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Seishun Kijinden! Nishio Gakuen
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Togame (とがめ)

Togame is the shogunate's self-titled "strategian." She is physically weak but mentally superior, though she is not immune to lapses in judgment and bouts of clumsiness.

Though Shichika is in love with her, his lack of interest in her body allows her to be shameless around him, so she can be naked around him without worrying about being taken advantage of. In this way, they have a very comfortable and open relationship.

She is the daughter of a fallen feudal lord. Meisai thinks that she wears bright clothing so she doesn't forget herself, and comments on her extremely long, white hair, saying hair doesn't become that way without a reason. She also possesses a special eye.

She says "gyafun" when she falls, and has a habit of saying "cheerio!" while hitting Shichika, though it turns out "cheerio!" is erroneous and is supposed to be "chesto!" This greatly troubles her, though in the end, she decides to stick with "cheerio!"

Voice Actors
Tamura, Yukari
Heller, Angélique

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