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Minmay Lynn

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Macross: Do You Remember Love?
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Macross: My Fair Minmay ~ Dreaming Prelude
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Minmay Lynn (鈴 明美)

Birthday: October 10

Born in Japan (though she is of partial Chinese descent) as Linn Minmei, Minmay moved in with her uncle Shaochin and aunt Feichun on South Ataria Island in hopes of finding the path to fulfill her dream of becoming a star. On the day of the Zentradi invasion, she meets Hikaru and a series of events leads to her being swept off on the SDF-1 Macross along with the rest of the surviving population from that island. While on the space fortress, Minmay wins the Miss Macross beauty pageant and is propelled into celebrity. When the Macross returns to Earth, she is the only civilian allowed off the space fortress. After her trip home in Japan (where her parents remained), Minmay returned to the fortress with her cousin Lynn Kaifunn (and Hikaru's competition for her affection) in tow. Ultimately, Minmay sings the songs that end the first war against the Zentradi.

During the second part of the series, the very fame and success she craved finally left her tired and virtually alone. She tries to run away from her celebrity status and start anew, with a more simple life alongside Hikaru, who is now more confused than ever in defining his feelings for Minmay and Misa Hayase; all of this while new conflicts arise between the human and Zentradi survivors of the first war. At the end, both Hikaru and Minmay realize they are very different people, and Minmay accepts that Hikaru belongs with Misa.

In 2012, she embarks on the SDF-2 Megaroad-01 colony ship, which disappears 4 years later during its voyage towards the center of the Milky Way galaxy, becoming a legend in the Macross universe since then.

Minmay's personality is that of any teenage girl, fun-loving, playful, full of dreams and hopes that she may realize some day. After their initial encounter during the start of the Space War I, Hikaru builds a deep infatuation on her that grows on and on throughout the series. But after Minmay wins the Miss Macross contest and becomes a distant pop idol, his feelings for her change, as she becomes too involved not only in the popular culture, but as a symbol of the human struggle against the Zentradi. Minmay also displayed insecurity and doubts about her attraction toward Hikaru and her cousin Lynn Kaifunn.

In the film The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?, Minmay's portrait was a bit different from the first Macross series. In the movie's story, she was already a popular singer and movie star, and she and Hikaru had never met before until the events that turn up on the movie. Hikaru is portrayed as a Valkyrie pilot who is a Minmay fan, and apparently falls for her after their meeting; Minmay, for her part, already tired on living on the eye of the media, initially befriends Hikaru after he saves her life, and she sees him as a friend from the outside of the crazy world of fame she has been living. As the plot evolves, she also begins to fall for him, yet it is too late, as Hikaru realizes he loves Misa, and his fascination for Minmay was just that and nothing more.

Her hit songs include "My Boyfriend's a Pilot," "Little White Dragon," and "Do You Remember Love?" The first song that Minmay sings, "Cinderella" in Episode 4, was not written for the show. Instead, the song had been written by Iijima prior to being picked for the role of Minmay. The fact that she was a songwriter was one of the factors that led to her being selected. Coincidentally, the very last song that Minmay would sing in a Macross animated production, "An Angel's Paints" from the Do You Remember Love? movie and Flash Back 2012 video, was also written by Iijima.

In the Macross world, Minmay is continued to be remembered even decades after Space War I. Her songs are constantly cherished and she will always be known as the girl who ended a war by singing. Throughout every Macross sequel (even the non-canon Macross II), Minmay is referred either indirectly (through references of her songs) or explicitly. In Macross 7, she became an inspiration to Basara Nekki, who intends to win over his enemies through singing. In Macross Frontier her song "My Boyfriend's A Pilot", sung by Ranka Lee during a Miss Macross Frontier competition, was referred to as "a legendary song every person here knows".

Voice Actors
Forstadt, Rebecca
Iijima, Mari
Lobo, Ana
Hernández, Cristina
Lima, Márcia Regina
Portuguese (BR)
Yang, Jeong Hwa
Garcel, Sylvia
Massironi, Marina
Helena, Lúcia
Portuguese (BR)
Leal, Marisa
Portuguese (BR)
Guigui, Joëlle
Sacquet, Laurence

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