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Ulysses: Jehanne Darc to Renkin no Kishi
Ulysses: Jehanne Darc to Renkin no Kishi
Today, 6:28 AM
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Shiyan Pin Jiating
Shiyan Pin Jiating
Today, 6:28 AM
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Today, 6:27 AM
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Inugirlz Oct 10, 2:32 PM
Ugh I wrote out a full response and it got deleted. Here I go again:

B-but but but I feel bad if I don’t reply to the other one. I’ll respond to the new one but also include brief replies from the old one then! (Which u will not respond to because then we’ll keep the cycle going lol)

Gakuen Basara truly isn’t worth anyone’s time. Unless ur into pure nonsensical comedy. It’s actually pretty stupid. Don’t feel bad skipping it. I’ll probsbly only reserve it for those times I’m bored and have nothing to watch.

Omg I know it’s only because it’s fan art but I’m in love with Giorno now. I love how feminine he looks in these but still has the masculine body! Reminds me of the Percival pics from before >:3

Yeah I totally get the need for privacy. One is more reserved when they think many eyes are peering.

Giorno<3 (seriously that doujin made me fall in love)
Inugirlz Oct 9, 6:45 PM
Yeah just watched I dunno what I just watched. Tbh the fujoshi parts weren't even relatable. Felt like they were given fujoshi (and foreigners) just a bad name xD Yes seeing a fudanshi would've been the highlight tho, ah they need to make more anime with fudanshi <3

-Kyrill is a cutie I can see why you do! I also really like Doug’s personality, he totally resembles Kiritsugu! This show will be fun! I hope we see more of “Doctor” or Apple too, love his voice.
-Goblin Slayer was really good. And super dark. But I appreciate it for being realistic and not just dealing out fan service like some anime. I wonder how it'll hold our interest despite focusing on just goblins in a world that has other creatures too.
-Gakuen Basara. Totally idiotic. Im still gonna watch it since I liked the SB series but it really is ridiculous and illogical.
-I don't follow JoJo (tho i want to and should) so I don't know whats going on there but this Giorno Joestar certainly looks like a fun character (and he seems rather effeminate)
-Agreed. I actually enjoyed the first episode. Though I have a feeling it might go downhill eventually. But let us pray. Mc is cute at least.

Profile posts here definitely are easier (and allow me to respond faster because I can do so on my phone and they're also shorter) but i do still like and appreciate the private messages. Besides who's to say these posts wont get long like the messages too, i think thats why we switched over in the first place.
Inugirlz Oct 7, 7:43 AM
Most of the time people complain about the animation but I don’t really care or follow that unless it’s REALLY bad (or just CGI...hate that shit) but I do notice the art, and those chins are driving me insane. Anyway it’ll probably become background noise really soon.

Lol did it really take that long for a kiss 😅 well suspense does make things more juicer when it arrived (lol k no)

I watched it last night. While I do love that the secondary protagonist is a cute boy the first episode I was yawning and wondering when it’ll end (might also be because I didn’t realize it was 40+ mins). The whole part where Alice falls and touches the dark territory borderline was ridiculous. Couldn’t stop rolling my eyes. Dumb kids. Well I look forward to a better next few episodes. I’ll probably stick around till the end because I’ve watched all the other SAO anime so far (not that other one without Kirito tho)
Inugirlz Oct 6, 12:57 PM
It’s ok for the first ep but I’d like a little more smut :P I think I pretty much always prefer it when the uke is the standoffish one. Or if not standoffish, needy and demanding 😛 But yo he totally likes him. He had no reason to give in to having sex, he wasn’t even really blackmailing him. He gave in because he felt the attraction. If he was straight he would’ve reacted much stronger. He’s probably bi or doesn’t have a preference because he’s too busy feeling himself (Lol I love his narssisstic comments). Really looking forward to this anime. I love how cutesy the seme gets too. Totally a love sick puppy. But you know what’s distracting? The shading under their chins. It’s so consistent and hard to miss!

And Gasp how could you drop Sekaiichi Hatsukoi! It’s at least something from the little BL we’re given.
Inugirlz Oct 6, 5:28 AM
Woke up kinda early this morning, saw your msg, located this anime, watched the anime, fell in love. Now demanding more!<3333
Inugirlz Oct 3, 5:19 PM
I was gonna save the HSL response for our longer msgs now that i'm done but i already wrote it out and figure its better to give u something than have you wait incase my reply takes a little longer.

◼Perfectly normal kids, it's just the adults? Where does Taiyou factor into all this? How did being molested by an adult turn into him being super obsessed with a little girl? Who told him he needed to be touched by a cute little girl to become pure? He’s batshit crazy. And he was so close to becoming normal. His mom seems like a normal lady too. Poor lady has no idea her son is on his way to become a pedophile. And seriously how did he just allow the aunt to molest him as well? The kid has zero backbone. Run. Scratch, scream lol he's just to pitiful. Also as soon as Asahi released him he was good to go. He didn't need to do anything else lol, he figured that out later but he's a bit slow. Odd of Asahi to actually think he'd help too.

I must say I’m not satisfied with the end because Shio became batshit crazy like Satou and Satou was never really punished. Felt so bad for her friend. She didn’t deserve that (but seriously how’d she let her kill her so easily in the first place. Was it really just disbelief and shock that Satou was gonna stab her. As soon as she saw the knife (and those batshit crazy eyes) she should’ve fought harder. She didn’t start clawing at her hands until she actually had a knife in her neck. Poor girl.

I must say though I’m mostly upset because the truest victim, Asahi, didn’t get anything in the end. His cute little sister, who he tried so hard to find, rejected him for some crazy ass bitch. And even after said bitch was gone, she still rejects him.

All in all though, it was a fun ride. Btw that sick masochistic teacher. What was he arrested in the end for? Was he connected to the first murder because he disposed of the body? Or did people just find out he was a sick lying fuck. It’s probably the first thing since you can’t really get arrested for adultery. Boo, that means no one ever finds out Satou was the mastermind? Crazy ass chick. I never liked her. Couldn’t even identify with her. She was just wrong from the start. I especially started to hate and question her love when he put the lock outside the door. How you gonna cage Shio in, if she ever wanted to leave?

Plus I couldn't get over how hypocritical Satou is. She complains about things being bitter and corrupt and yet she does things even worse than what she sees. And she justifies it all for the sake of her "Happy sugar life."

Also why did that brunette from work even help her? It's quite clear Satou didn't give a shit about her. After she quit i doubt she ever contacted her, so why was she still obsessed with her. Hell why was she obsessed to begin with. These characters are all just crazy for the sake of being crazy.

But back to Satou. Her aunt never even directly abused her. She just witness some odd shit. It’s not like her adult’s men molested her after they were done with the aunt. That’s why I can’t justify her actions. Her life wasn’t so bad that she needed to turn to murder. Gasai at least had a more tragic background.

◼Major seriously is an amazing series. So happy I was about to marathon through all the seasons. Anime probably really was better back then. Nowadays things are just released for the sake of having a full season. Look what they have done to the isekai genre. More like it never use to be a genre, it was just a concept or premise but now it is one. Actually it feels like isekai is just a coverup for fantasy harems now -.-
Inugirlz Sep 30, 6:56 PM
This Satou chick from HSL is batshit crazy. Hell they're all batshit crazy xD (Shio's hella cute tho)
Inugirlz Sep 28, 7:04 AM
Oh I see, i googled it to find the full name but it didn't work. When I clicked the link you sent I found it but it says it's only available on the US app store. Hence why I couldn't find it -.-
Inugirlz Sep 27, 8:09 PM
I tried looking it up on the app store but didn't see anything. It's called Dragalia?
Inugirlz Sep 21, 8:13 AM
I know, it's impossible to keep it short. Well when we actually get into replying its not a problem, its just starting that makes the delay so long. Hence, I'll probably get back to you on the main msg later but I will reply to this one now (honestly why did i think i already replied to this lol)

Wow a year-long project! Sounds fun (again just don't make it feel like a chore, it's for fun after all!) These patterns look so nice! I especially like block 7, 8 and 10. Block 3 certainly looks like it'll be a pain xD How big is the lap blanket supposed to be by the end?
Inugirlz Sep 11, 8:04 AM
If you're knitting all the time I don't think you can be called lazy lol. Besides you've found time to reply here. It's really just because our msgs are so long so we need to put aside time to do it (hence why I said 'chore') ^_^'

But good news means you're making progress on whatever you're knitting right? More socks or was there a bigger project at work?
Inugirlz Sep 10, 6:30 AM
lol no worries! Never let it become a chore or the fun will be lost :)
Ayato-Hiragi Aug 26, 6:43 AM
Ayato-Hiragi Aug 21, 1:53 PM
Can i come?
Ayato-Hiragi Aug 17, 1:31 PM
How often do you visit them?