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Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Special
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Special
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Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi
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Kill la Kill Specials
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Hi no Tori (1967)
Hi no Tori (1967)
May 24, 11:09 AM
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Gohou Drug
Gohou Drug
May 17, 4:44 PM
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T-Rex na Kanojo
T-Rex na Kanojo
May 4, 12:04 PM
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Repeat_it_in_red May 22, 4:42 PM
Muchas gracias!
Granadorae May 19, 7:36 PM
Man, here is one text that may interest you.

I didn't read it yet, but plan to.
Granadorae May 18, 10:45 AM
Thank you for explanation.
Granadorae May 18, 10:24 AM
Describe that law, please.
Granadorae May 18, 9:44 AM

Do you know about ''Croatian'' minority in this part of Romania?

Granadorae May 17, 1:49 AM
I do that sometimes when writing longer replies.
Granadorae May 16, 5:37 PM
Dude, I was writing reply for an hour, but computer turned itself off. Damn it all to hell!
Granadorae May 16, 10:28 AM
Ok, this is a mess. I will wait for your answer first. xD
Granadorae May 16, 10:21 AM
''What not true things did you find on wikipedia?''

I came across fake things and even totally fake articles on wikipedia a lot lol. I don't remember in particular, I don't use wikipedia a lot, but that happens. It would only take from me to type ''Croatian language'', ''Bosnian language'', ''Montenegrin language'' to find fake article LMAO.

''Also, did my statement seem to imply everything on wikipedia is true?''
You didn't imply, but here's the thing.
Me: ''I can tomorrow make a wikipedia article. You can't always rely on them.''
You: ''Good luck making a wikipedia article and not getting it instantly deleted ;p ''
Why? Dude, not only I can mention reliable sources and write lies/things from other sources I didn't mention, but I can make up my sources as well. They wouldn't care.
You seem like having too much faith in wikipedia for a guy who knows wikipedia isn't reliable.

Can you describe ă, â, î, ș, ț to me? I am confused with pronunciation.

''majority use just english keyboard''
Same as lazy Serbs. People were killed in WW2 for using Cyrillic and now their descendants can't press two buttons!

adjectiv = придев
dj = đ (the same thing as Romanians writing s instead of ș)

''only ce,ci,che,chi,ge,gi,ghe,ghi combinations count as one sound for multiple letters.''
Is it pronounced similar as in Italian (if you know Italian pronounciation)?

''How is качкаваљ used in serbian? Is it for all yellow cheeses, or a specific sortiment?''
Cașcaval and качкаваљ are two versions of one word.
I am not exactly fan of cheese hahahaha. For meaning: It's a type of yellow cheese, but again, I don't know any other kind of yellow cheese.

''I'm still not sure what a possessive adjective is ._. and when would you capitalize a non-possessive adjective (i assume things like the adjective in "Serbian sword" is capitalized ?_?)''
Adjective that points possession like baby's, father's, mother's... (that words would be possessive adjectives in Serbian.)
My point is that words that would be capitalized, aren't when they end with -ски, -чки, -шки (but only if that's their *suffix, if somebody's surname is ''Петровски'', it's still capitalized.
Serbian = срп-ски (not capitalized)
Exception would be if ''Serbian sword'' is name of something. Then ''Serbian'' would be capitalized as well (''Српски мач'').
I hope it's little better now.
Granadorae May 16, 8:49 AM
*Just forget everything I said about capitalization. I only confused myself (and maybe you too).

Word DEMOnym < DEMOS (gr.) = populus (lat.) = people

In these articles (in Serbian) you have lists of famous Aromanians:Цинцари
''Кир Јања'' (Kir Janja), a Tsintsar, is a character from famous comedy with the same title by ''Јован Стерија Поповић'' (Jovan Sterija Popović). The comedy is similar to Molière's ''L'Avare ou l'École du mensonge'' (''The Miser''). Kir Janja often uses Greek words too.
Vasko Popa was Romanian.
Granadorae May 15, 1:52 PM
''Good luck making a wikipedia article and not getting it instantly deleted ;p ''
You are incredibly naive if you believe everything on wikipedia is true.

Famous Tsintsari on top of my head:
-Бранислав Нушић (Алкибијад Нуша)šić
He was Serbian writer who wrote comedies with social critic. He was very important for Serbian literature.
-Ташко Начићško_Načić
He was Serbian actor. ''Načić's paternal family was of Aromanian descent from Zaječar.''
-Никола Којо
Serbian actor I heard is Tsintsar too.
I didn't look at any list. You can try to find some more famous Aromanians, if you want.

Is ''dj'' one sound in Romanian?

cașcaval = качкаваљ xD

''Interestingly, it seems many of these words have cognates in albanian''
I told you back then that albanians got Romanian/Dacian influence.

''So even proper names ending like that aren't capitalized ?_?''
I see that I wrote it wrong by accident. Proper names are capitalized. Only (possessive) adjectives aren't.
Granadorae May 15, 1:03 PM
''The entire story of Montenegro seems too complex D: Enough to have a wiki article called "Controversy over ethnic and linguistic identity in Montenegro" (which has a sister article in the same style about Moldova xD)''
Dude, please, just stop. Montenegrins are Serbs and speak Serbian. It's like 1+1=2 really.
I can tomorrow make a wikipedia article. You can't always rely on them.

Cincari = just another name for Aromanians. There were some famous ''Tsintsari'' in Serbia.

''Is there anything interesting about those pre-serbian population?
Probably everything, but we are more focused on our Serbian history.

Do you still have words from them like we do from Dacian?''
Not that I know. What words you have from Dacian?
What "Moesia" really means hahaha?

''The possessive part is odd 0_o''
All words that end with -ски, -чки, -шки (possessive adjectives) aren't capitalized.
Granadorae May 15, 7:46 AM
P.S. Serbians and Montenegrins (Serbian tribes), for example, got divided after communists formed Montenegrin (non-Serbian) nation. Montenegrins had a country long before communists, but were always part of Serbian identity. Now Montenegro brainwash its citizens to identify as Montenegrins only, and not as Serbs as well.

Maybe that recognition would divide Ar and R a little, but it can't be a big deal, Ar being just a small minority and not separated from R.

''Romanians are the totes pure descendants of the Roman empire.''
Are you sure about that?

Descendants of Byzantines are Greeks, as far as I know.

''In the South Slavic countries, such as Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria, the nicknames used to refer to the Aromanians are usually Vlasi (South Slavic for Vlachs and Wallachians) and Tsintsari (also spelled Tzintzari, Cincari or similar), which is derived from the way the Aromanians pronounce the word meaning five, tsintsi.''
WOW, I thought ''Цинцари'' (Cincari) were related to Greeks. Now I am confused.

''What kinds of Serbs are there?''
You know that Serbs are Slavs, right? When Serbs moved to Balkans, domestic non-Slavic population already lived there. Serbs assimilated them and now we have Serbs with dominant Slavic component and Dinaroid Serbs (Serbs with Illyrian component, for example) from higher ground (hills, mountains) in West and South-West. Due living for centuries in different clime, on different highs, different blood etc. they are taller on average and other stuff.
*It's more connected to way of living. I don't think Dinaroid Serbs are that ethnically diverse.
When I mentioned different kinds of Serbs, I also thought of ethnically same Serbs from different regions like ''Шумадија'', ''Војводина'', ''Црна Гора'', ''Далмација''... It's like in every country, really. People from other places besides sharing, have their own culture.

*You mean demonyms? I had to google it.
Fun fact:
Serbian capitalize demonyms, except when they end with -ски, -чки, -шки (possessive adjectives). For example,
Serbia, Serbs are capitalized (Србија, Срби), but
Serbian, Serbian language (српски, српски језик) aren't. Some people say ''срБски'' (there are arguments for that).
Granadorae May 15, 5:31 AM
Who Romanians mixed with?

If Aromanians are different from Romanians, why not. People in Romania should do everything in their power to preserve Aromanian culture and language.

For example, Serbs are relatively big ethnic group, so different kinds of Serbs have some cultural elements that others don't have. You can even look at Romanian and Aromanian cultures as parts of (bigger) Romanian culture. The most important thing here is blood.
Granadorae May 15, 5:04 AM
>the real deal aromanians
>intermarriages are very common


In case like this one bigger ethnic group eats smaller one. At least, they are related.