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Fumetsu no Anata e
Fumetsu no Anata e
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Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song
Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song
May 2, 4:42 PM
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2
Apr 28, 8:06 PM
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Oyasumi Punpun
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Chi no Wadachi
Chi no Wadachi
May 10, 10:56 PM
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Aku no Hana
Aku no Hana
May 5, 8:52 PM
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AC23 May 30, 10:49 PM
yeah same,

i will continue doubting "the idea of God" even after i see an evidence, who & what gives such being the authority to control our fates, lives & choices. and why? are we a regular anime airing on a saturday afternoon just to pass time, anyways its possible yeah.

8 but sideways sounds more like loveable god already.
Cneq May 16, 10:50 PM
Farthest thing from a doomer mate lmao

There is no objectivity when it comes to looking to the future and the only way to take advantage of events is to plan for the worst.

If the worst doesn't come to pass nothing will change and life will be just as prosperous as it is now.
If the worst does come to pass you will be 100% prepared and the only shock you will experience is the shock that people didn't see this coming.

This type of foresight has led me to financial gain, avoiding major events [such as the corona virus, knowing about it in dec 2019 basically eliminated any impact on my life] and also the mental fortitude to remain completely neutral regardless of what happens and instead of being in a state of shock this mental clarity can be used to profit off the situation.

And of course this leads to unbridled optimism because no matter what happens it will be fine, now THAT is true optimism lmao
Sheklon May 14, 9:57 PM
We're talking about Ex-Arm here, so... well, yes, but actually no. lol
Sheklon May 14, 9:20 PM
Ohh, that's what you meant. It's like I said in the thread actually, Akira was taking control of her body for the first time, and he couldn't use it very well at first. He was running to hit the villain and lost balance, falling backwards.
Sheklon May 14, 8:05 PM
Lmao. Does it really need a context? Best anime deserves best analysis.

But since you asked, half of those arguments came from a conversation had with a friend as I convinced him to watch the anime. He got to the end of it, so my job here is done, and the world is a brighter place.
MsNewWonders May 13, 7:49 PM
I try stay away from Mal as much I can. I came back during Pandemic out of boredom. I should've lefted when it let up here lol. Both. I go in at 9 am and sometimes don't get out until 5 pm. These after school programs and club love to run late. Problems, it feels like Tetris Syndrome ( When you finish something but it continues in your head on a loop ) sometimes. I like helping it a break is needed.

Thanks, I had to try. School out June 18th, I think I'll go to mexico for awhile.

MsNewWonders May 13, 6:37 PM
What you just wrote was inspirational. It's something people on here really need to hear. Not everyone here's a troll like some may think. This is exactly what I try get kids understand. Everyone different, no one weirdo because of it.

Longest time I was afraid to admit I was human. I was 24 years when I starting opening up about everything. I had to realize: I could stay an arrogant miserable person who projects all their feeling because their afraid being called weak ( Sometimes I still feel that way ) or I can try to fix and feel good about myself.

Thank you. Children and Teenagers are selfish. I had to get them to understand not everything about them.

Sadly, yes :/. I think others people problems so much I never look at my own anymore.
EndlessMaria May 13, 6:18 PM
Yeah, I've been writing the characters and world building for years now. The scale of the story is quite ambitious. It's a fantasy adventure about 2 young witch sisters who were separated, and many other diverse characters. This will be my second story, the one I want to publish some day.
MsNewWonders May 13, 4:58 PM
Now when you put like that lol. Working with adults seems way easier. Do you ever feel like they never cared about the advice? Parents always make little of the situation. My parents are like that. I remember when I told them I was bisexual. "Haha no you going through phase chicka"

Damn he look like Hyde from UnderNight. Still pretty cute lol.

Best I can. Get them to understand their boyfriend isn't as mature as them at times. He has own problems, he takes it out on you because he doesn't wanna be emotional in front of you. If you can't take it no more, breaking up is a possibility.
EndlessMaria May 13, 4:50 PM
There where a variety of factors at play that lead me to slow down on my writing. 2020 was a horrible year for me, but my situation is looking better now. I need to get back to writing my story.
MsNewWonders May 13, 4:23 PM
Oh really? You don't think adults are a little too stuck in theirs way at times? I am mom and I have little sister I dealt with 24/7 so I got a lot of it lol.

Mostly. Lately tho, been a lot girls talking about their "Boyfriend not treating me right" All that jazz.

Btw is that Hyde on your picture?
RandomChampion May 10, 8:18 PM
pub pub
Kosmonaut Apr 22, 4:07 AM
Almost all fields nowadays involve a lot of networking to be fair, but I get what you're saying, youtubers do so on a bigger scale than, say, an engineer, even if both need some level of it.

In exchange for my scholarship, I sometimes assist my adviser in presenting lectures for undergrad students, so that's where most of my public speaking experience comes from, but also from seminars here and there. That's not what I do for work, but it's the time when I give presentations.

That's a good feeling to have. I believe everyone has some knowledge to pass on, whether it's a more traditional, academic knowledge or a more 'worldly' one. If you have that desire and the opportunity to do so, it'll only enrich your own experiences, since teaching others always teaches us something, as corny as that sounds.

Post-modernism probably just isn't that hip or interesting for most people :v I mean, it can get pretty abstract with no apparent ties to people's lives, so it sounds either useless at best or pretentious at worst.
Kosmonaut Apr 20, 4:59 PM
After secondary school, I went to a more strictly humanist field with not much industrial value. However, before that, my school had a lot more technological and practical parts to it than most other schools while still retaining the humanist aspect to it, so I did end up having a bit of the mix I talked about. Despite not going forward with that industrial base I had, it's still useful to me to this day what I learned then. Taxes are hard though :v Even if they're hard, it's important to try to learn it, I think, even if accountants handle most of it for you. At least so one can check the accountant's work before filing it.

Thanks, I'm glad too. Oh, that. The 'globalist agent' bit is a dig at how some people have referred to me on CD as a 'SJW'. It used to be that, but then nowadays I don't get called that anymore really, but fairly recently someone called me a globalist, so it's that now. 'Post-cultural serviceman' is kind of similar too, because 'post-culture' is a state in which, because of globalization, all cultures are global and there's no more local cultures. To some people, if you say any kind of thing that sounds vaguely post-modern or 'lefty', you want to erase cultures, so I'm just being ironic about it. Don't pay it too much mind though.

I do bit of public speaking, but it's not my main focus. I did think about being a youtuber, you're actually not the first one to suggest that to me, but I don't know, I guess I never found the will to do so or maybe I haven't thought of something to talk about. Also, thanks a lot for the compliments! For now, writing is mostly what I do, be it for grad school or work, so getting some positive feedback makes me really happy
Kosmonaut Apr 20, 3:21 PM
On a similar vein, it does bother me quite a bit how much the 'I think of myself as trash, so everyone around me is trash too', but I've grown used to it by now. MAL at least has that working for it: it's both a big enough and engaged enough community that you can find all kinds of people within it, even if the majority isn't what you'd prefer to hang out with.

Educational systems are very important to improving society, that's true. The purist industrial approach to education, in which it's only about teaching what the market wants in their workers, isn't conductive to critical thinking and emotional development. However, the purist humanist approach, in which it completely ignores that people still need to find a job after graduating, creates people capable of critical thinking and emotional development, but no means with dealing with current society. A blend of both, maybe more focused on the latter type, would be the best option for teaching people better tools with which to deal with adult life and with which to improve their environment.

Wondering if people are okay with living in ignorance is a tough one. People are more comfortable with not leaving one's bubble and having their worldview challenged, nor reevaluating their internal frameworks, because it's scary to think one might've been wrong all along. On the other hand, if people are taught and encouraged to feel comfortable with change and evolution, that being wrong isn't the end of the world or detracts their personal worth, maybe those effects could be lessened. All of which go back to an education more catered to teaching people how to ask questions and not the already consolidated answers.