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Cheng Hua

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Cheng Hua (花 城)

Also known as: San Lang (三郎, Sān Láng), Crimson Rain Sought Flower (血雨探花, Xuè Yǔ Tàn Huā), Ghost King (鬼王, Guǐ Wáng), City Master (花城主, Huā Chéngzhǔ)

Hua Cheng (花城, Huā Chéng) is the male lead of the novel. As one of the Four Great Calamities, Hua Cheng is known as the richest and most dangerous of the three Devastation class Demons. One learns to fear the silver butterflies and blood rains for they are the heralds of his presence.

(Source: Heaven Official's Blessing Wiki)

Voice Actors
Fukuyama, Jun
Ma, Zhengyang