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Arslan Senki (TV)
Arslan Senki (TV)
Dec 24, 2017 7:14 AM
Watching 5/25 · Scored 5
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
Dec 24, 2017 7:07 AM
Watching 13/24 · Scored 6
Kuuchuu Buranko
Kuuchuu Buranko
Dec 24, 2017 7:04 AM
Watching 3/11 · Scored -
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YEROCKY Dec 26, 2017 12:43 PM
Thanks, Klassical. Hope you enjoyed yours.
nikki-chan92 Dec 24, 2017 7:05 PM
Even the food reactions were shorter than usual and it felt like their voices were played back at double speed. Everything just felt so rushed lol. I'm still looking forward to hearing your full thoughts on Higurashi, happy holidays my friend~ :)
ClinT Dec 19, 2017 12:50 PM
wassup dead-san?
nikki-chan92 Dec 15, 2017 3:50 PM
What happend to Food Wars?!?!?!?! I should really wait till you come back to reply but really Dr-Eyes, what on earth happend to this series after episode 5 of S3 its so, soooo disapointing
nikki-chan92 Nov 26, 2017 12:41 PM
Yea when I watched it a few years back Higurashi was an enjoyable albeit disturbing show. However, the kind of show that it is just isn't my thing anymore, but regardless of that fact I do think that you will find enjoyment season 1 and season 2 (kai). However, I cannot say that you will like Rei (S3), Kira (S4), or the movie Outbreak. Also no @Yerocky I will not raise Higurashi to a 9 if anything I should lower season 1 to a 6 and 2 to a 7 =.=

You should play Rocket League sooner than later honestly, its addicting, fun, funny, a lil frustrating at times but in my experience its a excellent little mood booster of a game. :)

Also the anime gods have decided to give us a delightful holiday gift announcement.......

The past few days have been alright, I hope that your doing well Dr-Eyes sama and I look forward to hearing how Higurashi turns out for you, and that your days ahead are good ones as well~

Dr-Eyes said:
Oh and i missed that birthday date. Really sorry.

Happy Birthday Nikki :D

Thats alright, Thank you Dr-Eyes~! ^_^
YEROCKY Nov 20, 2017 2:03 PM
I dont watch anime as much anymore either.

I'll probably watch FW3 with nikki since we watched the first 2 seasons together. It was alot of fun.

Turtle, Turtle.
nikki-chan92 Nov 19, 2017 4:21 PM
Season 2 spent wayy to much time telling a tournament arc, one which was spoiled heavily by the artwork of the show itself,albeit a bit misleading as to who actually won but still it tells you which 3 are advancing and makes the watch pointless. Speaking of pointless ep 2 of S2 gave me good reason to genuinely dislike this character and no shes not turtley enough for the turtle club and yes @Yerocky if you read this I'm still not over that part. The best part of season 2 was the ending which I felt was far too rushed for how interesting it was.

Season 3 I had to put on hold, not because its bad no far from it, its getting way to interesting and borderline painful to watch week by week. Like every-time I log onto CR I am tempted to watch more because I wanna know what the background story of Erina's father really is and what his motives truly are for the academy. I just hope that the season doesn't short hand us with a 12/13 episode run like season 2 did, we'll see though right? :)

Also gaming question, do you have Rocket League?! I've been playing that these past few days and wondering why I never got it 2 years ago when it originally released because its a ton of fun and mildly addicting. I'm wondering because its cross-play and my bf and I would like to have full party sessions online with groups of friends, if you do have the game it could be a lot of fun, just lemme know when your free to come back on here Dr-Eyes sama.

I'm doing alright, despite not having much luck on the job-hunting front, but other than that I'd say things are alright over all, I hope you have been well yourself and not too busy as of late. Be sure to take a lot of time for yourself but a good day?! its a good month by the time I see you again lol I'm just playing, thank you and I hope your day was and everyday until your on here again are good ones~!
nikki-chan92 Oct 16, 2017 3:35 PM
HeyHeyHey was season 2 of Food Wars really as bad as Made in Abyss?? Seems a lil bit fishy lol (I'm just playing) However, I will agree with you though, the second season is not as good as the first since it focuses primarily on one topic that being the tournament. Also the title card gives everything away so the suspense factor was also hindered quite a bit. With that said I hope season 3 returns to season 1 levels of enjoyment :)
nikki-chan92 Oct 14, 2017 10:00 PM
I am really enjoying Food Wars Dr-Eyes sama so we should talk more about this when I your on again soon. Also I hope your doing well my friend~ :)
YEROCKY Oct 6, 2017 2:38 PM
Yeah, finally got around to watching it and it's alright so far, but still expecting nothing spectacular. Probably wont "criticize" it though because I'll get hung up next to you, by the Abysstards. I'll give an analysis though, like I do for most shows. Now to convince Nikki to watch it.

@ Nikki
nikki-chan92 Oct 4, 2017 6:43 PM
I have yet to play any of the Witcher games myself though I have heard good things about it, to call it the greatest gaming experience might be stretching it a bit since no game out there will ever be the greatest, if we like them we like them if we don't we don't. I've started re-acquainting myself with Zelda: BOTW before the story expansion comes out next month (or so) and its surprising me how I'm finding things I missed on my play-through back in March :O I love games where I can go back to them months later and find things I missed, be it land marks ,collectibles, or easter-eggs.

The irony is that a few posts above yours there is a mod that specifically stats that any attacks on users based on opinions will be banned for 5 days, and I find it ironic that a supportive comment that was not attacking others (though the edit is passive aggressive) was flagged, and they didn't take the edit, but my signature.. "now with some few lines people quote me" <--- this, there was one guy who said you were discarded by saying the ost sucks, not the animation, not the storytelling or world-building but the background music lol

Are we sure its the elitists and not the
running the ratings this time around, looking at the art and messed up screen caps going around I think its the latter but I could be wrong. Other than that I agree just like the season Erased aired the score will gradually start to go down overtime, but I might like it?!?! going by the two episodes I've seen, all the comments I've heard, and your thoughts I think I'm with Yerocky on this where its a drop for me, I might give it one more episode to be honest with you though.

I am looking forward to the second seasons of March comes in like a lion and Love Live Sunshine throughout this month, with those two series alone made in abyss will be forever lost in the abyss Not to mention the series I'm looking forward too next year which include:
Code Geass
Steins;Gate 0
Index III
Card Capture Sakura: Clear-Card hen
Kemono Friends II
and so on :)

P.S you should watch Kaleido Star soon, I finished the first season a few days ago and its hitting all the right spots for me so far I know that wording is terrible but idk how else to put it~! lol
nikki-chan92 Oct 3, 2017 12:00 PM
@Yerocky he should definitely try to sit through Gamers

I've heard from a few sources outside of mal that made in abyss turns into and I quote "utter sh!t"

update on 10-4
YEROCKY Oct 3, 2017 11:45 AM
Hey, there isn't going to be a better time for you than now to watch the anime '91 Days'.

Made in Abyss gets a 5 from you but also gets a high MAL rating. I'm screwed *lol*.

nikki-chan92 Oct 3, 2017 9:00 AM
Umm there is more than just Mario and Zelda just throwing that out there I actually grew up on both Nintendo and PS to be honest with you up until the 360/ps3/wii era. that is when I got a 360 and now I have a xbox one with my switch though the xbox hasn't been used since February because I can play most games on my PC.

Have you ever played the Devil May Cry games by chance Dr-Eyes sama, if you haven't then I think you might enjoy the subtle dark atmosphere that series presents~ Where I recently played through the first portal game I was surprised to see how subtly dark that game was considering how fun and lighthearted it is overall, and I'm looking forward to playing the second one soon

S-senpai xD thats alright and I look forward to hearing from you again soon!
nikki-chan92 Oct 1, 2017 12:20 PM
Its a really good spot to finish in actually, now if it was something like say Mario Kart fourth place is something you want to improve upon, speaking of I'd love to play mario kart with yerocky I bet that would be insane!

When it comes to dark atmosphere in entertainment be it gaming, anime or music I like the type of vibe that makes you think but in a positive way. So, therfore I am not sure if I would enjoy a Dark Souls game, but there is only one way to find out isn't there.. i'll check it out sometime in the future.

Yea its hard to believe its October o.o these past few years going to college made the months of September and October go by really slow and this year September just blew right by. On one hand I am glad because the new Mario Odyssey game will be out in 26 days and the Zelda expansion next month hopefully, but the winter months make it hard to find job opportunities since no one likes to hire new employees in the winter around here.

G-gif queen idk if I am the queen of gifs here on mal but its flattering xD I hope you had a good week :)