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Heroine Tarumono! Kiraware Heroine to Naisho no Oshigoto
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RPG Fudousan
RPG Fudousan
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Watashi, Idol Sengen
May 12, 2:16 AM
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Uchi no Kaisha no Chiisai Senpai no Hanashi
Uchi no Kaisha no Chiisai Senpai no Hanashi
Apr 6, 12:38 AM
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Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku
Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku
Mar 26, 8:23 PM
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Manjuu May 12, 9:30 PM
Wait, you're affected by Golden Week? "back in Thailand"? Are you somehow still staying at Japan? o__o I thought it was just a temporary visit or something

Yeah, and they've opened up to tourists too. I still don't see myself having the money to visit Japan at least until 2025 maybe
Good luck on your prospective N1 exam, whenever it may be~
You actually made me check, and it's apparently just $20 for N3-5, and $30 for N1-2. But apparently the nearest upcoming JLPT within my area is only testing N1 and N2... ;___;

Actually true. The Japanese definitely are quite hardcore on even the most casual stuff, haha
Thumb players live in another dimension ┬┴┬┴┤(O_├┬┴┬┴

Keqing was one of my most-wished characters when the game launched, so I'm glad I also got her really early on~ (On Ganyu's banner, actually I did a 10-roll and got Ganyu THEN Keqing right after! That's probably the most luck I've had (and probably will have) on Genshin...)
Yeah, in those trial events, I often use characters I don't have too. In my case, just recently I used Yoimiya and she's definitely fun to play (and very cute too...).

You probably got that right, especially with Raiden. Although in Raiden's case, I guess she would have sold the most anyway even without her really good supportive damage, haha.
Didn't it more have to do with the fact that CN people assumed he represented China, as the god of the China-inspired nation Liyue? So he had to be strong/stronger than what he was then >___> But yeah, I also didn't have any issues with him. I used to do coop domains with friends before and their Zhonglis definitely made it a lot easier for sure.

While I technically understand how it works, I don't really think about it too haha
I inflict any element then swirl it up, and that makes it do big damage so that's good enough~
I actually also didn't know. But I got Aquilla Favonia on regular draw, then asked my friends who the heck would be good for it, then they said Phys Keqing and I was like "Huh?". Turns out it's a legitimately strong build~

Luck comes in phases ┬┴┬┴┤(O_├┬┴┬┴ Your unluck now just means more luck later~

That's better. But probably in 2025.
Klefki_of_Awsome May 5, 7:00 PM
Yeah, thanks..;v;
Could be, I mean I'm good at organizing schedules to work around for personal work, and it comes in handy when I watch anime too, lol~!xD>
Want me to help you with some organization tips?^^'>3

Yikes, that is warm!0-0'3 We get heat waves here of 45 degrees Celsius but those are rare, the warmest it usually is in Summer is 35 degrees Celsius..>.>;
Wow, nice! Were are you at in Japan now?>v<
Yeahh, but see, my brain works weirdly at times, and I always change plans when watching anime, so now I'm watching Spring, and after my vacations to Spain and Portugal I will catch up to Fall 2021, then watch Winter 2022 with Fall 2022, and watch Summer as it airs, but only at first because I will have to delay it too after I go on vacation because I don't plan to watch anime then..XI The reason for the change was mostly due to me being very busy with in person appointments and other things this term that needed for time then what my Fall schedule allowed, but also I just craved watching something new and needed a fresh perspective, so I tried doing things this way!>:D9
Again, I feel like that could be fixed with proper organization, though..^^'>3

Well my electric toothbrush that I have now is actually similar to that Japanese one, but unfortunately, that brush too succumbed to my weird teeth shape and bent out of order, so I'm back on manual for now, and starting to be more careful too since I want my current brush to actually last a while, lol~x'D>
Alfyan May 2, 3:45 AM
Must have been one of Youtube algorithms for suggestions when you saw a related video lol.

Guess there would be a little less of an uproar where you are. Although since there is media attention and it's been taken to court I believe it would be something that would be investigated.

So they make short skirts shorter by cutting it even shorter? Lol

Haha fair enough, I am kind of the opposite I tend to have a lifestyle where I don't spend on anything since I stay indoors a lot.

He probably just forgot what country he thought he was in, if it was any other country I believe he would have gotten away with it.

Ahh I see what you mean, fair enough then. I tend to rate anime quite harshly but I tend to use the full spectrum of the ratings.

Wait, you're in Japan?!
Manjuu Apr 22, 9:15 PM
In 2050 maybe
We're together in being behind seasonals, although it's been permanent in my case for like 2 years now...

Oh damn, that's unlucky. Hopefully you get to take it this year so you can officially become more proficient in Japanese than most average Japanese haha
I think I can be confident that I could pass N4 right now, but I think with N3 I'd need to brush up on my general JP studies and kanji. I don't think I can afford to take JLPT anytime soon though...

All clans in top 10 receive the highest amount of rewards, so I guess I'm part of that, yeah~ I didn't think something that looked casual like Priconne could even be this tryhard
Above 60 fps on rhythm games would be really good ┬┴┬┴┤(O_├┬┴┬┴ I'm jelly
Although I think I won't be playing rhythm games regularly for a long loooong time since I'm taking care of my wrists atm >___>

Oh right, I guess I didn't get all waifus since I missed Yoimiya... I had to save since Raiden was coming out~
That's really some big damage though! I also loved using Yoimiya in that one event that gave lots of primos~

My flex would be my team built around Phys Keqing:

International players just suck at playing Genshin in general.

This is a sad truth, else Kokomi wouldn't have been so gimped with her banner being the lowest sales so far in Genshin history... I guess the no-crit thing really put off most players into building for her?

We use almost the exact same team for Yae!:

I daresay that Inazuma probably has the best story quests so far, since I enjoyed Itto's and Kokomi's a lot, too. I still think Ei's is still a bit lacking though, even with her part 2... Also I still need to do all the hangouts, I've only 100% cleared Barbara's haha
Pls gib all the luck, I need yelan

Reading the VN will make us appreciate the film a lot more when it releases~
Probably never, there is no Tsukihime anime after all
Manjuu Apr 19, 6:24 AM
Forgot to mention how Stellar Stellar is so good, I still listen to it (almost) daily since its release up to now ┴┬┴┤(O_├┬┴┬┴
Manjuu Apr 19, 6:10 AM
W-wow, just realized it's been almost a year (and 99999 genshin characters) since my June 2021 comment... o___o Let's forget about that fact and continue on with the reply
Yeah at this point, I just watch random clips from Sushi (he's a very good (apparently) native JP fansubber!) and JShay for Korone stuff (her new outfit/hairstyle is very very cute!). Otherwise, I still don't really watch a lot of vtubers now lately ;___;
Onion's dream

Can't believe this was a year ago already haha...

Did you get your N1 already? It's been a year after all! I'm still stuck on only doing my Anki deck but I've already completed the whole 2k, and it's just a few reviews everyday now.

Yeah... The honestly low-tier phone I bought right before the pandemic is already dying now, so I've gotten into emulating, especially since for once, I'm actually going quite hardcore on one of my gachas, constantly tiering in the highest place in Clan Battles (Priconne EN).
Surprisingly, my phone actually runs ProSeka way better than D4DJ haha.
I heard the server crashed because people logged in when RAS came, haha.

Yeah, I actually came back for a bit for this, since you actually get 1 roll for each band member iirc (which is pretty much nothing, but it's free rolls for a gacha addict like me!). The server lag was definitely insane...

I ended up skipping Yoimiya and only going for Ayaka. Actually, my roll history is pretty much locked to having pulled all of the waifus released so far (except Klee, who's my daughter that I want to roll for one day without thinking of future waifus to roll on >__>). DId you ever end up getting Yoimiya? Especially with all the flak she got from the playerbase saying she's underwhelming, but that same flak also got to Kokomi and imo she's actually the best healer in the game, without skimping out on damage when using her set.
Ayaka being in the regular banner was some pretty fake news after all, haha, but I sure still am glad I didn't skip her. Her story quest was just the best~
What luck, I had to double full pity Yae ;______________; I sure hope I get enough rolls for Yelan...

Speaking of Type-Moon, I can't believe Mahoyo is FINALLY getting an English release, and officially too!
Manjuu Apr 17, 8:59 PM
Whoa you actually got to go to Japan in this era??? That Suisei life-size scale and the Genshin ads look so good!
Klefki_of_Awsome Apr 15, 2:44 PM
You just feel very sore and it's very painful, honestly I'm glad I even got out of them at all, since it felt like it would last forever back then..X'3
Wow, I mean, I get it, I also don't have much time rn because of school/work placements but at least I get week-ends to do things, lol~=v=3
Do you not get one or more day off in the week?:o>

Yikes! Out of curiosity, but what's the warmest it's ever been there?^^'>3
And nice, glad you get to go to Japan if only to escape that inferno, lol~!^v^>
Yes, unfortunately for my wallet, LOL~!x'D>
Hmm, you're right, that was a bit reckless..>.> I did change my plans though: Fall this cours, then Spring and Summer together, followed by Winter and Fall together. Also, in January 2023 I don't plan to watch anything because of the new gen 9 pokémon games, but I WILL watch Winter anime starting in February or March of that year, since I can't work yet then and will have the time to have leeway in my schedule then because I won't be at school either, ehehe~!>:P>
Yeah, forgot to warn you about that, my bad.. You basically never use full power unless you have like 5cm of plaque or something LOL~^^'>3
Hmm, true.. I mean, there ARE a few quality items I bought at the dollar store some years back that still work whereas some things I buy sometimes don't even last until I get home..>v>'3
Memor Apr 11, 3:18 PM
I don't know, I feel like Shirogane doesn't get enough love. and I don't think Chika would be as popular without that dance xD but I do get what you're saying ^^
that's true, it seems like they just love anime for what it is^^

so I'm curious, who is your favourite in Revue Starlight? I can't decide between Banana, Mahiru and Kaoruko, they are all so great ._____________________.

I guess you've been there for over a week now, how is everything? try not to forget about lil ol me while you're living it up ;_____;
Alfyan Mar 23, 2:03 PM
Very interesting, I am not involved with the day to day operations but more on the background of it so I don't feel much of any different from normal IT jobs. However, there has also been small incidents where the police here have been on the spotlight due to institutional racism and mishandling, and code of ethics of police officers from London's Metropolitan Police (Which is the UK biggest police force).

Recently we had a case of Police Officers actually strip searching a black 15 year old girl at a school because she was reported by her teachers of suspecting in possession of drugs so they got female officers to strip search her at the school without an authorised adult present due to her age and there has been an outcry over that because it might be racism involved. Personally I don't see it that much of an issue if female officers stripped searched her, but she was on her periods so that didn't help either so she is taking legal action against the Police and her school.... not sure what you think about this. There was another incident last year which made a major outcry (Which on this occasion I also see as a major issue) so Policing standards are definitely being questioned here.

Do you have any small regrets on using all of it up? Because you could have used that and saved on getting your own place! I don't get Vtubers personally

Yeah me neither, one wrong move and you're prosecuted... like that US student who took a propaganda poster.

The whole point of the list is for scoring! You can hide your scores on your list for a while though.

Memor Mar 19, 10:52 AM
well this was when I was very young, I wouldn't be surprised if TDM no longer requires an accessory ^^ I never got to play guitar hero ;___; but for that one you actually do need a guitar right?

I have no idea either, I mean for what it's worth I like Juju-sama (and even her sister sort of) more than Marin^^ my only guess is that the western anime community has a lot of newer fans who get excited at the prospect of a popular new character, that boosts the hype for that char and everyone starts to focus on just that char because they're the one everyone is talking about. it's to the point where a lot of people are calling it the Marin anime when they can't remember the title xD
whereas Japan has a better grasp of waifu culture, so they see past the hype... I guess =w=
That's crazy, you could have met THE AnimeZone O____________O

hm... I much prefer binge-watching, so that might be why I'm not so fond of seasonals >.<

I didn't actually watch the ep until now, buuut wow, that's gotta be one of the best single episodes of all time. I'm not ashamed to say I teared up ; -;
the final episode which just aired also made me tear up, so you gotta watch it NOW! AND CRY ABOUT IT *^*
Memor Mar 16, 12:48 PM
I didn't know it ever had taiko O__________O do you still need a drum accessory to play taiko in games? I played taiko drum master as a kid and that needed one, but I don't know if that's still a thing :x

I think I understand, it seems like Garnt (and the other two) don't much care for the more lighthearted sol/comedy/romance shows and are more action and drama oriented, which is the opposite of my tastes ._.
I've lost count of how many times I've considered quitting seasonals but it's so hard when everyone around me is talking about them .______________________. how about you? >.<

can't believe it's back O_______________O
Klefki_of_Awsome Feb 25, 11:52 AM
You Very Welcome, hope you had a great birthday alongside friends and family~!:)

Yes, I guess, but it also lasted the longest of all 3 shots: 3 weeks to recover completely, rip..;-;
That would be a little hard rn tbh, what with what's happened recently in Ottawa..^^'3
Yikes! But then again we all go through some moods like that I guess, like me recently with anime, I still love it, but it's become harder to find time to watch everything..=.='3

A long summer sounds like a movie title, lol, but yeah, hope you get to go soon, I did hear that they are opening to tourists and foreigners again in March or something iirc recently but it might close again depending on the situation for sure..X.X
Yeahh so turns out Legends Arceus came out on the switch and now I have two anime seasons to catch up too: Fall next season, and then Winter in Summer, alongside continous stuff from Fall, Winter, and new Spring and Summer shows, in other words, I can kiss my freedom this Summer goodbye, hahaha~x'D>
Oral-B is a good choice, it's the other brand we buy here too, usually!:) My only complaint rn is that I'm stuck using my broken electric brush for fear of breaking any newer brush I would buy, because of how my dentition is made..=.='3
Yikes! And no offense, but if it's chinese, it's probably also made to break, so it won't last..>.>;
Memor Feb 21, 12:17 PM
I think I am so desensitized to that stuff though because I never really questioned it when watching Tokyo Revengers xD only when I saw a video later talking about about it did I think now that you mention it, that is pretty weird...

which osu modes did you play? I just played standard mode, I always wanted to get good at mania but it's super hard, I'll never understand how people can keep track of all those coloured bars ._______.

I get you :3 I don't watch Joey or Connor as much as I used to. I thought Garnt's winter 2022 video was really funny xD
Alfyan Feb 20, 4:11 AM
That's interesting, because I am working for the police here loool

Yeah I saw the prices, it costs an arm and a leg, best to learn is to be constantly exposed to it so moving there to study is the best way to go. Although everyone has different ways of learning. I do wonder what it feels like to be working there though.

Yeah true; need some luck involved with that. It's a shame sometimes.

Things they want you to see and not to see, I would be cool to experience but I don't want to keep looking at what I say or touch though all the time.

P.S I just found out you can add favourite studios to your MAL profile now.