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Days: 150.7
Mean Score: 6.20
  • Total Entries1,172
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  • Episodes9,554
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Days: 11.8
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  • Volumes118
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misery Jun 22, 8:51 AM
Real lad!
ownitlikeaboss May 25, 1:25 AM

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Norilla May 22, 2:16 PM
You're very welcome. ^_^

I check my friend list every now and then to see who's on and I'm guessing I'd notice pretty quickly since you'd have to be active when changing it.
Norilla May 22, 12:55 PM
The new profile image looks cute.
Promise May 21, 7:17 PM
Hello Alfy!

Yeah, of course I can. I'll try and do it once I'm home, and then let me know once again if you'd like any other changes to it.
Ardanaz May 9, 3:30 AM
Yaaaaay!! <3
Rythme May 6, 9:55 AM
Yeah, I don't think us people in the 20s really need a vehicle of our own, it's kind of economically wrong. (People here for some reason love to buy cars for their sons even though they don't know how to drive yet). We have buses, although it's a bit hard to know where they're going if you're not used to, and also sky and metro trains (but not every area yet, they're building more). Tuk tuks are horrible, man lol. I'd rather take normal taxis, they're cheaper than those bloody tuk tuks lol. Only automatic. I don't think they even sell manual anymore here. Have you ever driven manual?

Be careful not to get spoiled, they're so many spoilers out there lol. (Or have you already seen it by this time?).

Just seeing for a couple months, not even really progressed, haha. Well, that's probably as sad :L

The game's pretty old now, so I don't think it's much fun anymore, I guess?

Seems to be quite a lot going on there.

That plane ticket alone is almost twice the average salaryman's income here in Thailand lol. You're lucky to have close relatives living abroad, I'm kind of jealous, haha. Hmm, is it more expensive to spend money there than in UK? That'd be nice!

Some typo there, English not Japanese lol. I think they mostly look into the application forms (like what you've previously done in university/work, and I have never worked properly before...). And there's already a criterion for English, which is 6.5 score (IELTS), so English skills won't help, haha.
Devotion May 5, 3:54 PM
Hey. You retired as moderator? Will you still be around?
Ardanaz May 5, 4:15 AM
Good boy <3

Ardanaz May 1, 6:09 AM
You better come back ;__;
Ardanaz May 1, 3:59 AM
Reverberate Apr 30, 5:56 PM
Rythme Apr 28, 8:24 AM
But you got a motorbike while in Spain though? It's bad. Although in Bangkok it can pretty much get you anywhere, if you don't mind sweating a bit and being in crowded spaces. Nah, I switched with my father and drove home from a nearby street once.

Come to think of it, I wonder what they're up to right now. They are not doing any anime this season, are they? (And I just continued watching Violet last day on Netflix 'cause I had nothing to do for 2 hours before watching the Avengers lol.)

I've been totally single for more than a year now lol. What about you? :3

Seriouslyyy? Howww? They're like ones of the best Star Wars games ever, especially Jedi Academy.

Ah, I see. So it works like NVDIA's instant replay. (But on PC it takes so much RAM and CPU lol).

loool. Are you planning to play God of War by the way? Looks pretty darn amazing.

I guess it already costs a lot to go to just one country in one trip, haha. I've just sent my scholarship application today, and I just knew that 851 people already sent it, and only 50 will pass. So I guess I'll be stuck here a while? lol.
Nick-Knight Apr 22, 10:12 AM
I love you
Rythme Apr 21, 2:20 PM
My family got cars but they all belong to my mum and my dad (I can use one of them anytime I want, though, probably). But heck, I don't feel like driving at all! It's scary *inserts crying laughing emoji*.

Speaking of anime by KyoAni, I kind of think KyoAni sometimes focuses too much on the scenery rather than climaxes/conclusions and forces a bit too much drama with slow paces, like in Hibike (I don't dislike it, though, Hibike is probably one of the most memorable shows in these past few years I've watched). I had to put Violet Evergarden on-hold because I couldn't really enjoy the first two episodes at all even though I think it's a pretty decent anime.

I couldn't be more jealous, haha.

Ah, I see. (Gotta admit that I actually like lightsaber fights in the Phantom Menace the best, even though everybody says the film sucks lol.) You probably have played the Jedi Knight series too, right?

It runs well enough to always record? Actually, the price for PS4 here is not that expensive, I think it's only around 230 pounds or something (but prices of the games are probably just as horrible as you say lol). Why does it seem to have more cons than pros? lol

I hope that happens! But I'm not sure though whether I'll be around or not, I'm planning to send scholarship applications for next year. It'd be a shame if we would just miss lol.