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kyoudai Jun 23, 9:12 AM
I'm not amused. It had gotten slightly better for a while, but this season there has been tons of translating "-chan" as some diminuitive form of a name. Like Jim to Jimmy, only it's more like Shizuki to Shizzy. But you know... it works fine with Jim and John and Sophia and Anne and so on. But there are some names that you just can't do that with. Namely, any name that's Japanese, especially family names. But even among Japanese names, some of them are worse than others. Well, what I'm saying is that "Hozuki-chan" cannot, should not, must not be translated as "Hozy". And especially when the mood is slightly tense. "I'm sorry for your loss, Hozy" just does not work! (I made that up, but it was for illustrative purposes only.) Even translating it as her given name, Satowa, would've been better!

Who the hell translates these things anyway?! Oh, right... The same idiots at Funimation who bring us all the other baka translations. But what can you expect from someone who translates "Kono Oto Tomare" into the cheesiest anime name ever, "The Sounds of Life"? *puke* Well, to be fair, "Stop this noise" doesn't really work for it either, so I can see the need to come up with something different in English. Just not that.

Edit: OMG OMG So the Nobunaga anime I told you you might want to watch the single episode of because it was pure BL? Yeah, so the finale... um... they do it. Ranmaru the femboy very nearly takes his virginity while giving him lotsa love, and most of the girls watch. It's unbelievable that a straight ecchi anime would go that far! Not that I mind... It's pretty rare to see a femboy seme.
kyoudai Jun 21, 5:57 PM
lolololl I literally lol'ed watching FB. The very second that Haru grabbed Kaichou, I knew where he was going. But it was hilarious nonetheless. Ok, f-f-fine, i-i-if you insist, I don't believe it's your natural color either, Hatsuharu-kun! You better show me. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .... And then LMAOed when Tohru asked how he proved it. Yep, that's Tohru alright. But yeah, I expected Akito to introduce himself either this episode or next. It's too bad that he's got Ciel's voice (Sakamoto Maaya - hard to believe that she plays Jeanne in Fate) when he's such a horrible person. At least he's not as pretty up close as I thought he was going to be.

EDIT: And the last episode of Midara na Ao-chan is absolutely adorable. I love romances like that. Pure and simple. I can honestly say that I really envy Ao-chan.
kyoudai Jun 20, 11:45 AM
For my first 10 roll, I got an SSR Toichirou and an SSR Koga, along with SR Ginnojo and Aoi. On the home page, at the bottom left it says "Character Info". If you tap there, Then center bottom "go to characters", you can see all of them. You can also choose a specific person you want on your home screen.

Ah, looks like we have to have the numerical ID to add a friend. Mine is 4646163756907.
kyoudai Jun 19, 7:56 PM
You may have to wait until the next day to get it, or maybe to finish the prologue? But you get a launch event item every day for the next week when you log in. I really like Aoi, KAGEMARU (sexy as HELL in that deep blue kimono with lavender obi), and a few others. Nachi and Kuro probably not as much as you'd think. I love how Aoi and Ouji-san are always bantering with each other like a married couple. haha Yeah, Kuya's hair is a bit short, you're right. Looks-wise, I also like Koga, Shizuki, and Yura and Gaku (twins). Personality, hmm. I don't know them well enough yet. Voice-wise, probably Yura (for the ancient dialect), Gaku, Aoi, and Tatsuomi. Maybe Kagemaru's voice too (Tsubasa Yonaga). Shizuki's voiced by one of my favorites too.

Oh yeah, if you wanna add me, my username is ikemen -- I was sure to steal that before anyone else took it, since it's a new game.

And Meiji Tokyo Renka was the name of the anime I was thinking of. You probably remembered it thoguh.
kyoudai Jun 19, 8:13 AM
Ok, I'll look into Gakuen Alice then. I finally got all my BluRays of Tsubasa Chronicle so I don't have to stream 360p web quality.

Btw I started a new game (because, well, I didn't stick with Kings Raid despite the overwhelming sexy) that you might like. This one just came out yesterday. Ayakashi Romance Reborn. If you start it now, you'll get all the launch promo gifts, so you should check it out. It's basically the same thing as the anime a season or two ago with Mori Ougi set in the Meiji Restoration. Except it's different characters. In this one, all the guys are ayakashi. And there's no Mori Ougi. Yakumo is there though. The MC is just as plain and one-dimensional as any otome game, but finding one where she's not is pretty hard.
kyoudai Jun 17, 9:08 PM
... How did I miss this? Did you watch Magic-kyun Renaissance? I evidently didn't even know it existed, until I found the soundtrack on iTunes.
kyoudai Jun 17, 8:27 PM
I had thought it was when they carried Hyakkun off, and so it was a really emotional kind of wailing, but it was actually when Dororo felt powerless to stop Hyakkun from going on to fight Daigo and Tahoumaru. Episode 22, 13:00. Not as emotional, but still wasn't a "gosh dang it". I mean, think of the audience and rating. Dororo is rated 17+ for violence and PROFANITY. (-_-)¯>

I like Ashura. I never thought that he was irredeemable, only misguided. That's not really how Ashura is seen in Buddhism and Hinduism, but hey, whatever. None of this is based on Buddhism except the character names. Siddhartha doesn't sit around all day in track suits sipping tea and eating taiyaki, after all. It does make Bonten a bit cuter, but I still can't get over how wrong his voice is. They used Yusuke Kobayashi for the crossdresser, so why not use a better soft-voiced seiyuu for Bonten? Even Namikawa Daisuke could've done it. (He did a great job with Fai.)

And speaking of Fai... Why is it that we use the original spelling of Syaoran, but not the original spelling of Fay?

» Mokona Modoki hontou dokidoki! Ahhh puuuuuuuuuuuu *inhale* «

{part 2}
I'm not surprised. You have a larger list than I do. Yeah, I saw the Really badge. You're doing better than me, apparently. I've got 18 of the yaoi. I thought there was a place where you could see which ones are required for each badge, but I can't find it now. But it probably goes by this list. Ask me on Pixiv if you want to know where to find the actual videos.

Yeah, sometimes you just gotta drop something. I got more realistic after a while too. And because I start out watching just about everything each season, it means I drop a lot more than most viewers.
kyoudai Jun 12, 6:14 AM
"Tastes like tonkatsu." ROFLMAO That was a surprisingly sweet and cute doujin though. I'll have to look for something with Furuya and Yui-kun.

Also when I was talking about #failedsubs, I can't find it now (probably repressing the memory), but somewhere in the recent Dororo eps, Dororo lets out this really emotional, raw "ちくしょうぅぅぅぅ!!" which was translated as "Gosh darn it!" No, sorry, Translator-san, that was not a "gosh darn it." That was a "god fucking damn it, you sons-a-bitches!!!" You say "gosh darn it" when you throw a paper wad at the trashcan and it misses. (Well, I don't, but...) I think there was a weee bit more emotion in that "chikusho!!!" than "gosh darn it." (-_-)
kyoudai Jun 9, 6:45 PM
Ah, so the episode of Nobunaga-san no Osanzuma (episode 10)... you should watch it -- just try not to get too bent out of shape about the subs like I did. None of the rest of the series would interest you, but this one probably will. ^_^ The basic idea is that this guy, named Oda Nobunaga, is a high school teacher, but he's also the reincarnation of the daimyo Oda Nobunaga. One day he touches a pot or something and the girl who was old Oda's wife pops out of thin air. After that, he discovers that when he touches someone who has some kind of connection to old Nobunaga's harem (a descendent or whatever), their spirit takes over that person's body and usually ends up assaulting him. This episode is about Mori Ranmaru, an important person in Nobu's life -- and the one he was most fond of in bed. ^_~ Apparently he loved Nobu so much that when Akechi Mitsuhide killed Nobu at Honnouji, Ranmaru (and his brothers) immediately harakiri'ed to follow him in death. Ranmaru was 17 at the time.
kyoudai Jun 8, 9:52 PM
Ah, didn't see your last msg when I sent my previous one. I didn't refresh the page before I sent it.

It helps that he's cute and is voiced by Irino Miyu. :)

I've seen Kobato, the various xxxHOLiC's, part of X, and the the Blood+ remake Blood-C if you want to count it. I'd like to see the one, what's the name? Shounen Tanteisha Gakuen (Boys' Detective Academy) or something? But it's probably pretty hard to find. I actually haven't even looked.

Sounds good. No worries. At this point, we're pretty much discussing anime etc here and reserving only the more personal stuff for our msgs. That and artwork goodies. ^_~ Besides, I can't really complain because I give you a novel the size of freakin' War and Peace every time, so of course it's going to take a little while to respond. I'm trying to keep it a little shorter, though.
kyoudai Jun 8, 9:14 PM
#failedsubs strikes again! This time, it's Kono Oto... "You don't have to call me by my last name. Being treated so formally by another guy feels weird." Noooo!... He said "Don't call me -kun. It's weird/gross being called -kun by another guy."

Another one: The Nobunaga ecchi anime just translated futanari as "dickgirl" and otokonoko (the femboy) as "in a dress". IN A DRESS. And "dickgirl" totally ignores the fact that futanari by definition have both male and female genitalia. *pissed* 😡
kyoudai Jun 8, 12:33 AM
Oh, maybe you're right! It's possible that the otter dude just put that mechanical heart into the real Mabu.

I really should read the manga because I do love the story quite a lot. Of course, the soundtrack makes it 10 times more enjoyable. Fai was such a great character. But Syaoran still is probably my favorite. He's such a strong character. He doesn't even hesitate to give up Sakura's memories of him if it means saving her, despite how much he loves and cares about her.

UGH I KNOW. Yes, I noticed it before and I'm appalled every single time I see it. They should at least call him Tangerine Head or something. (Even though a mikan isn't actually a tangerine. Or a clementine. It's a satsuma mandarin.)
kyoudai Jun 7, 6:04 AM
Yeah, it was the only possible conclusion, especially after Nii-san showed his nasty side in front of Toi. I know, like, "You worked hard pimping that weed to make that, Toi! Don't just waste it because your nii-san died!" (And have you noticed how despite all the shit we talk about subs, Sarazanmai is translated really, really well by someone who definitely is a fan of anime?)

Can Mabu get better? I thought he had essentially died and this Mabu is just a robot or cyborg or something that Kawauso-san created?

The last few episodes is where everything happened though. :-P Mmm, yes, the pink doctor! And his two bunny boys!!!!!!!

I didn't. Should I? I think I'm going to restart Tsubasa Chronicle today. Was just telling someone else about it, and now I have to watch it again. Love it so much.
kyoudai Jun 6, 8:48 PM
Man, what an episode of Sarazanmai. I thought last week's episode ended on a dramatic note, but it was nothing compared to this week's! Incidentally, have you watched any of Ikuhara's other works? Mawaru Pengdrum? Kakumei Shoujo Utena? The only one I've seen is MPD. I should watch Utena though.
kyoudai Jun 3, 10:04 PM
So... Just found out (though it was announced a while back) that Arifureta, which I've been reading for a while and I told you about, is airing starting next season... whoa, next month! Pretty excited, tbh. So, if you are at all interested in how I described it, be sure to check out the anime.

Also, omg just found my own personal theme song. You've probably heard/seen it, but have at it. If you're like me, you'll want to turn the subs on for it.