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Aiko_Hiroshi Jul 6, 9:58 AM
Yeah I consider Illya and Kuro to be one in the same since they're BOTH Illya and together they form the personality of Illya from the Fate/Stay Night. Kuro's seductive and playful personality is part of Illya's original FSN personality after all. I would whale for either of them to be honest, hoping they get variants later in F/GO's life.

As for Granblue Fantasy I definitely did play it for a bit about a year ago but quit after a few months of not really getting any characters I cared about and it taking up too much room on my phone. Same for Danmachi which I like as a series but it doesn't really have enough characters (especially ones I would feel compelled to try getting) to keep a gacha game entertaining to me. Big games I'm playing right now are F/GO, Sword Art Online Memory Defrag, and Girls Frontline (which is fantastic. Playing with an uncensored patch on my phone). Also saving room on my phone to play Azur Lane when that comes out in English because it's like the ultimate loli waifu gacha game.
Aiko_Hiroshi Jul 6, 8:25 AM
Isekai Maou is actually a light novel series I've been reading and I am excited to watch the anime (the uncensored version that's online that is, CR only has the censored right now). The cute kemomimi girl and the other loli characters introduced basically make it loli heaven later on XD. It does have an interesting plot but also a lot of fanservice.

As for F/GO I haven't rolled since I got Ibaraki and before her Shuten. Saving all my quartz and tickets for the Prisma event that will probably take place end of August so I can roll for my ultimate waifu Illya (Kuro luckily is the free event servant). It sucks to see all my friends rolling on these latest banners and not getting anything good.
Aiko_Hiroshi Jul 6, 8:04 AM
I plan to today was letting a few series come out before binging. Island is based off a really popular VN and we're getting the English translated version in a few months! Definitely watching the anime first because yes all three girls are really cute (even if only one of them is truly a loli). It's good to talk to you again after most of MAL crapping the bucket for so long lol. I can't wait for the site to be fully restored.
adebisi May 13, 11:42 AM
make it even better, PURPLE IS THE COLOR.
adebisi May 13, 8:12 AM
her eyes look so much like Mei's.
adebisi May 12, 11:29 AM
your profile pic is Mei from Citrus right?
Inugirlz May 1, 10:59 AM
T-T that explains it all!! *sigh* guess we’re waiting a few more weeks then (the finale best be worth it!)
Ayato-Hiragi Mar 28, 1:07 PM
Ayato-Hiragi Mar 25, 2:02 AM
Inugirlz Feb 27, 11:38 AM
lol no problem! Obviously I don’t mind. Honestly I think it’d be fine to start there. Overlord is one of those anime where it’s better to watch than read so I don’t think there’s much you’re missing except for more internal dialogue. I read it awhile ago so I’m not 100% sure but like I said, you’re probably fine. If anything the Lizardman arc was much longer in the LN but no one likes that arc anyway. Just lots of damn talking.
Inugirlz Jan 30, 1:21 PM
True what? True purpose? True identity??? Ugh have to wait till I get home to read it
Inugirlz Dec 27, 2017 1:07 PM
I did! Hope you did too :) It was quite hectic! I'm so behind in my anime, but that just means when I finally have a free day I'll get to binge!
Inugirlz Dec 8, 2017 5:25 PM
Welcome back! Glad you're finding the new place well! You have a lot of work ahead of you no doubt. When I was younger I experienced 3 moves (but since I was little I didn't have to help as much). I haven't really moved since, unless moving to uni counts. Lots of work but redecorating might be fun.

I definitely think the remake was better too, but I think part of the reason is BECAUSE I saw the original too. The stuff that was skipped over doesn't bother me cuz I still got to see it.

Ah, makes sense. Well assholes aside. Alluka is awesome--I mean c'mon that ability doh. But I especially love the part where Killua tries to make Nanika go away and then Alluka came to it's defence! That was so cute. I was mad at Killua for trying to make it go away too. I think the only sad part is how at the end Killua and Gon went their separate ways. But of course they'll reunite!

And sure you can! More interesting conversations are always welcome! What I can tell from a quick glance of his (I'm assume that's the preferred pronoun since he's listed as "male") profile is he has good taste :3 HxH, Major, Danshi Koukousei, Re:Zero, Fruits Basket, MAKOTO!!!--SUCH GOOD TASTE xD

Ah I remember HaruChika! You're completely right. Haruta was handled well. Though I didn't particularly like that romance because it was destined to fail (for both of them) and not all that appealing to me. I must confess, I ship them more together just because they're childhood friends and it'd be funny to see how they interact together.

Orga T-T !!! AND LOL OMG IT'S SO TRUE! Sometimes I wanna express a feeling and it comes out in Japanese (in my head, I'm good at filtering irl, lest someone call me a weeb). But it just expresses my emotions better! Yare yare.

Right? I probably like the concept of Tenten most, since she didn't really get chances to shine. She only got the spotlight in fillers and I hated Naruto fillers. I actually am watching Boruto. I think it's cute. I love Chouchou! She's so sassy. Adore the fact she knows she's fat but has confidence. But tbh she isn't really even that fat, she's cute. I don't mind Sarada. I don't love her, but I don't dislike her either. She has slight tsundere tendencies and I tend to dislike female tsuns. But she's ok. I'd like to see more of Himawari tho.

You know, I was planning to get on MiA really soon but you're making me feel like I'm missing out, so I'm definitely gonna hop on that train pretty soon (maybe Monday since, I have the day off).

For now I have to catch up on my weeklies. Ugh I dread watching the next ep of Ousama Game--why do I do this to myself, it's such shit. But Inuyashiki and Shoukoku no Altair will be fun.

And to conclude...stop talking to you. It's been hell, can you imagine talking to someone so similar? Totally annoying, I wish you'd insult my taste and be more difficult.
(Don't stop talking to me T-T)
Ahem, I don't actually mind either way. But maybe we should go private so I stop bombarding your wall (I don't really care about mine tho). lol I like how I say this but then still bombard your wall.

EDIT: omg and I just looked at Jotakak's profile more. HE HAS ORGA'S DEATH SCENE ON IT T-T IT HURTS MY HEART!!!!! ORGAAAAAAA
narutoloveclub Dec 8, 2017 2:58 AM
no problem i found it in this tweet: :)
narutoloveclub Dec 5, 2017 3:41 PM
yes it is, he's so precious! i hope we can become friends!!