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future utopian/dystopian setting where the question is whether the sacrifices made to personal freedom are really worth the peaceful lifestyle, plus the main character must decide how to deal with the cracks in the system
report Recommended by MangaPancakes
Psychological horror type anime set in a seemingly utopian future. However, that "utopia" turns out to be tragically flawed, and the unusually collected heroine is caught in the middle of everything wrong with her society.
report Recommended by BreezeElric
Perfect society has finally been created. Or so it seems. Is everything really as perfect as it is made to seem?
report Recommended by PerlaNemesis
These animes are miles apart in terms of universe and atmosphere, but they share similar themes comon to stories set in dystopian speculative futures. Also, they both feature a female lead valued for her exceptional resilience.
report Recommended by Flashmud
We are presented a seemingly utopian society in which everyday hardships seem to be a thing of the past. Clearly, this society is far from perfect and holds some dark secrets. As the mystery unravels, the pitfalls of the supposedly perfect society are explored in frightening detail. Dystopian fiction at its finest.
report Recommended by linnaes
Unsettling psychological stories set in the future. The female lead is a discontented participant in her society, but she accepts it, rather than try to change it. Their governments/leaders keep a terrible secret, and monitor and tightly control citizens' behavior in an attempt to create a utopia. Deviants are eliminated.
report Recommended by TheCoolAlchemist
The similarities aren't immediately apparent due to the differences in delivery, and I certainly didn't see them at first. After all, one is a cyberpunk crime show, and the other is a coming-of-age story set in a countryside village. However, as the plots unravel, the similarities become more and more apparent. Both are dystopian tales about flawed systems; both deal with the theme of removing threats before they exist, and both delve heavily into human nature and society. The main female leads are also incredibly similar due to their strength and resilience. Both are prime examples of psychological anime, and if you like one, then   read more
report Recommended by elessedil
A world that at first sight might seem an utopia, but turns out to be built at such a cost that it is questionable whether it is actually worth it. I would recommend both to anyone interested in dystopian stories. The main difference between the stories (apart from the world they're in) is the pacing. While Psycho Pass drops you off in the middle of the story Shinsekai Yori slowly eases you into the story and lets you grow accustomed to the world first.
report Recommended by samonus
similarities: -dystopian theme -the setting seems to at first be a peaceful and good world but as the shows go on it is revieled that the worlds are built on questionable morals -art quality differences: -psycho pass has more action/shinsekai yore is more calm -characters age (psychopass's characters are older) -antagonist (in psychopass, other then the dystopian society, there is also a human antagonist/in shinsekai yori the antagonist is only the dystopian society)
report Recommended by flashmaster
Shows that present dystopian societies in the future, where moral values are suppressed in favor of maintaining peace and order within the society. The line between right and wrong is very ambiguous. Viewers may strongly sympathize with the antagonists, who may have legitimate reasons to revolt against the authority.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both refer to an ideal for human society, demonstrating how humans always strive to find a world that they believe best for them. The values aren't agreed upon by everyone though, and a group of protagonists' thinking break outside of the box they're being enclosed in. Very thought-provoking.
report Recommended by ephemeral0
The main character has to deal with similar issues such as injustice. She takes part in leading the nation to a better future as well.
report Recommended by lukrezite
Both of these anime are modern representations of classic 20th-century dystopian satires: Psycho-Pass is comparable to the 1949 novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four" by George Orwell, and Shinsekai yori is comparable to the 1932 novel "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. As such, these stories caution humanity of the consequences of extreme and unchecked advances in science and technology. They show how the unrestricted indulgence of and reliance on the futuristic systems can negatively impact society, and even humanity itself. This includes the subsequent suffering of the individuals who desperately try to oppose/conform to said systems.
report Recommended by xspookydarknessx
-the responsible female protagonist has to come to terms with and enforce the Utopia/Dystopia that she resides in, in the process shaping her morales and becoming very strong and capable. -strict observation of psychological health of citizens -allusions to psychological works and conditions -lots of death and dying, and obviously tragedy as well. -and the questioning of the morality of death punishment -there was a team of five--and more similarities but I don't want to make this a spoiler. -homosexual relationships in the team Of course, one has a brilliant twisted villain, the other has [i wont spoil it]. One is tron-like, the other is traditional/villagey. The team dynamics in each are completely   read more
report Recommended by toutseul
Similarities: Both deal with the protagonist finding out the hidden nature of their 'perfect world'. This causes them to go through many near death experiences. On the way some friends die, as result of the sybil system or the ethics committee covering up evidence. In the end both have to learn to deal with the fact that is how society is currently but hope for change in the future. Differences: Setting: Psycho pass is set in a somewhat more futuristic world than today. Shin sekai yori, although 1000 or so into the future, do not rely on technology and have no 'concrete buildings'. Powers: In Psycho pass, the Denominators give them power. In   read more
report Recommended by lioney
Both shows settings are in a futuristic utopia where people get killed for having the potential to do harm even if they've done nothing wrong. Psycho-pass is more of law enforcement type thriller where as shinsekai yori has more of a darker mood than that. Two of my favorite shows for sure!
report Recommended by imtimmis
They're both about future controlled societies whose maintainers have great fear that they could be destroyed by any one person. Hence, they zealously dispose of people who have any chance of causing trouble. The main character in each is thrown into a crisis, despite being inexperienced.
report Recommended by mudri
Both anime are about dystopian societies that base their legal system on the risk of committing a crime and extensive information control with the intention of preventing people from learning things that could risk the order of society. In both anime, the government is shown to have reason to act the way they do, but it never really is fully justified. Finally, the weaknesses of both societies are exploited to great harm to the population.
report Recommended by Asbestos_In_Cans
Both animes try to explain how the world could be with other conditions and show us how dark could be our own mind to reach the peace in society. Saki and Tsunemori (main characters) are so similar. *sorry for my bad English*
report Recommended by AlvaroDragneel
Dystopian societies where moral is neglected by the system to protect an inhuman peace. Both stories are almost prophetic - one in Evolution and one in Cyberization. Main female leads have identical state of mind, potential, and development. Similar endings. Brilliant stories that can make you pant in shock and excitement while at the same time promoting critical thinking with credible arguments from all sides involved.
report Recommended by Kainu
Both anime events take place at the future, while in Shinsekai Yori it is more distant future and it has more mystery, but in Psycho-Pass it is a lot more of semi-perfect technology. Akane and Saki discover some not nice secrets about the system and learning the flaws they are making a choice if they should support the system or not. These two have very common feeling and the atmosphere.
report Recommended by highfeel
The similarities between those 2 shows are basically impossible to miss, hence a recommendation is obvious, especially considering the equally high quality. Personally i found Psycho-Pass´s thriller storyline to be a bit more polished and clean, while Shinsekai Yori feels far richer in imagery and symbolism.
report Recommended by Anonatsuhe
Both anime are about perfect societies that were formed based on chaos formed by humanity, but it seems as if the perfect society that is so highly praised has dark secrets and isn't as perfect as it seems.....
report Recommended by doublegambler
Both series is set in the near future where their societies are corrupt. Both series have psychological genres that make you think and question the human race.
report Recommended by SleepyPeppermint
An utopia and perfect system, which reigns the whole society and has no flaws is the setting for both series. Well, that's what you might think when you see it for the first time. Because later in the series you find out that these seeming "perfect systems" are actually flawed and far from being perfect. In both series, the governments keep a terrible secret from everyone. Saki and Akane, the main heroines, are taught about the flaws and have to decide how to deal with them. Even though both series are set in the future, they have a very different style (futuristic setting in Psycho-Pass/village life   read more
report Recommended by Kurobo
Within a dystopian society, governments or some sort of stratification hierarchy can easily enforce a certain way of life among its civilians and dictate how one should behave and interact. Most importantly, determine one's purpose. Those who refuse to abide these rules are often shunned and ostracized by society, only to be cast aside and perceived as monsters. Saki and Akane are individuals who grow up and live within these societies. These female protagonists share many similar traits, and through the course of their development they begin to become aware and accepting of the harsh realities around them. However, Shinsekai Yori is more of a   read more
report Recommended by Cat
The societies set up within both anime try to achieve a utopia. However, trying to attain their utopia leads the people of their society to question if their peace is righteous. Questions like "what is peace?" and "who are we fighting against?" lies in wait for those trying to obtain true peace.
report Recommended by LowKeyBunz
Shinsekai Yori share the same theme of an utopian future, which is revealed to be a illusion and build upon something much worse. Both Anime explore such a future, as well as the wrongdoings of humanity as a whole.
report Recommended by AnimeXHunter
The similarity of the premise is about utopia-dystopia. And the first thing that comes to mind when hearing back the name Psycho Pass is definitely the power of the SyBIL system. SyBIL is an ideal system that controls the substance of human beings covering all things in it to realize the perfect system of society and governance, although it is essentially impossible, that is the name utopia leads to dystopia. The ideal world is a very desirable dream, but it is almost impossible to make it happen that various laws and norms should be ignored in order to make it happen. Psycho Pas illustrates that   read more
report Recommended by royzaa7
while Shinsekai yori pushes more of a pure fantasy angle than the very sci-fi Psycho-pass, both are enjoyable for their equal dedication to their worldbuilding and main characters. I've always found dystopian and utopian settings fascinating, and these series go about painting a vivid and convincing picture of such settings in different ways, each raising many fundamental moral questions about what social and political freedom mean. at the core of each series are two pretty similar characters, both young women, both unusually inquisitive and levelheaded compared to their peers. in my case, the protagonists being so relatable helped draw me further into their respective worlds, though   read more
report Recommended by catsighs
Although quite different, if you liked the vision of the future in Psycho Pass, you can enjoy Shinsekai Yori for this same reason. The two worlds are very different, but it's this particular vision of the future that I loved in these two animes. In addition, I particularly enjoyed the development of the characters in Shinsekai Yori.
report Recommended by Kieppi
Both MCs have ability to quickly recover from stress. Both animes are set in future dystopian worlds, where people are destined to die, if they pose a threat for society.
report Recommended by Eidvidas
These two shows both have a similar feel and also have good endings even if Psycho-Pass is not a final ending—just a suitable ending. The situation in the anime is also similar with only the top people knowing everything, and the protagonist being a newcomer (a child and new to a company).
report Recommended by Kazugaya13
The whole plot is like things that ppl thought it is perfect later turn to be serious issue that society should reconsider.
report Recommended by reren
Both stories take place in a future dystopian setting where the society is conformed to the ideal society when the main character becomes the one who is exposed to the flaws/corruption that is present within their society
report Recommended by Short_Circut
You'll see a familiar main character, who has an nontrivial possibilities to stay stable in such a distopian society
report Recommended by hananika
Both anime have a similar world setting. Both shows are set in an utopian world which is actually a dystopia. There's a certain stress limit which can't be crossed. If anyone crosses that limit then they're considered to be harmful for the society and are to be eradicated.
report Recommended by ARK-13
Both are dystopias, set in the future, and have similar moral dilemmas. In my opinion, Shinsekai yori is better in nearly every way, but both are worth a watch if you like morally-intriguing and dark stories/scenarios
report Recommended by Lorddask01
both happen in a utopian/dystopian future, while psycho-pass is more futuristic. both have excellent villains.
report Recommended by a9xu
Similarity: 1. Issue that they are focusing on. Both Shinsekai yori and Psycho-Pass wants to discuss similar thing, essentially, humanity. What is humanity? What makes you a human? How should society be composed? Those are the core of the two anime/ what they want to discuss 2. Genre-- dank fantasy set in a futurist world. really dark... ohh what I can say about these two... they are just really really dark and gives you depression (in a gd way!) In terms of 'darkness', shinsekai yori will be darker when you reach the end. Send freaking chills down my spine Difference 1. Psycho-pass is more thriller-action based. You won't   read more
report Recommended by YUKIE_OREKI