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B: The Beginning
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B: The Beginning
Both are about criminals, masterminds, and brutal mind games. Have a very similar feeling on how action develops, how things are hidden, and how rotten is society. Great story and action scenes; in both don't fully understand what's going on, until the story allows you to. Plus, B's art, soundtrack and character development are all great (episode 3 has one of the nicest battle scenes I have seen).
report Recommended by Aure-chan
The characters are really similar. Also has a very similar feeling when watching. Both have som kind of mastermind behind.
report Recommended by RoxasAnime
Both are thriller, the story development is a bit similar as well
report Recommended by mary-9831
Both shows involve a futuristic society where there are a string of murders committed by a specific person or group. The main female characters are apart of a police task force where a stoic man seems to know more than he lets on. Psycho Pass has a better sense of suspense than B, but both are decent mystery shows.
report Recommended by Hamaneko
Though B's color scheme and characters look more mellow than Psycho-Pass, both present brutal murders, and main antagonists that stand in a rather gray area. Lily reminds me a lot of Akane since they are both enthusiastic about being cops and doing the right thing. Likewise, Keith resembles Kougami a lot in how their sanity got compromised in the line of duty. Personally, it is exciting to see a similar dynamic to Akane and Kougami in Lily and Keith. However, though you could say characters in B have parallels in Psycho-Pass, the way they interact in B is quite refreshing. Plus, humor is more present in   read more
report Recommended by cce
tightly crafted, god tier cat and mouse series. both fairly dark.
report Recommended by -j--
the criminals, the crimes, the investigators and the general atmosphere of both shows is pretty much alike, only difference is psycho pass is more futuristic meanwhile B is kinda retro
report Recommended by abyss_will