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Watching Death Parade strongly reminded me of Psycho-Pass, and looking back on it, it's no surprise: the morals and general message of these two anime are extremely similar. They both raise the question of what exactly good and evil are, and where to draw the distinction between them. The main characters of both anime question the central authority that dictates these decisions; however, the actions they decide to take are actually very different, making the two anime quite complementary. So basically, Death Parade and Psycho-Pass are both psychological thrillers with amazing art that make you contemplate what the f*** just happened -- and they're both   read more
report Recommended by oh_hai_mark
Both series revolve around an absolute judging system that decides a person's fate by his/her mental & emotional stability, actions and/or other factors. Eventually, we are shown the questionable credibility of the system through one of the leading protagonists' point of view.
report Recommended by WarlockAppa
Psychological genre Defines a system and then explores it. Both interesing Concepts and I think if someone likes one, he/she would like the other. Death Parade lacks action though.
report Recommended by deepjahan
Both challenge the questions and morality in judgement, executed through striking blend of masterful writing, world building and character development.
report Recommended by monarch-star
Both revolves around an absolute judging system where you are either right or wrong.... Unless the system can't judge you at all.
report Recommended by XXXXXXXXXIII
Both of these animes will screw with your head and keep asking you what just happened.
report Recommended by GreyGaming
Both Psycho Pass and Death Parade have EXACTLY the same vibe, art, ambience, and feelings when you watched them. Both dark psychological n theme, and the concept of delivering judgement and how the story counter the logical rulesof judgement into a conflict is pretty much similar in a different way. The only difference is Psycho Pass is filled with more actions while Death Parade much calmer and focus on the psychological part.
report Recommended by samuel_sfx
Good and evil and the boundaries between the two are the main themes of these animes. There is also one person in charge of judgement with a system of which humans are judged upon.
report Recommended by Butterstroke
- In both we have systems that judge people,Psycho-Pass living people, Death Parade people already dead. - In both characters they question this system, if a "machine" / doll, something that did not live, has no feelings, does not know what is joy and sadness, can judge people.
report Recommended by DaviCardoso
Good anime, they both are thought provoking in regards to ideologies of death, human behaviour and emotion. They both contain strong characters who change emotionally, consequently creating emotional scenes. The characters of Decim (Death Parade) and Ginoza (Psycho Pass) stood out to me as being rather similar, and having interesting development. I would recommend both of these series!
report Recommended by maisrf
Both shows revolve around a system which judges people's actions and determines their fate. The two shows also both have a emotional detached Mc which sometimes struggles with their judgements because of that detachment.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125