Kiku "Kiku Kenzaki" Takane

Kiku Takane

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Kiku Takane (高嶺菊)
Girl tenacious, gutsy, spiritually strong, has grown from one small Ryuji, playing the dual role of mother and older sister.
Following the death of his father Go, helped by his single mother Chiyo and her little brother to bear the harassment of Tomizo, his stepfather,she fled from their home along with Ryuji, trains him in boxing and spurs in an attempt to make a champion. Kenzaki thinks she's a genius of boxing, and the sentiment is mutual, as well as the affection the two have for one another, and who later became love, bringing them to the altar. Ishimatsu it is submissive to his authority and beauty, and is crazy about her; Takako Kawai fear it perhaps more than Ryuji theme, challenging person and ending up losing. It is no coincidence that, in times of difficulty relies on her.
Takehiko Sanjo and Dr. Ohmura, who had accepted for charity, they discover that it is a great worker.

Kiku is not, in short, a person who goes unnoticed.

Voice Actors
Tanaka, Rie

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