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Psycho-Pass is, perhaps, the closest thing to GitS:SAC that we will ever see. This isn't to accuse PP of mindless copycatting, though; although both shows deal with similar settings and subject matter, as well as have similar direction and audiovisual feel, Psycho-Pass clearly holds its own and even improves upon GitS in terms of pacing and visual flair at times. It may not be up to one's taste, but it's definitely worth checking out, and its handling of the subject matter surely deserves credit either way. Important to say, much like its spiritual predecessor, PP also respects the viewer's intelligence to a remarkable degree, offering mostly   read more
report Recommended by moozooh
Both are procedural crime shows and set in a future version of Japan. Both shows are very focused on sci fi and each has their own interesting gallery of gadgets and systems. Both follow the attempts of a law enforcement agencies attempts to capture an enigmatic criminal who's always several steps ahead. Ghost in the Shell is more episodic and the underlying plot is visited in standalone episodes throughout the season. Psycho Pass is more focused on the main plot. I've heard Psycho Pass get called at best inspired by and at worst a rip off of GitS but I think it's its own show   read more
report Recommended by Vexys7
Not only the futuristic sci-fi crime investigation team premises (heavy on characterisation) but also the series' structure and execution mirror each other. Ghost in the Shell was one of the many works Psycho Pass' creators were open about having influenced them; one even going so far as to say they wanted to surpass GitS. Even the animation studios (Production IG) are the same. The setting of both is 'a future not far away from our reality'. This means our real world logic is applied to series where full-body cybernisation is possible and artificial intelligence can think for itself. To better connect the viewer, both GitS: Stand   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both take place in a similar futuristic setting, where the lines between technology and humanity are blurred. Both are from the point-of-view of law enforcement, showing society through the eyes of those who see the worst of it.
report Recommended by Azrael_X
Both are set in a plausible futuristic setting focused on some police authority. Action scenes litter throughout both series, and when done, they're brilliantly choreographed. Like any two great sci-fi, both looks critically into the social implications of technology, the ethical considerations, and any significant impact of change in lifestyle. Easily two of the best sci-fi anime has to offer, utmost care was put into both in developing a world that feels real and the characters themselves behave accordingly to the circumstances given.
report Recommended by Tachii
Both are crime-solving anime in a similar futuristic setting. Both get very serious and give a commentary on the human condition.
report Recommended by MangaPancakes
The Ghost in the Shell and Psycho-Pass franchises are both futuristic, cyberpunk police series with a philosophical nature. They take the point of view of the law enforcement in a world where technology and artificial intelligence is much more advanced and has become an integral part in people's daily lives. They often show the worst of such a world, and leave it up to you whether or not that's what's best for mankind. Ghost in the Shell is very character driven while Psycho-Pass focusses more on the main plot, but if you like one the other should definitely interest you aswell.
report Recommended by Yamaro
First of all in both cases we have the police as the main characters. Secondly we could say the time period is not too distant cyberpunk style future. Psycho - pass seems to have some interesting philosophical views on this kind of future... It's the kind of anime which actually needs you to think when watching it. Ghost in the shell has multiple story arcs, while Psycho Pass has a single arc which connects it all together.
report Recommended by Turanic
Both are set in a futuristic society and both talk about psychology and philosophy extensively.
report Recommended by Dark_Ghost
Gritty police procedural anime from the same studio. They explore the ramifications of their sci-fi settings on the behavior of people, especially criminals. Two very insightful shows that are absolutely beautiful to look at. Psycho-Pass is more about the challenges in creating a utopia, while Stand Alone Complex explores the effects of technology on individuals.
report Recommended by IzzyHime
Both of these story lines fall deep into the future with technology that can better mankind but also still have the same amount of crime. Characters are a bit different than ghost in a shell however you will learn about the characters in this anime at different episodes just like ghost in a shell.
report Recommended by Yetenekli
Both series shares similar themes involving dealing with criminals in a world with powerful technology. In fact, these traces of technology can be traced with cyperpunk themes. Thus, both series has a similar feeling. Both series' characters works with a superior organization to deal with the criminals using their skills. Production I.G. is also involved with both series hence similar animation artwork and visuals. Both series has action, drama, police, and great dialogue usage in many scenes.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both anime have a similar feel to their story telling as well as both being worlds in a not too distant future. Both can also be classified as science fiction and each follow a form of law enforcement.
report Recommended by gardenGnostic7
Both animes feature an advanced technological society that despite the cutting edge technology suffers from both existential and criminal issues. Both animes feature cybercrime and a lot of action. Both animes focus on police and investigations.
report Recommended by shinezu
Aside from being masterpieces of the psychological genre, both series are set in a cyberpunk world and include plenty of thought-provoking philosophical moments and exhilarating action to keep you at the edge of your seat, especially in the later episodes. In short, what truly sets either of these series above the average anime and makes the other absolutely worth watching if you wholeheartedly enjoyed one, is how there is neither black nor white characterization and character morals, in addition to unpredictable plot direction... By the end of the series (particularly in Psycho-Pass imo) you may end up rooting for what you (as the viewer) believe is   read more
report Recommended by kittylily_
The atmosphere is very similar, with mature and complex characters, in these two series there is room for both, action and philosophy.
report Recommended by automnesouriant
Both are in the future, have to deal in a sci-fi genre and deal with aspects of philosophy. Specifically, they deal with the philosophy of current life and future life. Both also have great, almost similar artwork (minus characters).
report Recommended by Nitro-Nito
They're both set in futuristic/cyberpunk type worlds (although PP seems a few decades behind GITS technology-wise) and focus on law enforcement, while also delving into themes like grey morality. The main difference is in the main theme; where GITS focuses on the idea of individualism in an increasingly connected world, PP chooses to explore the idea of freedom vs security. If you liked one it's a high chance you'll like the other.
report Recommended by shangrila117
Both of these anime are set in the future and deal with law enforcement. Ghost in the Shell revolves more around how we are losing our grip on humanity compared to how horrifying humanity is in the future with Psycho Pass. Both of these anime also have underlying meanings that really strike a chord when they are finally understood.
report Recommended by Arthion
Both are about police investigation. They both set up in a sci-fi world. They both have a strong squad that each member have his speciality.
report Recommended by minouneetzoe
Great world building for future crime fighting, integrating future technologies into society. This creates a utopia/dystopia in both worlds. Questions arise about how technologies should be used and how society should be governed to regulate such abuse or misuse. (more pronounced in Psycho Pass) Both have strong female MCs (GITS a little stronger) and an interactive unit/team to introduce interesting characters and dialogue/ideology. (PP is stronger in character development, GITS in dialogue)
report Recommended by Saul_L
There are some major parallels to draw between the two shows. Both feature a team of police detectives in a near future world, hunting down criminals, often of a cyber nature. They do this using futuristic technology, which feels pretty similar between the two shows. The action scenes in both shows also manages to feel pretty similar. There's two major differences between the shows. First, the story setup is different. Psyco-Pass being focused around measuring a person's criminal tendencies, while GitS: S.A.C is focused around equal rights for androids, and explores if androids are able to have souls and feel emotions. The second big difference would be   read more
report Recommended by vigorousjammer
If You liked one, then you will definitely like the other. Both these anime's take place in a future society that have advanced technological marvels that can satisfy the most hard core of sci-fi fans. Both anime's are suited for a more mature audience and depict police procedurals in a similar fashion. Ghost in the shell is more action packed or at least the action is on a different scale, while Psycho-pass is more philosophical about society, not that SAC doesn't do the same in it's own way. Bottom line is both of these anime's give off a very similar vibe and they they were intact made   read more
report Recommended by Mothmonsterman
Both of them are masterpieces of the Sci-Fi genre. Both of them revolve around agencies that deal with criminals in complex and mostly dystopian futures. Both of them are incredibly well written, the characters have a lot of depth to them, the settings they take place in are so vividly detailed and fascinating that they make you wish you could be part of such a future. They are both some of the best produced anime out there. Psycho-Pass obviously takes a lot of inspiration from Ghost in The Shell, but both Psycho-Pass and Ghost in the Shell have distinct voices and they are in no way the same thing. Both   read more
report Recommended by alpha_shadow
Its easy to see how Psycho-Pass was inspired by Ghost in the Shell (1st Season) OB; objective similarities SUB; based on my personal experience. -Similar in the world-building; both shows have a cyber-society dominated by technology . (OB) -Presentation of the Police cyber-crime exists in both shows, a criminal that uses cyber technology in a stand-alone episodes, that is not part of the main arc. (OB) -Both shows have a special team (division) to deal with such crimes (OB) -Minor Spoiler BEWARE --------- there is a corrupt political operating system in both shows. (OB) -Both shows have a main villain (cat-mouse type). (OB) -The use of technology however is more logical in   read more
report Recommended by Dr-Eyes
They are both made by Production IG. They are both cyberpunk police shows The main character is female in both series (Tsunemori Akane for Psycho-Pass and Kusanagi for GITS) They are both very philosofical and psychological
report Recommended by You_Go_Now
Both are set in cyber world's that rely on machines in some way or another. I believe Psycho Pass is heavily inspired by GITS as well and in some ways a more modern, less complicated variation to the classic series.
report Recommended by hanamiARIES
- Both deal with a futuristic society. - Both have similar motifs. - Both are cyberized. - Both have action for engagement. - Both deal with a stand alone complex in some sort of way.
report Recommended by Arham_4
When it comes cyberpunk settings anime, these two are a must watch. Futuristic police and government action, not to forget the fact that both anime franchises were created by Production I.G. Both series have female lead characters, something you don't come across a lot in anime.
report Recommended by Dresta
GiTS: SAC and Psycho-Pass are similar Police, Drama and Psychological shows, which deal with some of the same themes. Both shows have the same pacing and only go out of hand at the end of the story.
report Recommended by AnimeXHunter
Both are set in a futuristic setting and aired with the same studio. They both deal with philosophies and have a very similar feel to storytelling.
report Recommended by Artifiyings
Futuristic worlds where the advanced technology should be supposed to protect us from all evil and create perfect societies, but the reality isn't always that simple. Corruption lurks in every corner and a villain/master-mind appears in an attempt to deliver his own justice. That's where the special investigation teams come up. Consisting of a bunch of agents with open mindsets and different levels of experience dealing with crimes have their ideology tested to prevent the villain's actions. While solving multiple small cases leading to the master-mind, both teams get a step closer to uncovering the truth. However, the case is not as simple as capturing a bad   read more
report Recommended by INU4SH4
both talking about some sort of police facing cyborg crimes during their journey in a cyberpunk atmosphere
report Recommended by Okamii_JA
Similar cyberpunk setting, brings up themes of society and other philosophical questions
report Recommended by Izzyguana
Psycho-Pass is the spiritual successor of Ghost In The Shell : Stand Alone Complex. They have too many similary : futuristic setting where AI is entrenched in society, long and thought-provoking philosophical dialogue and theme, and memorable characters.
report Recommended by Blissful_Sorrow
These two series are police orientated with a group of characters solving mysteries and kicking ass. Both of these series concentrate on philosophical questions that make you really use your mind to connect things together and goes on about what it truly means to be human
report Recommended by Tyrannicswine117
Psycho-Pass borrows very heavily from Ghost in the Shell SAC's structure, in which police forces in futuristic cyberpunk worlds deal with new forms of crime committed using technology that interacts with the human brain, and their members must come to terms with their roles in this conflict.
report Recommended by MarisaTheCube
Sci-fi that takes place in futuristic Japan. Japan is a superpower on the world stage and the main characters are law enforcers that must come to grips with different forms of terrorism or classic murders. Uses philosophy to ask relatively deep ethical questions about the system/society in place. Especially in connection to the psychology of individuals and groups of people.
report Recommended by leion247
Aired by the same producers, has the same future feel. Both aren't afraid to experiment with something. Of course, SAC is an absolute classic.
report Recommended by Hablmet
Both are from future, about problems in society.
report Recommended by MarkMont
The artist of Psychopass was a student of the main artist of ghost in the shell, it has similar themes and both are futuristic dystopias, and about the abuse of technology and how that effects the average person as well as society as a whole including crime and uncovering hidden criminal networks. They also both have impressive visuals and are renowned for their soundtracks.
report Recommended by Stealth012
both are in a futuristic setting, solving multiple crimes.
report Recommended by Kaiseruu
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