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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Alternative Titles

English: KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!
Synonyms: Give Blessings to This Wonderful World!
Japanese: この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!


Type: TV
Episodes: 10
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 14, 2016 to Mar 17, 2016
Premiered: Winter 2016
Broadcast: Thursdays at 01:05 (JST)
Licensors: Crunchyroll
Studios: Studio Deen
Source: Light novel
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.181 (scored by 435,833 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #3522
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #53
Members: 702,869
Favorites: 17,751


Re:Zero and KonoSuba take the same 'NEET transported to a medieval-fantasy' premise and go in differing directions... yet still somehow end up with their respective leads in mental anguish of varying extremes due to harem-related woe. Re:Zero has its lead die over and over and over and over and over again trying to save the girls he encounters in his new world. KonoSuba also has its lead die from time to time... due to his moronic (yet lovable) band of misfit female party members that make him want to punch himself/them in the face. One is a drama. The other is a comedy. But both  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
KonoSuba and DanMachi are similar in setting, both are about a male lead and their party doing different rpg quests. KonoSuba is more heavily focused on comedy and has a less dramatic tone than DanMachi, DanMachi also focuses on adventure and romance and is still comedy driven, however less so. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Protagonists in both shows (and the main female lead too) are transported from our world to a world full of RPG elements. Coincidentally, both male leads were really good gamers to begin with, so they adapt themselves quickly in the new world. While Konosuba is a show more focused on satire and humor, NGNL makes dramatic plot twist a routine.  
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Konosuba is what In Another World With My Smartphone should be. 
report Recommended by Zombiee
Yes, it's another guy stuck in a fantasy world however it's a more light-hearted take on the genre. A bit lewd at times but still generally wholesome. While Konosuba doesn't take place in a video game, it captures the world of an MMORPG quite well. In a way that SAO didn't in my opinion. 
report Recommended by xBobcat
Outbreak Company and Konosuba are two alternate dimension/fantasy shows with a parody spin on them. While both shows conform to many cliche surrounding the genre, the shows are aware of the cliche used and make fun of them now and then.  
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both animes revolve around the MCs being stuck in a game world. Both animes are about the journey to basically survive or complete it. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is a more serious take on the 'game world' genre. It is more realistic as the main characters are really struggling in the game world (no over powered characters). It is also very slow paced (though I think it is perfect that way). Kono Subarashii is way more light hearted and is more focused on getting the viewers to laugh. Its a blast and you'll understand once you watch the first episode. The voice acting is on point  read more 
report Recommended by seenyou
- Both MC are sent to another world - Both fantasy anime - Both have similar comedy - Both MC use magic 
report Recommended by ALBOURAX
Parodies of fantasy roleplaying adventures where everybody is comically flawed. 
report Recommended by kasarn
Fantasy World a Goddess on the main character teammate 
report Recommended by chrisna
The Main characters from both anime are transported to a fantasy world. The World is like an RPG/MMO with guilds, classes, quests, and monsters. Both are NEETs who use their gaming/otaku knowledge to his advantage. They may seem weak but is actually very strong and reliable. Both Main characters are accompanied by others on his journey to get back to his own world. Both have comedy, action, and fanservice.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Both have the same setting and moods, not to mention the same type of story telling. Or at least in the sense that at first it seems like they have the same type of objective but then end up doing nothing with it through out the story. The characters and comedy within the story are different but they'll both give you a good laugh, and are different from the rest in the sense that they know where to hit on your funny bone to make you giggle or cry laughing.  
report Recommended by SovietPsycho
KonoSuba and KoreZombie share the following similarities: Protagonist who is revived, to become Adventurer / Zombie. Which acquires magical abilities. He also lives with the person who revived him, a Goddess / Necromancer, who treats him as a servant. Meet two more girls, the magician girl who always boasts of his genius but has errors and the girl who likes to be mistreated by the protagonist / likes to mistreat the protagonist. In addition the protagonist thinks that its life of adventurer / school has been ruined thanks to the presence of these girls. Is involved in various situations, with monsters from his world, attracted  read more 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
- Both anime are set in an fantasy world - Both have good comedy - Both are pretty much parody - While KonoSuba makes fun of the Isekai animes, Mahoujin Guruguru makes fun of RPG games 
report Recommended by ALBOURAX
Aside from having relatively lengthy titles, these two series each take place in a parallel world and are centered around the wacky adventures of a motley crew of four (one guy and three girls) aspiring to defeat a certain demon lord. 
report Recommended by VouichecWeegee
Both have spot on humor that will make you laugh a lot. There is a lot more fantasy is KonoSuba then there is in Amagi Brilliant Park, but they both take advantage of their fantasy elements very well. If you liked one you will definitely like the other. 
report Recommended by AnimePhilosopher
*Both series involve a human male lead being summoned/reincarnated to an alternate fantasy world... * Both female leads (Aqua & Louise) have an amazing abusive personality... * Both have Harem/Comedy combo ( the shows themselves proves that this combination is awesome ) *Both have Mages/Dragons/Swordsmans/Spells ( a so called RPG feel in them ) 
report Recommended by Konte
If you like Fairy Tail you'll love KonoSuba, the anime very much so displays the aspects that appeal to most FT fans and make them love the show. If you enjoyed KonoSuba you will at the very least like the beginning of FT. Both these anime attract the viewers interest early on so don't worry about getting into them because you're going to know that this will be an anime you're going to relish within the first ep. Some factual similarities: - Fantasy - The settings are also pretty similar - Magic - A Guild - Not focused on in KonoSuba - Fun Characters - Good Comedy - KonoSuba does  read more 
report Recommended by Trap_Traps_Traps
Same kind of humor, in a medieval fantasy world with swords and magic. 
report Recommended by misterferrari
Both anime are hilarious parodies, and both have 'trollish' main characters that make their respective anime funny. They both have action, too. Also, both anime have masochistic female characters. 
report Recommended by Tension-Tenshi
Both set where the MC is eventually ported into another world though by different means, where one is more of a spoof of MMO game based anime's their comedy is quite similar and if you liked how not to summon a demon lord you would like Konosuba. Both have fan service if you're into that and both MC's were shut ins and the shows overall has the same kind of feel but with Demon lord being a little more serious than Konosuba 
report Recommended by Skltz
Both anime don't seem to take themselves too seriously and have a "scummy" main character as part of the show's recurring joke. The characters in Akashic Records are more true-to-life than konosuba, but the animation is just as pleasing to look at. Konosuba has little to no character development, but Akashic Records seems to promise that the connections between characters will change and deepen rather than having one-off episodes 
report Recommended by thisjchamp
1. The main character, Kazuma, is similar like Kyon. He narrated his life with some humorous in a serious moment. 2. Kazuma and Kyon have a similar situation where both of them were surrounding with odd partners. 
report Recommended by IrohaUtsugi
The jokes and the way the main character acts are very similar to that of Kono Suba 
report Recommended by Gamesguide
Both have the comedy side to that fantasyworld theme Cool characters + we have a tsuntsun in Netoge 
report Recommended by Salokannel2
Kono pays homage to The Keima-Elsie Dynamic from Twgok.The humor is also timeless and original at times.If you like the humor in Kono,you will like Twgok. 
report Recommended by genesic123
Parodies of fantasy roleplaying adventures where the female party members are all comically flawed. The lead character is smart enough to realize how bad things are, but often just as bad. Both series feature a lot of sex based humour, albeit Bikini Warriors is a short and doesn't have much else where KonoSuba does. 
report Recommended by kasarn
Both series have a comedy driven plot starting off with a goddess telling the protagonist they can carry out a single wish. The protagonists then decide to ask the Goddess to stay with them, leaving her in disbelief. Once the goddess joins the protagonist their power is reduced significantly forcing the goddess to adapt to her new environment. However, whilst in Aa! Megami-sama! the protagonist continuous to live in the same world and the Goddess is please to stay by his side. In contrast in Kono Subarashi the protagonist is taken to an alternate fantasy universe and the goddess considers the protagonist a useless otaku  read more 
report Recommended by boub
Both MC's are adventurers in a comedy/parody setting surrounded by girls. Also they look similar. 
report Recommended by myocardium
To be fair, there is no Anime exactly like Grand Blue yet, but KonoSuba comes close just in different setting. Instead of adult/University/Slice of life/Comedy we get Fantasy/Medieval/Slice of life/Comedy. Both are quality shows and will give you plenty of laughs. 
report Recommended by onemorecard
- Similar comedy - Air-head mcs - Light-hearted plots  
report Recommended by Jikoro
Both are comedic deconstruction of their said genre, one for Super Hero type anime while the other is for Isekai. 
report Recommended by appaweeb
Both series are hilariously funny! Alongside that, both characters in the series are absolutely savage. 
report Recommended by TAK_PROJECT
Needless to say, the world of KonoSuba and Onigiri takes place inside a game-like world. While the story of KonoSuba is to fight a Demon King in order to get the main character’s - Kazuma Satou – life back, Onigiri is about a group of girls fighting malevolent creatures called the Kamikui to stop them from spreading. Even though the specified goal is clearly different, they share a comical tone in which makes the viewer fall in love with the characters. For the most part, KonoSuba and Onigiri are self-aware. To elaborate, they acknowledge that the world is game-like. In KonoSuba, the lead role is  read more 
report Recommended by OtakuJKP
Both are totaly crazy comedies focusing on guy taking care of hopeless fantasy girls. Guy is not perfect prince in Konosuba and I like that that we have a bit different view on the problem.  
report Recommended by Bubakbumbac
Even though Konosuba doesn't involve much romance into it, they both provide an eccentric wacky type comedy where the male protagonist is introduced to over the top wacky characters who changes his life.  
report Recommended by Ishika_B
I feel like both shows are similar in a lot of ways. The most obvious is that Megumin and Rikka are the same character. The tone of both shows is mostly light hearted. The sort of childish, over the top, delusional, battle scenes that briefly took place in chuunibyou is fully realized in konosuba as a full blown fantasy rpg. The main difference is that chuunibyou is a romance, while konosuba is a distinctive ecchi comedy. 
report Recommended by OnceTwice
Both have dirty jokes, both have that fantasy feel, both have a somewhat slow plot. I'd highly recommend both.  
report Recommended by VoidMaw
Both have the same setting and moods, not to mention the same type of story telling. Or at least in the sense that at first it seems like they have the same type of objective but then end up doing nothing with it through out the story. The characters and comedy within the story are different but they'll both give you a good laugh, and are different from the rest in the sense that they know where to hit on your funny bone to make you giggle or cry laughing.  
report Recommended by SovietPsycho
Both are isekai anime, which have similar take on that kind of show. They don't take itself seriously and have some great comedy moments. "Tensei Shitara Slime datta Ken is like Konosuba but with overpowered main protagonist" is how I describe it to most people. If you enjoy either of these shows, you should check the other one out. 
report Recommended by Muzashi
Both of these shows start off with the pretense of having a story but quickly devolves into comedies where the main characters are incapable of accomplishing anything. Both also involve humor based on all the main characters being idiots. Milky Holmes is the funnier of the two. 
report Recommended by Volbla
Same concept. Male protagonist gets "transferred" to an RPG fantasy-like world that allows him to meet a group of girls and go on adventures while at the same time minding the difference between fantasy and real life. 
report Recommended by Aleron
Similar humor and characters, half serious / half silly plot, subversion and tropes / expectations. 
report Recommended by TheEdguy
It's obvious in my eyes, both are parodies, one parodies the fantasy genre, and one our daily life.They are the best examples of their categories, and they do a fantastic job at that.So if you want to fill the void left by KonoSuba and didn't watch Nichijou, go and watch it now 
report Recommended by AwesomeAlfie27
Both are very funny. Very similar in there spontaneity and sincerity. 
report Recommended by _Devian_
While these anime are largely different in genre, setting, themes, and most other measurable quantities, they share one major similarity- the source of their humor. In both shows, the humor is derived from each of main cast of characters being either dicks or dumbasses to each together throughout the show. It is these seemingly mean spirited or even cruel interactions that provide the humorous surface of what are (mostly) very genuine friendships. 
report Recommended by aplacebeyondMAL
The characters always have bad luck, in both series. 
report Recommended by Joel-Joestar
Both are very enteratining comedy anime, which are kinda similar. Konosuba features a group of people in a rpg game world completing quests, and akiba's trip features a group of people trying to protect a shopping town, from creatures who posess people, who are defeated when all their clothes are stipped off (weird concept lmao). Both feature an over the top male protagonist, and a group of female characters that work alongside them. The akiba trip anime is based on a game, but i didnt play the video game, and really enjoyed it. 
report Recommended by SolidWoIf
Both are freewheeling wild rides in a world where supernatural events are quite common. Both series have male lead characters are kind of nitwits, but the female leads are not only strong but are very funny. 
report Recommended by NoviSun
In order to save the world, the main characters are bestowed a quest that they could refuse but they didn't because they are kind hearted. Forced to drag along a wonderful loli in this epic journey full of dangers, they discover their partner's inner personality and start to be attached to them all along the way. 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Comedies in a fantasy world are truly a bliss. 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Both of these have batshit insane comedy that makes the other shows in their respective genres seem tame by comparison in terms of humor and weirdness. Both of them have plenty of characters that are lovably idiotic as well. KonoSuba and Yuru Yuri are a blast to watch when you want to laugh and have some light-hearted but insane fun. 
report Recommended by MorningStorm666
Both shows act as parodies of the isekai genre and highlight the common tropes that are present. While Konosuba focuses more on the RPG aspect of isekai's, Conception focuses more on the harem romance aspect  
report Recommended by Short_Circut
I know this is a weird rec. While they're vastly different in terms of tone, setting, etc, the main characters go on similar situations. The main group tries to go on different tasks (bounties in Cowboy Bebop and quests in Konosuba) to get some reward money to pay for their needs. However, despite being successful in those tasks, they unfortunately lose their reward money due to stuff like repairing damages. As a result, they have to do another task all over again. The group also consists of the MC, who's the only sane person among them, the childish 13 year-old girl and the team pet  read more 
report Recommended by TheKawaiiToon
Huh, for once I actually make a recommendation that hasn't been made by 10 other people. This surprises me, especially in this case because these shows struck me as VERY similar in many ways, if not in setting. Both have the feel of a sit-com, with very little overall arc. Really, not counting beginning and end, you could watch both of these anime in scrambled order and they might still work. Both also have characters that EXCEL in... well... being characters! The main casts of both shows more or less abandon tropes, preferring to parodize them instead. Not to mention, both shows are just REALLY  read more 
report Recommended by WeabCreeperDude
= both are great examples of the Isekai genre + in both cases, a fair chunk of the MC has a fair chunk of troubles come from his allies (more exaggerated in KonoSuba than Overlord) !(YMMV) it can be argued they both have a comedic tone (Overlord is more of action than a comedy though)  
report Recommended by Scath-kun
Funny as hell. Slice of life instead of action. Adorable and funny characters.  
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Two parodies that enjoy the controversial personalities of their characters for the creation of great jokes and for the subversion and satires of clichés. They use a nonsense and satiric humor, great for lovers of animes focused 100% in comedy.  
report Recommended by Cyberpunker17
Both star a blue haired goddess who acts very ungodly. The male MC's have a similar look and character traits. The humor and lightheartedness of both shows are very reminiscent of one another.  
report Recommended by munerajp
Normal person gets hit by truck and ends up in a crazy situation they didn't ask for. They both nail the comedy. 
report Recommended by nanako_nijimiya
Both have similar comedic elements to it, big difference being one is fantasy the other being school life. Another difference being that Seitokai Yakuindomo is more of a perverse comedy compared to Konosuba and the MC in konosuba shows his perverted side but the MC in Seitokai Yakuindomo never does. Both are about groups of friends messing around. 
report Recommended by JammyJams
Both are fantasy-comedies with a similar ridiculous sense of humor. 
report Recommended by Ceetto
The comedy and adventure aspects were pretty similar, and I enjoyed them in the same way. 
report Recommended by Yato-gamii
Both feature protagonists with troll like personalities who are thrusted into many hilariously over the top situations and environments.  
report Recommended by Avganimefann
Both about adventure and the routine of pathetic "bounty hunters". Some fan service, but it never falls into vulgarity. If you like over the top characters doing ridiculously awesome stuffs all accompanied with quality animation, try both of this shows. 👌 
report Recommended by Muzard
-Hilarious jokes derived from the characters being lame and flawed. -Ragtag group of friends. -A cozy atmosphere. Konosuba is slightly better in my opinion, but both shows are very good. 
report Recommended by thenamenerd
It´s pretty old but it´s good. Konosuba that is a parody of popular present genre: The guy which travel to a medieval-fantasy game or world. As Konosuba, Gokudou-kun is parody about series like Slayers (popular in the 90s). And both has the same characteristics: powerless main characters, not serious plot, awkward moments, etc...  
report Recommended by zombie_wolf
× both have hilarious moments or in other words funny and memorable episodes.. × both have seriously DUMB yet awesome cast.. × Male MC's has to deal and/or live with weird girls... × both are non-cliché'd anime....KonoSuba has those at times... × Summons!!! Epicness!!! EXPLOSIVE magic!!!! EPICNESS!!! × HiGH rewatch value!!!  
report Recommended by Konte
Both series involve the main character dying in a seemingly heroic accident - until a blue-haired girl from the afterlife informs them that their death wasn't really necessary after all while trying their best not to laugh at their misfortune. Both blue-haired girls end up becoming involved with the main character's future endeavors. Both series also have memorable comedic dialogue, though KonoSuba is considerably more comedy-focused. 
report Recommended by CatSoul
They are both very funny w/ interesting characters.  
report Recommended by Jhaazy
Both are amazingly enjoyable comedy anime shows with silly humor, vulgar moments, nonsensical characters, the main protagonists Kazuma Sato and the Matsuno Brothers as NEETs and of course, some moments of the shows that end hilariously, But also good and interesting. If you’re a fan of slapstick awesomeness (despite some heartwarming moments), These are the anime shows for you to watch!  
report Recommended by PizzaDarius25
Both main characters find themselves in a world where they have no power, but proceed to climb up the ranks with the friends they've made along the way 
report Recommended by ensorcell
Both shows has protagonist has been reincarnated to a different world agaisnt their will. Both shows has people who can use magic and who cannot In both shows the protagonist either doesnt believe/makes fun of the god. Both protagonist; smart and tacticalist. Both shows' protagonist often has bad luck. 
report Recommended by alperencpt
These 2 anime really remind me of each other. Not the setting but the main character. He's pessimistic but in a funny way. They also share a often used phrase. 
report Recommended by Bozzzz
This is based on only watching one episode of "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!". Both series are quite random and include "from outside of the box" funny jab-like comments (突っ込み) about what happens. They both have an overall positive atmosphere to them mixed with a pinch of misfortune and some potential love stories. In both series, we have a male main character that is not viewed as popular and don't really talk to that many people. The setting of the two series is different, but the general feel of them and many of their genres seems to be overlapping, although I imagine the fan  read more 
report Recommended by Skaya
These fantasy, MMORPG like anime focus mainly on comedy. While they have a few serious moments, it is dwarfed by the large amount of jokes and funny situations. If you like MMORPGs and have good humour; these anime are for you! 
report Recommended by CoolMorz
Placed in fantasy world, both of the MC is the hero, both are hilarious, if KonoSuba is aired 4 min per episode, i believe it will be almost similar to Senyuu. 
report Recommended by blitz_21x
While Konosuba focuses more on slapstick comedy and Dai Mahou Touge has a lot more dark comedy, they're both parodies of their respective genres.  
report Recommended by Ericonator
An otaku guy gets stuck in a fantasy world with a girl and has the end goal of making it back to Japan. Sounds familiar? Both shows have a focus on comedy and have a fair bit of fanservice. Biggest differences: -The animation style. -Abenobashi can be a bit more serious at times. -Abenobashi doesn't focus on a single fantasy world. 
report Recommended by TheAnimeToast
KonoSuba reminds me of Squid Girl in their comedy and characters style. Squid Girl is not in a magical world so its events aren't alike, but the way they treat the characters and their kind of jokes and theme per episode method are alike in my opinion. I enjoyed Squid Girl very much and I think it's pretty hard to find anime comedies from this kind, so I recommend it to you if you want a comedy that kind of feels like it's from the same creators of KonoSuba. 
report Recommended by Eyal_Oged
If you like the character traits and the comedy in twintails, you'll probably get on well with Konosuba. Comedy-wise, the way both shows subvert the expectation of events is similar, and character-wise there's a lot of good parallels between Darkness and Erina (for example). 
report Recommended by TheMuseChaotic
A somewhat more serious look into the "transported into a fantasy world" trope, the gimmick being an MMORPG world that actually behaves like an MMORPG. Show has its ups and downs but is worth it in the end for some spectacular arcs. 
report Recommended by Reldawin
Both shows have the same kind of random humor were a mostly normal protagonist is forced to join up with crazy girls. Both feature a masochist who enjoys being hit and such, however in Sabagebu! the masochist only enjoys getting hit by the main character whilst in Konosuba she enjoys any kind of brutal beating 
report Recommended by Tanya-Project
Konosuba is somehow a 2010s version of "Those who hunt the elves". Both include characters that thanks to magic appear in a "middle age-esque" world. And in both shows main characters will side with local habitants to deal with some missions that get really funny in the process. Main characters also get in trouble at least once with authority because of side effects of their missions. 
report Recommended by MichaelJackson
Enjoy the RPG mockery of Konosuba? Then Koro-Sensei Quest will be right up your alley. Both series are a loving homage to RPG's, that never take themselves seriously as they make fun of the clichés and tropes that are ever present.  
report Recommended by Aann
Another one of the series in wich the main character is sucked into video game world and it has to save it from evil.  
report Recommended by Anime_Lover_JR
Both are outlandish comedies about living a strange life. Kobayashi is a bit slower paced but carries over a lot of the same themes about adapting to a new world and having new friends. 
report Recommended by stealthswor
Episode 7 from Konosuba is like this Movie. In the previous episodes Kazuma wants to get rid of from his party, because he thinks they are dumb and stupid, but he realizes, that he likes them and he wants to go back to them. 
report Recommended by Kellem
Although Konosuba tried to stay away from love and couples in the show, both have a MC with a group of girls with interesting qualities to say the least. The humor is amusing and it's a comedy worth checking out 
report Recommended by Silver-King
They both start very similar, and the main character is sent to a different world which has some things that he loves. Knights and Magic doesn't have as much comedy though. 
report Recommended by BeSaltie
Both were sequels that has the same sub plot were characters have to deal with monsters as a way of living, thought one was more of a comedy the other was more on the action fantasy. 
report Recommended by Whoahoho
They're both funny in an almost ironic way. They both have a NEET as one of the main characters. The world where Kazuma goes to is based off a game system. 
report Recommended by crowning