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Jan 5, 2019
It’s been nearly 12 years since I watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (TTGL), and it still remains as my favourite anime. I attempted to write a review for this beloved series over the years, and I always gave up on it. How do you convey such strong feelings into words? The answer is: you can’t. And this is probably going to end up being a mess of a “review”, but I’m going ahead anyway.

Before I begin, here's what very little info I'll tell you about myself. Ever since I was a smol man, I very much enjoyed the idea behind giant robots. Here is read more
Dec 26, 2018
I recently watched this and toward the end, I felt strongly about how *bad* it got near the end and had to write my thoughts down about it. But before I begin...

Let's just get this out of the way. While I understand the meaning of "I want to eat your pancreas", why would someone ever title a story over this? Did you have NO other creative title to suit the needs of this story? How about Living with Dying, the title of the journal the main girl wrote? Was it copyrighted, and you couldn't think of something better? Was that too literal, and was too read more
Apr 13, 2016
Boku dake ga Inai Machi, also known as Erased, is a show that exploded in popularity at the start of 2016. When a show with this much popularity arrive on the scene, you can bet on the vast continuum of viewers out there. Some would hate the show with a passion, some would love the show with equal passion, and a lot of viewers in between. I am someone who, based on the score I’ve given, would be seen in the group of fans that loved it. Indeed, I have. Here are my thoughts of Erased, and it’s going to be a long one, folks.

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Sep 21, 2014
Teamwork. Talent. Hardwork. Winning. Losing.

The realm of sports usually involve all of this, and needless to say, it was told brilliantly through Haikyuu. Unlike previous sports anime I've seen, Haikyuu remain grounded and down to Earth, despite the obvious impossibility of such talent in a Japanese high school setting. But hey, if you were ever watching anime for the sake of realism, you're probably not in the right medium.

The story of Haikyuu is straightforward but with a small unique feature. A high school volleyball team which was once a strong team is now slowly rebuilding. The team is joined by 2 1st year students, Hinata read more
Mar 24, 2014
If there was one thing that absolutely stood out for me in Aquarion EVOL, it was the artwork. Aquarion EVOL shines brightest in its absolutely gorgeous setting and consistent animation. Each location is drawn with such care and beauty and there were plenty of places for us to see. The artwork is what I'd would call "eyegasmic" or "scenery porn". It was a completely positive surprise. As of 2012, I can only list a handful of TV series that had such amazing artwork on display.

Unfortunately, aside from the delightfully eyegasmic setting it was in, the story and characters leave a bit to be desired. At read more