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Vatican Kiseki Chousakan
Jun 19, 9:44 AM
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2
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Natsume Yuujinchou
Natsume Yuujinchou
Jun 13, 9:18 AM
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swirlydragon Jun 24, 3:14 AM
Hey there, Luna!
I have downloaded Duolingo and I am learning German and Japanese atm (since you told me I can learn two languages if I want)
I am currently 23% fluent in German according to Duolingo lol
Anyway, I think you are also on Duolingo, right?
Let's become friends on Duolingo then >.< (if you don't mind)
I don't have any friends on Duolingo with whom I can compete :(
You can tell me your username on Duolingo
Btw my username on Duolingo is swirlydragon :)
swirlydragon Jun 23, 8:24 AM
Oh I see
Thnx for your advice btw xD
I guess I will start learning Japanese too then (I think I can handle two languages at the same time lol)
Anyway, I hope you learn Japanese pretty quickly ^^
All the best :)
bendalln Jun 20, 10:45 PM
Hello Luna (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Gentle Day 2 You :D

^o^ You Are Wonderful ^o^

Hello :D *Special Friendship Hug* I Promise 2 Be More Careful When Crossing The Road With Someone (^__^) *Pinky Promise* *Promise Hug* Also As You Know I Adore Children (^__^) So I Just Wrote A Poem All About Children (^__^) Can I Please Show You Please? :D Here You Go ^^

May Your Happiness Be Your Key :P
Whether Your Dancing Or Climbing A Tree :P
All Of You Are Special 2 Me :P
Because Children Are Wonderful :P
And Totally Adorable :P
Kids Are The Heart Of The World :P
So Love Them No Matter What Your Told :P
Whether There Naughty, Good, Happy Or Sad :P
You Never Make Me Mad :P
But Adults On The Other Hand :P
Are More Annoying And That's That :P
I Adore Children With All My Heart :P
So Let Them Continue 2 Play :P
And Always Love Them Anyway :P
And May God Protect Them In Every Way :P

I Absolutely Adore And Love Kids (^__^) I Truly Wish People Understood Kids A Bit More ^o^ And I Just Can't Be Mad At Kids :O Never :P There Way 2 Special 2 Be Mad At ;) And I Absolutely Hate It When Adults Are Being 2 Harsh On Children Just Because They Are Older Than Them :( And I Truly Believe That Children Are The Best Thing On Earth (^__^) And I Also Believe That God's Greatest Gift Is All The Children Of This Earth (^__^) *Children Are Awesome Hug*

Also I Truly Hope You Can Watch Lazy Town Soon (^__^) *Super Excited Hug* It's SO Much Fun ^.^ There's A Superhero Doing Back Flips All Day :P There's A Girl Named Stephanie Who Sings Songs :P And There's A Super Villain Who Wants Lazy Town 2 Be Lazy (^__^) Please? Please? Please? Tell Me What You Think Of Lazy Town After You've Watched The YouTube Video's Of Lazy Town That I Sent You (^__^) *Happiest Friendship Hug*

*Eternal Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Friendship Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :)))))))))))) :D (^__^)

bendalln Jun 20, 11:37 AM
Hello Luna (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Safe Day 2 You :D

(T^T) *Deeply Sorry Hug* (T^T)

Hello :D *Sad Friendship Hug* I Have Just Been In A Little Trouble :( *Sorry Hug* My 14 Year Old Brother Luke Took Me On A Walk ^^ And I Tried 2 Cross The Road And A Big Bus Almost Ran Me Over :C And My Brother Luke Shouted That I Almost Got Myself Killed :( And My Mammy And Daddy Both Said I Must Be Careful Because Of Traffic :( *Sorry Hug* Please Please Please Forgive Me :(

Sorry Again For Not Being Careful On The Road :( I Just Thought It Was Time 2 Go Across :) My Brother Luke Said That If A Bus Had Hit Me I'd Be Dead :O :O :O My Mammy Said If A Bus Hit Me I'd Be In Hospital Having Needles :C That's So So So Super Scary :( I Hate Needles (T^T) So Sorry :(

I Truly Hope You Can Reply Soon (^__^) And I Hope You Like Lazy Town ^o^ Trust Me It's Awesome :D Yay Yay Yay *Happy Friendship Hug*

*Magical Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Friendship Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))))))) :D (^__^))
protoplasm Jun 19, 6:29 PM
hi luna, may i add you? c: also i saw you added vatican to your ptw. what are your thoughts on it? i don't know the director very well, but the person in charge of series compositon worked with a bunch of anime i thought were quite good, plus i trust JC staff!!

i see slayers next in your favorites! it's been in my priority list for a while. i'll probably watch it very soon. as of lately i've been craving anime that feel very oldschool rpg-ish if i can say that...? i watched lodoss war and hikyou tanken fam & ihrlie but i wanted more!!! and i remember loving slayers a lot when i was younger. i def wanna watch everything Slayers one day.
bendalln Jun 18, 3:13 AM
Hello Luna (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Amazing Day 2 You :D

^o^ You Are Awesome ^o^

Hello :D *Special Friendship Hug* I'm Not Sure If You've Ever Seen Lazy Town Before :P But Lazy Town Is So Exciting 2 Watch ^_^ And I Totally Love That Show ^_^ So Here Are Some Lazy Town Episodes (^__^) Can You Please Please Please Watch The When You Have Time Please? ^.^ And Please Don't Forget 2 Reply 2 Me About Them :) Here You Go ^^ *Happy Friendship Hug*

Please Don't Forget 2 Watch Them And Reply After You've Seen Them (^__^) *Magical Best Friends Forever Hug*

*Magically Special Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Habe Ein Abenteue :D *Friendship Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :)))))))))) :D (^__^)
Ardanaz Jun 18, 2:34 AM
Omg, white hair neko profile!! <3 <3 <3

swirlydragon Jun 16, 10:41 AM
Nice profile pic Onee-san :p
What's her name btw?
You know, I need it for educational purposes :)
grave_robber Jun 15, 2:51 AM
Your new profile layout is blissful ♥
Yvonnelim99 Jun 12, 9:43 PM
Hello luna,my name is Yvonne lim from malaysia,would u add mine plz.
bendalln Jun 12, 12:40 PM
Hello Luna (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Sweetly Magic Day 2 You :D

Thanks So Much For Writing 2 Lovely Comments In My 2 Blogs
(^__^) ^o^ ^o^ ^o^ ^o^ (^__^)
(: Your The Absolute Greatest :)
^_^ *Best Friends Forever Hug* ^_^

Hello :D *Happy Friendship Hug* Thank You So Much (^__^) I Am So Super Happy That You Liked Your Present :D Yay :P *Happiest Hug*

Also Have You Ever Seen A Live Action Series Called Lazy Town? ^.^ It's About This Town Where Everyone Plays And Has Fun :P And There Is This Lazy Super Villain Called Robbie Rotten ;) And There Is This Super Energetic Superhero Who Does Back Flips All Day :P His Name Is Sportacus ^.^ And There Is This Pink Haired Girl Named Stephanie ^o^ Here Is The Very First Episode ^o^ Here You Go ^^

I Absolutely Love Lazy Town (^__^) I Could Honestly Watch It All Day :P It's So Exciting :D And The Songs Are So Cool :D Also Here Are Some Lazy Town Songs (^__^) Here You Go ^^

I Don't Like Many Live Action Things At All (^__^) But I Really Love Lazy Town :P Yay Yay Yay *Happy Lazy Town Watches Hug*

You Are So Nice (^__^) *Happy Adorable Kitty Hug Of Meow Friendship*

Habe Ein Abenteue :D *Friendship Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :)))))))))))) :D (^__^)

ZoomRejector Jun 10, 7:24 PM
bendalln Jun 10, 8:46 AM
Hello Luna (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Magical Day 2 You :D

^o^ May Your Day Be Full Of Cats ^o^

Hello :D *Happy Friendship Hug* I Totally Hope Your Day Has Been Super Delightfully Fun :P Fun :P Fun :P Also I've Got A Present For You (^__^) I Just Made You A Picture On My Laptop ^.^ I Made It Myself ^o^ And It's Just For You (^__^) It's A Cat ;) A Purple Cat :P Haha ^^ Here You Go ^^

Do You Like It? ^.^ Is It Good? :D I Really Hope You Can Reply Soon (^__^) *Happy Best Friends Hug*

Habe Ein Abenteue :D *Friendship Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :)))))))))))) :D (^__^)
bendalln Jun 9, 9:25 AM
Hello Luna (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Hyperactive Day 2 You :D

^o^ *Best Of Luck* Being Awesome ^o^

Hello :D *Happy Friendship Hug* AWWW :)))))))))))))))))) Yay :D You Are Such A Super Lovely Friend (^__^) I Truly Hope That You've Had A Super Delightfully Happy Week ^o^ I'm Happy Too :D Yay Yay Yay

I Absolutely Love Slayers (^__^) Who Is Your Favourite Character From Slayers? ^o^ I Have 3 Favourite Slayers Characters Because I Just Love Love Love Them All ;) They Are Amelia, Zelgadis And Lina Inverse (^__^) But I Probably Love Amelia The Most :D *Happy Hug*

Amelia Absolutely Loves 2 Climb High Places Like Trees And Buildings And Then She Loves 2 Do Justice Speeches (*o*) I Totally Love It ^o^ Amelia Is Obsessed With Justice And It's So Funny (^__^) I Have Slayers On DVD Too :D *High 5* But I've Only Got The 5 Season's On DVD ^^ I Don't Have The OVA's :( But I Have All 104 Episodes Of Slayers On DVD (^__^) Yay Yay Yay *Happiest Hug*

:O Your From Germany? :O Really? :D Wow ^o^ Wow ^o^ Wow ^o^ My Best Friend On MyAnimeList Is From Germany (^__^) Her Name Is LadySofia (^__^) She Talks 2 Me All The Time :D And She's My Favourite Person Here (^__^) But Your 1 Of My Favourite Friends Here Too (^__^) *Promise Hug* *Pinky Promise* *Best Friends Forever Hug* I Deeply And Truly Love All Of My Special Friends Here Including You (^__^)

Here Is LadySofia (^__^) Here You Go ^^

She's From Germany Just Like You ^o^ She Also Taught Me How 2 say "Have An Adventure" In German (^__^) Which Is "Habe Ein Abenteue" ;)Also Being German Is Awesome (^__^) My Auntie Anna Is From Germany Too (^__^) She Married My Uncle Robert In The 1960's :D She's Lovely And Nice ^.^ Also I'm Autistic ^o^ And I Really Really Really Love The Country Germany So Much Because My Daddy Told Me Last Year That Germany Is 1 Of The Best Places In The Whole World For Autistic Or Disabled People 2 Live In (^__^) So Germany Has Become 1 Of My Favourite Country's Ever (^__^) I Absolutely Love Germany A Lot (^__^) Yay Yay Yay *Happy Hug*

My Day Centre Is Amazing (^__^) I Have Lots And Lots Of Super Lovely Friends In Day Centre (^__^) *Happy Hug*

But I've Been Slightly Sad This Week :( *Sorry Hug* I Was Slightly Sad This Week Because My Day Centre Has Completely Changed The Times Of There Transport System :( Because My Day Centre Is For Disabled People And Most Of The People Who Go 2 My Day Centre Can't Go Outside On There Own The Day Centre Staff Members Always Pick Us All Up From Our Houses In A Big Mini Bus ^_^ And They Always Take Us Back Home Too ^_^ They Also Knock Our House Door ^^ And There Is Always 2 Day Centre Staff Members On The Mini Bus Looking After Us Which Are The Driver And The Escort (^__^) My Day Centre Also Uses There Mini Buses 2 Drive Us 2 Lots Of Places For Fun (^__^) *Happy Hug*

Well, In Order 2 Save Money For My Day Centre, They Have Decided 2 Get Rid Of One Of The Mini Buses :O So There Are Now Just 2 Mini Buses Instead Of 3 Mini Buses :C And Because Of That They Are Now Doing 2 Trips 2 For The Transport In Order 2 Pick Everyone Up And Take Everyone Home ^^ And It's So Not Fun Anymore :( Because Before I Was Picked Up At 9.30 AM But Now I'm Picked Up At 9.15 AM (^__^) Which Is Perfectly Fine ^.^ I Don't Mind Being Picked Up 15 Minutes Earlier ^o^ *Happy Hug*

But When They Take Me Home It's Terrible :C Instead Of Going Home At 3.30 PM Like Before, They Now Take Me Home At 4.15 PM On A Monday :( And 5.15 PM On A Thursday :C (T^T) I So Don't Like Going Home That Late :( And I Used 2 Be Last 2 Be Picked Up And First 2 Be Taken Home ^.^ But Now I'm First 2 Be Picked Up And Last 2 Be Taken Home :C I So Don't Like Going Home Last And I Certainly Don't Like Going Home Much Later Because They Had 2 Get Rid Of One Of There Buses :(((((((((((( So I Have Not Been Happy About The New Bus Times For Day Centre :( *Sorry Hug*

And My Mammy Told Me That She Wants Me 2 Stay On The Mini Bus ^^ I Love It On The Mini Bus ^.^ But The New Times For Coming 2 Our Houses 2 Get Us And Take Us Home Are So Annoying :C *Not Happy About My Day Centre's New Transport Times Hug* Going Home That Late Is Mean :( Mean :( Mean :( *Looks Grumpy*

But Yesterday My Mammy Picked Me Up From Day Centre Because She Wanted 2 Take Me 2 Vote (^__^) My Daddy Helped Me 2 Vote ^.^ He Told Me Where 2 Put A Cross :D I Don't Really Understand Politics Much :( *Sorry Hug* But My Daddy Understands Politics Very Well :D I Wish I Could Vote For You And Maffy (^__^) Yay Yay Yay *Happy Friendship Hug*

I've Been Re-Watching My Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood DVD's This Week ^o^ And I've Also Been Re-Watching Beyblade ^o^ The Spinning Top Battles Of Beyblade Are So Very Intense And Exciting (^_^) I Truly Love Them Lots And Lots (^__^) I Love Beyblade Like Crazy ^o^ I Definitely Love Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Way More Though (^__^) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Is 1 Of My Most Favourite Anime's Ever (^__^) It's My 7th Favourite Anime Ever (^__^) I Truly Love Love Love It (^__^) *Happy Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Watches Hug*

I'm Now On Episode 18 Of Re-Watching My Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood DVD's ^o^ Wrath (Pride In The Original) Is So Much More Brutal In Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood ^.^ And Edward Is So Cool ^o^ I Absolutely Love Edward ^.^ Yay Yay Yay *Happy Hug*

I Absolutely Adore Children (^__^) Yes ^o^ I'd So Love 2 Do That (^__^) All The Special Kids In My Family Are All Truly Wonderful And Extra Lovely (^__^) I Have A Very Big Soft Spot For Children? (^__^) And I Believe That Every Single Child Is A Gift From God (^__^) *Happiest Kids Are Pure Awesome Hug*

I Absolutely Love Hanging Upside Down (^__^) Especially From Monkey Bars Or My Old Bunk Bed Bars (^__^) Hanging Upside Down Is Totally Fun 2 Me ^.^ Haha

Also Please Please Please Can You Write 1 Nice Comment In Each Of These 3 Blogs For Me Please? (^__^) Don't Worry ^.^ I Promise It's The Last 3 Blogs For You 2 Write In At The Moment (^__^) Sorry If I'm Annoying :C *Sorry Hug* But My Imaginary Friend, Daisy Froggy Kiss Gives You A *Gentle Kiss Of Magical Sweetness From The Cutest Witch Around* Just 1 Comment :) Sorry 2 Ask You :( I Really Love How Nice You Are (^__^) Here You Go ^^

Oblivion X Spaceship ^_^

Oblivion X Dinosaur ^_^

Oblivion X Bats ^_^

*Magical Friends Forever Hug Of Extra Kindness* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Habe Ein Abenteue :D *Friendship Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :)))))))))))) :D (^__^)

swirlydragon Jun 3, 12:35 PM
Oh I see lol
Sorry for disturbing you then
Yeah, I am learning German
I am in college btw
The reason I am learning German is because I need it for my higher studies :)
Though I would have preferred Japanese *cough* *cough*
No offense to Germans
I mean it's a pain to watch the anime and read the subtitle at the same time >.<
Btw what about you?
Are you a student too?
machst erwerbstätig du
Anyway, I'll ask a anime moderator about it xD
Thnx for the info :)
I guess you must be really busy and exhausted too. Ganbatte Kudasai xD