genuine animosity towards me.
FMmatron Jul 31, 5:37 AM
And then there's me trying to focus on the "enjoyable" aspects._.

Our ways of looking at Vinland Saga are too far apart.
St0rmblade Jul 29, 6:58 AM
No, I'm currently fine with it. Though I think that some of the Earth episodes could've been more interesting as opposed to the space ones. Quite an observation, given that I generally liked Earth episodes more in other UC installments.
These early Earth episodes were pretty much similar to early Zeta ones (long journey to Space/to Earth) with many battles, and very slow. As for ZZ, I think the good space episodes of V can be compared (in terms of quality/enjoyment) to the Africa arc. Though I might agree with you that V may not have a big overall narrative and just goes with the flow...not sure if that's really bad though.
FMmatron Jul 27, 9:56 AM
A bit over an hour in and it's really nice, like the tight pacing and doesn't feel like important details are missing (feel free to correct me on that)

Also almost forgot how chill it is to watch an anime with ger subs.
MALadjusted Jul 27, 6:08 AM
Wow, talk about good timing! I'll check out those movies for sure. I know that this Char fella has a big following, so I'm looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about. :)
MALadjusted Jul 26, 10:21 AM

Thanks for your reply. I don't think they were intrusive at all! For us lurkers and latecomers, discussion around a show can be difficult to come by, which makes considered commentary like yours invaluable. It's great that MAL has maintained its threads over so many years.

I suspect it'll be a quite a while before I start on Evangelion 1.0. The originals are already such an exhaustive (in every sense) execution of the material. Though they did leave some questions unanswered, so I suppose it's a messy sort of completeness. In any case, I need to let these feelings settle before I let some new continuity overwrite them! :D

I liked both the series and the film a great deal, although watching them took a lot out of me. It was touch and go with that last scene - the film utterly defeated my attempts to remain detached, and had it actually ended with Shinji strangling Asuka to death I would have been devastated. As it was, I felt both the endings let in just enough light for the message I think they were trying to send.

I've always been uncertain about where (and whether) to start with Gundam. There's just so much of it! :O
CodeBlazeFate Jul 26, 8:21 AM
I can already tell this is gonna be quite the read