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Hamatora The Animation
The male main protagonists and antagonists think similarly in both of these series. The antagonists supply others with the means to commit crimes. The protagonists deal with cases that are fabricated by the antagonists. Both antagonists have white hair, are highly intelligent, and usually only supply the means to commit crimes rather than handle things themselves.
report Recommended by TaintedSeraph
Both anime include a vilian using the same methods to achive his goal (give special power to people so that they can make riots, etc.) However, Psycho Pass is much more serious than Hamatora.
report Recommended by KuroyukiH
Both main antagonists uses other people just to achieve their own goals and are against in the current way of living.
report Recommended by parkjihoon
In both manga, there are people that aren't allowed to exist because they may be a threat to the others. It is discussed the moral problem of killing a murderer and there are also twists and smart moves. They both got murderers that control other people mind and play with them putting them to make the kills. Both express deep feelings and gives you the shivers by the play and the thinking of the murderer
report Recommended by Ohiroth
-They are both detective stories. -They both has your not so average detectives. -In both anime, the protagonist and antagonist thinks in a similar way.
report Recommended by kk6629
They both have detective work and also the main villains are similar to each other.
report Recommended by dumbo39ha
In both series the main antagonist is someone who doesn't like dirtying his hand and instead gives others the means to comment crimes, the main characters deal with these cases, but are unable to catch the main culprit.
report Recommended by joe_g7