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Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
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Rythme Jul 25, 6:20 AM
So how do you usually call them? lol. Yeah, I can relate. I'm not the brightest about my country either.

You really do know a lot when it comes to geo stuff, haha. What's levés by the way? I legit can't find it lol.
Wait, so because of the erosion, even natural cliffs won't help much if they don't do something about it?

5 degrees hotter there would be perfect! I don't wanna imagine 5 degrees hotter here at my place though...

That'd be like last resort, haha. I honestly hate the idea of watching anything (especially anime) since I like to watch them in proper surroundings and laughing in public is embarrassing.

There are quite a few street restaurants in front of the housing estate (my house is 500m deep into the estate). As for the closest mini-mart, it's about a km from my house. Yeah, I wouldn't survive without bike taxis. They are pretty much essential to every single person who doesn't drive lol. There's like, a bike taxi station(?) in front of every street.
The street is something like this:

They're probably not much smaller than streets in England, but they stem from the main road and tend to go deeper and deeper independently and randomly without being grids, so each street is rarely connected to each other. And that's why public buses only run on main roads.

Not that it can be helped though, since I rarely even want to socialise, let alone meet new people lol.

Yeah, Japanese people sure do have feelings of obligation, haha. I heard that after normal work hours, they're scared to be the first one to get up and go home because it'd make them look like they don't want to work, and so it takes so much courage to go home early lol.
Rythme Jul 2, 9:39 AM
It's apparently how Brits call sneakers according to Wiki. Guess I can't always trust Wiki lol.
Funny thing is that I never noticed that high my house is elevated this high until I had this conversation, haha.

Oh right, your country is also an island country, so the water level would affect you guys a lot. What do you do with existing buildings that aren't elevated though? lol. Even if England gets 5 degrees hotter, I don't think I'll feel hot if I ever live there, hahahaha.

Yeah, it wasn't a bad movie at all. But man, as much as I hope for Index movies, they probably have already buried Index deep and will never dig it up lol.

2+ hours?! I would go insane if I have to do that! With 1-hour commute, it's still super hard for me to find time for hobbies (including watching anime).

I'd honestly prefer it if there're better transport types in small streets/avenue than bike taxis though. But with how bad my country's city plans are, I know it's impossible lol. My house, for example, is 2 km deep into the avenue from the main road. I tried walking from the bus stop once, never again...

There are both cases. It's a pretty hot topic during conversation practice because the teachers always like to bring it up lol. (The words kare and kanojo are even taught in the first Minna no Nihongo book lol).

You're right. But maybe their economy will be start moving by the time I've collected enough money to even think about settling there which will be a while lol. Oh I can't imagine myself working overtime unpaid... I don't know how Japanese get through that nightmare... I would need Senko-san.
Klefki_of_Awsome Jun 24, 4:23 PM
Hmhmmm, "there is only one truth!" - Conan Edogawa

I see, well I prefer Hinagiku too, tbh but I still remembered that scene because it was the first real confession Hayate got from another girl in the series (at least in the anime), I think..^^'>

Tru dat~xD
Rythme Jun 20, 4:52 AM
I thoughts you guys call them that way lol. The avenue does get terribly flooded, but not the house itself. The entrance has a slope which goes up as high as the footpath, and the house is also then elevated a couple of feet above that again. Yes, I have the high ground.

I think most buildings here are elevated, so there is never that kind of issue (if you don't count 2011 flood which was pretty unusual). Mostly it's just annoyance and nothing more lol.

You're not wrong lol.

That'd be really great, haha. Honestly, if it wasn't made from LN, I would have totally considered season 3 non-canon lol.
Or perhaps at this point, they maybe should just reboot the whole series as 6-part anime movies or something (with Railgun team, of course). That'd be kind of epic.

I see. So that means it's very common for people over there to move near their job every time they get a new job as well, right?
I think it's not like we don't wanna be independent here (in fact most of us are against parents rule but many just come to terms with it one way or another), although there isn't any the same kind of pressure to get out as you guys have. But it's not really viable to move since buying an estate is too expensive (I'd gladly move out to live alone if someone buys me a condominium lol) and renting isn't really a popular option. People actually don't consider rented apartment home and would call it dome instead whenever they rent a place to live near their job (even though it's an apartment and obviously not a dome). And people rarely rent unless they come from other provinces or something like that. So most of us are stuck with the 1-hour commute to the office, living in our original home.

Their boyfriends of course lol.

Yeah, that's what I'm quite concerned about. But I think if you have JLPT N1 (or at least N2), it's probably not too hard to land a job there, especially since their population is declining.
Klefki_of_Awsome Jun 15, 5:59 PM
Yeah, can't deny that, but then so is most Harem protagonist to start with~^^'>
Well, he did. Remember after Hamster gave Hayate her Valentine's Chocolates in S2? I think it was after that~:P

Really? That's nice to hear~^^

Yeah, I suppose Momo is another solid choice..^^'
Rythme Jun 12, 4:20 AM
It sure as hell does lol. I also like wearing plimsolls so it bothers me more than most people who just wear sandals.
Yeah, motorbike taxis still run during a flood. They actually survive better than cars do lol.

I think having a raft might actually be viable at this point...

Yeah, they should just make Railgun their main series already lol. I' honestly had never seen a spin-off more well-received than a main series until I met Index and Railgun, ahaha...

I think it's just part of our culture. We don't really leave our parents' homes unless we really have to because of work or marriage or something like that. It's also not only until recently that people stopped marrying into the family (most of my generation grew up living under the same roof as our grandparents). It's like we just don't think about it or feel any obligation to live alone and it's not like Asians in their 20s can make enough money for anything anyway lol. (Relatively rich people these days do tend to buy condominiums for their children though).
Do you guys just feel that you have to move out after you're old enough or is there any reason behind that? It's frankly strange to me since rent and mortgage stuff in western countries (especially America) feel like nightmare lol.

For some reason all of them already have a boyfriend (and half are Japanese lol). And it's not like they're my type anyway.

Why do you think I'm studying Japanese right now hahahahahaha.
Klefki_of_Awsome Jun 10, 7:24 PM
I see~^^

Well, Hayate's you typical HS age boy, so yeah, he might have had a thing for Maria, but I also got the feeling he had a thing for some other girls like Hamster or Hina..:u

What has? :o

Yup, haha~!^^'>
Klefki_of_Awsome Jun 8, 5:56 PM
Well, she IS in your list, lol~!^^'> (Even though I actually guessed it before checking it, haha~!^^'>)

Hmm, I know htis sounds kinda cliché, but my favorite in Nisekoi is Onodera~!^^'>
I usually root for whoever the main lead as a crush on, like Hina because Hayate or Onodera because of Riku.

Yup, it is, haha~!xD

Yeah, I get what you mean..^^'3> Well, guessing which girl the protagonist ends up with is one of the main joys of Harem series, especially for shippers like us, lol~!^^>
Klefki_of_Awsome Jun 8, 5:02 PM
I see, and yeah Gotoku I can understand, haha~..^^'>

Who's your favorite? Mine's probably Hinagiku, tbh~:)

Yeah, haha, usually it is indeed~!^^'>
Rythme Jun 8, 1:22 AM
If it's knee-level then I guess we just avoid the deep parts and commute normally lol. The flood is usually higher near the rim, so drivers can just drive inner lanes. I dunno how pedestrians deal with that though since it's pretty rare.
Footpath-level is an everyday thing in the wet season though. There isn't anything we can do about it, especially since most smaller streets don't even have footpaths... Most people just get their shoes wet. Or if it's higher than the ankle, some just take off their shoes and socks, then walk barefoot. For me, I just try to avoid being in that situation completely, waiting the flood out or something like that. Otherwise, I'll walk with the tip of my shoes lol.

No, I don't think they can lol.

Oh yeah, they didn't really put in many characters from other series at all. Maybe that's also why Railgun is so much more enjoyable.

At this point, I don't think I'll ever move out unless I move to another country or something lol.

The thing is, while parents are supposed to at least try to make their children somewhat quiet in public, Thai parents don't even care to shut their children's mouths up in the train...
Of course not lol. Have you?!

Rather than having done them a favour, it's more like, making people think they do them a favour when they actually do nothing lol.
There were a few popular opposition parties during the last election actually. There is one that usually always won elections in the past because their politicians in rural areas literally gave cash to voters during the campaigns. And then there's the newly formed party popular among younger people that I already mentioned a few times. It didn't last long lol.
Klefki_of_Awsome Jun 5, 4:38 AM
I see, yeah maybe that would help, haha~^^'

Oh, OK, true, true, do you mean like with Shuffle!, for example? :u

Ah, OK~^^
Rythme Jun 3, 2:42 AM
I wasn't active anyway so it wouldn't matter lol.

When it's 23C here people already start putting their sweaters on, hahaha.
Yes lol. Some roads and streets here are ridiculously low for some reason. Usually it doesn't go above half the lower leg though. Right above the footpath is the normal height for most places in Bangkok, I'd say.
There's this photo taken at a university near where I live that was circulating around last year lol.

Wasn't she sliced in half around the tummy in the LN? I'm not sure, can't really remember, haha. Either way, the arcs in Index III were sure as hell supposed to be the most violent out of all the franchise's anime adaption so far...

It was kind of fun tbh, seeing him do stuff. But I guess that's all there was to it lol.

For me, I wouldn't say it was tough at all really. More like a change of pace, or even an escape from reality lol.
And now I'm stuck in my parents' home...

I still can, but you know how lazy I am. I can't finish a piece anymore lol

You'll lose your mind if you meet Thai children, especially on the train.

Lmao I didn't realise >______>

Yeah, most Asians really rarely care about freedom. I guess it's good for times like this, but it'd be nice if we could at least value our own rights a bit more lol. Half the country's population voting for military dictatorship is definitely not normal...

Introverts' nightmare lol.
Pharaox Jun 1, 4:20 PM
Watching some good anime ???
Pharaox Jun 1, 4:19 PM
I'm fine thank you
xharumoni May 30, 6:07 PM
haha yea 7 years is a long time, indeed. looking at the World of FF avatars, they're all super cute, but I agree Tifa's looks the best

aw I love Hayasaka. I needa start the 2nd season soon.

I don't have GTAV, but my lil bro does. it definitely looks like a fun game to play with friends!

I'll be sure to let you know how FF7R is! I'm going to try to play some today. I'm a little sad though, that the English subs aren't exactly what the Japanese voices are saying, but I'll be okay