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Anime Stats
Days: 240.7
Mean Score: 8.35
  • Total Entries2,070
  • Rewatched0
  • Episodes15,609
Anime History Last Anime Updates
The SoulTaker: Tamashii-gari - Komugi Daisakusen
The SoulTaker: Tamashii-gari - Komugi Daisakusen
Yesterday, 1:40 PM
Completed 3/3 · Scored 7
The SoulTaker: Tamashii-gari
The SoulTaker: Tamashii-gari
Yesterday, 12:20 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 7
Rape! Rape! Rape!
Rape! Rape! Rape!
Yesterday, 7:51 AM
Completed 3/3 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 49.3
Mean Score: 8.48
  • Total Entries152
  • Reread0
  • Chapters7,208
  • Volumes937
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii
Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii
May 22, 8:35 AM
On-Hold 17/? · Scored 9
Bronze: The Final Chapter
Bronze: The Final Chapter
May 22, 4:38 AM
On-Hold -/5 · Scored -
Bronze: Zetsuai Since 1989
Bronze: Zetsuai Since 1989
May 22, 4:29 AM
Completed 64/? · Scored 8


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Di3guinnn Jun 5, 5:39 AM
phiraeth Jun 1, 5:17 PM
I haven't, I read the visual novel so I added it on here as the LN.
zieek May 27, 1:31 PM
You think so? I don't think of myself as partial to fantasy anime, but am I actually?
zieek May 27, 7:14 AM
Just finished "Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi", gotta say I liked it.
Cyber_Icarus May 24, 7:12 AM
Fantastic amigo
MrDongPrime May 24, 3:56 AM
Based on the wurundjeri people as the traditional custodians of the land and all elders past present and future.
MrDongPrime May 24, 3:48 AM
Tall_Tapper May 23, 8:48 AM
tympole gaming
_Neall_ May 22, 9:31 AM
That's good philosophy. But I end up doing things near the dead line. So I have to hurry most of the time.

Where did you get samiha from? It basically means wish desire or longings. And why do you ask?

Wdym? I kinda got lost XD. But the expression really is cute. Btw your given is broken ig. Or maybe it's not available for my country.

No, most of them are not big ones. Plus basically you can get easily banned if you talk bad about govt, politics and stuffs. But yeah it happens. That's why basically most of us don't use fb very often. Just for posting , meme sharing, personal stuffs and some other stuffs like videos, AMVs, etc. is why all people use fb here. They keep these things very isolation.

I mean if they have suspicion on me then they can do if so I said that.

Yeah, these things have become common nowadays.
WOW, I never knew about those cause I didn't even know what internet was back then LOL. But seriously that Barak Obama stuff was hilarious : >(I don't know most of the these types of emojis or expression).

I see. But irc is still seems kinda complicated to me. You think so? That piracy is going down!!! I didn't exactly get what you said.

Yeah, you kinda need fb for those purposes. You really are a funny guy. I like it. And also you use a bit advanced type of English (I think so) so it kinda helps me increase my knowledge and usage as well. And I really enjoy talking to you.

I mean chrome does not show me any ads. Do you mean the pop up ads that always come when opening basically pirate sites or free download sites? And does it steal data?

Yeah iPad is different from iphone but still.
It's not your theory they are actually just the results of different technologies and different requirements.

No no not that type. There are too many white horizontal lines and they change colour when something happens to be there. Behind them. I am not able to make you understand correctly.

Yeah I tried your test and it was tricky and I just made the algorithm not the actual coding. And yes, there were the said mistakes. Tbh I mostly forgot how to use them. Cause I did those like a year or 2 ago. So it needs practice but since I've the knowledge so I think when needed I can regain them. And I was able to use those mentioned functions quite well(not confident though). HEHE

I see so you were basically into coding stuffs from the beginning. Good for you.
That is coincidence. In discord we kinda be able to have a real time conversation that's all. That's why I asked your dc info. Is he or she same year as me?
_Neall_ May 19, 12:32 PM
First, sorry for the late reply. I haven't been in the mood of chatting last 2 days as I was trying myself to be more focused in my studies.
Yeah the same goes for me as well but I sometimes can't resist myself like, noragami classroom of the elites, and many more. And prefer the ones that have ended. Like airing finished no more sequel type.

Yep, komi San is looooongg LMAO the expression XD

I have heard of samiha but I didn't have any idea about what that is. So thanks for letting me know. Ig that's what you get after staying connected so long to anime.

I hope they don't make it that low budget. Cause you know I'm mostly a watcher.

I mean kinda them plus many 3rd parties are present in India. Even the government has the authority to look into anyone and ban his or her account without any notice query anything. The media is just so fucked up. I should stop cause if they started to check MAL, mine will go down first. And if you have good connection to IT cell then you can even check people's whatsapp messages. I didn't mean only hacking.

I've heard of them but never got to experience cause none of them. Maybe discord is same but I told you I have no idea about what I'm comparing discord to.
What's irc? Never heard of it(not sure though maybe I have but just can't remember XD).

I also don't know the whole story why and how but yeah kinda that's the most of it. Yeah, it was a drama no doubt HAHAHAHA.

Honestly, I only use fb to check current anime news, collect anime photos and memes and if I like(very rare) anime suggestions. And I also keep myself away from spoilers. LOL

NAH, I use Chrome. And I also use fb and stuffs from apps so no need for those ig. Wow, I've never heard of those addons I mean I don't use any addons.

I bet it felt great.

I get same feelings when I see someone typing light speed in computer. But since, I've a old pc, I know a lot of stuffs more than many people. Cause I need to continuing the checking and stuffs otherwise it will drop dead. The config is of 2010's still. So you know.
YEAH, you probably don't need one.
Tablets are smartphones but of bigger size XD.

But, hey ipads belong to the smartphone category nowadays. You're a funny guy. And I really like chatting with you. Cause you also give new info, new words and stuffs.
No I obviously didn't know anything like that.

What are you? An alien 👽? But yeah, you have used dekstop for your whole life. I had the same feeling, until I realised that my dekstop is way too old then, first android phone comes home and then bit by bit I changed. Even when I got my own android phone, I used to watch everything on dekstop. Until it got some problems with the screen and now I have changed completely. But I still have thise pc vibes.

You know what, that seems way tougher than I thought. And I'm not all that knowledgeable in the domain stuff and all that. Cause I only used command prompt for a year and for school purposes. So you can guess the reason.

No, I'm a Chemical Engineering student. But I like to do a bit of coding and I have done courses on C, Python, MATLAB, HTML5, etc.(only beginners).

Bruh, I know that much -_-
I'll get the hang of it if I try could do it only once. But that is the hardest for me.
So you doing work from home now? Or COVID is not bad out there?
_Neall_ May 16, 10:45 AM
I got it. They truly seem like adult franchise I mean which the matured and kinda middle age persons would enjoy. Honestly, I also do love seinen a lot.

But wdym by "as well as the general fact that anime is more often than not an incomplete story.."?

Yeah komi San is more of comedy drama school anime in which romance enters little by little and ultimately becomes a romantic story I g that's why they didn't add the romance tag..

I don't care about the graphic and animation quality that much as long as the story and all that related characters and stuffs are good. Relife also did quite well so I'm hoping atleast it surpasses that but who knows what reality holds. We can can only hope for the best. Damn in again started my philosophy point of view •_•'

I mean the whole fb thing has zero privacy anyone can read your messages and look for personal info and if got the right connections. And fb messenger is also a part of that and it's also fits in there. As for WhatsApp the public got enraged when the new privacy policy was introduced and they realised that it was going to become like fb as well and boycotted it and made the company to delay or hold the policy for the time being.

Well you're very advanced than me ig. Cause yeah I got my computer around 2006. And discovered what internet is after 2010 (I think so). And honestly I got my first own android phone in Oct 2019. Before that I used a tablet for a year (2018)(it was android but it belonged to my sis then my mom then me) and before that I got my first ever phone (a keypad phone) at the very end of July 2016.

I see but I don't have any idea what people do there and how they do and stuffs. So ig I'm interested in knowing if you don't mind. :-I
What kind of comman lines are needed there? I mean I honestly have zero idea about the whole stuff.

F*** using the tags and above that photos are just too damn tough for me. Ig I can add tags but the way to add pictures is way beyond my capabilities. Unless someone shows me how to do that.
_Neall_ May 15, 10:40 AM
Ig you got something more interesting to read the XD.

Ig I have but not sure though I'll have a re-watch then. And if problem arises then I'll ask you.

I see, you really like the manga then. Yeah in that regard it is quite fast paced.

What kind of stories? Yeah that's true cause you have been reading manga from the very beginning. Oh, no adaptation manga nice!!!
Komi can't communicate is coming this year and it is the most popular one in terms of adaptation. I mean it was in the no 1 spot in petition for anime adaptation. So ig it's gonna be good. But I don't really know much about the studio though Studio OLM. I hope that they don't ruin the anime that's all.

No honestly I haven't heard of them uptill now. But I can kinda guess why they are categorised that way.

Yeah it has a lite version but I just don't like fb related stuffs cause it's just too open literally zero privacy. I'm opposite of you I'm 99% phone user.

Btw what do you do? Study or work? And also how do you add those spoiler tags and pictures in the comments? Cause I haven't done anything like that. And I don't know how to do.
_Neall_ May 15, 2:40 AM
I used to watch 15 16 eps a day but now I only watch 3 4 a day. Currently I'm taking break from anime after 1 year of continuation. But seasonals are far more slower than that. So I kinda can't keep my patience LMAO.

Yeah I also hate downloading one by one. And YouTube do sounds good. Where can I download it from? Any official website? And I hope it keeps solving all the problems. 😇

I see in that regard AOT is my longest till now. And nothing is gonna surpass it anytime soon. XD

Kaiji huh, then it must be a good one. Wow, do you like the manga too?
Do you mean the anime or the manga that is longer than Naruto? Yeah something in split is way easier to watch or read for people like us example AOT for me HEHEHE.

Lol, you like reading that is all I can say. And reading is fun but I'm just too lazy to read so I only watch unless any anime hit me real hard and there's more to its story but no chance of sequel. Then only I read the manga.

I kinda understood this part half half 🤐. Supernatural elements makes the story more likable I guess. I see pandemic brought you many new records and achievements ig. I also started watching anime full fledged after the pandemic as well.

Bruh!!! I know what messenger is. I just don't use it. And also it takes too much space compared to other apps. I also use fb lite to save space. Cause I generally watch anime on my phone so it needs space and I like gaming a lot so it also takes much space.
_Neall_ May 14, 8:36 AM
I don't see seasonals cause I'm just too excited for the next episode and can't keep my nerve XD. BUT I did watched AOT S2 AND S3 airing.
I see. My friends use IDM always cause they see seasonals and have download every week. But I use mostly nyaa.

Yeah that's true. I used to use tubemate. Wdym by more effort for each episode? Never heard of that app before.

Yeah they have some feels too short and some feels too stretched.

My longest single series is of ep 26 ig. If you ask for overall season then ot would be AOT, although I haven't watched S4 yet 😬. Imma keep myself far away from those god level long animes especially op that's just nuts. Btw what's kaiji?

Haven't heard of dorei-ku. But will search for that.

I use discord kinda frequent and I'm also in MAL official discord channel but I don't use fb messenger. I don't even have a messenger account 😶🤐 Well then chatting is not an option other than HERE. But that's fine also since I met you here HAHAHAHA.
VaneGran May 14, 6:32 AM
Hi! Thanks for accepting me!))