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Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
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Rezto Apr 20, 6:08 AM
Hello. I found you as you're a friend of one of my friends, and I added you because I liked the look of your profile.
Claptrap Apr 19, 6:28 PM
Honestly, I should give Ghost Hound a rewatch again too. I still love it. What I remember from it is it's really strong characters. Such a weird but strong anime. I'm still a little sad how underappreciated it is. Back when I had Masayuki as a profile pic, I used to get comments all the time asking me who he was. I hope at least a few of the people who found out watched the show haha.

Thomas no Shinzou is great! Sometimes I hope that because its such a classic work it'll get an adaptation one day but I KNOW that's a daydream. Still, with new studios like MAPPA, sometimes I feel like it becomes more likely. I see you appreciate MAPPA too and I'm glad because man, MAPPA is doing some interesting stuff these days.

You have good taste too, I see
Inugirlz Apr 14, 5:49 PM
lol I dont know why that never occurred to me. But real talk her dad is a freak! That's his daughter!

Love Kyo, it's painful for me to see him be an idiot or be treated badly (although he sorta deserves it sometimes.) I never liked Yuki, he was the popular choice back when it aired tho. Me and my friend weren't feeling him tho. Although I must admit his new look has my heart beating sometimes :p (Kyo's still better!)
I look forward to Momiji's entrance too :) He has always been a pleasure (lol totally does remind me of Hani-senpai).

Like with most songs i didn't feel anything the first time I heard it but once I realized it was Vickleblanka and listened to it again I loved it. Love that the full version was out so quickly!

ah true he does look like Tsubaki. I never got into SKET Dance tho. Do you recommend it>

I was wondering if he was trying to hide it too but it feels like he wasn't because in one of his monologues it kinda sounded like he shared the fact he had memories from another life...I probably just misunderstood that tho. That's doubtful. was that. lol I'll probably stick around for the next few episodes but tbh I've never been a fan of the really silly/crazy anime. I read your comments. Who's that idiot who thinks fujoshi are being catered to? Idiot. I didn't see any hot boys making out. All i say was assholes--ahem I mean shirikodama being plucked. My favourite part of the episode was actually when Kazuki snapped at them after they found out his secret. I like the zeal he had.

and yes i finally got RobiHachi to load. Pretty decent first ep. I like our protagonists. Now let them fall in love and become a legit bl pair! lol No sometimes i wish I could read a typical shounen story but with a shounen-ai touch. I don't always wanna have to secretly ship. I want a canon pairing damnit!

GOT tonight! LoL you might be seeing hype about that all over the internet and ignoring it tho.
RogerSmith2004 Apr 13, 5:13 AM
Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad my post reached somebody, lol.
Inugirlz Apr 12, 2:05 PM
Yes yes #nosubs is exactly what it is. Incomplete shit annoys me. Lol yea I didn’t get the Midara joke at all, even with ur clarification I’m still failing to see the joke. What’s O-face?

Yup. Big Fruits Basket fan here. Watch it :)

Let’s pray it won’t be. Because I really do like the concept and art. Fudo-kun is definitely a cutie. I like the bird/phineox dude too.

Yes I did watch Kabuki-bu

Watched Magmell yesterday. Loved it! Lol our mc reminds me of Echizen Ryoma. He will be called Ryoma in my head.

For Kenja I didn’t even read the synopsis but the first 60 seconds already told me it was gonna be an isekai. And it was an isekai. They really need to improve on how isekai’s start. It’s too generic and obvious. And often times there’s no need for it even to be an isekai. Like it’s only relevant if some kind of knowledge from the last life gives u and advantage. I enjoyed the episode and look forward to the next one but I’m skeptics about one thing. Technically he shouldn’t be clueless when it comes to basic things like shopping because he was an adult in his past life. He should already know social things like that. There’s not much to learn there besides maybe how the currency works.

So I got excited cuz I found a yaoi I haven’t watched yet (because it just came oh this year I think) called Papa Datte, Shitai. It’s pretty short...and stupid but oh it’s yaoi so who cares! :D
Inugirlz Apr 10, 8:20 AM
Thank you for the bday wishes! I still haven't gotten around to RobiHachi, but that's on my menu for today!

Fruits Basket...i've waited 18 years for this shit! Im so excited. First episode was good too! It already had me tearing up at the emotional scene. I can't wait till i see more Kyo, Haru and Ayame! The dramatic parts in this series are always too good. Shigure is also a riot, love the dude. I hope the reanimate the scene he sings obscene things xD

Speaking of failed subs, not sure if i caught the ones you saw but i did see almost the worse kind of sub. The incomplete one. Like don't submit the work with lines not even being translated but disguise it as if it is subbed because the previous subbing didn't disappear yet. I think that kind of sub appeared in Namu Amida Butsu,

which btw i immediately had a feeling would be a shit anime but it's just so damn pretty that i vowed to watch it till the end anyway. The first episode was alright but i kinda wish it wasn't going for the same fun, relaxed everyday life feel that Touken Ranbu follows. I wanna see more fighting! They're gods for goodness' sake! I thought Bonten would be my favourite of the two because he just looks so much more dramatic but Taisakuten is just too sexy! Plus I prefer his personality.

Kimestu no Yaiba. I tried reading the manga not to long ago but got distracted so im happy it's gonna be an anime instead! Definitely a great start!

Kono Oto Tomare. I love subject-centred anime. Archery had me thrilled and now the Koto? Yasssss! I hope they actually focus on the koto next episode tho. Im curious to see if either the inchou or Chika are actually talented.

Mayonaka Occult: the art reminds me of Koi to Uso. I'm super excited for this one! The ending discovery gave me really high hopes. And i sure hope Abe no Seimei is actually Arata and not just an ancestory :p Seo is cool, i like his voice.

Isekai Quartet! Shit i was supposed to watch Tanya before it came out! But oh well it was fun seeing our favourite isekai characters come together. I want more Subaru, Kazuma and Momonga. And I also want the former two to realize Momonga is just a normal dude so they can be buddies together xD (this one had another failed incomplete sub. the ending sequence has the girls chatting but it's not subbed! I could get the jist of it tho. actually the opening had some of those sequences with the guys too)

Midara was ok

as for Bungou i get exactly what you mean but im probably still gonna watch it.
Inugirlz Mar 27, 7:54 PM
Have you seen Peacemaker Kurogane? The movie sequel is out now and i’m debating on whether I need to rewatch the tv series.
But I’m kinda impatient to see older Tetsu...

ASIDE: I reread my msg from below and now the song is in my head again “LETS GO LETS GO”
Inugirlz Mar 22, 3:23 PM
Nope haven't heard of it but both these videos were cute :) The first song is so catchy. "Let's go let's go~" "Hurray Hurray, nya, nya"

lol it'd be interesting if Ruu could transform...mind you i don't want any romance with my son. Sometimes you just really wish you could communicate tho xD
Inugirlz Mar 16, 6:41 PM
Ok so my next two days estimate was a lie lol, gimme >.< probably more likely I’ll send it Monday. Between work, fire emblem fates (which I finally borrowed! Currently engrossed in the birthright route. Conquest and revelations to follow), and laziness I have been delayed. Feel free to double msg if there’s something you wanna share in the meantime.

That tone link on wiki with the voice examples is pretty handy. The thing about tone I always found weird in other languages is how singing works. Not sure if it was mandarin or Cantonese but in one of them there’s so many pitch differences that understanding a song must be hard?
Inugirlz Mar 12, 1:52 PM
Expect my msg within the next two days >.<

I think we were just pretty much meant to assume Dororo was a boy. Not that they ever outright said her sex but I still remember how in the first episode she did that hand stand and you could see her fundoshi. No little girl would act that way. Plus her top is very open and loose. Definitely gives the impression she’s a little boy. The sex reveal is very early compared to the manga apparently.

Right Hana/ame are ones I remember too. But when I took Japanese in uni intonation was never taught. It definitely was glossed over.

Oh right ochinchin is the cutesy one I remember hearing! Not sure about chinpo.

Lol unko and is a given. That word is dropped whenever it’s relevant 😅
Inugirlz Mar 9, 5:59 PM
Yup! I already knew from someone else's spoiler. lol back when you group them as a potential top BL pair this season I wanted so badly to burst your bubble but I refrained =D

lol the typing scene seems to be everyone's favourite. But for me it's second place. The tail dancing at the beginning is definitely my favourite part. Such a short frame but so darn cute.

the only intonation I'm familiar with is "kami" being using for paper and hair. Mind you i have no idea which is which, nor do i really pay attention to it.

i'd say all those words are fair game in anime except manko which i only ever hear in hentai. Oppai/mune, ketsu/oshiri and even ファック I've heard numerous times. And i think chinko is fair game because its a cutesy way of saying it xD
Inugirlz Mar 3, 4:41 PM
I thought of Yumoto too be he just doesn't have the same appeal as Ryuuji and yup that's exactly why: he's annoying cute.

Yes when Hyakkun said his name I couldn't help but go "awww" it was also cute seeing him sulk by throwing the rocks constantly at t he boulders all day. But in hindsight rather than sulking maybe he was practicing locating by sound like how he found the demon later on in the episode. Oh well imagining him sulking is cuter so im just gonna pretend that was part of it too.

lol i doubt i'd have the patience for half these cat toys. I'm more interest in clothing any how :) But for cats! =D

I keep sailing through all these Chinese LN. Started another one after finishing the latest (although the main 3 im reading are still being translated so im not done those)

I have the OP for HizaUe on replay lately. It's just so cute and fun! Such joy! The latest episode was definitely endearing. Im always so curious to see Haru's internal monologues.

LOL the myths. I can't believe some of those myths even exist though. No intonation? No swear words? Lawl people are silly.
Inugirlz Feb 25, 10:27 AM
Oh lookie we got an Altair cameo this time! Reminds me how pretty Mahmut’s art can be sometimes :3

Yup everything you say about Ryuuji is correct. I’m sure there’s got to be another cute character type like him that is similar but for some reason Ryuuji stands out more. The constant lollipop eating is adorable too (even cuter when he shares)

Why is Hyakkimaru so adorable and sexy?!
Inugirlz Feb 24, 10:56 PM
Yup! It’s the Houseki no Kuni cameo!
lol that was my reaction when when you suggested that was the anime that brought us together was Hnk. Seriously I I just couldn’t believe it was that because I still feel like that anime is fairly new. And yet it’s been out for well over a year! It’s been so long huh? :3 I still remember the pic of antarcticite you shared^_^
-All I’m saying is that there’s a point in the web novel where I actually preferred Spear Hero to the other 2. I just realized why I’m really starting to get annoyed with the novel. I’ve been reading the WN not the LN. This wn gets to carried away. It’s like reading a fanfic except fanfics are excusable.
-also I’m reaaally starting to love Ryuuji from B-pro! He’s so amicable!
Aiko_Hiroshi Feb 22, 12:11 PM
Do you know where I can find the movie if it's already online?