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The series have the same showcase of "Law versus Crime", the only difference is the themes. In terms of characters Death Note revolves around two Genius students with different personality and the anti-hero holding a handy-dandy Reaper Notebook while Psycho-Pass revolves between Cops using Advance Techno weapon that has full duplex psychological inspection that switches the gear from a Neurological paralyze r to Anti-matter shooting bullet and Masterminds that have odd different assassination fetish.
report Recommended by Azraniel
Both anime are dark, deal with crime, and have detectives attempting to catch the criminals committing them.
report Recommended by yngtadpole
* Both have action and criminal scenes. * Both have genius enemies. * Both have characters how fight to change the state of the world. * Both are unpredictable as the next chapters. * Both have a character how rejects the state of the society.
report Recommended by kojuro-kun
clearly here Light = Shinya Kougami L = Shougo Makishima nothing is black or white...everything is grey psycho pass is in a futuristic world where the nation is maintained by a system which is trying to create a utopia but it has a dark side to it the system has a dark side to it and what is right and wrong is questioned...
report Recommended by fullmetalpower
Similar gritty tone with several shared themes. Psycho-Pass places a heavier emphasis on action but, much like Death Note, does not rely on action to progress the story.
report Recommended by smileyboyrocks
Another anime that features the opposition of two geniuses. But these time both, unlike Light and L, the main hero and the main villain BOTH have criminal psychology which essentially makes them similar rather than different.
report Recommended by shinezu
The feel of these two shows is eerily familiar, and especially till the end. They are both thinking animes with lots of complex themes and dramatic moments that take place within a nail-biting struggle between two highly compelling and highly intelligent sides as they wage a war where ideologies may be similar, but ends aren't. Both have a genius criminal with arguably just ends but who use horrible(and brutally efficient) methods to achieve it. Both antagonists are maniacs who want to rid the society of an evil that the viewer identifies and is familiar with, so their cause can often be identified with, and so   read more
report Recommended by IAmSovereign
What makes these two anime's linked is their story, and how society works in regards to crime. Death Note takes place in modern times, while Psycho-Pass is in the future, but both have the same core themes. In the end, it's about corruption and judgement. Who is fit to judge society, and how do we determine such judgement? If you enjoy such themes, and strong story lines, then you'll enjoy this anime.
report Recommended by Nitro-Nito
There is a villain who constantly gives detectives the runaround. Both villains are stuck with the belief that their murderous actions were acts of justice. Unlike in Death Note, detectives are fully aware of the villain's identity in Psycho-Pass.
report Recommended by Demi_V
Both anime pose the same theme: re: how do you judge the good and the evil? The villain in Psycho-Pass is just as smart and twisted as Light in Death Note.
report Recommended by omwg
Psycho pass may not be as good as death note but I do recommend any death note fans to check this anime out. Both anime have the similar feel to them. Both have the main characters who have differing views as to what is 'right' or 'wrong' in terms of justice. Similar art, similar atmosphere, both are crime, both have action,l and both do have a thriller aspect to some extent. Mainly, both are very psychological, death note is more 'genius'-like analyzing people's feelings & thoughts type of anime whereas psycho pass doesn't have main characters with as much smartness but the actions & thoughts   read more
report Recommended by k240
Psycho-Pass is pretty much a mixture of Death Note and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. It is a futuristic game of cat and mouse between two highly intelligent individuals. One being law enforcement equivalent and the other a villain who believes his efforts help society.
report Recommended by versatile903
-Psychological theme -A lot of death, though in comparison to Psycho Pass, Death Note's isn't very direct -Centered around crime and investigators -The main character in Death Note is similar to the antagonist in Psycho Pass -Based around morality -Is killing okay in certain situations? Etc -Both make you think and is more for people with mature mind sets (people who know that things aren't just black and white) I think that if you liked one, you would like the other.
report Recommended by Shanayaaa
Both of them are great cat and mouse games where the protagonists want to change the way the society is governed. Both make you think about ethical responsibilities and rally around an "all or nothing" approach.
report Recommended by Bvern004
Both shows focus on the police point of view to stop crime. Features clever characters, outsmarting the enemy, and an overall dark atmosphere.
report Recommended by Backin2020
Both involve crimes with genius culprits and a very in-depth interesting journey of the investigators catching the culprit.
report Recommended by JsaKim
Both involves detectives, criminals and a pure genius character who has an abnormal perspective of the world.
report Recommended by KyuremX
The protagonist and antagonist of these series share similar traits by being driven by one another philosophies. Light & Koguami are both geniuses that work for the law. They both wish to rid their world of corruption, by delivering their own form of justice. But,along the way they both become corrupted. Eventually, they both become obsessed with defeating their biggest opponents. (Light v.s L) & (Koguami v.s Makishima). If you like stories about witty heroes who struggle to do what is right without caving into doing what is wrong. You'll enjoy both these series.
report Recommended by luxuriadolli
Two enemies who are similarly intelligent and hate each other essentially. The part that makes me feel it's the most similar is when she said that they knew each other better than they knew themselves.
report Recommended by Brokenxwing
A lot of people die in gruesome ways and in both shows there are psychological themes. The main character in Death Note is very similar to the antagonist in Psycho Pass. Both are centred around crime and the idea of morality and what is right.
report Recommended by saibhandari
They both have intelligent, likable main characters and villains and amazing story. Though I like Death Note more, Psycho pass is also really good.
report Recommended by MAEC4333
The main character of Death note and the main antagonist of Psycho Pass are determined to fullfil their goals, and both of their goals have something to do with the whole world. The protagonist of Death Note is being chased by the police, so does the main antagonist. These anime have a similar atmosphere, unique moments and very good characters. Very similar anime, with Death Note being supernatural, and Psycho Pass action. Almost everything else is similar. Both of them pretty enjoyable.
report Recommended by Pokkitaru
-Both are really dark games of cat-and-mouse. -Psycho Pass is a bit more dark in terms of gore, but you'll love Death Note even so. -There is no solid "good" or "bad" guy in these animes. You'll just have to side with who's more "right". -The MCs are either "Anti-Heroes" or "Anti-Villains". All of the MCs may be right in their goal, but their methods are dirty. -"The End Justifies the Means." is the most accurate quote to describe the Main Characters. Both are great animes to watch if you're a fan of psychological animes that dig deep on the human behaviour.
report Recommended by -Heika
Both make you question what is morally right from wrong and both will have you speculate what life is truly about after your finished.
report Recommended by _Iconic
The concept is practically the same. Although it takes a few episodes to get the plot going, both have to do with someone trying to change something that has already been established. As far as death note is concerned you have Light Yagami who wants to kill all criminals to change the world. Psycho pass has Sogo Makishima who believes the sybil system is broken and tries to bring it down with similar means. In each case there is of course someone who tries to stop the respective villains, L on the one side and Akane/Kogami on the other side.
report Recommended by ColonelVLS
-Expert detectives -Genius villains trying to make a better world If you enjoyed the cat & mouse chase of Death Note and the psychological aspect, you will probably enjoy Psycho Pass. Overall, it is more disturbing to an extent. If you can handle that and want a good crime drama, Psycho-Pass is a good anime.
report Recommended by hermit423
Both: -Feature a rivalry between two highly intelligent characters. -Deal with the concepts of good, evil and perfect society. -Are heavily psychological. -Have a similar dark atmosphere. Death Note focuses on it's story the whole way and has a supernatural twist to it, while Psycho-Pass has several sub-plots that tie into the overarching story, and as a sci-fi anime places some focus on world building. It also has plenty of action scenes, unlike Death Note.
report Recommended by Abominational
If you enjoyed the mental battle between L and Kira in DeathNote, but haven't seen Psycho-Pass then you're missing out, both are psychological, police, thrillers. The art styles for both are very similar, with a large focus on darker colours. Similarities: - Mental battle between police and a criminal. Differences: - Psycho-pass is set in a Sci-Fi world. - Female protagonist in psycho pass. - Psycho-pass follows the police's point of view, we don't see the criminals plans till they happen.
report Recommended by Midwicket
Both are thrillers where a villain schemes and plots to remain a step ahead of the pursuing law enforcement. They each do so while tackling complex themes about how society handles crime and punishment, as well as questioning the motivation and justification behind law enforcement entities.
report Recommended by funkyfreshwiz
They are both contains very strong element of crime objectivity and justice. There's the same wavelength of seriousness and dark content. Both of them also have detective characters--so everyone will see the familiarity of deductive prowess and psychotic to sociopath level of cast.
report Recommended by SenyoriitaReads
These not similar in story-line however they're both a good crime mystery. Psycho-Pass has a more futuristic setting than Death Note. There's also a second season of Psycho-Pass in case you enjoyed the first season (and possibly a third season soon). There's suspense, plot twists and sadness to both stories. One difference between these two animes is that in Psycho-Pass the protagonist is female but similar in that she is working for government/police force. Another difference is that Psycho-Pass is set in the future with futuristic devices and technology and that there is no supernatural presence (Shinigamis).
report Recommended by xKawaii_Cupcakex
In a sense, Psycho-Pass, in my opinion, is a great series =, if you are a hardcore mystery anime veteran. It has thrilling mystery, mind-blowing games of cat and mouse and a sexy male lead (if you know what I mean Hr Hr Hr wink wink Light wink wink) and a dystopian future which is 'perfect' yet flawed. If you watched Death Note, Psycho-Pass is a great recommendation, and will activate it's Lethal Eliminator on ANYONE, who thinks otherwise. (GROOOOOOAAAAAN!!!!)
report Recommended by SirKnight007
Both animes are based on what is right or wrong. The thought of justice and whether killing criminals is correct, which you see in Death Note - and a society with a perfect system, which you see in Psycho-Pass, but is that for the best? However, when thinking about ethics and morals, both these animes, show a massive insight regarding that topic.
report Recommended by Meldrop
The psychological battle between "good" and "bad" in Psycho Pass immediately reminded me of Death Note. Both the main characters in this batle aren't defined in a certain role but are very alike and understand eachother on a different level to predict eachother. Both are weirdos/outsiders that didn't have/like a normal life. Both have a high amount of attention spend on judgement of criminals/people and wether this judgement is or can be correct.
report Recommended by TycoDJ
They both have Great Villains/Anti Heroes. They are both about Crime fighting and solving cases. They have great suspense and would keep you guessing and wondering whats going to happen next.
report Recommended by C1AN
If you enjoyed the mystery and detective elements of Death Note, Psycho Pass will scratch that itch and more. Raising very complex questions about morality and freedom while having an engaging story.
report Recommended by danielmoss1911
Both series feature police forces trying to catch an enigmatic criminal who always seems to be one step ahead of them, and involve commentary on how society can be strongly affected by the actions of just a handful of people.
report Recommended by MarisaTheCube
both of these animes have two heroes with different ideology! they both contain smart antihero and hero! they both makes you think about your own beliefs
report Recommended by ParsaFakhar
Tackles deep themes regarding free will among other things.
report Recommended by sethbingo
Kill, or not to kill. The most notable similarity of these two is judging people. They commit a crime, so they are bad people. The differences are the way power works, whom the power of judging belongs to, and how they use that power for justice. The overall theme is dark, enough to give audiences intensity and chills, triggering audiences' minds to think and judge what's right and what's wrong. These two are not being too similar, yet gives the same vibe.
report Recommended by 810Teams
Both shows involve two thin dudes duking it out in a psychological cat and mouse game, with one attempting to shape society to his own liking, and the other one with the police trying to stop him. There are constant mind games, with each side attempting to predict the other's actions. The shows suffer from some glaring writing issues, but I think both of them do a decent job at covering them up with pure excitement and thrills.
report Recommended by Zytoep
If you are looking for a psychological and police thriller, both are excellent. - The two present a psychological clash between villain and hero, in which both sides are intelligent and try to predict the opponent's movements and way of thinking. - Both deliver a debate about the nature of the human being. In Death Note, the main focus is on the concept of justice, the penalty of crimes and individual corruptions, while Psycho-Pass deals more with the origin of crime, the law and the utilitarianism of the system. Still, the dialogues and reflections raised are very similar. - In both shows, there are references to other works.   read more
report Recommended by Marander
Both of these shows share an extremely similar dynamic between a genius protagonist and a genius antagonist. The antagonist usually has a compelling argument for his actions and makes you understand where they are coming from, at times even wanting to root for them. Both of these shows will have you on the edge of your seat because of the interactions between the protagonist and antagonist, constantly wondering who will outsmart who and how. These shows aren't really similar plot wise but they are similar in the mind games that happen between the two throughout the show.
report Recommended by TheOdin
A lot of mindgames and detective work.
report Recommended by ANT4
Both shows feature intriguing examinations of criminal psychology. They both have agencies that aid in the investigation to catch the killer. They both have amazing villains/anti-heroes: Light Yagami and Shougo Makishima. Both feature a fun cat and mouse chase between detective and killer, and the detective and killer in both shows are equally matched and are perfect rivals for each other.
report Recommended by AcbSnakeDemon
Both are detective and mystery. They also are a bit twisted in their own way.
report Recommended by Verou
detective but very different tones. Both superb though
report Recommended by crestfire
The Themes are strikingly similar, in case of Death Note, a world filled with crime, a guy tries to make a world without it, in Psycho pass, a world without crime, a guy tries to make a world with crime in if that isn't something that tugs you to watch these both exceptional shows, nothing will...
report Recommended by damien_sensei
The 2 are based on a dark and deep plot, wanting to know what is good or evil. focusing on protagonists who through the chapters get closer to the final battle, however in the 2 stories the plot continues after this event. Series difficult to see if you are not used to intellectual battles and a bit of existential crisis. Super recommended.
report Recommended by casnicki
since my first recomendation was removed for beeing to vague I will need to go into mid level spoilers for deathnote (although youre unlikely to get it) and very light ones for Psycho Pass. people who read this from psycho pass beware. Ready? okay. Both explore a Uptopian/(Dystopian?) Socieity and end up surfacing its weaknesses and flaws(still gonna keep this a bit vague). In both series we have briliant strategists opposing each other in a fight for what is just in their views. The ending also both leave open interesting questions for the viewer (I didnt watch psycho pass s2/3 because I heard bad things about it and   read more
report Recommended by fast2611
Both are psychological and thriller Lots of Action Involve the police
report Recommended by notalyssa
If you like the detective theme in one show, you are going to enjoy the other, the difference is Death Note is supernatural and the Psycho-Pass is futuristic. Both have a great intellectual duel going on.
report Recommended by andrewgon
If you're looking for some anime that are gonna make you reflect on topics like moral, justice and distopic society, they both share this feature. Dark, pressing and passionate, the stories are something unique, the characters are all interesting and well constructed, you can't deny the "bad" guys have no logic reasons for what they've doing, actually you're mislead by their thoughts. Who gives us the right to decide who is a criminal and who is not? Who is bad and who acts for the good of a higher purpose? What are good and evil for mankind? Of course these 2 anime present many differences, Death Note is   read more
report Recommended by UtisNemo
Both of these anime have fascinating villains. Each mastermind is intelligent and manipulative. Both villains have their own idea of what justice is. As a viewer, you can't help but question your own views on morality and crime. The villains' actions make you think, and this is great. It's easy to see how power can corrupt someone. Watch these anime if you want to see intelligent, riveting, elusive villains who want to fight injustice with their own ideals. Will they be caught? Will they always outsmart the detectives that are coming for them?
report Recommended by Schwarznight
Both of these series feature a battle of minds, with Makishima being an absolutely brilliant antagonist to Tsunemori and Kougami, similar to the dynamic between Light and L.
report Recommended by funnychristi
Both deal with mind games and cat and mouse with law and crime as the themes,when it comes to intense scenes,it's all ruthless,no subtlety.
report Recommended by Hatreddd
Also deals with investigation of crimes and has very intelligent e protagonists and antagonists.
report Recommended by erika_tea
The most notable similarity is that both shows have two opposite rivals with clashing philosophies. Both are suspenseful shows that have a serious atmosphere. The animation style is also similar, darker colour palettes are used, which emphasises the darker tone of the show. And lastly the characters are incredibly well written, with some juicy plot twists in there too!
report Recommended by SaltedPotatoChip
Giustice is the main theme of these psychological anime
report Recommended by Glucosio
My friend actually recommended my Psycho-Pass because he knew Death Note was my favourite anime, and I completely agree with him. The first season of psycho pass follows a cat and mouse chase with two foils. Their relationship is somewhat similar to the conflict between light and L (though Kogami and Makishima's relationship feels a tad bit forced and not nearly as well done as in death note). Psycho-Pass is also a show that allows its characters to be morally ambiguous. While Mikishima is evil because he kills innocent people, he chooses to rebel against the system to bring people freedom. The best way to describe   read more
report Recommended by CrazyTP333
Both Death Note and Psycho path ask a fundamental question about society and morality, and are crime thrillers.
report Recommended by ma1kawa11
- both have a detective VS a massive murder (the cat-rat dynamic) - the evil genius mind trying to change the system - lots of god complex - lots of plot twist and biblical references (on the photography, especially)
report Recommended by chasevee
It is similar in a way that just like how Kira viewed justice in the way of black and white, the system in which the Psycho Pass world is built upon also views the world in a very black and white way. If you also like L's way of solving crimes in an unorthodox way then you will also enjoy the mystery and crime solving aspects of Psycho Pass. Both movies also deal with dark themes which includes death and violence in a way.
report Recommended by Cia_Scarlett
An incredible villian who can only be defeated with a great mind
report Recommended by Nadapiola
Dystopian setting with a focus on a system measuring mental states. Thought-provoking exploration of ethics and societal control. Crime thriller with psychological elements.
report Recommended by leadingrhyth
both Death Note and Psycho Pass share very similar themes between the villain's motive and the law enforcement's duty
report Recommended by HeyItsGlyph
Both involve vigilante justice. These both raise the philosophical questions: Is it acceptable to kill bad guys in an extrajudicial manner? Is it acceptable to kill innocents if it means protecting more people? Psycho-Pass goes somewhat further: What kind of government/system can legitimize killing as a means of justice? Is it acceptable to use violence to overthrow a corrupt system? Both involve a cat and mouse game between a criminal and detectives. But Death Note is more of a thriller, while Psycho-pass is more action focused.
report Recommended by Khashishi
Pscho Pass definitely gives me the same vibes that Death Note did. Both were very Psychologically thrilling!
report Recommended by Zahuranecs
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