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Mob Psycho 100 III
Mob Psycho 100 III
Yesterday, 4:57 PM
Watching 10/? · Scored -
Renai Flops
Renai Flops
Yesterday, 4:38 PM
Watching 9/12 · Scored -
Futoku no Guild
Futoku no Guild
Yesterday, 3:32 PM
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Musunde Hiraite
Musunde Hiraite
Jan 4, 2018 5:30 AM
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Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Jan 4, 2018 2:14 AM
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Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
Jul 27, 2017 3:11 PM
Reading 21/47 · Scored 7

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Klefki_of_Awsome Oct 16, 6:43 AM
Oh, I'm already seeing signs of that tbh.. I used to be able to read whole manga volumes before bed and now I'm so burned at the end of the day that I usually only get to read a chapter or two, which doesn't help since I'm trying to get through my huge manga piles rn, ha ha..x'D>
I also feel more lethargic at times or space out but that might be do to less sleep because of busy (read as busier) schedules in my life, recently..=.='3 I wish I even had the time to work out, lol, but like they say, habits shape our lives..>v>'3


Oh, well mostly parental guidance for parents with children showing signs of autism, as well as how autism can affect adults. A lot of psychology and also showing us how we need to be more inclusive and how you can be a good boss for someone with autism as well as recommendations and accommodations you can do for them at the workplace.

I see, God Save the Queen, may she rest in peace..v.v
I saw the news in early September but I'm guessing you might still get media coverage over there now since it was such an important person.:o>
Rythme Sep 28, 8:49 AM
What's worse than getting the trendy stuff is that lately, I've been getting a heck ton of anime clips with thumbnails and/or titles that contain spoilers, not even a day after the episode airs...
I pretty much have to Google every 5 minutes while watching that show, only to find out that I don't even know what those terms are in English and Thai lol.
I gotta say that although I sometimes struggle a lot while watching anime with no subs, my mental health has improved because I don't have to bear with Crunchy's blatant mistranslations anymore lol.

Japanese uniforms look so good. I even heard that a lot of Japanese students (especially girls) choose which high school to enter based on how cute the uniforms are.

I get paid in USD through a digital payment service, and then I withdraw it to my account. They actually adjusted the pay rate for one of the projects for me once I got to Japan, so it's pretty decent. Still, it's not enough...

Oh yeah! They're finally opening up for individual tourists! I'm so looking forward to meeting my friends and family here (whenever they plan to come).
Any plan to visit any time soon?

YES! I'm definitely going there again once the bridge's maintenance is over.
icarenot Sep 27, 2:19 AM
Wonder Egg Priority · Watching 2/12 ・ Scored -
is it good so far?
Memor Sep 24, 4:20 PM
Light novels are good, but I have a hard time getting in the mood for them =w=
so if not manga, what are you doing lately? ^^
Rythme Sep 16, 7:53 AM
Some days ago I viewed a Thai Youtuber video, and then she started appearing all over my feat lol. Yeah, every time I logged out of my account back in Thailand, I felt like it's a whole other world.
It really depends on the content. For example, I went to watch Natsu e no Tunnel, Sayonara no Deguchi a few days ago, and I actually understood almost everything, but when I watch Isekai Yakkyoku or especially Engage Kiss, I struggle to understand half of what's going on...

You could say lol. I doubt they could modify it to make it look like a good any good though. Thai student uniforms are probably designed with the least possible amount of effort ever lol.

I'm still continuing the remote part-time job I did back in Thailand, so I can kind of manage. But because of all the goods, events, and lives, I can't say it's sustainable lol. I'll probably have to find a baito soon.

They're only allowing business travellers and students in right now, so I'm pretty lucky.

I don't have pictures of where I'm staying right now, but I have this!!

Btw you might've noticed something off because of the floor. It was under repair when I visited and this is how it looked like...
Mana Sep 7, 6:53 AM
Rythme Aug 11, 12:49 PM
From my experience, I don't think YouTube cares where you live (unlike Twitter which cares too much). I had almost never been recommended a Thai video back in Thailand, and I don't think my feed has changed much since I came here. I do get the privilege of being able to watch a lot of anime-related videos that are usually unavailable outside the region though (although I wouldn't know which videos are one and aren't).

Now that you put it that way lol. Scissors in Thailand are very bad though, so they wouldn't cut straight and would leave the cloth tattered.

I would go broke lol. I'm struggling right now and I'm not even making half of the most of it yet.

Sadly, yeah. I also can't say that I've never made any non-constructive criticism before either.

Forever, I hope lol.
Klefki_of_Awsome Aug 6, 2:06 PM
Yeah, I suppose, welp as they say another year, another growing pain, or maybe that's not quite right, lol..^^'>3

I read it, it's pretty interesting to know more about them, also I didn't know the great beasts where created by a witch, so that was interesting to know too.>:P>

Nope, I just took that one class while I waited a year for my main program to be back (it wasn't available that year as it ended up being more popular then they thought and no places where left for it ; no worries though, I did get into it the year after). Interesting program since it was only 4 (intensive) months long.

And I'm guessing you're from UK?>;P>
Memor Jul 30, 3:59 PM
I don't read a huge amount either maybe that's weird for someone writing one themselves :x
definitely more of an anime person still, though VNs are my favourite cx
reiicchi Jul 19, 8:34 PM
hello~ how have u been c:
Klefki_of_Awsome Jun 28, 4:12 PM
Yup~!^^ 23 already, man I feel old, lol~xD>

Thanks a lot, I'll read it before the next season comes out, lol~!>:P>

Well got a second mention in the Dean's Honor List again this year so it was worth the time I spent away from it tbh, though I will be focusing on anime and games much more so then school this Fall, considering my classes will all be online classes like my Autism Studies classes where, which means just a few months of intense classes which you can follow at your own rhythm and I can watch anime on some days and leave me one to three days for school stuff mostly, that way I can keep a good balance between the two~!^^>3

Nope, Canada. ;v;
Rythme Jun 11, 7:44 PM
It does have a few good suggestions, but whenever I click a political video, my feed would turn into hell lol.

I guess they want the students to feel shameful by cutting it uglily. But that still doesn't make sense considering it makes the skirt more revealing, and they have to wear that all they long lol.

I'm now certain that not going out saves more as you said before. The impression of seeing merch in person is much stronger than on the internet... (my wallet is so suffering right now).

Agree. And for the most part, a lot of people tend to give strong opinions/trash talk about anime they don't like rather than actually criticise them, so it's pretty sad. I don't think any anime (or really, any work of art that people pour efforts into) deserves that kind of harsh backlash no matter how bad it is.

I'm studying Japanese here right now, after the looooong wait.
Memor Jun 2, 5:28 PM
Mystery, but there will be romance ^^
what kind of manga do you like?
Rythme May 13, 5:48 AM
YouTube algorithms are something I both appreciate and hate at the same time lol.

Yeah, there would be a lot less uproar. Although lately a lot of the younger generations are more aware of this kind of issue (but as long as they are shadowbanned from politics, nothing's gonna change).

Not quite. They cut it vertically. But you could say it's even worse because more is probably revealed that way lol.

I wouldn't say I go out often either. But lately, there are tons of digital goods and online shopping has become way too convenient...

I don't think that low ratings have much to do with harsh raters really. It's more that due to cultural differences and language barriers, most western audiences don't know how to appreciate certain kinds of shows, and they value things differently from Japanese, so on average those shows have lower scores than they should.
It's probably similar to if you make an Asian watch an American standup comedy. They generally wouldn't find it funny even if they are very proficient in English. The only difference is that they know it's not for them, so they won't watch it in the first place lol.

Yup. I just got here about six weeks ago.
Klefki_of_Awsome Apr 15, 1:53 PM
You Very Welcome~!^v^b

True, but it still feels like something is missing..^^'>3 I mean, it depends. Like every common plots, if its done well, then it stands out as good but if it's not done really well it can feel tedious to watch/read..>.>;
Oh yeah, that'd be great, thanks!<3 xD>

I see, wish I could have said that, lol, but school is pretty important to me rn and what with other irl things happening, it was a good time to pause watching stuff imo..=v='3

I'm still under the average height for my age in my country though iirc..>v>'3