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Both animes have similar dark and tense atmosphere and OSTs. They differ by psycho being a suspense cop/detective, and Toyko Ghoul being a more of the horror genre.
report Recommended by reluctantbeeswax
Both have similar settings and soundtracks, also they share the same dark drama.
report Recommended by princegoldennut
Both look the same visually and a bit music wise. They both revolve around dark themes and leave you wondering what's going to happen next.
report Recommended by Bvern004
Both are gory, full of action, shares similar psychological themes. Mc's end up in a dark world full of corruption, violence, lacking the moral codes and justice. They're shocked by unfair world and have to adapt and adjust in order to change things. Great soundtracks, animation and story development.
report Recommended by Hutai
While the genres in these two series differ slightly (with Psycho-Pass being crime/police + sci-fi and Tokyo Ghoul being drama + supernatural) the psychological themes are quite similar. Both Tsunemori and Kaneki—the main protagonists in these stories—exist in a world where there is an entity/organisation that immediately exterminates those who "pose a threat to human society". However the entity/organisation in their universes is corrupted and/or morally wrong, which is something they are oblivious to. However, they get involved with them and are shocked by the lack of justice in what they thought was a right and just society. They then challenge the morals of this   read more
report Recommended by myeongie
-Both are pretty violent -Both are psychological and mystery -Both have the police involved Psycho Pass and Tokyo Ghoul are opposite sides of the same coin. PP focuses more on the police's POV (hunters), while TG focuses on the other side's POV (prey). Both are great animes to watch if you enjoy gore.
report Recommended by -Heika
Both feature detective agencies that deal with the primary issues of their nation at hand. Both have very fucked up situations that show how messed up the world and society can be.
report Recommended by trigger_segfault
Aswell as the same band for their opening, Psycho-Pass and Tokyo ghoul I feel have similar views of society, how the people at the top like to stay there, and how criminals sit in the world. They also have similar art styles I think and they are both based around the innocent becoming guilty.
report Recommended by LucyAnne101
I've just started on this series and I'm literally 0:59 secs into this - but it reminds me too much about Tokyo Ghoul with the vibe. I like it.
report Recommended by gashina-
Both animes have great action scenes and somehow bring questions about humanity, like what makes someone human.
report Recommended by capachodemulher