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Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
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Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
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Both take place in future. The same idea, that people with 'anomalies' work for organization against people having the same kind of 'anomalies'. The same mood. Both main characters are something like garbage.
report Recommended by Sony_Plastation
Similar vibe, color scheme, and detective/hitman tones in both
report Recommended by naidu28
If you enjoyed the sci-fi and crime aspects of Darker than Black, Psycho-Pass is a great show following that similar mix of topics.
report Recommended by WeabooSlayer
Both of these animes are set in a Japan different than the one that exists today, and both heavily involve characters who are investigators, Psycho-Pass more so than Darker Than Black. The fast paced crime solving and back and forth between the "good" guys and "bad" guys (quotes because the audience is eventually led through a deconstructive lens) are factors of both of these shows that remind me of (and are just as good as) Deathnote. If you find that your heart misses the characters the most, you'll be able to find similar characters in Psycho-Pass and Darker than Black.
report Recommended by poopface2113
Both are based upon detectives trying to think like the enemy with mysterious occurrences.
report Recommended by Batifyy
Both series happend in the future, yet in Psycho Pass the society is more advanced than in DTB. Both series have male protagonists that are fighting themselves and against the society because their ideals are in conflict. In this series the evaluation of the good and bad concepts is recurrent, and this situation makes the characters struggle between what they want and what is consider the best to do.
report Recommended by PewxPew
Both have similar themes and a similar feel. Kirihara and Tsunemori have a lot in common, and Hei and Kogami are practically the same character, to say nothing of the similarities between Huang and Masaoka. My point is, though they are on different sides of the law, the main casts of both shows are similar, the shady organizations they work for have the same secretive, questionable feel. Moreover, both series have very well done villains and no one is evil for the sake of being evil.
report Recommended by Jennpocalypse
These two anime both have systems that in some way segregate two sets of people. These anime aren't about a hero bringing one of these classes to glory, rather the separate classes just create a reason for why our heroes are doing what they do as jobs. As such, you get to see a story related to our heroes that ultimately has meaning more-so to them, not their society. Darker than Black is more supernatural while Psycho-Pass is on the futuristic side so, the imagination definitely gets to play while watching either. Psycho-Pass however, has a more straight-forward plot.
report Recommended by Callow
Both psycho pass and darker than black are set in a similar futuristic world, with the police working to fight members of society with supernatural powers
report Recommended by LuxrayMike
It's mostly the mood; very dark, very bleak worlds where people who work on the fringes have to deal with daily moral ambiguities. You keep watching both of them for similar reasons. You wan to find out about the pasts of the characters, as well as your questions about who is good and who is bad in the story. In that way they also have similar themes so I think you would likely enjoy them in the same way even though the premises are somewhat different.
report Recommended by triangulor
Darker than Black introduced me to the Psycho-Pass series. Both of them share the same sci-fi, police, and psychological elements. The main characters also share the same role and portrayal in the story like how both Hei and Kogami became vigilantes later on after they lost their place in society, while Tsunemori and Kirihara are both officers of the law who tries to work around it despite its shrouded lies and hypocrisies. Lastly, they share the same theme of a society that we realize sooner or later, is neither good nor evil, but must be changed. And in order to do so, the characters must   read more
report Recommended by Tsuchisa
Both anime deal with dark subject matter using their shared sci-fi crime noir thriller settings. -Psycho-Pass follows a police/detective unit as they deal with deviants in a highly structured and monitored society and grapple with the system's flaws, all while trying to thwart a criminal mastermind sewing chaos in his wake. -Darker Than Black follows Contractors who work outside the system towards criminal ends with their unique abilities. Many contractors find themselves pulled into conflict as they try to deal with criminal authorities and other Contractors after them.
report Recommended by E_Creator
Both are sci fi themed noir stories focusing on taking down deadly criminals and conspiracy theory related plots as well too.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
its is a very dark, action filled anime with the main male protagonists not displaying a lot of emotion.
report Recommended by jt34337
dystopia genre for the win tough but soft lonely wolf mc
report Recommended by AgusQW-
I felt immediately that Hei was practically Kogami and made this rec. + Both shows feel episodic at first, but larger plots reveal themselves in the second half. Psycho-Pass is continuous after the halfway point but DTB continues with 2-ep arcs until the end. + Kogami and Hei (male leads) are alike. They have pasts that haunt them, urging them to look for answers in the mysterious systems they operate in. Their character arcs result in coming to terms with the fact that their beliefs are different from what the system wants. + The endings to both shows are compromises and open-ended: there is no   read more
report Recommended by redalert30
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