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Protagonists in both shows (and the main female lead too) are transported from our world to a world full of RPG elements. Coincidentally, both male leads were really good gamers to begin with, so they adapt themselves quickly in the new world. While Konosuba is a show more focused on satire and humor, NGNL makes dramatic plot twist a routine.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
In both anime, the shut in, NEET main character is transported to a fantasy world. Both anime use vivid colors, but slightly more so in the case of NGNL. Both have silly interactions between the characters. In the case of NGNL, the goal to conquer the fanstasy world, while in Kono Subarashii, the characters set out to beat the demon king.
report Recommended by Zanos1
Similar genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural Both main characters are allowed to live another life a game-like/game related due to their NEET/shut in personality Although Konosuba is not an ecchi, it does have quite a bit of fan service
report Recommended by Denisecvo
* NEET's / shut-in's are transported to another/fantasy world... * in both we have two girls ( Aqua & Steph ) who is kinda hated/enslaved by our MC.. * Both has awesome characters which will make you love them... * Both have goals to reach/conquer/defeat everything [ in NGNL Sora's dream is to conquer that world (mostly for beast girls xD ) & in KonoSuba - Kazuma's dream is to defeat Demon King.. * Both are very short anime [12 & 10 episodes long] * MuST WATCH anime
report Recommended by Konte
Both male leads are otaku NEET gamers who are surprisingly intelligent. These same male leads find themselves transported to another world in the first episode, and use their gaming prowess to navigate through life in the new world.
report Recommended by CC9ers
A NEET is transported to an alternate world where the rules of the new world are similar to that in a game. The goals of the two series are different (KonoSuba is defeat the demon king and NGNL is to play god in a game) but they have similar themes overall. NGNL has better animation and coloring, but both have a comedic outlook in them.
report Recommended by Hamaneko
KonoSuba and No Game No Life. Both ... - They have neet boy who is transported in a fantasy world, where the challenge will be to defeat the god tet / dark king, through different missions / games, where he will meet different girls, who will help him to acquire what he wants. Both are good series of comedy to pass the time, where despite the pervert of the protagonist, will succeed in his ingenuity to overcome every adversity...
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
What would you do if you had to live in a fantasy world where the rules are governed by game mechanics? Would you bet your whole life trying to win and become a god or would you defeat a demon king in order to get your life back? Kono Subarashii and No Game No Life have similar storylines where the main characters are sent to another realm by a god/goddess. Furthermore, the shut-in and gamer archetype are present in both anime. If you love an anime where outrageous and dysfunctional characters interact with the main character to achieve their goal, then Kono Subarashii and No   read more
report Recommended by OtakuJKP
Both have a male lead with a girl by their side. Both leads are addicts to gaming and shut-in. They get transported to a world similar to a videogame by a god/godess. Leads in both anime are smart but have average phisical strenght.
report Recommended by mejiabotero
This anime is more similar to NGNL then other 'trapped in a game world' animes because... ❆In both anime the male lead are NEET's ❆They meet a goddess which then teleports them to a fantasy world ❆The characters are both lacking in physical strength but they have high intelligence
report Recommended by Enignus
- Both are about people being able to be reborn in a new world that follows a similar system to ones you see in games or similar.. - Both anime follow NEET's in their journey to become a new person. - They also have high levels of comedy and the story in both kind of rely on the comedy aspects so it is able to move on. - So I believe if you liked one then you should like the other
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
Stuck in another world? An over used genre, sure, but both of these are extremely well made. The main protagonist is intelligent and lucky, so most things end up ok. Both No Game No Life and Konosuba are hilarious. They include a God character, and the main character treats them as an equal or in a casual manner at least.
report Recommended by Silver-King
KonoSuba shares a similar comedic tone to NGNL. While these two anime are different in many ways, the tone they share is similar. Most people who like one are likely to enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Emperor_Lyon
Fantasy RPG-type setting.
report Recommended by animetux
NGNL plays the "isekai" genre a bit straighter than the parody that is KonoSuba, but both feature some totally laugh out loud comedy and very attractive waifu-tier girls throughout their brief runs.
report Recommended by Treima
Very similar styles of comedy catering to a very similar audience. Neither has that much in the way of depth (and neither tries to have much in the way of depth), but I'd argue NGNL has more meat to it than Konosuba due to its more 'involved' action components and overhanging philosophies. Both shows also feature NEET protagonists who have... 'romantic issues', to put it nicely. They're also both isekai shows where the main characters choose to leave our world for a better one. (In the case of Konosuba, 'better' gets some quotation marks pretty quickly.) Basically, two popular and fun light watch comedies. Plus, you   read more
report Recommended by Mistrals_
Both anime involve characters going into a fantasy/gaming-influenced world. Both Konosuba and NGNL have great comedy, a slight bit of ecchi, and are overall great for gamers. If you liked NGNL like I did, I can guarantee you'll enjoy Konosuba.
report Recommended by girlcow
Adventure, comedy, ecchi, fantasy, supernatural, depth of characters, isekai, these two have it all. I would say that No Game No Life is the "Game" version of KonoSuba. Masterpiece in my heart, "very good" on MyAnimeList, you can't be disappointed by any of them.
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Have a male MC who is a NEET gamer be transported to a vibrant fantasy world of RPG qualities and you'll find both shows matched the description. Though they split apart in terms of plot, other aspects such as the similar humors, high quality in audiovisual, and hilarious characters guarantee an appealing entertainment. And there is also a sizable amount of fanservice in both anime.
report Recommended by OVERPOWERED99
While I was watching NGNL I was like "Heyoh WTF this is Konosuba" Actually, Konosuba is like NGNL but I watched if after
report Recommended by quiuzus
Both shows are an Isekai Both have a bit of comedy Both have great main charcters I feel if you truly enjoyed No Game No Life then KonoSuba is the next anime you should watch.
report Recommended by BIGSPENCE
Two of my favourites, the protagonists make the anime they are in so much better, the interaction with side characters adds even more to it, the world building is solid and the pace of each show works great. They don't have the typical approach that Isekai tend to have "slash slash stabbity stab stab" more planned out ways of achieving that win.
report Recommended by Hunter_Black
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