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Hibike! Euphonium Movie: 2-nensei ni Natta Kumiko-tachi
Hibike! Euphonium Movie: 2-nensei ni Natta Kumiko-tachi
Jun 21, 5:40 AM
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Hibike! Euphonium Movie: Mizore to Nozomi no Monogatari
Hibike! Euphonium Movie: Mizore to Nozomi no Monogatari
Jun 21, 5:40 AM
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Hibike! Euphonium 2
Hibike! Euphonium 2
Jun 7, 6:47 AM
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Kimi no Na wa. Another Side: Earthbound
Kimi no Na wa. Another Side: Earthbound
Nov 12, 2016 12:35 PM
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Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna
Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna
Aug 24, 2012 9:03 AM
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Watashitachi no Tamura-kun
Watashitachi no Tamura-kun
Aug 18, 2012 5:45 AM
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7tables Jun 10, 8:53 PM
From International SaiMoe League Club

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Alfyan Mar 31, 6:09 PM
Nope I haven't yet actually! My 2 years on this job is almost ending too! ;_;

Fair enough I understand lol

This job will be great for people like you then xD. Do you get much opportunities to go abroad?

Yeah there will be a trailer for it coming out soon! The hyyyyype! Yeah same I just got into it lately after getting the game; I even went and bought a custom made lightsaber made in America to be shipped Hmm will do, what kind of game is it? On PC?

Nope that game is not really my cup of tea.

Yeah they had no chance anyway so might as well.

They gain an extra £2000 usually.. on paper.. not too sure about the actual results though

I may visit Southeast Asia this year.. haven't really planned that far as of yet. It would be cool though lol. Yeah meeting sounds great too

Use a fan, it works most of the time lol. Nah I won't be able to sleep like that lol.

But its more difficult to learn as an adult plus you have to pay for courses when it was compulsory as a kid.

I am poor at any language, must be a huge weakness or disorder or something. I had to focus on getting English right rather than learn another language on top of it.

What did you even do or discuss when you met up then? =.=
SweetAmandine Mar 11, 1:24 PM
hi rhythme
monia's cafe is nominating a new prime minister and I'd like to ask you to vote for me
Alfyan Jan 22, 6:51 AM
Haha well there is that and also I won't be sent abroad until start of Feb :O

Hmm it is fun in a way you get to see new things and experience different cultures, but its like doing it by yourself pretty much gets boring at times. When I was in Tenerife I saw loads of couples and families and I was by myself lol. I get where you are coming from though the idea of working in a different country sounds appealing, I mean I was very excited when I heard I'll be doing it :D since I have been doing it a while the excitement tends to go. I still get hyped though travelling abroad though! I hope you get to experience it as well.

Unlucky, the PS4 is where everything is! Always full lobbies; doing really good with a 3.44 KD too. Its pretty crazy on a full lobby lol. All the mayhem and the lasers flying across your screen it makes you feel like you're in a Star Wars fight :D

Yeah exactly that is what I was thinking as well, instead of punishing the losers like after WW1 to avoid another World War they decided to invest in those countries instead, doesn't make sense to me but it did prevent another war. Haha yeah I know Norway & Denmark surrendered to Germany instantly to avoid their cities being destroyed.

Yeah I agree, but it doesn't help when we get separated from the community that speaks it to maintain it.

Not too sure really lol. Not that much more! Maybe 2k a year

You went to New Zealand though lol, every European wants to go there xD I want to visit Thailand as well, maybe we can do an exchange swap? :)

Oh my God, I REALLLY hate it when they do that, It happened to me a couple of times last year and as someone who is sensitive to noise and vibrations when they sleep I wasn't able to find and kill those mosquitoes. They scare me as well so sometimes I would have a fan on full blast around my ear so they won't get close lol.

Yeah its similar to the ones in Spain then :D so fun!

You know, just thinking about it now; I wish I did learn another 2 or 3 languages.. but I was really awful at it, even almost failing English *Sigh*

Does it? Its all gibberish to me lol. You're asking the wrong person here xD

That is a long time now, do you live far from each other?

No worries hope you enjoyed it!
SweetAegis Jan 12, 4:52 PM
Happy Bleated Birthday Rythme.
Promise Jan 12, 4:45 PM
Happy Birthday!
Alfyan Jan 12, 3:14 PM
Happy Birthday SV!
Alfyan Jan 6, 4:16 PM
I was and still am back for Christmas and back in the UK and have been playing a lot of console games again :D Haha not if its for work lol, people go abroad with their friends and family; I usually go abroad by myself so its not the same for me, I would be excited to visit another continent actually but since I am stuck in certain EU countries is not exactly the same feeling. Haha it is, thats how things get solved really. No one does stealth missions in wars!

Yeah I always find decent amount of players here, its fun and crazy once you get into full lobbies haha. It is indeed, I can't wait!!

Yeah Japan or the NL would be great, alas we can only dream of right now; sometimes I wonder if these problems would have been improved if we were more damaged after World War II.

Well its just to improves and teaches the kids Chinese language anyway; preventing death wasn't its main purpose but now that I think about it I think it is lol.

Yeah, it gives them the upper hand over people who don't but the fees and stuff generally isn't worth it anymore now.

Well its flat land so road conditions are perfect, there are always plenty of spaces on the roads, most bridges are modern and well maintained. For every road there is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS bike lanes next to them. Bike lanes are marked in red and they get PRIORITY over cars on roundabouts how cool is that? Not only that scooters are allowed to be driven on the bike lanes too (as long as its the slower ones) but traffic flow is smooth, no congestion and everything is super clean.

Always a first time lol, I'll teach you then! Haha yeah I probably won't be able to deal with the humidity. Probably would get stung by mosquitoes everywhere too!

I think the scooters in Spain go as fast as 70kmph which is unreal! Especially for auto bikes and where most people would just need a normal car license to drive and not need a unique motorbike license.

You two ave always been giving me a different perception of Thailand damn you! Lol But yeah since I believe its because of that advanced English language you are able to communicate with us here like this which is nice, even know you are always improve your English as you talk with me or read stuff thats on here.

Trust me its not as bad as say German where they also include masculine and feminine words into the mix. Don't get me started on Cantonese oh God.

Yeah exactly its the worst thing that could happen because then its all about money money money. I honestly don't mind paying more tax as long as these things are bought back to be managed by the Government.

He must be well off then lol, even though it was for a little bit; have you two met up since?

P.S Hope you had a great Christmas and awesome New Year
SweetAegis Dec 31, 2016 9:51 PM
Happy New Year, Honey!
Alfyan Dec 15, 2016 3:36 PM
Nope, haven't really touch much of the game as I have been abroad, but even when I was I was playing Star Wars Battlefront more lol. Yeah I should really do that too; but I try playing how its supposed to be played. Since I can go all out in the other missions that are made for all-out you know :D

Ah damn, there are still many console players, I got two kill streaks on my YouTube channel recently which were battlefront themed :) yeah me too! Crash Bandicoot remake too!! OMG

Same for us since our infrastructure is so bad everything always gets delayed and overbudget here lol.

Yeah they do fear that but there is nothing we can do since that is how it is atm. Most locals can speak both dialect anyway so its not a problem. Yeah same lol but I just know they are different since I can just tell by looking at it.

Its just mutual feelings since both parties wanted this to happen so it just clicks like that.

Don't know.. Government policies U-turn and stuff like that. Its just not worth it anymore. People just go to Uni for the sake of getting Uni qualifications or living the Uni life lol.

Ideally we both should have transport links like the Netherlands, they were absolutely great!

Yeah see, so if you drive one yourself you can control your speed and where you go and you will get used to it in no time :D now I want to visit Thailand.

It isin't but the scooters we can drive in Spain will be limited and cannot go beyond a certain speed; but at least its fast enough to be like a car in an urban area which is really really nice and we can get a passenger which are too big key plus. In the UK we can't have that at all. So yeah that motorcycle license also applies here, but only for the big bikes that are over 125CC and the manual ones too.

Haha well you can't compare Thailands Uni to US or UK Unis but if yours is the best in your country then it is not bad at all. Ohh wow lol just from talking to you and Lefake I was having the assumption that most Thais would know as much English as you do. Looks like I was wrong then xD

Some are not that great but most of them are okay. Depending on the skillset of migrants you get a right mix, most that I know can speak it easily. I won't be surprised if it is since it is a relatively easy language to learn.

That is what privatisation brings you lol so thats why our transport is utterly useless and shit. Unlike say Germany or the Netherlands which are both mainly state owned and efficient.

Yeah haha they are all the same to me..

You should probably ask Lefake what he did; still annoyed we never met but hey ho.
Alfyan Dec 1, 2016 4:47 PM
Yes I have only played a bit of story mode so far, I chose the wrong mission because it was a tank stealth one and I hate being stealthy. I am more into Star Wars: Battlefront atm. Of course PS4 all the way :D

By the time its finished renovating I bet it will be out of date again since technology is advancing so fast in modern times.

Most Mandarian speakers are from mainland China but more of them are moving to Hong Kong for work so you see more Mandarian speakers in some parts. Most native people can speak both Mandarin and Cantonese so its not a problem for them either way lol. They use different writing actually!

May consider that option xD

Yeah, I never experienced this so I wouldn't know haha. But originally they would be strangers on the 1st day. Its scary how close you can become with them!

Which Uni's are you comparing to though? O.o but yeah websites dont show the true stories. I think it was the area I was in, if I was located in the main campus in London it would've been better. Haha, depends really. I also got lucky I was the final year that charged £3000 a year rather than £9000 now.

No its something I told myself I would never do lol. Yeah but those taxis are useful and since its like culture and part of everyday life for you its harder to avoid while its less common here in UK.

But don't you have to put up with that anyway on a Motorbike taxi? :S

I mean even in Spain we are allowed to drive a 125CC scooter with a passenger with just our car license but in UK it doesn't work like that.. thats is what I am annoyed about. The UK is extra sensitive.

Oh so you go to a Uni with a good reputation? Looks like you either studied hard to enter or your family is well off too :O

Erm, nope I dont think that is how it goes in Chinese Kanji. Since in other languages like English you can guess the spelling to make words sound like how they are while in Chinese writing it makes no sense and a small line can change a whole dynamic of a word... Nah I dont feel like that, I wouldn't even count it as a language I could speak.. so I am pretty much level on par with most UK people. Plus we have a lot of foreigners and migrants here and they can definitely speak other language, like our country is so multi-culture that people being bilingual are common.

I think its good to have that, I mean privatising your transport system to business really inflates the price and makes all those business rob you off your money by increasing fares and making cheap to run services so you really dont get what you paid for while all the companies care about is profit profit profit for themselves and who suffers? Thats right the customers lol.

Yup.. so guess how I and many of my fellow undergraduates feel right now? Thats why you should reconsider xD

Alfyan Nov 22, 2016 5:16 PM
So Battlefield 1, WatchDogs & One more... I forgot lol. Yeah exactly, need a bit of alone time sometimes.

Your country probably can't afford a change to the system. I mean for it to be upgraded it first have to be closed for the upgrade to start which it cannot have that happen whatsoever! Well I meant it just to avoid the floods and stuff lol. Yeah I hope so too, I haven't heard too much afternews so that can only be a good thing.

Well its predominantly Cantonese but there are more and more Mandarian speakers there lately. Cantonese is quite dominant in Hong Kong, I think it may have originated from there. Haha true, but its the same for me... For British people I am considered too Asian but for Asian people I am too Western, so I am neither in their eyes... haha I need to find a place where I belong >.>

Still though I dont know how you can put up with it, its essentially visiting a random strangers house and living there with them; in another country at such a young age too!

But what gives for equivalent instantly lacks in the fees you have to pay over here. I attended the University of Greenwich which was an utterly shit Uni with no hot girls. I could of went to something like Bath Spa but I was never too bright since I always just get B/C/D grades.

The motorbike taxis? I refuse to sit behind someone especially if its a girl lol. Its just a weird habit and imagination I got in my head.

Do they own one too? Haha well if they can get away with it then.. why not really?

I just get a picture that most developed countries are better than the UK. I literally dont know how people live in Thailand so I wouldn't know haha. Well yeah I pretty much travelled 12 hours by plane and to see pretty much the same things as I do back in England sometimes suck. But there are some things different I agree, I went back too many times though to see it differently lol.

Oh wow, if that wasn't in England they wouldn't even bother holding class session on that number. They will just basically suspend the whole course and tell the students who applied to choose something else to study! xD

Haha true, communication wise its better yes, but for day to day activities I think it leans more to reading and writing. Yeah me too, sucks that I am poor at languages in general though.

Thats why I always have a crap view of England, just a money grabbing country/society. I don't know either lol. Maybe because its not financed by the Government, although they finance our loans that we have to eventually pay back.. so yeah
Alfyan Nov 12, 2016 2:17 PM
Yeah true, I just bought a bunch of games just recently when I am already struggling with my anime lol. I am preparing it for the Christmas break hardcore playthrough I guess. Also include our real-life commitments too >.>

Oh WOW, what on EARTH?! How are you supposed to get through that? Where you on a car when you took the picture? Surprised your country didn't go on an absolute standstill lol. I would presume you won't mind going back to NZ during this time lol :P

We don't usually haha; we prefer calling ourselves Hong Kongers speaking Cantonese. Yes I have an Asian background :D I am a British Born Chinese you could say..

Do you still keep in contact with that family? Must of been so nice though, I would never of coped when I was young being in another country away from my home + family for that long. We do have some top Unis yes but I like to reaffirm its only the top ones that were good, unfortunately I wasn't smart enough for any of them so I got to a really crap one as well. I guess that justifies the course fee then haha, it would of been quite bad if it wasn't like that. Haha true indeed!

Should be okay from the bikes, but not on the car to do that though. Yeah I hear stories about that; but I never experienced first hand so I wouldn't know lol. Damn what about your friends? I am sure they all have one. I think those types of driving habits come on when the majority of the vehicles on the roads are motorbikes :O

I don't know if you got this impression already but I have the view that the UK as a whole sucks. Yes Hong Kong is very much westernised, I remember going there earlier this year and still thinking I am in England because it doesn't look that different! Shame really

Hmmm, I wonder... If its that scarce here then I wouldn't even think how scarce it would be elsewhere.

Nope, I can't speak any other language at all about from a little and I mean LITTLE bit of Cantonese (Speaking and Listening only) I can't read or write :/

I would prefer paying less money for tuition compared to having one year being chilled.
Alfyan Nov 6, 2016 3:30 PM
Haha, you must be really bored and have nothing else to do outside of your daily schedule in order to go and play it usually. Its a really good market strategy by steam though.

Ahhh, how does your roads cope with that? Haha yeah, well I just took a look and you have Indian Ocean on the West and on the South of the country you have the South China Sea to your East.

Pretty much yes since both my parents are from Hong Kong :D

Oh haha I am clueless then since I never did anything like that. Oh wow you went all the way to NZ?! That must of been awesome! What accommodation did you stay in while you were there? Oh nice, you have to question the quality of teaching though if its free but its still a better option than wasting a lot of money just to study in England. I would say.. is it a privilege/prestige if you study in England as an international student? Does employers in your country actually get impressed with that more then when you study in other countries for example?

Motorbike taxis sounds awesome, I still think you should get a license lol. I bet all your friends have one. I would say they drive too slow generally. It annoys me when they go 30mph on a 40mph road for example. People here a less rushed and less aggressive than Germany at least and they thank you unlike the Europeans if you let them through. But we still do get some terrible drivers but generally its the same lol.

Yeah so I wouldn't count on you going to England to study anytime soon lol. Yeah the Asians rarely question anything and just get on with it, I notice that with things and daily lives.

Its not even popular with historians, generally NO One would have interest unless its their native language lol. In my opinion anyway, I am not that knowledgeable in these type of stuff yet but that is the view I am getting. I asked my sister actually and she said the same thing.

Yes but its due to that we lack the skills to communicate in other languages lol which is kind of annoying, English is so useful that most people who are not native speakers of other languages would not learn another one just for the sake of it.

Haha well it is for me lol, thats why most people piss about during their first year since all they have to do is pass modules.
Alfyan Nov 2, 2016 2:30 PM
Heh, I was a victim of that; but only once! I think people buy it just for the sake of having it on their library since its at a cheap price. At least the discounted games are cheap...

Do you have monsoon seasons? I probably will visit Thailand at some point, maybe during my usual HK stop.

Oh I think its called Foreign exchange here, but we don't pay... its just basically families trading/swapping their children for a certain amount of time for them to learn and embrace the culture of the language they are learning lol. Haha I think you would be better off on those other counties :) IMO if you want to study, financially England is not the best to study in.

Most roads are small yes, the country roads are like one-lane only if twist, bumps and turns which is a nightmare to drive in, you won't know when the car going the other way will turn up, so if you got a tight bend you have to go very very slow. Most often if you do encounter one you both stop and one has to reverse somewhere for the other car to pass lol. I tend to avoid that as much as I can. England is an Island so there is literally not much land to use. We do have a lot of roundabouts as well!

I think the newer the better since the infrastructure will be a lot better.

I think the other countries you get the standard of education you are looking for, US might be overpriced for what it is but UK is definitely so. Standard of education is poor if you go outside the top Universities. I do wonder how you guys can afford it.

Nope, pretty much non-existent as well.. only European languages are taught in courses and even then not a lot of interest is put on it. That is why England you dont often see bilingual language speakers here.. just English.

Well then lol, my first year didn't count towards my final degree at all.. I just got to pass the course, 2nd year was 20% and Final year was 80%...