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Nov 20, 2016 1:26 PM
Mobile Suit Gundam: (2015)
Yoshiyuki Tomino and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko discuss the Gundam movies (My Anime, May 1981)
Yasuhiko about character-designs creation (GIRL'S Gundam mook, september 2009)
Yasuhiko about 0079 (plus bits of Zeta, F91 and The Origin) and his career in general (Animage, june 2015)
"I gave enemy MS weird names, like Gelgoog, to harass the higher ups. They okay'd all the names that I thought there was no way would pass. That's when I realized that these people didn't actually care about the show. I really thought M'Quve was a stretch. I really hated Char's name. He's Char because he appears swiftly (Shaa = SFX for swift wind).
On the other hand, the only name they complained about was Amuro's wich I had spent the longest time on. They said it sounded too weak for a MC but it's true ! He was weak !"
Translation: Source:

Making Gundam An Inside Story, the 2019 NHK documentary (english, spanish)
Series TV ratings

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam:
Interview of Yoshiyuki Tomino (May 1986)

Char and Amuro (MSG to CCA): (DOWN)
Archived here:

Tomino interviewed in 1993 by Anno: CCA, sexiness and Nanai's genitals... (partial, dubious, translation)

Gundam F91 Production Sidestory (F91 Official edition Book, may 1991)

Interview Hideaki Anno VS Yoshiyuki Tomino in Animage July 94
Tomino in 2015 said:
I want to completely reject this work. These kind of results are the full responsibility of the director. If you should by some mistake watch this Blu-ray, try looking for what’s bad in ‘Mobile Suit V Gundam’. If even one person notices, then I believe that there will have been meaning in releasing this Blu-ray.


Interview of Jôjo Nakata (ANN, November 2017)
One of your very first anime roles was the narrator in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. What do you remember from those days?

Jouji Nakata: Gundam was pretty famous even then, but I had never watched it. Even though I read the whole script, I didn't know how to play the part. So I had to talk with Yoshiyuki Tomino, the series director. Now when I watch that narration or any stuff related to Gundam, I feel embarrassed. Tomino was kind of scary (laughs). The thing is, many professionals started their careers with Gundam. Now we are all veterans, even if we don't see each other as often.

Why was Tomino scary?

Because Tomino was very passionate about the series. Although he wasn't the sound director, he gave lots of direction during the process. He had a lot of passion and wanted to be part of the whole thing.


Tomino in 2014 said:
I’ve come to realize that asking Sid Mead [to do mechanical designs for the series] was a mistake. I was already a fan of his preexisting works, so I gave him free rein to do as he wanted. Actually, somewhere along the line I felt like there was something a little off with the designs he’d submitted, but by that time things were too far along to change their trajectory.

Zeta : A New Translation:
Short Q&A following the USAs premiere:
First and second parts

Ring of Gundam:

Tomino said G Reco takes place 500 years AFTER Turn A
Gundam made by other people are all shit including the Origin. I can’t stand to watch even 5 minutes of them.

(source: )
NoLife interview with Tomino and G-Reco's producer
Yoshiyuki Tomino Admits Story Problems in Gundam Reconguista or Yoshiyuki Tomino finally admits that Gundam Reconguista in G has problems

Tomino about his work (February 2000, US magazine interview) (source: animenostalgiabomb) (New York, 2009)
A video interview from the same Festival (2015)
About modern voice acting
Tomino in Forbes: Gundam, G-Reco, his career, the future

Kunio Okawara, about mechanical design (Forbes, July 2016)

If anyone sees this and has more quotes, articles or interviews giving insights on Tomino's Gundam animated works, their creation, self-critics etc, please comment.
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St0rmblade | Jul 20, 2020 1:20 AM
Something probably worth adding: a lenghty interview with Kunio Okawara about mecha designs. It's not only about Gundam, but still:
Rei_III | Apr 28, 2020 5:00 PM
Update: a 1986 interview of Tomino, translated by Zeonic scanlations
+ the 2019 NHK documentary
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