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Guilty Crown
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Guilty Crown
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1. These two anime's are set in the future. 2. There is something wrong in the government. 3. A lot of action. 4. Awesome characters in both. 5. Dark themed.
report Recommended by Sky-Guitar
They both have this mysterious feel to it. They also both have music sung by EGOIST which is beautiful. The type of story is different, but they both are amazing.
report Recommended by ClockTimes
-They both deal with a futuristic society in Japan that is in some way controlled by some powerful yet flawed force. -They both have groups that question the morality of this system and try to oppress it. -They both are sci-fi and the mood is pretty dark. -You see the characters struggle internally with their emotions and there is also some tragedies in both.
report Recommended by RaspberryFruits
- Both have a male and female protagonist . - Great character growth . - Both male protagonists are driven by their own ideas . - Both female protagonists are motivated to help the male protagonist . - At least one character from both animes grow a back bone . - Both male protagonists possess something special ( in Guilty Crown's case ; he can take people's voids && in Psycho - Pass the guy is extremely , unhumanely clever and intelligent. ) - Both endings leave you sort of upset but wraps up the anime nicely.
report Recommended by Venusz
Both of these anime are set in the future with new and different technology. Although they may seem different, they do have many similarities. They both consist of something that is in the human body that defines them in the anime. For example in guilty crown, the voids represent the people, although in psycho pass, they're mental stability does. But whereas not many people in guilty crown are aware of these voids, in psycho pass, the mental stability can determine your life and is socially accepted. Also, both of them revolve around a special weapon that is unique to the anime. They also both have the   read more
report Recommended by kinome
Both are set in a futuristic Tokyo where a villain tries to change the society in a major way. In both of them the human mental state is represented in a specific way: in Guilty Crown by "voids" and in Psycho-Pass by the "Psycho-Pass". The characters are very easy to attach to and present significant character development. The art and OST are similar and amazing.
report Recommended by Hibiki07
• Same futuristic setting • Main protagonist has struggles that they soon overcome • Both main protagonist care for their friends deeply • Both very clueless at first • Based on a strict society structure •Egoist OST • Both have groups that are against the way the government works, criminals
report Recommended by DazzlingDesserts