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Koukaku Kidoutai
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Koukaku Kidoutai
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Both are in future where science has developed in a realistic way (meaning it's possible it could happen when looking now) and in a way that has changed the society. Both concentrate a lot on the psycholocical aspects of those changes.
report Recommended by Bozzzz
-Both series feature high-tech equipment -Both series were produced by Production I.G. -Both series have cyborgs and robots -Both series feature a wide variety of themes -Both series have great plots
report Recommended by ironcladgranite
There are two work produced by Production IG, type Action, Sci-Fi, Police. Artwork antisipation deal about the evolution of human behavior and society in parallel with the technological advances and problems that responsibility. (translated from french)
report Recommended by hoffmann88
Both take place in post apacolyptic setting, includes adavanced robots/AI and has a good and action packed story
report Recommended by SpookiDjinn
I recommend it because it's in the same cyberpunk and psychological sphere.
report Recommended by turquoise_neko
Both of these anime have similar settings, and feature a smart female detective as the leading protagonist. They have similar themes about the problems prevalent in a society which relies too heavily on technology. After all, there are always bugs or loopholes that can be taken advantage of. The art and sound in both are brilliant as well. Finally, the most notable similarity are the heavy philosophical themes in both shows. GitS and PP both analyze human society, and also try to define humanity itself.
report Recommended by Phenomanan
If you like sci-fi thrillers that involve complex plots and dilemmas for an hypotetic future civilization, with philosophyc touches, this is what you are looking for. Both are about police units and their struggles to resolve complex crimes. Both have a great ambientation with strong cyberpunk inspiration. Both soundtracks are great. Both have a great plot and characters.
report Recommended by Yisus666
Both introductions to carefully crafted universes, that seduce you through their effervescent world building and master class study of the hypothetically futuristic human condition, and never quite let go.
report Recommended by fiskes
They both take place in a similar futuristic setting and ask questions about society.
report Recommended by GamerSkull
Psychology based on robot and ia through sf
report Recommended by Pumpkinyaaan
Both deal with a futuristic setting and deal with the philosophy of humanity, morality and choices.
report Recommended by fhomolka
both are sci fi theme action stories with phiolsophical moments in it as well as nice art and visuals.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Both deal with philosopical questions, have rather violent and graphic content and if you liked Ghost in the shell id guess you'll love Psyco pass since it actualy has a gripping narration and plot progression unlike ghost in the shell wich looses itself a bit to much in dialouge.
report Recommended by fast2611
Great philosophy. Mind boggling plot and visuals. And also its detective/police works. I fr am at loss of words because this is a MASTERPIECE.
report Recommended by Nero_Vanetti
complex sci-fi world,interesting characters and an excellent plot,would recommend for any futuristic sci-fi fan in general
report Recommended by AllieAtreides
The artist of Psychopass was a student of the main artist of ghost in the shell, it has similar themes and both are futuristic dystopias, and about the abuse of technology and how that effects the average person as well as society as a whole including crime and uncovering hidden criminal networks. They also both have impressive visuals and are renowned for their soundtracks.
report Recommended by Stealth012
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