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Both Monster and Psycho-Pass are psychological mystery thrillers were the main male protagonist is after a ghost murder. No one believes in the existence of mastermind serial killer until late. The lead killers both kill as a third party using others to do their dirty work for excitement excitement. Furthermore they see nothing wrong in their ways are are in essence pure heart-ed but evil in soul. You can judge them by their presence.
report Recommended by Air-Dragon
Uncommon seinen anime in detective genre with dark mysterous atmosphere. Characters are interesting and psychologically realistic. Protagonist is forced to make difficult choices that are beyond good and evil. In both anime there is an antogonist who tries to fulfil his vile plans and fights either with the main character or with entire society itself.
report Recommended by Day-Elven
Psycho-Pass and Monster both ask and present difficult questions to their viewers and reward them through effortless storytelling and admirable characters. The rules and expectations of society, the darkness that resides inside of humans, the unpredictability of individuals, the corrupt nature of those that lead the masses—all of these are brought to the forefront of these anime and are intriguingly approached through intellectual plots. Situation and history, action and result, no matter how I looked at it, I could not personally decide whether or not either side was ever truly right or wrong. That thin line between the two is my favorite kind of conclusion. At   read more
report Recommended by DeusMD
1- Both plots contains Psychopath - no Conscience and very intelligent puppet master. 2- Each episode reveals more background story of the main characters. 3- Well written and interesting to watch.
report Recommended by silverfoenix
The main malefactors seem alike, IMHO. They both have a global plan and ruin a lot of lives without any doubts. They both prefer to play with people's psychology. I hate both Johan and Makishima. Both series are also serious, clever and for adults only.
report Recommended by JoinEnjoy
Both of them are police/mystery/psychological anime and are about a chase against a mastermind sociopath. Both of them have an antagonist that has the goal to chance their society and the MC's point of view on it. Both of them are about an MC that is rejected by society but still fights to protect it.
report Recommended by minouneetzoe
Both of these shows involve catching a very smart and charismatic criminal. Both shows also delve into big societal issues and the underlying shortcomings of human nature. Psycho-Pass is much faster paced overall, and has more action, while Monster progresses slowly and likes to focus on its many side characters and side stories, with huge payoffs later on. Both shows also have terrific voice acting (both sub and dub) and extremely well-written dialogue.
report Recommended by Phenomanan
The antagonists of both these shows are highly charismatic and manipulative.
report Recommended by ThatRazorGuy
Both shows have a really similar feel with a "ghost antagonist" being hunted down.
report Recommended by TheBookOfFriends
Monster explored human nature and the identity of evil. Psycho Pass explores similar themes in a dystopian setting where the government prevent crimes by calculating the mental state of its citizens. If you enjoyed the psychological aspect of Monster but wanted more action, then Psycho Pass is a must watch.
report Recommended by Lugengeschichte
if youre mainly looking for anime with psychopaths being the main antagonist then monster and psychopass are similar. both anime have a revenge plot as well.
report Recommended by Sonicps1