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Gintama.: Porori-hen
Gintama.: Porori-hen
12 hours ago
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One Piece
One Piece
Oct 21, 8:33 PM
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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Oct 21, 3:53 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
Oct 20, 2:03 PM
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Oct 13, 10:57 AM
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Kotonoba Drive
Kotonoba Drive
Sep 25, 12:11 PM
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StrawHatLuffy29 Jun 8, 4:20 PM
Happy birthday mate! Hope you have a good one~ :)
Creatiwiti Jan 19, 2:50 PM
Hi! ^^
Me neither. I think I'm at episode 6 or 8. >.<
I really liked the first short of LWA, though a youtuber basically advertised for it, which was why I watched it in the first place. :3
As always, I just can't get into the season. XD
I liked Sakurasou overall except for the last couple episodes just for their cheesiness and how the ending was kind of standard. Still, great show imo.

Weren't story arcs in Gintama always fast paced? Instead of watching Jinrui I watched One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100, two really amazing shonen that also have insanely fast pacing. Honestly I feel like that's what a fighting shonen needs. Shows like that tend to mess around for too long. Like when the shogun attacked the fleet of Gintoki and friends. This is something that would have been dragged out for multiple episodes in other shows. How long does it take Gintama? Like a minute or two? Imo just from looking at these two eps, it feels like the usual Gintama arc so far. :3
I don't mind the comedy missing for now. I believe that the last arc of the manga(which IS about to end) will be a comedy arc after the whole story is done...with one final emotional twist to end it. At least that's how I think Sorachi will do it.

I didn't get the exam back, but it wasn't too bad. School is going great still. Though I regret having chosen Latin as the subject to write my 8 page "essay" for(don't know how to call it). Tomorrow I'm supposed to show off my progress, but I haven't even started. There's still time until March and I did it all in one night last year anyway. >.<

From what I've heard Haruhi is a mix between good and boring shit. Does that description fit? XD

We had kind of a religious celebration for a couple days where the fam came over to my grandparents every day for a week or so. That can get a bit
boring. :/ At least I could always leave early lol.

I wasted all teh money already. :3
Lately I've been accustomed to writing shorter messages, tbh I like long ones, but I seem to be alone with that.^^

Creatiwiti Jan 19, 9:47 AM
Hey, just passing by again. :3

What do you think of Gintama so far?
(Lol I realize I asked that question already...hmm)
Sylinchen Jan 16, 8:52 AM
thank you :) and you're welcome
StrawHatLuffy29 Jan 15, 5:52 PM

Click on the banner to find your cards
Creatiwiti Jan 9, 10:21 AM
One can't really dislike OP. Shonen anime like that rae always easy to digest, so they're easy to watch. :3
Still not continued Jinrui. I dunno, the episodes aren't that great, but everytime the ending song finishes I'm like "Eh, wasn't that bad, has something to it". Anyway I want to start Little Witch Academia, but I have an exam tomorrow. Not that I'll study more than half an hour, but I wouldn't enjoy watching anything now. XD

How is Sakurasou going?
And more importantly: How was Gintama?

I appreciate creative artstyles. It's easier on the eyes most of the time. No idea why people keep using that standard anime artstyle anyway. Still, it's a challenge with some. But it's not Claymore-bad I guess. XD
Well I'll read the manga if it ends up too engaging.

Well regarding school...I woke up today and I realized...I have to fucking get up and go to school. >.<
Well I think the more I do for school the less enjoyable it is. Btw did people like tell you when their parents payed for them to go to that school? That would be a weird thing to boast about. XD

Thanks. :3
Creatiwiti Jan 7, 5:32 AM
Since it might be a really good movie I'd rather wait for some way to watch it properly.
How was One piece?

I started the first episode, but the artstyle rejected me lol. I just looked at it again now and I think it's better(not the artstyle, but my look on it). Dunno when I'll watch it. I'm watching Jinrui atm and I have no idea what to think of it.

Stuck up brats, huh? Sounds nice.^^ Is it like a private school? Cause I don't get how you'd pay underhand to get into a public one. Gymnasium and all that is public and getting on it really isn't that hard. Getting a good Abitur is more difficult really. I don't think people pay to get there, but the kids are still mostly from the middle and upper class, while Hauptschule has a lot of lower class kids, though for different reasons. Kids tend to have less of a chance when their parents are poor. I'm sure that's true everywhere.

Well I hope you knew that from the beginning lol.

Ehh didn't get as much money as expected, but I'll get some more soon, cuz my grades have been going up lol. XD I hope I can stay as motivated as before.
Creatiwiti Jan 6, 8:05 AM
I've been trying to watch it but it's not available anywhere. All the sites I could use are too incompetent and I only get streams with kanji subtitles under english subtitles and some other distractions I forgot about. I won't watch it like that. Same goes for One Punch Man, I just can't. XD

Hmm that sounds like our system as well, at least a bit. We don't have an exam, but at the end of elementary school your overall grade level determines which kind of school you'll go to. From worst to best it's: Hauptschule, Realschule, Gymnasium. There's also Gesamtschule, from which you can get to any of the other graduations, depending on how well you do. Also there's a lot of mobility between the schools, so you're not necessarily stuck in Hauptschule, just because you failed in elementary school, but it's going to take longer through that route.
In Germany it's very difficult to even get any half-decent job without an Abitur(final graduation of Gymnasium) and that Abitur has to be good too.
The difference to most countries is that they put everyone, good or bad, into the same school. But it seems to be different with your system as well.

Well, but at some point I'm pretty sure they're forced to retire aren't they? Say, at the age of 110? I don't think they have to keep working then. :3 Well I feel bad for you, since you want to work, but my holidays are just about to end and I do not want them to. XD

Well, my Christmas is tomorrow. Let's see how fast I can get rid of that money..
Oh, and it was actually closer to 2am, but to my defense: There isn't much to do at 2am either.
Creatiwiti Jan 1, 4:03 AM
Thanks! Same to you!

No rush. :3
Creatiwiti Dec 26, 2016 4:52 PM
Mainstream, casual bait. All the same thing. You have always finished a show you've started, right? How about watching Sazae-San? :p

Well I can't say I'm a big fan of that, but the way schools are handled here is pretty controversial too. We separate not by gender, but by grades. Must sound foreign to others as well. :/

My new grade doesn't seem to be as anime-loving as the last one. They're all a bit leaning towards gangster rap, hipster culture and whatnot. I don't mind that, I just think it's too one-sided. Back in the other grade I had all kinds of crazy idiots running around. XD

I usually don't keep money around for too long. I'm not a saver at all. Buying something(as in the process of buying, as in shopping) is pretty enjoyable too, so why rob me of that experience?^^Yes you get the pension at an old age, but you said you'd work forever...well good news is it's not forever!
I don't know how people can call rain depressing, it's relaxing.

Sounds pretty traditional.XD
I have school break for 2 weeks so everything is a holiday now. Problem with Christmas is that I don't get anything since it isn't my Christmas AAND all shops are closed even though it's a regular day for me...and for some reason it's still closed 2 days after Christmas..hmm.

I reply very fast I know. There isn't much to do at 1 am.XD
RachelPanda Dec 24, 2016 10:47 PM
Creatiwiti Dec 24, 2016 3:18 AM
Merry Christmas!
(Doesn't fit me to do that, but fuck it)
Creatiwiti Dec 22, 2016 3:13 AM
Usually when I feel like stopping in the middle of an episode I consider just dropping it. But now that you mention that, it's even with many good shows. I sometimes don't need more than half an ep. Maybe I'll use that tactic then. XD

Casual bait? Lel.
Well I get that now too. It's not worth it when they aren't into that type of show. Shonen tardation is still a pretty common disease. XD

Gender exclusive schools still exist? Lol I had no idea.XD Many females at my school are into anime as well. I think you mentioned something about having been spoiled on that yes.

Well my mother wants me to get "real" gifts as well, but I don't.
That is because: Money = Gifts + I can buy shit whenever I want. It's pretty cold here, just never cold enough. I don't like snow anyway and I'm completely okay with this weather.(I think I mentioned that I like rain, but that's too unimportant to remember XD)

Don't you get pension there too? I mean in Germany it's not close to enough to stay alive.
I like the idea of earning money. I'm procrastinating applying for a side job, even though I planned to do it for a month or so.

Teodor, but Teodor sounds like shit. So just Teo.^^
I don't think you told me your name though, or is it Zetto? I can't really tell.XD
Creatiwiti Dec 18, 2016 1:43 AM
I'll never be able to watch half an episode. XD

Well I just hear "One Punch Man, Attack on titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Mirai Nikki, Sword Art Online(So yeah, 5 generic shows)". Strangely some people have seen Evangelion on their own(and the rebuild movies long before I did). I've been a walking advertisement for Fate/Zero in my school, but the results weren't all that great. Two guys dropped it, one guy watched it german dubbed, one guy liked it, but liked UBW even more...*sigh*
Anyway there are some people in my school, who watch a lot of anime, which I appreciate.
I don't know what term you're refering to tbh. XD

I liked Tatami Galaxy, especially after having finished it. The structure wasn't the problem, it was the speed of dialogue. I don't think I'll be able to forget it(though who knows), especially not the part where he is trapped in the Tatami..Galaxy. that was amazing.

You asked me that question before. XD
My family celebrates Christmas in January, even though celebration isn't really happening. I kind of just get money...and I like money.
And since snow is nonexistent here there isn't really any christmas feeling(and I'm not fond of that anyway). Honestly, I forgot about it being Christmas. XD
Creatiwiti Dec 16, 2016 5:23 AM
I do that all the time with youtube videos and video games. Just one isn't enough entertainment.

Well, when watching Evangelion, just keep in mind: You're not supposed to like them. The reason NGE is as popular as it is(in my opinion) is because it evokes some feelings and creates some atmosphere that no anime up to today has captured at all or even tried to capture. It's sometimes painfully realistic and disturbing on a very strange level(You see it's hard to actually describe emotions like that, when they're such a rare experience in the first place).

Well aside from wanting to talk to some old folks the other reason why I came back to MAL was to actually be able to discuss some anime I watched. Problem is most people I know don't usually watch anime like Tatami Galaxy, so I'm just alone with my opinion. XD And the funny thing is, most people I know have seen faaar more anime than I have(this guy goes to my school for examplehttps: //myanimelist.net/profile/AnimeKing57 ...and has been active here all this time since I introduced him to the site, which makes me glad somehow)but they don't watch elitist anime at all. XD

Fate(now Light)has only been inactive since November so who knows if he'll come back.