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kyoudai Sep 9, 6:31 PM
I'm guessing you've been really tied up with school or something?
kyoudai Aug 24, 8:30 PM
New Kyojinzoku is out.
kyoudai Jul 18, 1:25 PM
I saw you joined. :) You would _think_ it would send you a notification. But, well, since MAL is entirely custom coded, I guess there are some spots here and there where it doesn't function quite like a site such as Facebook or something would.
kyoudai Jul 18, 1:00 PM
I'll have to temporarily set the club to "private" instead of "secret", but after you join I'll set it back to "secret".
kyoudai Jul 18, 3:16 AM
I sent another invitation. Just to be sure you're getting them, go into your notification settings and make sure you're set to receive notifications of club invites. Once you join, you can turn it back off. (I hate when I get invited to clubs by randos.)

I'll put my replies to your latest comment over there as well.
kyoudai Jul 16, 11:05 PM
copy of message posted in club earlier today

Koi to Producer ep 1
What gave it away, lol? Definite eyecandy. Actually I started seeing a lot of KoiPro art on Pixiv a couple months back. It looks like it might actually be Chinese in origin, but like Azur Lane and some others, is "farmed out" to Japan for voices and production.

Yep, they're all fairly high-spec guys. Favorite so far is aidoru, Kiro-kun was it? No, not so unique, but why change a good thing?

Eigo names because those are the names they use in the North American release of the game. As for why they changed those names… fuck if I know. I never did get why they have to bastardize a work by changing all the names anyway. Even the name of the financial group was changed. But they do that in a lot of games and anime based on games. Even Fire Emblem has a lot of very unnecessary name changes. Like Leon to Leo. WTF? WHY? And let's not mention Pokemon with Kaki -> Kiawe, Mao -> Mallow, Masaru -> Victor, Kibana -> Raihan, Dande -> Leon (what, Leon wasn't good enough for FE but it is for Pokemon? It's the same people who are changing both of them! Nintendo Treehouse…). Pisses me off really. It's like "We'll gladly take your game, but we don't want any of that nasty Japanese-ness all over it." Ugh. Learn to live in a multicultural world, you idiots.

Instead of getting pissed and yelling at him, she should have told him she's working on something of a bombshell and to give her another 3 episodes to improve their ratings.

I guess we'll find out about the bloodlust soon. It looked like the same boy who was trying to talk to her also pushed her… but I think that's just an assumption I'm making because he was shown nearby right after that. But I think the boy was following her so he could talk to her in private.

Watch Deca-Dence. The first episode was not indicative of the series as a whole. You've got my comments on it now, so hopefully it didn't spoil episode 2 for you.
kyoudai Jul 16, 1:42 AM
Re:Zero ep 2
The director must have read your thoughts. "Next time I won't just be someone who needs saving", says Emilia-tan. I still can't get used to Crusch-san speaking in keigo.

So… I'm guessing that ベッティ is maybe the younger sister of Geuse? Maybe they used to be siblings living happily together, until one day Geuse was pulled in by the Majo Kyou. Of course, having such a deep relationship with him, she was saddened but ultimately she couldn't save him. And now that she knows he's dead, she can't help but feel sad. Well, she certainly got angry at Subaru for killing him and, in her eyes, it seemed like for no reason. She definitely had some kind of relationship with him. Of course, Beako is a great spirit, as the new (and rather suspicious) maid said — which is probably why she calls Puck Bubby Onii-chan. Maybe she became a spirit at some point in the past but was originally human.

Then there's this mysterious maid who suddenly shows up when no one else is around at all. Emilia-tan recognizes her, but it could be an illusion, deshou? Maybe she's actually Greed in disguise. But chances are, she actually is who she claims and is not an enemy.

Then there's Echidna, the Witch of Greed. Satella, the Witch of Jealousy. So, putting it all together, I'm guessing there are 7 witches and 7 archbishops, which need no enumeration. Otaku do love basing things on the seven deadly sins.

««reply»» I really want to know everything too! Thinking about reading ahead in the light novels. Maid Petra was cute, yes. Age is just a number when it comes to best girls. I for one have no problem calling a 12-year-old the best girl if she is. But Rem is still best girl anyway, even though she's unconscious.

Gibiate ep 1
Dropped even faster than I dropped Uzai-chan. It's bad. It's really bad. It's terribly bad. It's shit. It's like a combination of Bloodivores and God Eater and Covid-19. Naturally, it's an anime original. The only two things even mildly interesting about this were the shamisen OP and the male character designs. The doctor and Sensui both had interesting designs that reminded me of late 80's/early 90's historical anime — like Juubei Ninpuuchou. Well, other than the doctor looking like a talking corpse. No emotion, staring off into space. Just talking as if to himself.

I cannot suspend my disbelief at the idea that an 18-year-old girl without a high school school education, a samurai, and a ninja are somehow going to cook up a vaccine to save the world. After watching it, and meeting the doctor, I still can't suspend it.

««reply»» I seriously doubt there are any of that sort of establishment — or any establishment, actually — in modern times (2030). You did notice, right, that there's pretty much nobody but the ones in the camp, the monsters, and the ones who are about to become monsters? You're saying it's not weird to see historical clothing in Japan, but in a post-apoc world in 2030, yeah, it would be. You saw how desolate the place looked. People are scrambling to find enough food and stay alive. There are no samurai cafés (which sounds like an interesting idea, actually) or dinner theaters.

LOL about Kathleen's makeup. I didn't notice. I was too busy being appalled at the rest of the episode. Of course Maeda's gonna die. That was obvious as soon as he told her to head back to camp. Or, actually, as soon as he said he was going to stop by his place to fetch his sword.

Deca-Dence ep 2
So forget everything I said last episode. The reveal this episode makes the series entirely worth watching. Ok, maybe not entirely, but much more at least. I'm getting into it now. Strange how one little twist like that can completely turn a boring old post-apoc anime like all the others into something far more interesting.

Of course, this isn't JUST a game. It's more like these gadoll things did appear in the real world and as humanity was on the brink of extinction, some alien race comes along and takes over the planet, taking humans under their stewardship, and sending all their own citizens out to "play" at defeating these things. Strange these alien beings would read Japanese, though…

So yeah, I can get into it now. Not all sci-fi is the same. And especially with Gibiate coming out today, I was getting really fed up with this setting like I mentioned on the first episode. Now that it's "not really" that kind of thing, I'm happy to keep watching. Especially since there's this big question about how she's still alive, how long he's going to continue to function before he's scrapped, and just what he can accomplish in his remaining time.

Previous replies
Sounds like we're both thinking of Enen about the same way then. Oh, I realized something last night: I really want to see some Obi/Vulcan smut.

That could be. Oh, and Arthur too, of course. Creepy doesn't begin to describe Hauge-taichou. I wasn't even really thinking about similarities to other series, so I guess my mind wasn't even open enough to it to see the resemblance. And it's also been forever since I saw Soul Eater. But still, that skull at the beginning of the OP should have made it very clear to me, duh.

Lol yup. At the end, it's basically pure ad libbing between the two of them. But it is a little long, yeah. That comedy skit went on way too long. Btw, did you notice Makoto's seiyuu = Anos Voldigord's seiyuu = Ban's (Nanatsu no Taizai) seiyuu?

What pisses me off more than anything is that they corrupted the script. The author quite likely intended the character's gender to be ambiguous and left undefined. But then this arrogant translator comes along and says, "Well, that looks like a woman to me!" and overrides that decision made by the creator. It's as bad as when "ero hon" was translated as "dirty magazines" in Dagashikashi 2. Translators add way too much of their own beliefs and biases into the text when they didn't belong there to begin with.

So as for the anime… yeah, his head looks funny, but they make fun of it themselves. They call Muhyo a "tama negi" and Roji a "moyashi", both of which are very accurate. The story is on about the same level as Kaitou Joker… Something adults can enjoy, but ultimately targeted to somewhat younger audiences.

I haven't watched Titan's Wife yet, but will try to soon. Maybe I'll wait until I'm horny again.

An idea
Maybe we should create a private club just for the two of us and post our comments there. We'd be able to keep our messages in topics so they'd be more organized. We could keep messages private. And we wouldn't be getting these huge-ass comments on our profiles. Didn't we originally come back to comments for episodes because our messages were getting too large and slow to respond to? Maybe if we posted comments for each series in a different topic (one for Re:Zero, one for Enen, etc), it wouldn't be such a huge thing and take hours to write these up. Or maybe we, or mostly I, should learn to be more succinct.

Actually… I went ahead and did that. If you don't like the idea, I'll scrap it, but I'll send you an invite anyway.
kyoudai Jul 15, 1:04 AM
Enen ep 2
I really don't care about the story anymore. Not that I ever did much. So I'll just say one thing: Is or is not Sir Arthur (Conan) Boyle the secret protag of this series?! His childhood was kawaisou, demo it made him who he is today. (With that name they really should have made him the Knight King of Detectives, lol.)

To a certain extent, I can understand parental absence in anime. They have jobs and other things to do. They have their own lives that don't always coincide with their children's. I can accept that we don't see them, but they occasionally come home and spend time with the kids during the moments "between" the scenes. And even if they're working overseas, as is so often the case in anime, presumably they still talk to their kids and send them living expenses. It's not great, but hey, life is hard, right? And besides, every second spent on showing the parents, who are invariably minor characters, is another second taken away from the main characters. (And from a production standpoint, it means another voice actor, another character design, more of this and more of that for a character that ultimately won't contribute much.)

But what I don't get, never did get, and never will get is parents who run away and abandon their kids. Especially when it's because of debt or something stupid like that. Like Hime and Kaguya in Himegoto or Suzuki Iruma-kun. Do they think they're protecting their kids by staying away from them? That they're going to be better off all alone than with a family? Do they really think an 8-year-old can take care of him/herself while still somehow going to school and selling their bodies on the street or whatever they have to do to make enough money to make the mortgage payment? Or do they even know about mortgage payments? …Or are they just cowards who run from the trouble in their lives? Too pathetic to at least take their kids with them because it would mean one more mouth to feed while on the run. What really makes so little sense is when you see parents like Arthurs who do seemingly care about their child, and yet they abandon him to a cruel reality that reinforces his delusions? Poor Arthur. I feel so sorry for him. The only consolation is that the lovable baka still doesn't seem to realize that he was abandoned all those years ago. That, and he finally found a new family with the 8th, including his best frenemy Shinra Shitwall ("Kuso"-kabe).

Back to the episode… I almost peed my pants when Arthur grabbed the "Shield of Masochism" to deflect Shinra's attacks. Too funny.

««reply»» One thing I don't get is… if Shinra graduated the academy and joined the 8th, why are all his old classmates still at the academy? Did they all fail? Shinra surely didn't graduate ahead of time.

I get what you mean. Ogun and Kilik are both pretty sexy — though I didn't realize Enen and Soul Eater were by the same mangaka. (How did I not?) But you know… Shinra and Black☆Star do share a lot of similarities. So do Death the Kid and Arthur. And then you have Pusupusu and Meramera who are a lot like Kilik's pot girls. Then Tsubaki and Maki. No, I guess Tsugumi is more like Maki. So do Stein and Licht. So do… Maka and Tamaki? Finally, there's Shinigami and Dr Giovanni, lol. Ok, those pairs get less and less alike as I kept going. And I really don't remember much about most of the SE characters' personalities.

How can we not love Arthur? I used to do my hair sort of like his, btw, with it pulled straight up on the top. Of course not all the time. Just when I was going out to Starbucks or something.

Odd bits
🔹  If you haven't seen this video, get on it.

🔹 #failedsubs strikes again You know what pisses me off even ore than a bad translation?
kyoudai Jul 14, 1:29 AM
Mahou Maou ep 2
Fun episode. You'd think all those pure-blooded nobles would have gotten a clue already just how strong Anus Anos is after kicking their king's ass hard last episode. I'm surprised that Sasha-sama warmed up to Anos so quickly… and even kissed him! Feels like her entire character did a 180 after Anos beat her. Not just with respect to how she treated Anos but also her imouto. Was she just playing a role that she was given before the battle, and then afterwards felt like she could be herself? Or did she actually change? Well, it's mostly irrelevant I guess.

But I still don't get why no one gets he's who he says he is. Well, maybe I do. Thinking back to how I compared him to Jesus, even if some hipster-looking guy showed up one day and turned water into wine, people would say "That's a neat trick. Now go take a bath and get a job, ya damned freak!"

««reply»» So it bothers you too, huh? A stud indeed. I bet when it comes to the real thing, he can erect his "castle" in 10 seconds flat. Probably a nice big, firm one too. I'm ready to take a tour. I get the feeling he would be phenomenal during the foreplay and the afterglow.

Best Friend
Well, I guess I need to go read the latest chapters then! The nice thing about nyotaika (女) Shion is the way she looks when embarrassed. That flushed face is adorable. And she has a really nice ass too. Boobies? Meh. Who cares about those. I find nantaika (男) Shion's chest much more appealing. I'd lick, nibble, and suck those perky protrusions for a good hour. Rui isn't bad by any stretch, but if they were both standing before me and trying to pick me up, it would be no choice; Shion all the way. Unless Rui wants to join in — and I think he would be happy to.

NinColle was bad, yes. As I was watching it, I thought the art style seemed a lot like Yami Shibai, and there's a reason for that. It's a spin-off. But, like one comment says "Let's take everything about Yami Shibai and get rid of it, and add bishie ninjas, and claim it's related to Yami Shibai." Except I don't think they're all that bishie myself. Well, needless to say, I'm not continuing it either.

フルーツバスケット ep 15
Just one more episode showing us how absolutely rotten, selfish, and even irredeemable parents can be. But I really loved Ayame this episode. Such a good guy. A bit quirky, but a good guy. And it was cute seeing Yuki being nice to him too! And Shigure, despite his agenda and his willingness to do whatever it takes and treat people however he must to achieve it, can be a good guy too. It seems that Gure's the one who made sure Aaya showed up, after all.

And a round of applause for Mayu, please! She was ready to stand up for Yuki and tell his womb provider she's a bitch who doesn't deserve to be a mother. (Ok, I may be putting words in her mouth…) And then when that hag said that, she actually did stand up ready to fight her.

I give thanks every time we make it through an episode without Akuto forcing his way into everyone's lives to torment them. Not enough Kyo this episode, though it was nice to see Shisho-san even though it was but a moment.

I really like what Tōru said at the end. If the mastery of English I once had were still with me, I could probably rewrite it into a legit haiku. But even as it is, it was nice.

««reply»» When you started rhapsodizing Aya and Haru, I was thinking "Uh, what about Kyo-kun?" But then you mentioned him and yeah, I see what you mean. I think Haru would make the best partner by quite a bit. Aya would be a fun best friend. And Kyo would be someone I would occasionally "borrow" from Tōru.
🔹 Aya was dressed quite nicely this episode, indeed. Royal for sure! Lol, texting Ttori during the middle of the meeting was pretty cute.
🔹 Kyo's smile is probably the most beautiful one of everyone's in the series. It's probably because I know how much he endured to earn it. フム、そうです。 Kyo is loved and supported and treasured. They all are because they have each other. Even Yuki would be there for Kyo if he needed him.

GOH ep 2
I'm actually remembering most of this, even Jin interrupting the fight and being taken away as a result. Part of me wants to praise Jin for standing up to such a bastard. But a small part says that was awfully arrogant of him, to come "save" and "protect" the other guy. He's a competitor too, and stepping in to help him out is like saying he's not capable of fighting his own battles. The nanos will heal him up to but not including the point of death, so it's not like his life was in danger. But dude, the official dude who smacked down the island and showed up toward the end looks pretty damned thuggish to be a politician.

I watched this episode with headphones since my neighbors were loud af today, and I realized I really don't like these voices, especially Mori Jin.

««reply»» It is good that he didn't break down and beg for forgiveness. The guy has some damn a strong personal ethic and integrity.

Yahari. I didn't remember a thing when I watched season 2, so I knew better than to even try season 3. Doesn't particularly interest me all that much either, other than Hachiman and Saika.

The Titan's Bride / Kyojinzoku no Hanayome is airing now. Didn't realize it until I saw episode 2 in my feed this evening. I'm not certain whether it's the full version or the butchered TV version, since I haven't watched it yet, but I'll let you know. (I'm sure it'll be the butchered one, though.)
kyoudai Jul 12, 11:05 PM
Fucked by My Best Friend HOT DAMN this is hot! I didn't read the tags since you had recommended it (and I like a little surprise too). When he turned into a woman, I thought, "yeah, ok, it's another one of those quasi-yaoi manga where one of them has to turn into a woman so they can fall for each other and do it, because they can't possibly do that as two males"… But then he turned back. Ok, that's fine. But then Rui wasn't deterred! This back and forth between male and female really makes it hot! And the way Shion can kinda sorta admit he's feeling it as a woman but has a hard time doing so as a man… and how that changes little by little: yum yum yum. I don't know why the girls are all over Rui though. Shion is by far the cuter, hotter, and sexier one. I just can't decide whether his male or female body is better. Oh who am I kidding? Of course I prefer the male version. But the female version leaves nothing to be desired either. I would do both of them without even questioning it. It would be great to have a threeway with both versions of him. *drool* Btw, chapter 12 is out.

The only things I've watched today are ones you aren't watching: Boruto and SAO Alicization — which really is a lot better than the 2 (3?) SAO's before it. Heck, Kirito didn't say a word the entire last season, and hasn't so far this season either. How's that for different from all the SAO's before it?
kyoudai Jul 12, 12:07 AM
New episodes

Major 2nd ep 8
Y'know, I was kinda hoping that Anita would self-destruct and Daigo would have to take over as catcher. But Daigo, being the stand up guy he is, decided to encourage her instead. You're too good for your own good, Daigo-kun.

But dude, Mutsuko-chan, don't get so addled just by one steal. Even worse by one attempted steal. You should be stronger than that. Loading the bases with walks is the worst thing you can do in any game — but even more when it's a small ball team. Think they'll make a comeback? Anita is their cleanup. Maybe Daigo's pep talk will get her on base.

Daigo needs to explain himself and his reasoning more. The team keeps pushing back on things because they think it's unnecessary or a waste of time. He needs either to explain things better or to take a hard-ass approach and say "Don't question me. Just do it." The second option would cause people to leave the team, so explaining is the better option.

««reply»» I see what you mean. That would definitely make Anita more likable.

Doukyuu Hentai Color Rangers! ep 2
Dropped. You know what the deciding moment was for me? I thought about it when I see them censoring fucking bras — yet panchira shots, and even nude ones, are just fine? Moronic. But the actual deciding moment was when I noticed this 6- or 7-year-old version of Hoshino had B-, almost C-cup breasts. She may have in the first episode too, but I didn't catch it. (And, sure, that's not totally unheard of for Americans, what with all the growth hormones and stuff in our foods; my sister had already graduated beyond training bras at 9 years old. Not so much for Japanese girls I'd imagine.) And if that moment hadn't done it for me, that "the wind came along and removed my clothing just as I started to go dere, so now I'm going to beat your ass down!" moment was sure to. But you're right. I wasn't really paying attention last week, but Ouji-san is pretty hot. And Rekkun's ass looked tastier this episode. And you could even see the bottom of his ball sack through his legs. Yum! … But bras? Nope, can't show those on TV. *bangs head on wall*

Lapis ep 2
Dropped. It was tolerable until at the end of episode 2 they brought out the idol unit. Japan, stop with the the idols in every goddamn anime you make! Unless they're male idols.

Rental Kano reply
🔹 Glad you decided to get RentalKano a try and that you liked it. It actually does have potential for being a good anime, unlike 2 of the above-named 3. There's not guarantee it will live up to it, of course, but the potential is there.
🔹 If anything, I think his going postal on Chizuru and then feeling like shit about it just makes it more realistic and relatable. People do irrational things like that and then feel bad about it. But I'm glad she didn't blacklist him or anything, and that she was just as professional on the second date as the first. This may make me sound like scum, but I would probably enjoy working for that kind of service. Or availing myself of one. It's not really prostitution, but it does give a person a little companionship when they want it. That's not a bad thing, as long as the customers understand where those strict boundaries are.
🔹 I would expect that to be more common among groups of male friends, but I could be wrong.

Peter Grill
I waited to watch the uncensored version. Peter is pretty cute, and his body is quite hot. Those ogre girls know how to get what they want. But you know, if Luvellia-senpai is that ignorant about sex, she won't think a thing about him sleeping with two naked ogre girls. Why would she? They were just sleeping, right? And when he had them cornered in the marketplace and he was trying to get away, dude… you're literally the strongest person on the planet. Why are you cringing and trying to run away?

Actually, she reminds me of Kaguya. Remember when Chika had to explain to Kaguya how babies are made? Actually, the main girl in one of my LN's is like that too; her overprotective siscon onee-san told her you get pregnant from kissing. I don't get that. If you were really protective of your daughter/imouto, wouldn't you want to arm them with real facts so they can avoid being taken advantage of? I would think so.

««reply»» I didn't expect him to cave either. But I agree. He probably will cave to every girl who approaches him. Tbh, though, I can't really blame him that much. He's got to be damn fuckstrated being that close to his girlfriend but never making it past holding hands. And then suddenly all these woman approach him for free fucks? Most any guy would cave. Hell, I would cave (to the blonde elf, especially)… not that I ever claimed to be a saint in the first place. Huh. You're right. Where did those tails come from?!

Other replies

🔹 MHA HR. I'll try to watch it sometime.
🔹  4kids. I just can't forgive them for renaming everyone. Especially the way they renamed the characters of Inazuma Eleven. Ok, sure, their names are based on the meaning of the original names, but I still can't accept them renaming Shuuya Gouenji to Axel Blaze. YGO is no different. Most of the time, I don't even know who someone is talking about if they watched the dub. I do know that "Joey Wheeler" is actually Jounouchi Katsuya. And just as bad as Axel Blaze is Mai Velentine. My valentine? Seriously? And even if the dub does have snarky lines like that, I'm a purist. Even if the dub is good, or even if it's better than the original, I want the Japanese. Otherwise, I'm watching something different than what the creators made and intended. It's a rewrite, not a translation.
🔹  Schools. I guess their thinking is just the opposite: Require the students to wear the uniform and it'll keep them out of trouble.
🔹  Drop that shit. As you can see, I've already started dropping. Three series so far. Uzai Uzaki (who is uzai), HxEros, and Lapis.
🔹 I'll check out the manga.
🔹 One thing really impressive about Gearous is their incredible shadows and highlights. I hadn't realized that until watching the speed paint, but they put a lot of work into the shadows. And it shows.
kyoudai Jul 11, 12:30 AM
Uzaki-chan is a fucking menace to society ep 1
Less than 30 seconds into this, I wanted to strangle her. Two minutes in, I wanted to shoot her. Five minutes in, I wanted to tape her mouth shut — with super-sticky duct tape — and shove a banana up each of her nostrils. Unpeeled. By the end of the episode, I wanted to give her 10,000 paper cuts and throw her in a bathtub full of saltwater.

You know the kind of person I am. And Uzaki-chan is my natural and most feared enemy. If someone like that entered my life, I probably actually would kill myself. Or them. Or both.

Actually, she reminds me a little (but only a little) of a former friend. About 9 years ago I realized that I really didn't enjoy hanging out with them anymore, that it was taking all my energy to do so, and that I always came back home feeling worse than when I left. So I cut things off with them. And they're still sending me texts, all these years later, asking me what's up and trying to get me to hang out. I got a couple just the other day, from two different numbers. I guess they thought I might have blocked one of them or something.

Back to Uzaki-chan. Her one—and only redeeming feature is that she looks like a shota. Well, from the shoulders up. Obviously there's nothing shota-like about those watermelons beach balls on her chest. And she even wears a shirt that says "sugoi dekai"?! If she were flat or small she could do that out of irony. But with those 30-pound puppies, that's just being arrogant.

Dropped. For my own sanity.

Rental Kano ep 1
🔹 I didn't realize this was coming. I started reading the manga a month or so ago. I didn't really get all that far into it (basically just what was covered in ep 1), but when I saw it show up in my feed, I was looking forward to watching it. If they can keep the same kind of mood throughout the series without turning it into "rental harem", I'm sold. Best rom-com in years. But I'm afraid, judging from the ED, that it will be a rental harem instead. Well, if every time he rents another girl it only makes him miss Chizuru more, and every time Chizuru is out with a guy she ends up thinking about Kazuya, then it'll still be ok. I just don't want it to be like girl-of-the-week, "I conquered that girl's route, so now it's time to take on the next girl" kind of thing.
🔹 Loved the ending of the ep, haha. Hopefully they find they are in a class together, maybe even have to be in a group together. All the possibilities for this sound so fun.
🔹 The scene in the hospital bed was predictable but still fun. I liked.
🔹 I've never really had friends that asked me "So how many times did you jerk it yesterday?" I wonder what that's like. When I was in my middle school years, actually, boys would even deny they did it at all. In high school, I didn't really have any boys that I was close enough to talk about that with. And as an adult, I usually volunteered the information before someone could ask. Maybe I got tired of waiting for someone to ask me, lol.

Replies Part 1

EnShoubou comment reply
🔹 It was a good OP, hai. I think I liked the ED more though. But you know… A lot of calendars (especially with benefits for charity) are nude males, not females. Like the NYFD nude calendar, the various ruggers' nude calendars, etc. I used to buy 3 or 4 calendars a year, but I haven't in a long time now. I've still got some of the more collectible ones, like a signed Boys Will Be Boys calendar featuring art of Joe Phillips.
🔹 Uhhh... Yeah. How tf did Giovanni beat them out? Because of its comedic value? Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not so sure it was faked. Remember when they were fighting in Vulcan's lab before he joined the 8th? Wasn't he actually some seriously strong muscled dude underneath that plague garb?
🔹 I kinda wondered about the shoes too.

GOHS comment reply
🔹 Is it the extra-realistic face? I used to see it a lot on Pixiv several years ago. It's like small beady eyes and a big nose and I can't even really remember… I know that's a lot of help, right?
🔹 Best I recall, it was an underground kind of thing that the general public didn't know about. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong, or maybe I misunderstood something when I read it, or maybe they changed it.
🔹 "Yoo" doesn't bother me because I'm constantly aware it's Korean, not Japanese, in origin. I'm not sure what it is that makes that such a prominent thing for me, though.
🔹 Ah, I forgot about the other one, yeah. I'd say it's because she's not a MC, so she doesn't have to have the possibility for embarrassing moments. LOL yeah, Kagome. I don't blame her for just dashing off to ancient Japan in casual clothing instead of putting on a kimono or something every time, but yeah… it's like they didn't notice the skirts at all. I guess if they drew attention it, it would be sexualizing her, and Inuyasha, being wholesome family entertainment, would not want to do that.
🔹 I think, or well, I'm fairly certain, it's because school uniforms (such as the gakuran) were based on military-style uniforms, and schools in the past were the same sort of institution. Being a student was seen as an actual job, I guess, just like being a member of the military is. Even these days in the west, it's appropriate and permitted for members of the military to wear their dress uniforms in any occasion calling for formal attire.

But more than that, it's about the role a school plays in its students' lives. As you know, schools in Japan (at least as portrayed in anime) have far more control over students than they do in the west. They can dictate whether students hold part-time jobs, whether they engage in "illicit relations" with other students, and whether they go anywhere other than home after school. They can also punish students for inappropriate behavior — even off school grounds during their free time, since it can "reflect poorly on the school's image". As part of that overbearing influence a school can exert in a student's life, in the past, many (if not most) schools dictated that students wear the uniform anytime they left home. While schools don't generally require that these days, it's still something students will do voluntarily I guess. If you go to a good school, it can even be a status symbol, so why not wear it?

TenSura. You mean 3 parts. It isn't done yet.

Deca. "At least be a secret badass." lol, I like that. Maybe I'll make it my life motto. The good original anime you're thinking of… was it Hoshiai no Sora?

Mon Oisha. I kinda wondered about Sephie's role as well. I don't think it was a mistranslation. Yep, that haughty laugh is enough to make me hate a character as soon as I hear them.

Re:Zero. Your personality would definitely change if you lost all your memories, don't you think? If I suddenly forgot that I hate people and greatly prefer to stay home all the time, who knows… I just might be a social butterfly. But I think her admonishment of Felis is not really a contradiction of her docile personality, but it's reasonable for someone who has been told she's Felis and Win's master. Even though some of her personality is different, she's fundamentally the same person, and her sense of justice and being an upstanding person wouldn't let Felis' comments go unadmonished. That's how I see it anyway.

Emilia… She is boring and useless. She even has Puck to take care of all her magical needs. I know that a huge majority of viewers (including myself) calls Rem, not Emilia, the best girl. Well, after Felis, in my case. ;) That knife is pretty damn foreboding, no question about that. They couldn't have made its presence more clear unless Subaru picked it up, said "This knife is gonna be important soon, y'all, so watch it", and then laid it back down on the table.

Adolescent Adam. Yes… Yes, you want to read this one. Even the straight scenes are incredibly well written — and translated. Two of my last 3 faps have used this LN as fuel. It's hot. The main boy is sort of like Onoda or Deku or another kinda dopey guys who doesn't really get a lot of attention from girls, but then events suddenly change things and Things Happen. Hot things.

Anime in general. I know you're right. It's because I do sit through almost everything that I'm finding it becoming tedious. So far, I've already dropped Uzaki-chan. Next week I'll probably drop HxEros and possibly Deca-Dence. I'll give Lapis until ep 3, and probably I will Deca-Dence as well. No more sitting through Hachi-nan or Shachou Battle or PriConne or Yesterday or Tamayomi. I actually didn't mind Shironeko all that much, Gleipnir was entertaining, Listeners was stupid but I enjoyed the music references. Most of all, though, no more Infinite Dendrogram, Darwin's Game, Hataage Kemono Michi, Try Knights, Cop Craft, or Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo. I got very, very little beyond some background noise out of those.

You're also right about how even old things can be enjoyable. What makes something unenjoyable isn't that it's old but that it doesn't do anything different from what's been done before. When you combine the same plot formula, the same settings, the same character archetypes, and the same tropes, you get some useless crap. I don't know how many post-apocalyptic "only you can save the world" tsundere + lucky sukebe anime I've seen. Well, actually… I don't think I've seen that particular combo, but I don't want to. That's like the worst of everything!

Replies Part 2
🔹 Nope, that's probably the only "big" service we'll get, but it's not like their muscles and bodies are going to turn into stick figures, so we'll get something like you said. Ahh, Vulcan is my favorite man in the series. I seriously love Arthur too. As you said, a kawaii baka.

🔹 Shinrabansho was mentioned allllll throughout Nabari no Ou. That and Yoite's ki technique and what it did to him are about all I remember, tbh. Oh, and when Yoite ran away with the protag. I guess I was actually shipping characters before I watched HxH. At least… I think I watched Nabari first. Rewatching/rereading stuff: I've observed that as we get older, our capacity to rewatch or reread something diminishes greatly. As a kid, you can watch your favorite Disney movie 350 times. But as an adult, it's watch it and move on, pretty much no matter what it is. It's a rare occasion indeed these days when I actually rewatch something that I watched less tha 5 years prior. Or, really, even 10 years prior. But even when I was in college, I would rewatch the same DVDs like 3 or 4 times. Is it because we become accustomed to not having the time to do that? Or that we have "more important things" to do? Or is our patience just shot? Who knows… And I think we will see more and more 3DCG anime, but I also think it's going to become less and less noticeable. We're almost at the point now where (other than things like dance routines), CGI can pretty closely mimic hand-drawn anime. Just look at Argonavis. It was fairly good, but I've seen better 3DCG than that. And, to be clear, it's not CGI that's the problem. It's the 3D CGI. Everything is CGI at some point, but there's a huge difference between drawing it on a pen tablet and modeling it with polygons in a 3D modeling engine.

🔹 What I've heard about the Polynians is that, especially the newer ones, have pretty tight joints, so they generally keep their poses as long as you don't get too wild with them. But, at the same time, you can totally take them apart and interchange them. Shamrock is cute cute cute. And his ass and bulge are to die for.

🔹 Yep, my thoughts too. It probably is because JJR is more niche. But despite that, how can anyone still justify a 4.9 rating for KenMago?! But yes yes. I must finish JJR. I know this. I just never think of it when I have the free time to watch an older series. The anime famine we are just coming out of would have been the perfect time for it… But I didn't think of it, and I also needed to rewatch Re:Zero.

🔹 LOL, as much as I hate anything 4Kids has put their grubby paws on or even breathed on, those lines make me think the dub might be slightly enjoyable. I'm surprised they didn't change Seto's and Mokuba's names, though. They vandalized every damn last one of the others with their stupid WASP Euro-American names. Just like Wheeler, which you quoted. I'm so glad I watched every single YGO series in sub.

Replies Part 3

Uzaki-chan (reply)
I'm shocked. I didn't think "ugly cat" existed in your eyes. ;)

It's sad when a character's only charm point is that they don't unrealistically ballistic when you accidentally touch them. You read my thoughts about the episode above, but I'll just add that yeah, I could totally chill with Sakurai. I think he and I could get along well as roommates — which is something I don't do. He understands the need for personal space, and even if we were in the same room, we'd still be perfectly fine each doing our own thing without bothering the other.

One more thing about Uzaki: Even more than just her persistence, it's her gaslighting that infuriates me and makes me want to boil her in oil. "You know you really want to hang out with me." "You don't have to be shy about asking me to go to the movies with you." I don't think she actually said any of those lines, but she easily could have. I fucking HATE when people (or characters) tell me (or someone else) how I'm feeling and thinking. Not just because it's psychological warfare, but because it shows a blatant disrespect for the other's basic rights as a human being. That, more than anything else, is why I had such a violent reaction to Melon Monster-san.

Replies for Peter, DouHen 2, and Enen 2 coming tomorrow. That's all the mental capacity I have right now.
kyoudai Jul 9, 8:33 PM
Going to send this now, especially since there are some unintentional replies to what you wrote here. I will send replies to your most recent comments (and your Enen comments) tomorrow…

Enen ep 1
Welp… nothing else to watch with breakfast this morning. Guess I'll watch this one finally.

You know, I didn't even pick up on it all the first season. Not until I heard it in the OP song. The names Shinra and his otouto Shou: they're from Shinrabanshou (森羅万象), "all things in the forest" or more commonly, "all of creation". Though if you've seen Nabari no Ou (and I think you have), you know what Shinrabanshou means.

But… Now I'm wishing I hadn't put this episode off. GACHIGACHI OTOKO SAIKOU DESU YO! Mmm, tasty tasty. I barely even looked at Obi-taichou last season, but I couldn't stop staring at those biceps and pecs. Hinawa-fukutaichou, oh yeah. And Vulcan! Gaaaaaa, I've always thought Vulcan was hot as a volcano. (Get it?) But most of all, Arthur Boyle! Not only was his body crazy hot, but, well, it's Arthur. The only area where he's lacking at all is his mental capacity. But because it's Arthur, it's ok! He's cute but hot. He's got refined features but he's manly. How can I not fall for him? *swoon* I got so many screenshots this episode. But despite what everyone else in-universe thinks, that ending shot they used for the calendar was divine. I don't get the whole cobra thing, but even though it was a little silly, it still made for a great photo. Heck, they could've been giving each other donkey ears and I still would've called it amazing.

So, whether I care for the story or not, if they keep the manservice up (they won't), I'm happy to watch. You know, I love my femboys… but I like these masculine, muscular menz too. I like that word they made up btw, "ninkimen", which I'm presuming is "ninki + ikemen". It's slightly redundant, since ikemen guys usually are popular, but oh well. I like it almost as much as イケニート (ikemen + NEET) from Kagerou Daze/Mekakucity Actors.

Odds & Ends

🔹 Have you ever heard of the Polynian line of poseable figures? The most popular one (as far as I'm aware, at least), and the one I totally adore, is named Shamrock. I really, really want one. Check out this unboxing and posing video.

🔹 There's something wrong here. Junjou Romantica season 1 BluRay set on Amazon has a 4.7 rating. Yet, Kenja no Mago (Wise Man's Grandson) gets a rating of 4.9: 1 4-star and 21 5-star reviews. The world has shit taste. I'm not saying that JJR is like a masterpiece (and actually, I never did watch all of even the first season… sacrilege!) but there's no doubt it's going to be better than Kenja no Mago!
kyoudai Jul 8, 10:23 PM
Re:Zero ep26
OMG no, they didn't! …They did! Grrraaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! How could they do that?! *sigh* Well, all hope isn't lost yet. Talk about a predicament, though.

I'm glad it picked up exactly where the first season left off. The end scene of S1 and the opening scene of S2 could really be right next to each other and it wouldn't feel disjointed at all. But considering it's been a couple years since most viewers have seen S1, they maybe should've done a wee bit of a recap. I'm glad I just rewatched it myself or I would have totally forgotten how things had ended in S1. Anyway, it definitely grabbed my attention early on and kept it the whole episode.

As much as I adore Felis (and I totally do!), I wanted to slap him in the middle of that conference. I'm glad that Crusch told him he was wrong and to apologize. Wil-jii would have set him straight if Crusch hadn't though. I mean, I can understand where Felis-tama is coming from, but I have to agree with Crusch, and not just because I love Emilia. Besides, they knew going into the alliance that Emilia was being targeted by the Majo Kyo. That's why they needed the alliance in the first place! And now Felis wants to dissolve the alliance just because things become inconvenient and more is at risk? Nope, that ain't right.

MonMusu Oisha
I was expecting another semi-ecchi anime filled with big tittied monster girls and lucky sukebe moments. And that's pretty much what I got. But I think there's more to it, too. It could turn out to be a pretty good anime, despite opening with a young (and cute!) doctor performing a "breast exam" on a woman to check for lumps. I actually kinda enjoyed the first episode. Enough, at least, to watch the next one, and not just because I haven't decided to drop it yet. Plus the mermaid from the preview is a かわいいっこちゃん.

Deca-Dence ep 1
*groan* I don't really want yet another post-apoc anime right now. I feel like there've been way, way too many over the last 5 years or so. And even though I can't think of what the most recent one was, I am getting tired of them one after another, and often more than one the same season. It's the only thing that's more worn out than isekai.

Despite that, this one might be ok…ish. At least the main character is a young girl with dreams. Or maybe it's her jaded boss who's a lackey for the hidden side of the government. Or maybe it's both. Sore ni shite mo, I'm willing to give it another episode. Maybe two. I can't say I was wowed by it, but it kept me interested enough that I'm willing to do that much.

But it makes me wonder if I'm starting to get tired of anime as a whole. I feel like all I've done lately is complain about tired formulaic series with overused tropes and cookie-cutter characters. If that's the case, then why am I still watching? I think (almost) everybody grows out of anime at some point. Maybe I'm getting close to that point. What are your thoughts? How have you continued to watch anime for as long as you have, without giving up on it?

TenSura OAD4
Yay! Rimuru and the kids again! Maybe this is why I keep watching anime. Sure it's an isekai, but it's a title that gave birth to a new sub-genre of isekai. And it did that only because it's so damned good. It's not just because Rimuru-sama is both adorable and crazy OP. (That helps, though.) I like all the characters in this story, you know? Well, other than the ones I'm not supposed to like, such as the king of Farmus/Falmouth, the Seven Days Clergy, etc. But anyway, yeah… Anime like this give me a reason to continue watching. It's just getting harder and harder to slog through the crap to get the tiny bit of good occasionally.

🔹 Do you know about this title coming up later this year? Looks nice!
🔹 I started reading a light novel online. A rather ecchi one. And it's got both straight and homo scenes. :-D It's called Adolescent Adam (Shishunki na Adam). Parts of the MAL synopsis are incorrect and don't really describe it all that well, but I'll let you know if it continues to be good. It seems to be well translated as well by someone who actually understands English, unlike most LN's/WN's I've tried reading online.
🔹 Can you tell that I'm putting off watching S2 of Enen no Shouboutai? I just wasn't all that into it the first season. And honestly, I'm not certain that I'm even going to watch this season. But I suppose I should at least watch a couple episodes before I decide. Only I don't exactly recall the situation toward the end of S1 because I had already mostly zoned out by that point. I'll have to refresh myself.
kyoudai Jul 7, 9:48 PM
DouHen Hxeros
Did I really just watch that episode all the way to the end? Yes… Yes I did. I'm ashamed to admit it, but admit I shall. The few brief seconds of naked boy didn't even come close to compensating for the 21 minutes and 45 seconds of stupidity. And his ass was kinda ugly, even. Needless to say, I doubt I'll watch episode 2. It's quite unlikely. It's like Shimoneta but worse.

I wonder if those wrist devices are, like, a metaphor for ejaculation. I say that just because he "spent himself" the day before, and so now he can't build up enough ero energy again so quickly. Which, if we're talking about ejaculation, would mean he's about 60 years old. But maybe it drains more EE than ejaculation/orgasm do and consequently takes longer to build back up.

««reply»» Yeah, pretty much. I would call it a series aimed at the "adult shounen", i.e., manchild, demographic. As a result, I expect it to be pretty popular with MAL viewers. I don't mind the picchiri suits, but of course, having those special suits probably means they won't explode anymore. As a woman, how would you feel about knowing you have hundreds of times more ero energy than any other human? I personally would be pretty proud and joyful about that.

GOH ep 1
🔹 And, yep, there they are. Them deformed ears and bright pink noses and ears that look like everyone has been outside in the cold for too long. It wouldn't be GOH without that. Honestly, that's probably why I ended up dropping it.

🔹 But I thought I remembered that GOH was an underground tournament that only the participants and the elite of society knew about. But then here they're promoting it all over Seoul, livestreaming it, whatever. So either they changed it for the anime or I'm remembering it wrong. Do you remember?

🔹 Maybe it's just that I've become accustomed to the styles used in Japanese anime, but these weird faces they give the characters from time to time, like when they're walking into the arena and Jin looks all dessicated because he's so hungry, just look totally silly to me. That's one of the problems I have with Chinese donhua too. The only thing I can think of in Japanese anime I dislike as much is the "big white eyes, jaw dropped" faces in Naruto.

🔹 I always loved the guy who beats everyone to death with a baseball bat while reading Make-out Paradise whatever that book is.

🔹 And out comes the badass foil that Jin beats down next episode. I think…?

🔹  I like the ED song.

««reply»» You hate the noses (and ears) as much as I then it sounds like. Actually, since it's Korean, it probably should be Yoo. I don't remember how it was in the fan translated GOH (or the official one either), but I would expect Yoo to be more accurate. (Just checked… The official translation is Yoo.)

But girls must wear skirts. That's the law. If girls do not wear skirts, they will be beheaded. (I'd like to see them try to behead Mira!) Nothing but skirts. Because it's Korean and Japan we speak of. And even though they're required to wear skirts, they must also keep their pantsu hidden. So, girls have developed a game they play with themselves: They wear shorter and shorter skirts to see just how short they can go without revealing their pantsu. I heard one girl even wear only an obi once — and succeeded in keeping her pantsu hidden! …Ok, I made all that up. (Or maybe I didn't!) It was merely sarcasm directed at a culture that simultaneously expects "proper young ladies" to wear skirts but still keep their pantsu out of view.

Lapis Re:Light ep 1
I smell a Little Witch Academia rip-off. Well, not that it was extremely original or anything. And as openly as light novels are more or less plagiarizing others, I guess it's not all that uncommon. Ah well. It isn't about how original something is, but how well it's done. Right? (Still, I'm not hoping for yet another .hack clone any time soon, since there have already been so many "stuck inside a game" anime and original works already. At least the witch academy thing hasn't been run into the ground like that has.)

So, I guess I'll watch next episode and see what I think of it then. You're probably not watching this one, though, since it's an all-girls cast, are you?