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Apr 12, 2011
Let's see for a series that spent the first 3 episodes speeding through the story at such a fast pace why on earth they'd use the 4th episode as a recap is beyond me. You'd think they had better things to do with episodes if they were rushing so much.

Honestly the pace was so fast i thought i was on the wrong episode or something. But i probably shouldn't complain since i actually liked the recap (which is rare) because i was able to comprehend things i didn't get the first time (cuz it was too fast).

Anyway that was the beginning. Come episode 5 read more
Apr 11, 2011
Truly the only thing good about Starry Sky is the fact that there are a lot of guys and they're all hot.

But otherwise its just a bunch of cliche scenes and played out themes.

The cool part though is how each guy is a different constellation, but they don't really do much with that. Its not like they ever mention who's who or the significance of their sign. So its kind of a failure in that sense.

Plus not all the individual stories are all that interesting or convincing. I mean the concept is that the girl could end up with any one like in a dating read more
Mar 21, 2011
All i can really say is that i didn't even realize it was a harem until someone mentioned it

I HATE harems (mostly cuz i find all the girls really annoying and i hate excessive fan service)

but i absolutely LOVED Utawarerumono and it may even be partly because it IS a harem. I loved all the female characters and i loved when more kept being added

but its not just a simply harem because their are a lot of male cast too (Benawi, Oboro, the twins)

then i love the OP theme (and the ED ones too)

and the concept of slowly overcoming difficult hurdles and eventually leading and read more
Mar 20, 2011
Story takes place in our world when a desaster happened and left the Earth drastically altered.

So we see more of how humans can be selfish/EVIL bastards

World gets divided into the rich and the poor.

And we've got 3 main characters:

the white-haired nice guy who's the brains of the group and who has a mysterious air around him, Jin

the black-haired fighter who's stoic and rarely talks. Jo. Yet its not like he's a cold person, he's actually really nice and cares about those around him, he shows his love through actions--not words.

the pink-haired damsel in distress. Sana. Wait--what 'damsel' she's a friggin little girl. Very naive read more
Mar 16, 2011
Now I am not a boy. When i first saw Rainbow I avoided it by belief that it looked too boyish, only guys would like this, the arts too manly. But what a mistake I made.

Rainbow was truly a breathtaking anime. Every minute of it keeps you desiring more, it truly allows the viewers to put themselves in the shoes of the characters and understand the pain they must have gone through

the sad part is this story might very well have a lot of truth in it,with the history in Japan after the world war.

I won't lie, a lot of themes in it are heavy, read more
Mar 16, 2011
Blood+ (Anime) add (All reviews)
I am so happy when i find a long great anime. When its more than just 24 or 26 episodes and you get through it within days because its just soo addicting.

Blood+ was like this for me.

The truth behind many things the characters do are not revealed until the climax and when its finally revealed you begin to sympathize with the characters and understanding just dawns on you.

Characters die yes, and when they do your left sad (i cried) but without such things the anime wouldn't be half as meaningful as it should be

Saya the main characters starts off a little dry and boring but read more
Mar 16, 2011
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom was in short amazing.

But the amazing part was the second half when the main character became total bad ass. The background music when he's ready to assassinate was just awesome

They're are a few parts that just didn't sit right with me, like how in the first place people can just kidnap some innocent kid and turn him into a heartless killer.

Or how a little girl you cared about can end up turning on you so easily

Or maybe even how the idiot villain can stay alive for so long-.-

But between the assassinations and bad ass music it is definitely worthy of read more
Mar 16, 2011
Better than Naruto AND Bleach in my opinion.

The storyline makes the most sense out of the two and is easy to understand.

Concepts are deep and moves the heart with the akuma and unique terminology (ex. innocence). The organization is also a fun part

The sound is similar to InuYasha in my opinion. Love the OPs and ED themes

Characters are all deep with their own backgrounds (some only truly revealed in the manga)

Art is great

The antagonists are also quite funny and likable (for evil villains).

And the fight scenes and character development (including character relationships) are worthwhile.
It is especially fulfilling when the main characters get upgrades

Mar 16, 2011
Light porn is all i can say.

The girl gets molested in almost every frame. its quite sad frankly.

The ending was lame but w/e it was enjoyable and i can't say i didnt have fun reading it. Tho i cringed at some parts.

Characters are rather shallow and dumb

Art was ok this day i still don't really get what the point of the story was. WELL i do but it doesn't seem worth remembering.

I say all this but i did read it to the end so i guess its worth reading for those who like this kind of thing.
Mar 16, 2011
I demand that you read it.

It is SUCH a good manga its sad it didn't get an anime.

It may have a pretty stupid name but it is amazing nonetheless.

Forget other vampire stories, this one kept me so hooked i cried when it ended. Literally.

The mystery is prolonged and keeps you guessing and once its finally out your left...just amazed

And unlike other vampire stories it carries its own uniqueness

Personally the royalty part among the vampires is among the best parts for vampires to me. And ROFV has exactly that

Strauss the main character was so...deep and great of a character that he's on my list of top read more