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CYBER punk world ruled by advanced technology (the population's over-reliance on tech tools borders on unhealthy). Humans playing gods in a vain attempt to superfically suppress social malaises, ala Orwell's 1984. Dystopian narratives with elements borrowed heavily from loads of thought-provoking literature and philosophy. Protagonists' increasing sense of self-awareness causes psychological alienation from blissfully unaware masses, leading them to be caught in truly tense, nail-biting Catch-22 situations and often tosses them between following their ingrained values and (eventually) questioning the system. Antagonists are hard to hate anti-heroes who, unlike the former, have clear albeit destructive purposes in sight. They are often resolutely unwavering in the   read more
report Recommended by thismarlasinger
These two are cyberpunk/post-cyberpunk anime highly influenced by Hollywood 'sci-fi noir' movies like Blade Runner. Also, the group of main characters in both anime exercise the police power to keep the order in their idealistic societies, societies that uttermost fall in the category of the panoptical 'Foulcaut-like' dystopias.
report Recommended by BDL
Ergo Proxy and Psycho-Pass share a dystopian setting combined with a heavy philosophical backdrop, with beautiful animation, dark cinematography, and a cold, dominating, yet enjoyable score backing them up. The philosophies covered in Ergo Proxy and Psycho-Pass tackle different topics, but Proust ideals are brought up in both shows. While Ergo Proxy tries to tackle too many philosophical ideas, Psycho-Pass has only a few core ideas it explores from a variety of angles, using themes present in Phillip K. Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" and William Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus" (among others) to illustrate its themes. If you have viewed and enjoyed Ergo Proxy,   read more
report Recommended by FuzzyProxy
It can be argued, but I have an opinion that Ergo Proxy is similar to Psycho-pass. When i was watching Ergo Proxy i found this anime with very grim environment, which i liked a lot. And now I'm watching Psycho-Pass with the almost the same feeling of situation. So, according to this, perception of these 2 anime is hard and complicated. Also what is most important is that Ergo Proxy and Psycho-Pass are present in the future and stories tell us about how "afterworld" affect on our characters and what happens with people's initiative, that can be the main highlight of these anime by genre -   read more
report Recommended by ZorrdaFRseDo
I found these two series a bit similar given their settings, themes, and backgrounds. Both series takes place in a setting beyond our present times with advanced technology. They have a sort of dystopia like feeling to them. As such, both series employs the usage of science fiction featured throughout each episode. Both series main protagonists are cold, independent, and have skills that makes them who they are. As such, they use those skills throughout the series to deal with issues and problems going on in their worlds. Both series features action, drama, and gives off a general serious tone. Murders and crimes are also expected in both   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Both series have dystopia as settings. They both have intense action scenes while these are not the main focus of the anime. Both of these animes have fascinating plot starting with fascinating backgrounds, and I would strongly recommend watching both series. While Psycho-Pass is straightforward for the most part, Ergo Proxy may be frustrating at times for some.
report Recommended by ktw9412
Ergo Proxy and Pscho-Pass are cyber punk shows that set in dark, dystopian society. The main characters are in charge of policing the public. As they investigate various strange occurrences, audience are presented with various evidence in which the society fail to function well.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
The two anime share a 'dark' art style. They are both very much psychological, intellectual anime, emphasising on the characters and the plot. These anime are definitely not action based, but are more story-driven with exciting occasional action a developed sinister plot!
report Recommended by Snakes
Both are of the science fiction genre, and both take place in the future. Both also deal with members of public enforcement; some variation of the police we have in the current society. Both also deal with the errors of future society, and uncovering the secrets that are hidden from what is supposed to be an ideal society. The art styles are both beautiful, and terrifying. Ergo Proxy is a bit more on the 'fantasy' style, but not enough so that they aren't similar.
report Recommended by Nitro-Nito
Psycho-Pass and Ergo Proxy are both cyber-punk anime with philosophical messages within.
report Recommended by Tomboy
Similar themes. Futuristic setting with a society run by technology.
report Recommended by Lupelie
Both are dark, noir-esque serious shows set in a future pseudo-dystopia. Given their setting, both have a degree of social and/or political commentary on the state of society, government control, and the blurred line that helps us distinguish between beneficial technology or technology made to control the common people. Ergo Proxy focuses a little bit more on the philosophy of life and sentient awareness, with a lot of religious and historical connotations. Psycho-Pass is more a deconstruction of social states and the arguable ideals offered by authoritarian figures. Both anime are thoroughly engaging, and hell entertaining.
report Recommended by sangu
- both set in the future - both very psychological and philosophical - the art is similar in tones and design, although psycho-pass uses brighter tones
report Recommended by Fiorechan97
Badass female main character, futuristic setting with robots and cyberpunk, actually well written het ships, overthrowing the government, gore. The main characters aren't much alike, but the way things happen and the psychological thrill are what make these anime so much alike.
report Recommended by yoite_
Cyber-punk, dystopia, political intrigue, post apocalyptic / sci-fi, mystery / crime related. ~ Thought-provoking in the same way, with many philosophical and sociological themes; ~ Technological dependence; ~ Dark setting with gray morality characters.
report Recommended by pondipat
Both series tackle philosophical concepts and ideas which are set in dystopian environments. Thought-provoking and intellectual which make them enjoyable to watch.
report Recommended by AgatoNtB
Though the plots are ultimately different, Ergo Proxy and Psycho-Pass both begin as dark (literally and metaphorically), dystopian crime-drama-type shows. Both revolve around a male-female duo delving into the true meaning and purpose of themselves and their societies: Akane (F, optimist) and Kogami (M, cynic), Re-L (F, cynic) and Vincent (M, optimist-ish) Ergo Proxy is more of a mind screw and focuses more evenly on all its characters, and Psycho-Pass is slightly more black-and-white morally. But both are philosophy-heavy and thought-provoking, with genuinely surprising reveals and a story driven equally by plot and character.
report Recommended by but-emma-can
The best of dystopian sci-fi series. Psycho-Pass is a bit more of a psychological thriller with more twists and action from episode to episode, while Ergo Proxy is much more reflective, subdued, and quiet.
report Recommended by -j--
Psycho-Pass and Ergo Proxy share genres. To name a few: Sci-Fi, Seinen, and Psychological. Psycho-Pass for me also exuded a dark mood. If you're looking for an even darker atmosphere then Ergo Proxy is for you. Not to mention, Ergo Proxy is one of my favorite animes :) Definitely give it a watch, I highly recommend.
report Recommended by ExuberantEsper