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Inugirlz Jan 30, 1:21 PM
True what? True purpose? True identity??? Ugh have to wait till I get home to read it
Inugirlz Dec 27, 2017 1:07 PM
I did! Hope you did too :) It was quite hectic! I'm so behind in my anime, but that just means when I finally have a free day I'll get to binge!
Inugirlz Dec 8, 2017 5:25 PM
Welcome back! Glad you're finding the new place well! You have a lot of work ahead of you no doubt. When I was younger I experienced 3 moves (but since I was little I didn't have to help as much). I haven't really moved since, unless moving to uni counts. Lots of work but redecorating might be fun.

I definitely think the remake was better too, but I think part of the reason is BECAUSE I saw the original too. The stuff that was skipped over doesn't bother me cuz I still got to see it.

Ah, makes sense. Well assholes aside. Alluka is awesome--I mean c'mon that ability doh. But I especially love the part where Killua tries to make Nanika go away and then Alluka came to it's defence! That was so cute. I was mad at Killua for trying to make it go away too. I think the only sad part is how at the end Killua and Gon went their separate ways. But of course they'll reunite!

And sure you can! More interesting conversations are always welcome! What I can tell from a quick glance of his (I'm assume that's the preferred pronoun since he's listed as "male") profile is he has good taste :3 HxH, Major, Danshi Koukousei, Re:Zero, Fruits Basket, MAKOTO!!!--SUCH GOOD TASTE xD

Ah I remember HaruChika! You're completely right. Haruta was handled well. Though I didn't particularly like that romance because it was destined to fail (for both of them) and not all that appealing to me. I must confess, I ship them more together just because they're childhood friends and it'd be funny to see how they interact together.

Orga T-T !!! AND LOL OMG IT'S SO TRUE! Sometimes I wanna express a feeling and it comes out in Japanese (in my head, I'm good at filtering irl, lest someone call me a weeb). But it just expresses my emotions better! Yare yare.

Right? I probably like the concept of Tenten most, since she didn't really get chances to shine. She only got the spotlight in fillers and I hated Naruto fillers. I actually am watching Boruto. I think it's cute. I love Chouchou! She's so sassy. Adore the fact she knows she's fat but has confidence. But tbh she isn't really even that fat, she's cute. I don't mind Sarada. I don't love her, but I don't dislike her either. She has slight tsundere tendencies and I tend to dislike female tsuns. But she's ok. I'd like to see more of Himawari tho.

You know, I was planning to get on MiA really soon but you're making me feel like I'm missing out, so I'm definitely gonna hop on that train pretty soon (maybe Monday since, I have the day off).

For now I have to catch up on my weeklies. Ugh I dread watching the next ep of Ousama Game--why do I do this to myself, it's such shit. But Inuyashiki and Shoukoku no Altair will be fun.

And to conclude...stop talking to you. It's been hell, can you imagine talking to someone so similar? Totally annoying, I wish you'd insult my taste and be more difficult.
(Don't stop talking to me T-T)
Ahem, I don't actually mind either way. But maybe we should go private so I stop bombarding your wall (I don't really care about mine tho). lol I like how I say this but then still bombard your wall.

EDIT: omg and I just looked at Jotakak's profile more. HE HAS ORGA'S DEATH SCENE ON IT T-T IT HURTS MY HEART!!!!! ORGAAAAAAA
narutoloveclub Dec 8, 2017 2:58 AM
no problem i found it in this tweet: :)
narutoloveclub Dec 5, 2017 3:41 PM
yes it is, he's so precious! i hope we can become friends!!
Inugirlz Dec 5, 2017 10:59 AM
I seriously love HxH. I watched the original first and then years later when the remake came out I was more than happy to watch it because it had been awhile since the first time. I read the manga too but since the author is always sick and on hiatus it's impossible >.< I'm down for either of those ships, but I agree. It's much more interesting when Gon is seme.

Alluka. I don't get the confusion about her tbh. The way I see it (and I think what the author shows in the story itself) is Alluka is biologically male. But she identifies as a girl. Hence why Killua refers to her as a girl because he's respecting her gender-identity. And then there's the fact she so obviously dresses in a feminine manner. She's adorable. Love her. And the reason I say she's biologically male is because the rest of the family refers to her as a "son" --the Zoldycks only have sons. So she's most likely physically male (she has a dingdong xD).

Meruem was also great! And Komugi. I'd say I liked Neferpitou too, but only as a character, what he did to Kite pissed me off and I was happy Gon ended him (I refer to him as a "he" because that's how remembered him in the manga but then the anime kinda made it seem like he was a "she" and then there's some side game that made him a she but idc) xD

Yes! I really do approve of the new way same-sex characters have been handled lately (no doubt one of the main reasons YOI is so awesome). I mean it always annoyed me that "gay" characters have to be depicted as overly flamboyant and feminine. Yes, some gay men are like that but not all of them. Thankfully yaoi/shounen-ai anime don't do that.

Since we brought up MSG:IBO I wanna mention that I don't know why, but for some reason I really took Orga's death badly. Every once in awhile I'll think about it and get super sad. Like it was expected that Mika and probably Orga wouldn't survive to the end, but when it actually happened. Especially the WAY it happened...*sniffles* totally broke my heart.

Meh to Naruto's white eyes. I have a love/hate (but mostly hate) relationship with Naruto. It was good but then it went downhill for me and I actually quit it after this stupid scene in Shippuuden which to me was nothing but terrible writing on the author's part (the part where Sakura tries to convince Naruto to stay instead of going after Sasuke by saying she loves him)--in fact Kishimoto is a failure at writing female characters. That's not to say there aren't females I like because I actually quite like TenTen, Tenmari and Hinata but I feel they always get the short-end of the stick. And let's not talk about Sakura. I despise her.

I am definitely planning to watch Made in Abyss! Heard so many good things about it.

Woah, moving can be tiring! It will all be worth it once you're done :3 LOL I'm not even that old yet but I complain about "old people" problems (I have a bad back T-T) Good luck with the move!

Aiko_Hiroshi Dec 4, 2017 10:10 PM
Yes I do since she was a free servant through an event. I have multiple loli teams on my JP account lol.
Inugirlz Dec 4, 2017 1:02 PM
Haha we do. (I mean you even have Killua in your favourites! Best HxH character. I also really like Alluka and Hisoka. And I'm so happy Yamagi didn't die in Iron-Blooded Orphans...too bad about his crush tho:[ )

I'm so tempted to buy a Ren plush just so I can have my own Ren <3

I'm referring to the end right before the credits where Dia is asking if it's really Phos who defeated the Moon Dwellers so easily and Bort is just off to the side kinda glaring. But then again, might just be his face, since he always looks mad. I'm gonna pass on reading the spoiler tho since I'm sure it'll be resolved by the next ep.

I feel like there will be less humour in the future so I'm happy it's still present right now. I love SD Elias xD It's so funny!
Aiko_Hiroshi Dec 4, 2017 9:57 AM
Nice! I actually got two Jack's during the event (and Nursery Rhyme as well who goes perfect with her) so far so she's already NP level 2 and I've grailed her 4 times, planning to grail her once more so I can level her all the way to lvl 100. It seems like they're accelerating the schedule for NA F/GO game so we might actually get Astolfo WAY sooner then we originally thought.
Aiko_Hiroshi Dec 4, 2017 2:34 AM
Also have you caught up on Prisma Illya yet? The new movie was recently subbed as well.
Aiko_Hiroshi Dec 4, 2017 1:58 AM
I've seen her art yes! She looks adorable! I don't play Azure Lane but her character alone makes it tempting...though I'm kinda all kinds of wrapped up into Grand Order, both JP account and English account atm. I just rolled Jack the ripper, one of my favorite lolis, so I've been power leveling her and having an absolute blast during the current Christmas event.
Aiko_Hiroshi Dec 3, 2017 9:22 PM
Sorry it took me so long to reply, I actually didn't even see your comment on my profile until now! Thanks for the Illya pic, I appreciate it haha. My absolute favorite loli indeed.
Inugirlz Dec 3, 2017 2:11 PM
I don't really like Kashuu tbh. Hanamaru was a bit of a bore for me because I wasn't really into the two mains. And I don't mind the rough manly ones. In fact I quite like Tonbokiri! Not really familiar with Nikkari. I actually love Mikazuki's voice, he's so laidback (the grandpa joke is what gets me). I'd probably still like him even if he had a different voice too. I particularly like his interactions with Kogitsunemaru.

I like Kaneki's multiple personas even if Kaneki himself is still my favourite. I enjoy the fan art of his numerous selves. I think I like the fandom's Haise more than the actual Haise, if you get what I mean.

I love Ren. He's probably my actual favourite but I'm not sure if his route was the best. Definitely enjoyable though.

Omg how could I forget to mention Karna. Love him and will try night and day to get him once he finally comes to our FGO.

And I just watched the latest ep of Houseki. My thoughts: I loved this episode. It had just the right amount of angst as well as funny cute moments. I like that Phos has become strong and I like his new look too, but I can't help but feel so sad every time I see him. Poor kid really has changed. Our silly fun-loving Phos is no more huh? And yes, Phos definitely appears more male to me even now. I saw it before but now it's made even more obvious.

Totally loved the interactions with Sensei (and the short glimpse we get of Sensei's muscular back xD) and my only question now is what's up with Bort. I hope it's not jealousy because that just seems too petty. I liked the first few interactions with Bort but then the one at the end seemed a bit too hostile.

My final thought is that I would've preferred if Phos actually did completely forget about Cinnabar. Would've crushed me for sure--because that's just too sad--but it would've been nice to see what happens from there. Seems like Phos is forgetting or forgot some stuff but still remembers the important promise.
Inugirlz Dec 2, 2017 7:37 PM know now I have a strong urge to go read pairings that are reversed. Especially the Kunihiro x Izuminokami pairing. I haven't read one TouRabu fanfic/doujin and I find that weird considering it's all male cast is basically asking for it. Mikazuki Munechika is my favourite. I just get all kinds of excited when he appears (I realllllly wanted his nendoroid but it sold out T-T) I actually find it odd I like him so much, since I tend to gravitate towards longer haired individuals (probably influenced from Sesshomaru and Inuyasha). I adore Izuminokami for that reason :3

Yeah I think Re would've been pretty impossible to read if I had done it monthly. I just wanted scenes related to Kaneki--I mean Haise Sasaki (and his old crew).

I haven't read the Sinbad manga yet. Just watched the short anime--but I definitely look forward to it. Lot's wasn't covered. There's not much to know about Canada other than as a character, all the other countries can't see him because he lacks a strong presence, so he gets ignored a lot. Oh, and he has a talking polar bear named Kumajirou (and he's the cuter/sweeter version of America).

Hehe yup, the best bad end. And omg I mistyped I didn't mean Ren had the best bad end--I meant Koujaku did *covers face in embarrassment*.
Koujaku's bad end is also pretty famous because

There's a particular end picture that is stuck in my head. And the music was epic (still have it on my playlist). If you don't wanna play the game but just want a feel for what I'm referring to, look up "Tears" by Itou Kanako on youtube.

Added you! My name's Shinju (ID is 854,286,149 if you need it). The one character I want most to come (besides Kid Gil) is MERLIN! Omg who is this Rama beauty! Gaaaaah and Ozymandias! Sanson was my favourite for lower star picks along with Kojiro. Wish his stats were better tho. Right now my best are EMIYA and Zhuge Liang.
Inugirlz Dec 2, 2017 8:07 AM
I have no idea why Yamamoto is 80 xD As for those pairings any of those is actually really good! ArslanxDaryun would certainly be interesting, would need to read one to see how I feel about it. Haruichi being the top just makes sense to me xD and Mika as seme seems like a norm.

LOL no need for concern, I read all of TG and am currently up to date with the Re: sequel. I just pretend the anime is doing it's own thing since so much was changed. I consider them separate.

Titus is a cutie, but my favourite side character is Sphintus. Wish he had more screen time. They keychains I have are from sinbad no bouken though, since that was the featured anime in Japan at the time. I wanted to get young hinahoho soooo badly, it's all i chanted as I played the gachpons--but alas, I failed. I ended up with Masrur, Mystras, Serendine x2, Jafar, and Kouha (only character from sequel). But they're all super cute so xP

The Magi manga seriously gets deep and covers a lot of existential topics. It just ended a few months ago. And yes the hallucinogenic drug thing is true xD If YOI doesn't get a season 2 imma riot lol. I've been satiated so long only because I found a really good fanfic called Winter Song that covered the anime's timeline as well as beyond. If the anime was more focused on the skating, the fanfic really delved into their relationship as all that was going on.

Japan is my favourite MC from Hetalia but Canada<3 (STOP IGNORING HIM T-T) And I have a soft spot for Greece because cats. T&B is Tiger & Bunny right? The series was ok imo. Nothing crazy special but was a fun ride. Clear is def my favourite, but I played the games too and I don't think his was my favourite route (as in for pairing with Aoba). Mink was super abusive and crazy but I like the good end for that because he was sweet to Aoba<3 I liked all the good ends...except for Clear's cuz it was weird. (P.S Ren had the best bad end. it was kinda hot)

Yes, sorry I meant Emiya for Archer. I still haven't encountered young Gil so im gonna hold off as rating him my fav (although im sure he will be) but my favourites would be Archer (Emiya), Gilgamesh--even tho he's a dick, Lancer (Cu Chulainn), Sasaki Kojiro, and Alexander/Ishkander young and old. From FGO I love Lord El-Melloi (Zhuge Liang) and Charles Henri Sanson.

I picked up lots of words from anime/music and I wanted to be able to more formally know sentence structure and how to write, plus it was offered at my uni so I jumped on those classes :3 My minor became East Asian Studies (with a focus on Japan).