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Height Aug 3, 7:05 AM
Happy birthday
Inugirlz Jul 18, 1:24 PM
lol so apparently i needed to go to clubs and then accept the invitation there, so im a member now! You can change it back to secret now :)
Inugirlz Jul 18, 8:58 AM
That’s odd then because all my notification settings are on😕

Is there a link you can send and maybe once I go there manually it’ll start working?
Inugirlz Jul 17, 9:27 PM
Separate topic idea sounds good! But I didn’t get an invite yet. Maybe try again? Now I’ll be able to talk about dicks without feeling like people are lurking xD

Deca-Dence. Alright I wasn’t gonna watch anything today because I’ve been distracted by novels and games but I figured I’d watch Deca-Dence since you insisted.
-That being said we were totally blindsided huh? Such a twist! Im curious to see where it goes. Like you said this might not have entirely saved it but it definitely was the right kind of twist to keep interest. Kaburagi’s eyes are so adorable in his toy form (or whatever it is)

-Except is it a good thing? At the very least ditzy female leads are what make these otome hard to watch. I suppose she’s not really ditzy but her outburst with CEO-sama and the way she spoke to scientist-kun before realizing who he was definitely doesn’t leave a good impression. Kiro is nice. I like Kiro.

-For the love of me I’ll never understand why they change names. Although, and I didn’t comment on it before because I forgot, I didn’t mind that they changed Jounoichi to Joey. Although tbh maybe sticking to a Japanese name would’ve been fine too. Actually maybe I get it now! It's actually the opposite of what you said (not in every case but in the examples im about to mention it makes sense). The dubs are actually living in a multicultural world. They wanted to make it more inclusive to NA. Seto and Mokuba get to keep their Japanese names because they’re supposed to still be seen as Japanese. But Joey and Mai are blonde and therefore it’s easier to claim they’re white. Yugi gets to keep his name because he’s the titular character so his name needs to be iconic and again, he can just be considered asian too. So it’s a mix. Tristan’s hairstyle also gives off the impression of being non-asian so it works. Basically the setting is switched. Domino city isn't in Japan. Perhaps for the same reason that’s kinda why Kibana got changed to Raihan…I mean he certainly doesn’t look asian. And Kabu got to keep his name because he is asian or at least the pokemon world's equivalent. Pokemon doesn't take place in Japan, its some next foreign alien world. So why would all the characters have Japanese-ish names. Can’t really explain the majority of the other cast tho. Like why change Kaki or Mao? Then again since Alola is obviously supposed to be some Hawaii equivalent Kiawe fits better than Kaki.

-lol well actually the director must of heard me from the first episode because Emilia first mentioned she was gonna change near the end of that one. She was repeating herself in episode 2. But from the looks of the end of episode 2 she still be useless…words are cheap.
-true best girl can be any age but I was referring to it more so with those who are shipping her with Subaru.

-But was Gibiate any worse than Lapis or HxEros for why you won’t give it another episode (wait the latter might have been only me who attempted to give the second episode a try but ultimately dropped it after 5mins). As unrealistic as it is I plan to continue for a bit more but your comments were dead on. So true that the doctor’s facial expression was beyond stoic. Like is he a zombie or what?

-lol I don’t think you need to wait till your horny the episodes really aren’t that long. Although the longer the wait the more you’ll be able to binge when more eps are released, so smart idea really.
Inugirlz Jul 15, 2:57 PM
Gibiate. Well they certainly combined a lot of elements to try and make this story unique lol. That being said I did enjoy it. The art kind of looks like JOJO without actually being so…Jojo-like (what I mean to say is cartoonish/ugly lol)
-Despite his arrogant yakuza-esque self that blond dude, Adam, who didn’t believe they travelled through time was a breath of fresh air. Even tho it would be a little annoying for no one to believe them since we as the audience know its true it always was pretty unbelievable and creepy the way Kathleen/Maeda/Yoshinaga believed them so easily. Also it was odd how all the campers were watching them and thinking them weird, I mean you could just assume they worked in that sorta of establishment in modern times. It really isn’t that weird to see people in traditional clothes in Japan. It would be weirder over here in the west but not so much in Japan.
-Yoshinaga-hakuse is a snack. Definitely my top and top contender for #1 eye candy. Followed by Sensui. Again, while it’s true that they shouldn’t be too disbelieving because creatures like Gibia exist, it’s still weird how easily he accepted they were from the past. Time travel is different from a genetic mutation.
-I like Sensui, pretty sure I’m gonna continue to like him. His lord was an ass tho. Was so obvious he was just gonna abandon him. Scum.
-Kathleen is cute and I like her design but it’s pretty impractical. How is she wearing makeup during an apocalypse setting? It’s little things like this that often have me rolling my eyes. 9 times out of 10 characters don’t have eyeshadow or makeup in settings where it would be practical and then they decide to give it to a character in a setting where it’s not? I guess she manages to hit up the abandoned makeup stores every once in a while…Oh well at least she cute tho.
-Predictions: Maeda’s gonna die lol. Death flaggggs
-of course this is an original anime. Naturally.
Re:Zero. I love this anime. I really just wanna know the secret behind everything. Who are all these witches and bishops? Where is Puck? Does Betty know Betelgeuse? Will Emilia ever become a badass? Maid Petra was cute. People are chanting Petra for best girl but please fandom. They even reminded u this episode. SHE IS 12. STOP THIS. Rem is obviously best girl.

EVOLxLOVE. Is this an otome? This is based off of an otome isn’t it? I’d bet my left lung that it is (ok no I wouldn’t cuz im not a gambler at all but still). Yup confirmed it. It’s a game. Eyecandy everywhere. Even the girls are eye candy. CEO-san and Idol-san are hawt. Hm, so is doctor-san. (What’s with all the eigo names tho? Lucien? Victor? Subbers please get with the program. PLEASE)
-But then all of them are hot aren’t they? TBH the art isn’t unique at all. There’s not memorable about it but CEO-san really is hot. And I don’t even mind how he spoke to her at the end. It was the truth. She had a dying program so why should he waste his money and business? Sure it would be nice if he gave her a second chance after she proved she had prospect coming in but whatever RICH TYCOON CEO DOESN’T NEED TO TAKE SHIT FROM NO ONE. Although it was a bit extreme for his receptionist to ask her if she was seeking death. Death? Really? Also why did that boy push her into the street. The fuck is this bloodlust?

I was gonna wait and watch Deca-Dence before posting but then im like who cares. It's gonna be shit anyway.

EDIT: LOL just realized i downloaded the app for the EVOLxLOVE game. I never opened it once or even played it tho. I have like 3-4 otome like that i downloaded back in april or something that i was planning to check out but never did.
Inugirlz Jul 15, 8:14 AM
Replies. You know, i get what you mean. I don't care about the story over overarching plot. I don't believe I ever truly did. But then what have I watched it for? Probably the characters. But not all the characters since I don't even like them all. But i do like seeing Shinra's interactions with everyone, especially with Arthur. And i enjoy when new characters are introduced.

-I think it's exactly that tho. He graduated but they didn't. Probably less to do with age and more to do with skill and getting recruited? Like maybe you have to be wanted/assigned to a unit before you can leave and they just haven't been?
-LOL yes the Shield of Masochism was hilarious. My god that old man is creepy. Could you image if irl you went to his office and he kept asking to get burned by you? LOL
-I knew they were from the same author without even checking. I mean the art alone said enough, but i guess it was always possible for the story to be by someone else. Then, even the story seems similar to SE. Has the same vibes. If Death the Kid was my favourite in SE it makes sense why Arthur is my fav here xD These eccentric boys. (I like Soul more than Shinra tho, but that doesn't mean i don't like Shinra)

-LOL Makoto's seiyuu went all dark. Definitely the highlight. I didn't watch it all but it was fun
-What the fuck. That would piss me off too (more so when they make a male character female than the other way around but both would still be pretty annoying). When did the first season for this come out because i never watched it and therefore am not watching the 2nd season....ah not long ago. I wonder why i never tried it. Maybe cuz the MC looks derpy. What is up with that head but the rest of the characters seem fine.

-Yes I just watched them last night. Thank you for reminding me. LOL I had to find it on a porn site. the 2nd episode basically stole too many scenes from the first so there wasn't much progression. Definitely a cringe plot but i'll still enjoy it because Caius and Kouichi are both snacks. Too bad i don't get to see dick. But when do we ever? Never. That's when (unless its Sensitive Pornographic.) The nipples were nice too see tho. I always loved the fact Kouchi doesn't have a dainty body (even tho compared to Caius...)
Inugirlz Jul 13, 10:37 PM
Furuba. I’m a two-timing bitch (well actually there’s probably over 100+ im cheating with but for now let’s just focus on the 2). No seriously, one moment I’m gushing about Haru and thinking he’s the best and then Ayame appears. I CAN’T CHOOSE. AYAME AND HATSUHARU ARE BOTH MY PRECIOUS BABIES. Oh and let’s just make something clear. I love Kyo. He’s hot, sexy, perfect—but I ship him with Tohru and therefore don’t want him for myself (at least not even I can have the other two.) I suppose if we’re thinking about practical relationships tho I’d want Kyo before Ayame. It would probably go Haru>Kyo>Ayame but if it’s just admiring their characters it’s Haru=Ayame>Kyo (by a measly margin).
-Omg Shigure’s meet-the-parents look was glorious! He’s such a devil! Friggin love his evil ass. I don’t think it ever happens but I think it would be so interesting if Ayame actually tells him off. But alas, they’re besties as if the married couple would ever fight.
-Reasons from this episode that Ayame is loved: 1) his outfit.. His fucking over-the-top outfits are so win! 2) the way his bitch ass mother can’t take his royal dispositions. I fucking love the fact that she freaked out at his presence. She can’t handle him at all. Serves her right. If she wants tools she should go play with toys or go to the hardware store. 3) The fact he kept trying to text Hatori xD So friggin adorable.
-Kyo was glorious too. That soft smile he makes when he sees/thinks of Tohru is just so precious. And I love Shishou. Kyo, you have support. Just decide what you want to do and people will help you!

GOHS. And so they became besties. Cute. I like this little trio. They’re all totally busybodies tho, not just Mori. I was so happy he intervened, that was hard to watch. I knew he would lose but I kept praying that he at least didn’t get savaged or he didn’t have to go against his beliefs by actually asking for forgiveness of something. Thank god that didn’t happen. Just goes to show, asshole. Even if you’re strong you don’t have a strong heart. And your martial art way is corrupt!
-Love how the judges/teachers/whatever they are tried to stop the fight but still failed. No one can stop Mori! Well except for scar face.

Yahari. I don’t remember a thing. Im not sure how smart it is to go forward with this but I will. The banter between the siblings was cute tho.
Inugirlz Jul 13, 6:26 AM
Ah when i checked this morning it actually had 15 chapters :) What a fun read. Yeah i totally adore both forms. The female form really is sexy so truthfully i actually cant decide which i like better (surprisingly enough. i mean i guess i prefer the male form because im straight but my appreciation for his female form cannot be underestimated).

I think both Rui and Shion are hot but yeah i dont understand how girls can see Shion as lesser. He's equally sexy (maybe because Japanese girls prefer more Japanese looking guys? Meaning no tan and blond hair is considered lame to some?)

I never did consciously drop SAO. I just ended up not watching another episode. Alicization tbh is worth more time than 2 of the other SAO abominations but i guess i was just fed up with the entirety of it.

EDIT: oh let me add my response to Ninja Collection. Wtf was that garbage? Dropped. (Most annoying part was how the guy was telling everyone to close their mouths yet his mouth was WIDE FUCKING OPEN. DROPPED).
Inugirlz Jul 11, 3:51 PM
Maou Gakuin. I think the only thing (besides that confusing blonde chick) that will annoy me about this anime is that people are gonna ignore the blatantly clear evidence that Anos is actually the reincarnated Demon King of Tyranny. Like how can you deny it after all the evidence. Also it seems reincarnation isn’t a foreign concept considering they have revival magic among other incredible things so why are all these people so damn daft.

Anyway I also enjoyed this episode. And Anos’ OP-ness is great. LOL at picking up the castle. What a stud.

Major 2nd. There was no hint of it but I wouldn’t be upset if Anita ended up with a crush on Daigo. Right now the OTP seems to be Daigo x Sakura (well actually it should be HikaruxDaigo but that’s wishful thinking) but I wonder if he might have more chemistry with someone else later on. At the very least I don’t mind if he has fangirls (aka Anita. Lol not the other girls. They’re cool as is. But Anita needs something to make her more likeable. And I feel like her being his bitch would do that xD)

RentaL Kano. I read the synopsis and I rolled my eyes and said “this is gonna be shit” but then I saw you made a response on it and I decided to watch it then read your response. And I was pleasantly surprised. I liked it!

-At first I was annoyed with the guy because he blew up while they were on the date. I was like way to have unrealistic expectations and then get mad at a professional. Totally not fair. But he understood his faults and if he never blew up he wouldn’t never met the real her so ultimately I forgive him. That and he’s actually sweet. His true reason for renting a gf and the way he was willing to come clean. He’s a good guy. And Chizuru really is hot. So easy on the eyes. Anyway I look forward to the part where she falls in love with him and they actually get together :)

Reply: yeah I hope it doesn’t turn out to be that kind of anime either. Please no. if it doesn’t I might end up dropping it after all. But I don’t feel like it will be. I think Chizuru is significant enough that she’ll be the main focus. He shouldn’t even try another rental anyway didn’t he decide to turn a new leaf?

Lol that kind of talk wasn’t too common among my friends either but I suppose we did have some convos like that once in awhile. Nowadays we’re much more liberal. If we want bring it up we will.

MHA Hero Rising: The MHA movie 2 was great! The first one was good too but this one was better. My only complaint is that the scale of the ending battle got a little too big. Like wtf how did no one die? How are these high schoolers? Lol but besides that the OSTs were great, villains were great, side characters/victims were adorable and we got to see the whole class in action. But the best part was definitely the fact Bakugo got lots of screen time and was really the deuteragonist <—hate spelling that word.

Misc & Replies.
-lol that’s a sad truth about Uzaki. That the thing that makes me like her is when she doesn’t go unrealistically ballistic *facepalm* anime look what you’ve done. My standards have been lowered.
-But that cat’s seriously ugly tho looool. Hey I thought Nora was an ugly cat too.
-I want to worship 4kids just for their yugioh dub. Tbh a lot of the voices are actually cringe but I suppose because I grew up with it it doesn’t bother me as much. I’m thinking of Joey in particular. His voice actually is super annoying but im used to it (its started to bother me now tho)
-Did I mention there are JJR nendoroids. Im supposed to be putting a hold on getting more cuz I no longer have any space for them b-but but USAGI tho T-T
-Vulcan is beautiful. Even his tattoos.
-yes I think it is the extra realistic face. Lol aren’t we so good with names?
-I mean Kagome didn’t have to wear traditional clothing but she could’ve still wore a tracksuit or something more discreet. But anime logic. It’s amazing how much power schools have. Sure some of those things are valid but dictating that they have to go directly home after school? Also why the hell would they want their students to always wear the uniform outside school. if they get into any trouble it would reflect on the school. At least if they were in normal clothes they could hide. Way to be overbearing.
-I agree 100% with that assessment but it doesn’t really apply to me. If anything its the opposite although I know it’s true for most other people. I never was the type to constantly rewatch things. But I feel like I could probably do it now (but not recent things, again there has to be a significant gap before I rewatch something). Maybe there were 1 or 2 movies I used to do it to tho (hmm best examples would be The Lion King and Oliver & Company).
-Right, I’ll try to remember to specify 3D CGI.
-Sou sou! No more Try Knights! No more Darwin’s Game! No more Infinite Dendrogram! No more no more! What makes Lapis deserve ep 3? Am I missing something? Should I watch the first ep?
-Found this manga:“Fucked By My Best Friend” that was sexy and fun. Love the tanned female and male form. Totally hot. It’s incomplete but reading the 11 chapters that are already out was fun.

EDIT: Had to add this. I friggin love Gearous. He might be my favourite artist (that i can recall anyway. I only remember the names of like 3 lol.) IS THIS ART NOT AMAZING?
Inugirlz Jul 10, 5:24 PM
EDIT: wrote Uzaki instead of PG
Peter Grill. Another anime I expected to hate and eventually drop because of the themes and genre but I probably will complete it since it’s only 12mins per ep. Thank god. Such anime doesn’t need to be a full length. But OMG PETER’S BODY. YAAAAAAASSSSS! I didn’t expect him to actually cave. What a disappointment. I don’t feel sorry for his crocodile tears. He wasn’t even drunk. Guess he’s gonna end up sleeping with every girl he comes across and is gonna keep feeling guilty like the scum he is. I didn’t think orges had tails…

DouHen ep2. I got to around 9mins and decided that I really should just drop this. Totally not worthwhile. But the dog Runba was cute. And I like how he monster made the girl’s skirt longer LOL. But yeah no more for me.

Enen no Shouboutai. Thank you for opening the episode with that nude calendar photo. I’m actually quite liking the season so far (lol it’s only been 2 episodes.) Im invested again.

-Not gonna like I love Lt. Pan. The whistle thing is adorable. Also I like the interactions with his old school members! That’s one thing I was missing from the first season. I didn’t like how it just went right into his enlistment and never showed how he struggled to get there. A long standing series would’ve done that.

-One thing I really appreciate about the author of Enen (and Soul Eater) is how frequently they feature black/dark-skinned characters. And they’re always so cool too :) I like Ogun. His glowing eyes are cool and his hair <333 (Princess is technically dark-skinned too, she’s actually probably my skin tone…ok I wish, she’s probably a bit darker T-T WHY AM I SO PALE. Well when I’m tanned we’re about the same >:] )

-Now let’s talk about Arthur…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I love this kid. They way he role played xD he’s too adorable. He went mad serious too. “You really are a damn powerhouse when you’re being delusional” xD yes I love it! Arthur ur my fav~ his parents did not just really up and leave him like that tho did they…wow (good job Pan! Whistled at the right time.)
Inugirlz Jul 10, 10:24 AM
Uzaki-chan. First thing’s first, what is up with that ugly asf cat?! THOSE EYES. LOL. Ugly ass cat.

I’m conflicted because the whole time I was watching it I felt like I should drop it and that it wasn’t and wouldn’t amount to much but yet by the end of the episode I laughed at least once (Sakurai yelled when she was gonna take his chicken again and she actually looked ashamed) and sort’ve enjoyed it. That being said I know precisely what I like and dislike:

I absolutely LOVE Sakurai-senpai. Between his dead fish eyes and awesome blazé personality he’s really the best. I like his reactions and his laid back attitude. He’s pretty realistic and actually really sweet despite the menace that has plagued his life.

However, I absolutely HATE Uzaki. First of all I think she’s really ugly. Like seriously, for an anime character that is obviously supposed to be cute and well-liked by certain people I can’t get over her design. Her boobs are too big (obviously the main selling point but seriously they could be a bit smaller and still be considered big) as well as those damn eyes. And the worst part is the ugly flesh-coloured fang! I’ve always hated when fangs are coloured that way but at least I can tolerate it sometimes. On her it’s absolutely terrible. I hate her hair style too, such a cut can be cute and even really nice on some characters but on her it’s terrible. I liked her old hairstyle. Long hair probably wouldn’t look to nice on her either so her shoulder length hair was perfect. Besides her terrible design she’s so fucking annoying.

And yet despite all of that there was only ONE thing she did that made me come to like her (even a little). And that was her reaction to him grabbing her boob. I cannot say how absolutely overjoyed I was when she didn’t overreact and beat him away. The way she just silently moved back after in embarrassment and didn’t bring it up was perfect. She obviously likes him. But that was honestly her only saving grace.

So I guess I had a lot to say about this first episode. But still don’t see this anime as being anything great. But because of Sakurai I’ll continue cuz I really liked him.

MHA movie 2 is out online now! Gonna watch it tonight :) Excited to see some Bakugo!

Maybe should've saved this reply for after I watched the other newly released anime but for some reason i felt like this was gonna be the only one out. Oops. Other replies to follow.
Inugirlz Jul 9, 10:11 PM
Guess I'll reply to this msg before going to bed so you can combine your comments for tmwr :)

-See wasn't it worth watching! I doubt they'll continue with such blatant manservice but i have faith that we'll get something more. I'm so happy Vulcan joined their crew, im so happy to see him. I cant wait for him to join in on the team banter. And of course how could we not miss the loveable idiot Arthur. No seriously I love him.

-I did watch Nabari no Ou but i also remember i didn't watch the last 3 episodes or so. Plus it was soooo long ago. Like back in middle school. I don't remember shit. That's actually a nice thing about lots of the anime i've watched. Im pretty sure i could rewatch a number of them and i'd feel somewhat new. I usually hate rewatching/rereading things but if there's a large enough gap (or if i really love the story) its a pleasure. If anime truly does become shit as the years go on (aka if everything turns into CGI and recycled tropey plots) i'll go rewatch the countless good anime i've already seen. And i guess look for the older ones i haven't seen but still exist to be watched (that PTW list just keeps growing).

-Nope didn't know about these figures but i generally don't like poseable ones. Even my extremely moveable nendoroids are annoying because of how easy the can move (im looking at you Archer Emiya). But as i browse through what some of them look like i really do like Shamrock. He's cute. I love the head/face/hair.

-Disgusting. But Trump is president so we already know people have shit taste. The mast majority. But that example probably just has more to do with the fact Junjou is ---hold the phone you didn't watch it all. Sacrilege is correct! Disgrace! Blasphemy! How i wish i didn't watch it either so that i could have the pleasure to watch it now anew. You've seen shit like Kenja no Mago and Hachinan but not all of Junjou? Waga tomo, NON. NON NON NON. Lol i mean yes it has its faults but but-- you know what fuck it im not gonna even attempt to say anything bad about it because it was GLORIOUS. AND IS EXACTLY WHAT THE FUJOSHI/FUDANSHI/FUHITO (totally made up that last one) COMMUNITY NEEDS!

Now i need to go rewatch some steamy scenes.

Oh yeah let me finish that thought. So yes it probably has more to do with the fact Junjou is a niche anime whereas Kenja is mainstream (isekai is mainstream at this point right?). I don't mean to be prejudice (except i do) but anyone who's seen Kenja no Mago and actually thinks it's worthy of 5 stars not only has trash taste but they themselves belong in a dumpster. Bottom dwelling filth they are (xD). Ok fine as long as they know the difference between giving something 5 stars because they know it objective deserves it vs. giving it 5 stars just because of enjoyment.

On another note I don't know if this is a phase or something but asshole characters are doing things to me. I cannot stop watching Seto Kaiba videos on youtube. He's such an asshole I love him. He has the best lines (in the dub). I'm in love, i can't with this guy:

Ziegfried: What’s it like being a washed up has-been?
Kaiba: Why don’t you tell me?

Kaiba: So you got a dweeb army. Is that supposed to make me afraid to attack?
Dartz: No, not unless destroying an innocent soul concerns you
Kaiba: As a president of a major corporation, I have to do that everyday

Seto Kaiba: “Any duelist late for registration will be disqualified. Mokuba, make sure Wheeler’s late.

yo it's endless, every time he opens his mouth someone get's burned xD
Inugirlz Jul 9, 7:47 AM
I'd never date a smoker either. It was definitely one of my dealbreakers. I don't like tattoos and smokers. Although i have come to accept some tattoos, i won't ever except smoking. Nasty teeth, nasty mouth, bad for your health, bad for MY health, waste of money, bad habit and of course it smells bad. Funnily enough it's hot when its on a fictional character xD
-a yellow smile....omg that sounds so nasty and wrong. what is it really supposed to mean?
-male because female tsundere used to be the craze? I'm never gonna forget the poster girls of tsundere-nation: Shana, Taiga and Louise (honourable mention goes to Aria). All the same seiyuu (Rie), all basically the same person. Ugh. I was just talking to my bf about it. They were definitely what made me hate tsundere. Although I do like Taiga (Toradora) but that doesn't excuse her bad personality at times. Shana (Shakugan no Shana) and Louise (Zero no Tsukaima) on the other hand...i hate Louise. But maybe it has more to do with the plot of her story so the fault is shared. I never did watch that anime beginning to end tho. Ah MAL says i watched the first cour.

-Maou Gakuin. As i said before i enjoyed it and LOL definitely what the coming of Jesus would be. I agree on the comedy bit. Keep it at the current level.
-Furuba. Yo, i totally noticed it too. I don't know if it was just the art but there were some frames where Kyo looked...very odd. I paused it at one point and i couldn't pinpoint why. It wasn't ridiculous art that looks derp like that Tamayori girl yakyuu anime you watched but something was off. I think it was only on Kyo too...and only at one point?
-That's what i came up with for blue balls who knows.
Others. That's actually a pretty good pun! +10points for the fact it came to you in your sleep. Nice.
-Yes i did see that preview, and yes im psyched! Oh shit was Anna that bad? I remember her being a badass but i guess she did avoid conflict and stay home a lot...I also saw there will be a remake for Higurashi no naka koro and im not impressed. There was nothing wrong with the original art. it was cutesy enough, the new one looks nasty.
-understandable about getting back to your routine. I still don't watch Boruto and at this point won't be anytime soon. I was even considering starting back up Black Clover but there are much more pressing things lol.
-No clue what's gonna come back. Actually the blog i follow seems to say Fugo Keiji is coming back so that's nice. Im anticipating I7 more tho. We waited so looooong. No to Shokugeki but that's another example of a "more pressing" thing but lol i haven't planned for it either.
-I haven't moved from episode 7 of Unicorn so i wonder if its a sign im but not invested enough and should quit. But its not bad enough that it deserves dropping but...*sigh*
-Oh yess i remember Beatrice calling him "bubby" lol
-nope no plans to start lapis for exactly that reason.

GOHS. I can't think of which one right now but there definitely is a type of face i hate that some anime styles pick up. Naruto definitely used one of them but don't recall what its called. its pretty ugly and ressembles a gorilla or old man face. I don't mind the white eye one.
-Dunno, don't ask me i really don't remember a thing. I think i started reading webtoons (all around the same time) in my first year of uni. So 2012, 8 years ago. it was meant to be underground?
-'Yoo' is definitely right for korean but hearing it as "Yu" but seeing "Yoo" is gonna be annoying.
-See the thing about the girls must wear skirt thing doesn't explain how that other wrestler girl who body slammed that guy can wear a bodysuit. Clearly some people come prepared after all.

I remember wondering about this and looking it up later but one character who i could never understand why she wore a skirt was Kagome from Inuyasha. She's literally in the fuedal era. So first off her outfit is too modern and would elicit bizarre looks everywhere. Second considering this is a time where people wear kimono/yukata down to their feet (and only short ones if they're boys or poor) so many people probably thought she was a tramp. including her friends but no one said shit. Like really? And it's completely impractical to being wearing an outfit like that while travelling around ancient Japan and running away from demons and shit. And it wasn't as though she wouldn't wear different clothes when she went home. SHE HAD AT-HOME CLOTHES.

It's so odd how students can wear their uniforms everywhere. The latest episode of Ahiru no Sora had the girl purposely wear her uniform on their off day because she didn't want to look like she was going on a date with Sora. And there are other examples like wearing it to funerals (which isn't so bad really.)

DouHen. Yes, totally not a worthwhile anime but i think im gonna at least watch ep 2. Probably will stop there.

TenSura. It was nice seeing Rimuru-tan and the kids again but i would've liked to see the oni again. Two episodes definitely didn't have to be dedicated to this arc.

Deca-Dence. It was mediocre at best. I didn't end the episode thinking "this is shit, dropped" but i wasn't captivated. So we'll see. Im mainly annoyed with the fact the girl claimed she trained and desperately wanted to be a fighter and yet it's clear that she actually is weak and wouldn't amount to anything even if she did become one. at least be a secret badass. Anyway my favourite part was the cute little Gadoll the ojisan keeps. I think because it's an original that's partly why its bad. These originals tend to suck. But i feel there was a good one in the past 5 years...can't recall which one. OMG obviously Yuri on Ice but i feel there was another few...but most are blah.

MonsterMusume. Yeah it was better than i thought. could've done without some parts but obviously they are catering to a different audience that is not I. But seriously it would be nice if Serphe or whatever the lamia's name is wasn't so jealous. i mean theres no reason to be. he's a respectable doctor so why act like he's a pervert, have some respect for your own profession. Also i don't know if this was a subbing error and im not going back to listen but she claimed she wasn't a nurse, she was also a doctor....but yet she's his assistant. So is she Dr.Lamia? Mermaid girl looks cute and im looking forward to meeting her but i wish the cenataur girl wouldn't appear anymore. she had her time now leave. Can you blame me? She has the stupid HO HO HO laugh.

Re:Zero. Yes im happy i watched the directors cut back in april[?] definitely helped me not be confused. Poor best girl Rem. Poor Crusch. I was surprised by her tho. She seemed like her personality regressed to a time she was docile but yet she still had the fortitude to put Felis in his place. Shame on you Felis. Good on you Crusch. I think she would make the best king (queen).

I still don't like Emilia. Or its not that i dislike her but i find her boring and useless. She's played the part of a damsel the whole first season and has Subaru gushing about her for not good reason most of the time so that probably plays a part in my dislike. Anyway seems like she's finally gonna step up. let's see how.

New villains look fun. I think Gluttony would be a bit better if he actually ate people xD From what it looks like it's just a magical concept of eating and he just cuts them up. But it'd be pretty gruesome if we see him actually eating people (or parts of them).

So what do you think about the knife that's just casually sitting beside Rem's bedside. It was giving me the creeps. I kept thinking he was gonna use it to kill himself but it doesn't make sense since dying won't bring him to a time he can fix things. But the camera kept paning to it in a way that made it seem like more than just a knife to cut fruit (that and no fruit was actually ever cut with it)

Misc Replies.
-Yes i saw that title and look forward to it! (how could i not, ikemen!)
-ouu straight and homo scenes :)
-I understand i wasn't that taken with Enen either but i did decide to continue it and the first episode was nice (features some nice male nudity too. Get on that bruh). its definitely a better watch than some of the newer ones so far.

As for your problem with complaining about the repetitive formulas and what not, i totally hear you. Im pretty sure i'm the one complaining more than you and it's been influencing your thoughts too. that being said even if something isn't new i don't think its really that that makes it so unbearable. Like Maou Gakuin isn't unique by any means but we still enjoyed it. Deca-dence also isn't new but we don't like it. So maybe it's just specific themes that we don't particularly enjoy. or rather don't enjoy when they aren't done in a captivating enough way. it's the fault of the quality not the repetition. I could watch an endless amount of isekai. as long as they're more like Overlord or TenSura instead of like Hachi-nan and DeathMarch.

How can i have held on to anime for so long? Because anime is life that's how. I have definitely noticed that despite all the time i currently have, i have watched less anime during quarantine than more. i definitely think its a product of that "have so much to do you sleep instead" feeling than anything else. But it also might have to do with the fact im occupying my time with Switch, fanfics and webnovels. Usually my routine would be to watch seasonals and then have one completely long series that i'd watch inbetween that. But i haven't done the latter in a while. Hmmm what was my last completed long standing series. There was a time when it was One Piece but i caught up to that ages ago and so it just became another weekly ongoing. Oh it was Pokemon Sun & Moon (i was looking for a better example but that's the most recent one indeed).

Anyway anime will always hold a place in my heart. I will never drop it. if i do my life will be darker. Maybe part of the reason your getting so tired is because you watch (or attempt to watch) everything so you see more disappointments. Like i said before, i think the key to me not burning out is to drop the ones i know won't be good as soon as possible (so really i should already be dropping shit like DouHen, but again lemme give it one more episode).
Inugirlz Jul 6, 11:52 AM
Furuba. New OP! I’m not a fan of the song but the visual are really nice! And as for the ED, not real opinion on the song yet but I do like Monkey Majik and the ending art is so fun! Ayame and Kureno are so beautiful!!! Love Haru’s outfit, Momo is adorable and Shigure is a hottie…grr Yuki’s beautiful too. Tbh I think Kyo go the worst pose but he’s still the best of them all! So sad seeing him all gloomy. I was waiting for asshole Yuki to start yelling at him but he left him alone :) Had his own shit to deal with I guess…lol im so mean I actually like Yuki too but, just but!

Haru is amazing especially in that outfit. Yo Haru knows he’s a hottie doesn’t he? totally. That kiss was so smart and he’s just an all around awesome character. His stupid jokes “his are everything to a man” … LOL that was meant to be perverted right? Was the “otoko no buru de” also supposed to be perverted? And how he wouldn’t chase Rin cuz she’s a horse lol love him.
-Air purifyer xD “honey” Haru seriously has the best lines.

GOHS. And it’s here! Not really an amazing OP but its already because I know the rest will be better. Really im just here for the fighting and badassery. The OP/ED are fire tho!!! Definitely gonna be hitting replay a lot in the next few weeks.
-I always hated the red noses but I don’t remember the ears also looking so ugly. Oh well I’ll get use to it.
-Yoo (it should be Yu) Mira…if you are worried about someone looking up your skirt WHY ARE U WEARING A SKIRT IN A FIGHTING TOURNAMENT. Sigh. There are ways to be hot/cute without wearing a skirt. Just wear a skin tight suit or something. Good lord.

-Yeah I was wondering if I was missing out on any lore by just starting with Unicorn. I have no idea who Char Aznoble so I didn’t get those references but the story can be watched seperate still. Who knows if I’ll finish it tho. It’s pretty generic. But I want to.
-I don’t remember reading “sissy” or “bubby” but I totally agree, that’s nasty and they certainly need to be drawn and quartered
-did you drop Bahamut Virgin because the girl was annoying?
Inugirlz Jul 5, 5:42 PM
Start of the Season
Maou Gakuin.It’s probably way to early to make statements on how the entire season will go but I honestly enjoyed the episode. I’m looking forward to the next episode. I love this season’s demon king xD he’s hot, funny, merciful but also cruel love it. Nice amount of gore too

-but real talk we have some stupid ass royals. Maybe I just don’t know enough about the world yet but it seemed pretty obvious that this guy was extremely powerful and not to be trifled with. I mean even after he performed so many skills that should be beyond them they still didn’t piece together that he was the legitimate maou? Morons. He should’ve left them dead.
-Misha’s cute. She actually has one of the best type of personalities for being around a main character like that.
-He’s 1 month? Are months longer in this world or is he seriously a newborn xD

HxEros.… b-but why does his clothes get destroyed. I mean im not complaining. I was just about to close the window but then I saw his lovely body. It’s still a stupid asf anime. Definitely meant for kids…except maybe not since it’s ero….anyway it’s dumb. No way im staying till the finale. Plus Hoshino is annoying. So annoying.
-the hot oji-san was hot. Why does he refer to himself as old, he was mighty fine. Love the outfit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-who sits at a park naked. These kids.
-oh damn the ending showed what his battle outfit will look like. hawt. Lol anyway this will be a very low priority anime.

Enen no Shouboutai. Looks like Fire Force is continuing with the good OPs, I’m glad. The whole last was more omake type material. Loved it! Thank god it was a male nude calendar. Honestly 8th could’ve won but why those stupid ass embarrassing poses. Still they should’ve beat Giovanni’s doctored pic…
-Princess’s internal conflict over Shinra’s appearance in the calendar was funny
-Shinra…how much money do you blow on shoes? You could’ve taken off your shoes before you disintegrated them…
-I don’t remember Hinawa being so chill (and absolutely stupid) he seriously wore the outfit they bought for him…and then didn’t blame them for it xD Those girls are sellouts xD poor Shinra.