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Sangaz Nov 17, 8:37 AM
There's a new trap anthology out on the net, chief. [アンソロジー] たまぼた / Tamabata. It's up on exhentai. The cover art by Sakiyo Cake is fukken brilliant as well.
Ironwarrer Nov 15, 4:52 PM
heheheheh xD "Damn nice selections!" well, Lolis are too tempting to not do anything to them!

Of course I'm familiar with the work of aki99, both in his blog in Patreon and in Pixiv, I have added it, and I also follow it, besides several of his pics I have them as Bookmarks in my account in pixiv, they are beautiful, I adore all the latest that he has published about Eromanga-sensei, not only because I read Tsukasa's light novel... since what lolicon does not like Sagiri, Yamada Elf and Megumi? they are all a delight! I love Twister! 💙💛💜 you not?

Besides, I like his work since I draw Amatsukaze and Shimakaze so lustfully in the bathroom! 💙💛👌

Just imagine that this was one of Kazuma's sex games to try to get rid of the killer necklace and give him moments of happiness and peace! >////< *q*

I love KuroxIllya, I have in my account at, many doujin yuri and also Shota, because I also love sexual fantasies with them...*q*

Something from my private collection... enjoy

Believe me there aren't, sexual story, bondage, erotic, romantic story, amateur, erogame, light novel, visual novel, doujin, innocent pics, or profane tastes with underager, who can escape from me! (ง︡'-'︠)ง ❤️❤️❤️👌
Sangaz Nov 14, 5:00 PM
mm3 will probably get to translating the tank at some point. Koushoku Shounen's another one of those mags with a great roster of artists being published.
Sangaz Nov 14, 7:43 AM
As soon as I read Nagi Ichi in that comment the same sexy, tanned fundoshi one popped straight in to my head. I also absolutely loved that one. It was made multitudes better by the fact Gen was so bright and bubbly and gagging for it. Nagi is an amazing artist.

There's also that one by Takatsu with the tanned bully getting dominated by his victim. Another one of my favorites.
Sangaz Nov 14, 4:41 AM
Just started downloading a bunch 88scones stuff. Turned out they're a new circle to me. But yeah really sweet, remind me a bit of S size (Shinachiku).
Sangaz Nov 14, 2:52 AM
Yep i love Tamago no kara, really lucious traps. Not sure if I've read anything by 88scones so i'll look it up after work.

This is why eromanga is so great. There's always new artists to find no matter how big your list gets.
Sangaz Nov 14, 1:27 AM
Mostly raws, I still kind of have to work out the kanji by what hiragana come before and after it quite often though. I take an english TL if it's there.
I remember take on me from years ago, loved it. Especially the loli big sister and the twins.


My author list is too big at this point. All kinds of fetishes. You read anything by U-hi? One of my all time favorites.
Sangaz Nov 13, 3:17 PM
Ahh, closest I've got to the stuff you linked are the last few doujinshi Ash Wing made and an Ayato Ayari one called Kimi wa Marude Onnanoko. Ayato is a god-tier artist. I'll have a look at the Ichinase one.

Think I've got a Tokifuji one. Started with some hot trappy guy walking in on his roommate getting fucked.
Sangaz Nov 13, 12:40 PM
That Jairou doujin is (C92) [Inran Shounen (Jairou)] Inran Shounen "Nazo no Bitch Shota to Ossan no Monogatari" or (C92) [淫乱少年 (ジャイロウ)] 淫乱少年 「謎のビッチショタとおっさんの物語」 for when you search it. It's on if you use it.

Mogiki Hayami is only artist off top of my head when it comes to the role reversal thing. She's a great artist though. Lots of adult traps getting dominated by Shotas. As for Kemoshota only thing I've got are a couple of ones by a western artist called powfooo. Really, really hot though.
Sangaz Nov 13, 11:35 AM
I love Jairou. His newest doujin with the exhibitionist shota luring in a passing guy is amazingly hot.

MamaxShota is one of my favs too. Kuroiwa Menou, Agata, Hyji, Clone Ningen, Kaneko Toshiaki, etc.. I go mad for that shit. My mother x son H-manga folder is just under 75gb atm. My Ane x shota folder isn't far behind either lol.
Sangaz Nov 13, 8:36 AM
Here's my bookmarks mate. I'll be having a good look through yours later, love finding new artists on there <3

I've already seen you like a bit of femdom aside from traps too, have you read any issues of Girls ForM? Along with Otokonoko Heaven and LO it's one of my absolute favorites. There's an artist in there called Kokuryuugan, he/she does a bit of everything from footjob to pegging, love it.

Edit: Just seen that new Astolfo pic Shinya did in your bookmarks too, that guy is fukken amazing. Think he was one of the first decent artists to do traps on Pixiv.
Jokuc Nov 3, 10:16 AM
well Sweden gets pretty cold at winter ^^
Jokuc Nov 2, 11:14 PM
Around winter it gets about -20 to -30c depending on where you live
Jokuc Nov 2, 12:49 PM
Was 4c here today >~<
Jokuc Nov 2, 11:05 AM
hey c: doing just fine, it's just a little bit cold this time of year