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Top Secret: The Revelation
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Only Himitsu springs to mind when thinking of other sci-fi 'investigation team' series involving the usage of futuristic scanning technology that reveals the truths people try to hide from others. In Psycho-Pass technology exists that can display a number for each person, revealing if people are "latent criminals" or not. In essence, it's technology that allows for the punishment of thought crime. In Himitsu the last memories of those murdered can be viewed in order to catch the criminals responsible. It's very similar to how in Minority Report the pieces of visions would be put together in an attempt to solve crimes... only after the crime   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
-Has a rookie cop who is trying to understand the system -Rookie cop works with a team of detectives who know how the system works -Police drama -Sci-fi elements -Psychological themes
report Recommended by xxxholic_wing
Both have a new detective in a police department the uses new, cutting edge technology (or at least new enough that the characters need to explain it for us). Almost every episode revolves around solving a case with that technology.
report Recommended by AnimeObasan
Both series revolve around police investigation in sci-fi settings, where the morality questions play a major role. Both series have a core team that works together to solve the cases, and whose pasts and personalities we slowly get to know while the cases get investigated. Both series have a main villain that instigates multiple horrifying cases and has a special connection with the main cast. In other words, if you liked one of the series, you're almost sure to like the other one too: There's the same feeling of suspense and the same main themes. The only real difference is that Psycho-Pass focuses a bit   read more
report Recommended by Ph0esz
Both share an aspect of sci-fi crime investigation. In Psycho-Pass the focus is on prevention through the mind "cloudiness" evaluating scanners where as Himitsu has a scanner that can retrieve the last moments of the victim's life. Both introduce ethical questions to the viewer along with dark-ish theme. Plots and characters also seem to share certain aspects.
report Recommended by IDex
Police/detective stories where the investigators scientifically analyze people's brains. The main character is the new member of the team. Quite violent and gory. Have characters who have been gone psycho because of the crimes they have to deal with. Have a strong appeal to female viewers.
report Recommended by IceAndCream