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One Piece
One Piece
Dec 3, 6:08 PM
Watching 914/? · Scored 9
Kikou Senki Dragonar
Kikou Senki Dragonar
Dec 3, 6:07 PM
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Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi OVA
Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi OVA
Dec 2, 1:07 PM
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Apr 23, 2018 12:23 AM
On-Hold 102/? · Scored 8
Uchuu Kyoudai
Uchuu Kyoudai
Apr 22, 2018 12:54 AM
On-Hold 313/? · Scored 10
Apr 21, 2018 4:44 PM
Completed 204/204 · Scored 5


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nikki-chan92 Nov 28, 6:00 PM
yea I should add that to a private discord server
nikki-chan92 Nov 28, 6:00 PM
its so true though lol
Dr-Eyes Nov 11, 8:26 PM
Yea, I havent seen Nikki on MAL since a long time.

No worries..take your time. I want to say i just watched 1 episode of Jujuitsu and i think its the typical shounen show of the year, i do agree the animation is decent enough so far, the art style for the fights comes of as somewhat stylish, though it still doesnt reach anywhere beyond a decent level (that is in terms of stylish visuals ofcourse) i dont think it will weight any depth to that art though, not sure since i watched only 1 episode but i think i can assume (based on experience whatever small one it may be haha) that this show will just be the typical shounen action show, the art value here will most likely be stylish to add visual appeal to the series (again not saying that is bad, STYLE also matters, and i appreciate it) but in terms of substance of value to its art i wouldnt hold my hopes up high at all. Ofcourse writing wise is too early to judge but i dont think it will be anything special.

If this comes off as negative i apologize, im just sharing and writing my first impression of the show.

As for Akudama Drive, i will give it a watch tomorrow probably, and i will share with you my thoughts. Yeah i definitely know what you mean, dont worry ;)
Dr-Eyes Nov 11, 6:29 PM
First of all you are still very good with your GIFs.
Second i think this comment is direct from the one that came before it in terms of animation and art discussion so i would assume in this case you are recommending me a show that you say it has extraordinary technical value which translates to a show that has good animation quality and on higher note than the average anime show.

Alright then..I accept!

As for Akudama Drive, i think its looking to be more focused on the art side but im still very skeptical of that, those artsy shows are usually not easy to come by, most of the time the show ends up just being stylish with its colors and offers no depth at all with its art. But as i state in my blog it will also be pleasant to appreciate some good stylish art as well. Style also matters.
I see quite the development in your comments, haha. I think with time and from watching many shows that are high with their artistic value, you will realize it, you have clearly more experience than me in watching shows, you have watched a lot more, thing is i just happen to have watched some of these shows and they influenced how i look into anime nowadays. In the end its a matter of preference. For example Utena, it is a show rich with artistic value, the way they use the colors in the show has a meaning to it, the way they blend music and scenes, the art design that subtly shows symbolism, its all there. You probably happen to dislike it, maybe you didnt care about that aspect, but when you look at that show from an artistic aspect in mind, you will realize how its rich with it. Like i didnt really care for most other stuff about it, but its artistic value is the sole reason i was able to finish it, and appreciate it as well. It is an artsy show, and those shows age well, despite the lack of good animation quality or even a coherent story, you will find that this show can still give something that is inherently its own, something you will only find in Utena, no matter where you go. (Not being a fanboy haha, i actually not a big fan of it, but its just a solid example of my point )

I want to also mention that if someone reads my comments on these subjects they may come off as pretentious, until a person starts looking at it from the perspective im talking about at least, it may sound so. Nevertheless i believe that perspective is valid.

Thank you for wishing me good day, and your comments are as always very pleasant, thank you mate :)


My thoughts...Well im gonna be honest, its terrible, haha. No point in lying, i genuinely thing its awful. ;0

Also i watched Invaded, and i really disliked it. Watched only 2 episodes and i gave up, that show was boring, convoluted af, try-hard, and also from artistic point it offered very little. Animation is the decent as most modern shows. Nothing impressive or breaks any boundaries, just your typical seasonal show. Will be forgotten in months. Hehe.

I hope your day is as amazing as you. Have a nice day. Talk to you again soon.
Dr-Eyes Nov 11, 5:58 PM
LMAO that video, what the hell was that?

Now let me tell you im quite the diplomatic when it comes to discussing shows with people irl. I would praise one show they liked (one i thought was not bad) and then proceed to shit on the other one i dislike, it kinda of creates an equilibrium!

I think you missed some of my point, you got some of it right when you started describing 5 Centimetres scenes, but the misunderstood part was when you lump animation and art together as a category, that is exactly what im trying to differentiate between here.
Also small note here: I like how you wrote your comment, its easy on the eyes and makes a clear point, could be because you use the English language most of the time. I thought i would point that out since English is my third language so apologizes for the usual mistakes.

Getting back to my point, i dont think that the Anime community cares for the Artistic value of the anime, they do care more for the visual side only, like for the colors or the texture quality, or how the animation is fluid or detailed, those things...well..most of them i would refer to as the technical aspect of the show, and it often entirely depends on the budget and the animation team behind it. It is a talent demanding area so dont get me wrong, but i dont think it provides much innovation to get that much importance, most shows are already basic/average in that area and dont push the medium to any new boundaries. It is a major misunderstanding in the Anime and even non-anime community, you would occasionally find lots of people mixing art and animation together, even MAL reviews lumps them together which i very much disagree with and then in the end they proceed to add the "enjoyment" part which doesnt say much imo (but thats another subject for another discussion).

I completely understand your preference though, caring about the writing of the anime is a very normal thing to do, after all if the writing is engaging it should be enough to make for an enjoyable watch, the music also stays with you more than most of the visuals so again, very understandable, it used to be my exact preference as well.
However i noticed at some point that i can get these things from any other medium as well and it wouldnt differ that much, so i started looking at what makes an Anime distinct in itself and started looking at the artistic aspect, it does help that i watched artistic shows, by chance ofcourse. After watching some of them it just got my attention to start and draw comparisons between shows and how does one show use its art to tell stories or explain its context. It express itself to the viewer and i liked that about it.

I even updated it in my blog, here it is if you are interested in reading it

Obviously, this is just my point of view, im simply sharing and discussing it, i thought i would just send it to you in the spoiler tag above just to explain myself better, so you can get my viewpoint.
Some shows have awful animation quality, awful technical value as a whole but the artistic value of them is very high to the point of becoming a cult classic and opening a bunch of analysis videos to talk about them.

Funny I was at a family meeting about 1.5 months ago, and my cousin wanted me to watch God of High School with him (he is 19 years old) so he likes shounen stuff and he is still new to anime so he likes these new shows, i like to sit with him so i watched the first two episodes with him and i thought that show was just another mediocrity, but i was a bit bored at the time so i guess i was fine with that. Anyway i never watched anymore of it or even cared about it, i might as well add it to my drop list *lol*

I'm watching some shows recently, nothing impressive i guess but it works to pass some time. K-on is a slice of life school show, i dont like the idea that it influenced many shows after it, it is not my preferred type of a show but i guess its ok at what it tries to do, for me its just average as nothing truly stand out about it, the only reason you will like this show is if you like the characters. You are different than me in that regard though, you like Slice of Life shows, so give it a shot, if you relate to the characters and the setting there is a chance it will be a good watch for you. Personally i dont recommend it unless you are a slice of life fan.

No annoyance from me, always pleasure to read your comments mate, i will continue to reply to the others above it :)
nikki-chan92 Oct 25, 5:03 PM
Looks like loli honk and nico :p
nikki-chan92 Oct 20, 12:03 PM
Nice!, Ooishi shows up on episode 3 :p
nikki-chan92 Oct 20, 12:41 AM
Rocket League still requires gold? Recently RL went free to play and I know that on the Switch and PS4 you don't need to pay to play that game online now. I also play alot of Phasmopobia, Driver: San Francisco, and at times Borderlands when I'm not messing with my mod projects with The Driver Syndicate, or DrvSyn for short.

Speaking of Driver: San fran though lol

with a lot of screams from my friend Kilo, I don't speak in this video though. I should upload some other clips I had, but I could share them via discord soon. Have a goodnight Yerocky! :) its good to speak to you again, refreshing actually~

nikki-chan92 Oct 20, 12:23 AM
Will have to catch up more sometime on discord or xbox app. I don't use skype anymore lol. (I'll be on mal a bit more frequently too ofc)

Yea I think you'll like em, the first arc will feel familiar but there are a good number of different things happening.
nikki-chan92 Oct 20, 12:11 AM
nikki-chan92 Oct 20, 12:06 AM
Pfffft I see what you did there. :p

Given the episode count on Higurashi Gou I wouldn't be surprised if another season comes after it.
nikki-chan92 Oct 19, 11:50 PM
To think that there is yet another Love Live anime coming after this one too :p
nikki-chan92 Oct 19, 10:04 PM
Haha yea, the smoking cop is back in Higurashi Gou, the creator of the series claims the series will be watchable to fans who already saw the original series and those who haven't so we'll see how they handle that while telling a new story.

Yea and the new Love Live so far doesn't involve a closing school! which feels nice :D also oh you XD
nikki-chan92 Oct 19, 8:04 PM
Yea! I can't believe that I'm watching a 3rd Love Live and 2nd sequel to Higurashi this season. Apparently Hibike! Euphonium will be getting a 3rd season sometime soon.

Ooo I'm happy for you Yerocky! :D A golf course sounds like a fun place to work, and a place where you can play and work perhaps. Sucks that youtube took down your youtube poop. Which reminds me every mod update, and my 1 hour long Britannic video got copyright flagged for really dumb reasons. Though I don't make money off of YT so its not the end of the world. Was it the mario one they took down?
nikki-chan92 Oct 19, 7:13 PM
yea, I think you've only seen me active on my youtube over the last year due to mod updates and play-throughs :p The long break from MAL was probably needed on my end though, I should reach out to klassical as well.

How have you been?!