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Ixion Saga DT
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Ixion Saga DT
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The Main characters from both anime are transported to a fantasy world. The World is like an RPG/MMO with guilds, classes, quests, and monsters. Both are NEETs who use their gaming/otaku knowledge to his advantage. They may seem weak but is actually very strong and reliable. Both Main characters are accompanied by others on his journey to get back to his own world. Both have comedy, action, and fanservice.
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Both series involve a somewhat abnormal main character being dropped into a fantasy world. They make friends with a bunch of oddballs and go on a variety of comical adventures. Both main characters give a snarky running commentary on all the strange things happening around them, and tend to take a refreshingly pragmatic approach to getting things done.
report Recommended by hydro
Both are trapped in a fantasy world/video game rpg settings with a primary focus on parody, satire, and comedy in general. The main character of Ixion Saga accidentally falls on an antagonistic character when arriving in the fantasy world in episode 1 and inadvertently becomes feared as incredibly strong. He bands together with a party of misfit characters who all have irritating or endearing quirks that seem out of place for them. A strong muscly man who loves cute creatures, a transgender man-to-woman who somehow has massive boobs, etc. Also both series feature some wonderfully sloppy art and animation that really adds to the humor.   read more
report Recommended by relyat08
-Both stories are pretty similar, both male MCs are going to another world and find a party to travel. -Both MCs are NEETs and take advantage of their knowledge rather than their strenght or magic -The story of both animes are filled with jokes and funny situations and in most situations the MCs are trying to play the "straight man". -Both companions of the MCs are somewhat unique in one way or another for their world standards -Both MCs are selected and transorted to another world by a girl god.
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
A boy ends up in a world so magical as dangerous!
report Recommended by ByronLove98
Ixion Saga DT is a comedy isekai that has similar comedy beats.
report Recommended by wunos
Both Isekai with regular protagonists. The commedy is identical in that it takes itself not too seriously but not entirely stupid either. Where Kono is more screwing around, DT has more of a goal to reach. Kono is the more popular one since it has 3 girls where DT has only half of that (math is correct btw). Both have original non-cliché jokes that will throw you off guard.
report Recommended by Slappetinus
Both protogonist have same motive which is finding a girl altough they are surrounded by them. Also they are not into fighting stuff much. I found both series pretty fun to watch.
report Recommended by efoli